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Rachel Bilson: I LOVE LUCY!

Rachel Bilson: I LOVE LUCY!

Rachel Bilson steps out in denim shorts and over-the-ankle boots while running errands in Los Angeles on a sunny Friday afternoon (May 14).

The 28-year-old actress recently shared one of her new obsessions with InStyle. The I Love Lucy series on DVD!

“My mom [Janice] and I are obsessed with this show,” she shares. “We watch it together all the time.”

The mother-daughter duo were just spotted together on Wednesday!

FYI: Rachel is wearing her favorite new Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Shorts by Paige Denim.

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  • http://www. OMG!

    She’s smiling!

  • More More More

    Yea! Rachel! Whew…I was going through withdrawl! Was worried we wouldn’t see her lovely face today.

    More Rachel please — Rachel getting a haircut…Rachel cutting her toe nails…Rachel petting a dog…can’t get enough!

  • Vogue

    cute outfit

  • max

    Sneak peek at a post coming in probably less than an hour:

    Rachel Bilson: BREATHING BILSON!

    Rachel Bilson steps out in denim shorts and over-the-ankle boots while running errands in Los Angeles on a sunny Friday afternoon (May 14).

    The 28-year-old actress recently shared one of her new obsessions with InStyle. I LOVE breathing!

    “My mom [Janice] and I are obsessed with breathing,” she shares. “We breath together all the time.”

    The mother-daughter duo were just spotted together on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

    162+ Pics of Breathing Bilson!

  • Just Jared

    @More More More: Omg me too!!!

  • Lake

    My, my, doesn’t she look smug and full of herself? I wonder what she’s done now? Probably had her PR people start another rumor so they can turn right around and issue a formal denial. Transparent as can be.

  • Viper

    Guess she has the BFF in hiding he must be sleeping off the buzz from party the night before. Expect to see him out and about with her from the houses to Gelson, to a Brazilian restaurant now, or a Home Depot run so she can remodel the house again, or LAX etc. the things we have seen them do all the time usually eating out, food shopping or HC buying smokes, liquor runs the list is endless. But then we will have mom tag along just for a little extra publicity stunt as if she doesn’t get plenty already.

  • kate


  • lexy hates bilson

    Of course she’s smiling. She’s being photographed by the paparazzi. She can smile and bask in her media wh0re glory since HC is off working with poor people or playing with his pigs! She only scowls at them when he’s around so he doesn’t suspect the tip off!


    gorgeous sweet girl thats why everyone loves her and why shes always here ppl love her you haters are jealous

  • Viper

    @ Lexy

    He is supposed to have come back to LA good chance your eye candy won’t come out of hiding till tomorrow or later today. Guess it will be when she needs him to pimp out for her. He seems to have no brains other then what she allows him to have.

    Damn she looks like she is trying out for the part of Daisy Duke the boots and the pale ass legs of her just don’t mix well.

  • Nina

    @ 5

    You do realize that the first poster was being sarcastic right? lol


    She’s always here because she’s overexposed. Actresses that are working, that have movies out, and who are way more popular than Rachel will ever be aren’t even on gossip blogs like this. It’s not a good thing, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand that

  • angel of darkness

    boring snooze fest. that is all it is.

  • Kasia

    She looks cute, I like her boots. But why is she on here so much? Does she have a movie coming out?

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Viper – what you mean he wasn’t mobbed flying into LAX by paps and fans???
    @ LORRI aka Arabian Nights aka Nat, etc…yeah, yeah, we’re all jealous of out of work Rachel…as opposed to Carey Mulligan who’s at Cannes promoting her new movie or Gisele Bundchen who’s the highest paid model. Why be jealous of them when we can be jealous of the Ambassador to Sunglass hut!!!

  • Crapside

    Next will have her @ the $hitter and she likes Activia yogurt to help BilCACA conquer her constiption!

  • Keith

    @Just Jared: lmao

  • Rattlesnake

    she is cute yes but someone remind me why she is a celeb again ? i don’t think i have seen her in any films ?

  • Viper


    We haven’t seen HC fly into airports only leave from them reason he isn’t paped is b/c his PR don’t call them out. Paps live at the airports where they know press are flying in and out especially LAX if they cared enough about taking his picture they would get it. Better chance he didn’t get picked up by the traveling side show act of RB., this was the post of him coming back to LA

    On his first visit to the country, it will be presented by a Brazilian national team. This time, it will not bring his girlfriend, actress Rachel Bilson. Hayden will be staying in a hotel in the south of Rio and back to Los Angeles on Thursday (13).

    Seeing this I say he is back in LA give or take we see him with the troll or not..

  • linda

    @13 im just wondering really WHY ARE YOU HERE???????????? i mean on rachels thread if youre snoring and so bored why are you here??? it makes no sense to any of us that you just come here all the time with your other alias and just go on with your snoring and snoozing go to who you like and thats all if you dont and continue you really need help cause its really ridiculous already im sure there is one person here you can say something nice about

  • Kelsee

    I love her

  • Viper


    As far as I can tell this is not a love fan site for RB it’s a topic thread. So if someone doesn’t like who she is they have every right to say what they feel same as you. If you like the woman and protect her interest as if your her personal bodyguard so be it. Just don’t go humiliate ppl b/c of their options. Makes you look like Arabian Night.

  • A.

    looooooove her style

  • brightside

    ‘My mom and I are obsessed with this show…..we watch it together all the time’….
    She’s flipping 28 years old for crying out aloud….her mother/daughter relationship borders on the unhealthy!
    Rachel, do yourself a favour, move to Canada, settle in with your fiance and learn how a real man/women relationship works..i.e living and sharing the responsibility together…and learn to live without hanging on to your mom so much. You’re 28, not 12! You can always pop in and see her twice a year…really you have to grow up sometime, you know!

  • Drez

    pale & uninteresting

  • walkingdictionary

    Rachel my love,

    Tell your handlers to set up a pap picture of you doing something intellectual for a change. Like reading a book or going into a bookstore and buying a novel.

    Enough with the shopping, walking, eating, putting coins in the meter, going from one casting agency to the next, etc.

    You don’t have to actually read the book and do intellectual stuff. Only pretend to do it in front of the photogs.

    Make it happen, ‘kay?

  • @brightside

    My Mum and I watch old black and white movies together, it’s our time to talk, our time away from guys that watch sport and drink beer.
    Seems a pity that you seem so jealous that Rachel has a relationship like that with her mum-perhaps that explains your attitude unless your Mum lives far away from you–or perhaps you escaped from her?
    Either way you seem very bitter about the relationship Rachel has with her mum, you however come across as someone who “thinks” about contacting yours.

  • brightside

    It’s fine to have a mature, adult relationship with your mom i.e. one where you both understand the importance of leading independent lives. But not the sort of relationship where you’re practically peeing in each others’ pockets.
    As an adult life is all about carrying your own burdens, sorting out your own problems, using your own strength and intelligence to solve any issues that might come up…that’s what independence is all about.
    My mom isn’t an old lady….she’s only in her fifties….energetic and healthy….she has her own life, her own loves, her own needs and her own circle of friends. She put aside 20 years of her life to raise her children and now she’s having a lot of fun with the freedom that comes from not having her children hanging on to her long past adulthood.
    Should I deny her that and cling to her and worry her with my problems…no, I don’t think so. To do that, after she’s given up 20 years, would just be plain selfish.
    People are too dependant…..and any form of dependency is a selfish thing because it puts the burden of support on the shoulders of another.
    You can have a great relationship with your mom, but without being her pocket monkey and without being a burden.
    My mom and I live in two seperate countries. She lives in England and I live over 7,400 km away.
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder…when we meet up it’s a holiday and we have a lot of fun getting to know each other again playing family gossip catch-up. There’s also the phone and webcam.
    I should also say that familiarity breeds contempt, if my mom and I were to live as close as Rachel and her mom do we wouldn’t love each other as much as we do….because we both have individual personalities and I don’t doubt we would wind each other up a bit.
    Besides I don’t like London, horrible place…smells horrible!
    Swear if I have kids I’m kicking them out of the door when they hit adulthood….no living in the basement till they’re thirty like they do in the U.S! God, no! Once your children are adults they should be encouraged to leave the nest and learn to fly….

  • padme

    oh geez…another post of this boring skank doing what she does best…walking the streets of LA (aka media whoring to find an acting job).

  • gilmorie

    There should be a photo of this little twink next to definition of “(eternally) desperate &/or worthless” in the dictionary.

  • the truth

    Yes its good to have a relationship with your mom.Nothing wrong with it.But now rachel is saying that hayden doesn’t live with her at all.Why didn’t she tell people that he didn’t live with her. And that she share thing with her mom.Rachel hasn’t done nothing but kept quiet about her and hayden relationship. Knowing that hayden does not live with her anymore. And that after his job in Rio he didn’t come back to la to visit her.She need to just call the engagement off and give hayden his ring.And don’t wear it until she very sure she wants to be with him. No date set mean alot are thing. She not sure she want to be with him. And don’t like to be in limelight like she do all the time.Its not fair for her to continue this relationship with him when she have fun with other guys than him.She don’t want to say that their relationship is trouble but it is. Shouldn’t have to see her doing the same thing every year.Rachel don’t want to have any kids are get married to anyone. its just for the media and nothing else. While women her age has get a job or broken-up with their boyfriend as got a new one.She think its cute that she can do that. while hayden is working she’s with another guy hanging out.Rachel go and tell people that she lived alone and hayden don’t live with her.And that i date other guys and i need to call off the engagement because he’s not what i want now in a relationship.And hayden is not ready to settle down just like I”m not either.No harm would be done.She’s not going to set a date and that the reason she told People Magazine that she wan’t getting married this summer. Just to keep thing going cause she has nothing to do.Rachel need to just take off the ring and say she’s single like everyone else does.And call off the this engagement

  • Just A Thought…..

    @ Linda,
    Let me ask you something? Why are you here then?? Do you have a medical degree to lable some as crazy then? Oh please….Like Viper said, “Don’t try to humilate people because you like Rachel. It really does make you sound a lot like Arabian ights.” You also may want to learn how to read more carefully. This is not a fan board of Rachel’s and people can say what they want about her. Rachel does not need a bodyguard like your humilating others to protect her. Rachel probably does not mind any negative comments. It is a lot of hits she is hoping for to get more threads on her in jj. Unless, you work for Bilson which, her being part Jewish probably would not pay you much. You know she is part Jewish right? If, your Arabian nights I, would think you would not like Rachel being part Jewish b/c you made racial tones of dark skinned people in your threads before and also sounded like a bigot. So….Unless, you actually work for Bilson plese STFU already.

    Remember all the speculations on her stupid “H” necklace she wore and pressed wh*red it to death? Once, she got the engagement ring she no longer wears it. Hayden said recently he got for her b/c it was a Hermes necklace to go with her Hermes braclets. First, she said in the retro bikini photoshoot she did for GQ a couple of years ago the “H” necklace was for Hattie or hashrbowns hehe. We heard it was a gift from Hattie. Now, Hayden says this. Gee….That is so Jr High to give out the intital necklaces or might as well brand her and call her his b*tch. What I think happened was a PR gave it to her to pimp out for a while to cause all the speculation and it worked. Makes it look even more believable Rachel is Hayden’s beard. Then, they got engaged when, people started wondering about their relationship. So will they take the plunge or not?? We have yet to see…

  • Stacie

    she is pretty

  • blunder

    why is SHE!!!! news??? why??? just tell me why jj?????

  • A thought

    @ blunder, it’s because people keep posting asking the same question just like you $$$$$$$$$$ signs is what JJ see’s and will pay for photo’s because JJ makes $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from it.

  • normal

    you brightside are really sick you are viper crapside and etc you really are sick like that other person says there are no words for you except HELP GET ME TO THE MENTAL WARD

  • lexy hates bilson

    Arabian Nights is that ONE of your many new names – now you call yourself “normal” and type in all lower case!! LOL!!

  • Hanni

    she is annoying

  • Viper

    @A Thought

    JJ is prepaid to get her when the agent tells him to no other pap agency will make any big money off of this media actress want to be. PPl are sick of her and the sidekick b/f

  • normal

    @37 sorry to ruin your day lexi hates bilson but no i am me not the other person i am a normal person writing what i think and i think you and your other voice friend and etc are not normal but sadly obsessed with RB im a fan and i can write what i feel what normal mature person posts as LEXI HATES BILSON??? i am LMAO at you very mature

  • @normal

    Then explain why you are here giving advice when it’s not asked for or encouraged. Seems you have the same problem your claim the others have. Love her, or hate her what’s it to you in the end it’s just a comment there is nothing abnormal about it. Those who go around making claims that ppl shouldn’t comment in the negative bc they are jealous or have nothing better to do. Please I see it’s the same reason it brought you here to bash those that don’t like her or her homely ass b/f.

  • ATLqueen

    You know what’s funny? About two weeks ago I saw an episode of Tyra and there was a girl on there who wrote a ‘burn book’ about a girl she hated. It turned out that she was just jealous of her. Yep. J.E.A.L.O.U.S. She hated that everyone loved her and she didn’t fit in with her. She didn’t know why people liked her and why she was so popular. So now you all know why I call you jealous. She hated so much yet just wanted to be a part of. The girl was crying like a baby about it and even hugged her before that segment was over. They SAID they would try to be cool after the show but I doubt that jealous girl really knows how. Jealousy is not something that can just be dropped like that. So……. Carry on.

  • grow up

    @41 grow youre a f—-g child and a jealous looser of RB who posts as LEXY HATES BILSON hahahahhahaaha really LMAO how old are you 12??? get a life and learn how to chat on a thread instead of always coming on RBs thread and bashing her why do you come here if you hate her for what reason im a fan youre not so why are you here???

  • brightside

    If you think the comments about RB are negative you should go to a Kate Bosworth thread. The negative comments about RB are tame….but that’s mostly because no one is actually jealous of her, they just wonder why on Earth she is? It’s like being jealous of an empty box… know there’s nothing inside…so why bother?
    Me thinks you protest your normalcy a little too much….

  • normal

    wonder why on earth she is why bother wondering if you dont care this is called jealous curiosity and excuse me but ME THINKS????????? where did you go to school and learn english????? oh right i forgot where youre from and brightside and lexy hates bilson same ppl get a life and grow up and stop hating and bashing ppl because they are who they are and never did anything to you or your loved ones this is why the world is getting more and more uglier everyday because of ppl like you that just hate ppl cause they are who they are so sad

  • ATLqueen

    Why would you want to concentrate on an empty box anyway? Who gives a f*ck about an empty box. Jealous or not it’s a f*cking empty box! Normal people wouldn’t even pay it any mind. See what you don’t realize is that the empty box (RB) isn’t so empty. It’s got Hayden Christensen, money to shop, the ability to come and go out to eat as it pleases and a corner full of shoes clothes and accessories. I’m sure none of you hardly have any of these things so why not get mad at the nicely decorated ‘empty box’ right? I still until this day do not understand what is so wrong with shopping for nice things eating out when you feel like it and having a boyfriend. It’s called fun. You should and do the things you like doing sometimes it would be a nice escape from the d@mn computer.
    So do what Brightside said to do, don’t bother with the ‘empty box’. It didn’t do anything to you.

  • brightside

    You miss the point….Rachel Bilson, and quite a few others, are examples of everything that is wrong with celebrity culture. She was notable only for being a third rate character in a third rate teen drama that barely lasted any time at all, now she has apparently become notable for being the perennial fiancee of a B-list actor with little talent. She is not very intelligent and not very good at acting. She is cute to look at but that’s really all she has to recommend her.
    If the media are going to publicise people to the level where they become icons for young girls then how about they choose women of substance….not some silly, air headed 20-something with little education and no steady employment. That’s why people, in general, find her irksome and irritating, and that’s why they comment! Not just about her, either.
    There are some great actresses out there who deserve far more recognition, and some truly inspiring women too. Women like Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Esther Dyson and Wangari Maathai.
    Rachel Bilson isn’t an object of jealousy, she’s an object of bafflement.
    I suspect that the only people jealous of her are girls who think her fiancee is good-looking. I think he looks like Beaker from The Muppets :-)
    A school where they taught grammar :-) Sadly something your school neglected to teach you!

  • amazed

    I come on here and check out Hayden and Rachel from time to time, and I am always amazed by the childish comments about Rachel.. The worst “crime” she is guilty of is shopping, trying to get an acting job, and having her picture taken after her rep or herself call the paps. She is not like Sienna Miller moving from man to man 7 times a year, she is not in drug rehab, nor getting arrested for DUI’s, and she and Hayden do not hang all over each other all the time, either. She gets “undeserved” attention, so she must be bashed to death, and Hayden is terrible if he talks about her, says he is in love with her, and wants to marry her. I saw this last in a thread on the internet movie database, of which I am NOT a member, but many people who are not members see what is written there. One of the members is “taking a break” from there because Hayden talks about his “personal” life, and all the good he did, such as playing soccer with underprivileged children, is now undone because he talked about Rachel. They even refuse to say her name, calling her an SO, so that they will not get in fights on the board! That you as adults cannot discuss an actor that you are supposedly a fan of, or accept that he has a fiance that you have no control over, without saying her actual name is truly amazing! And most of you say you are married, so why do you care who Hayden marries? Many of the same people post here, as well, so since I have no interest in posting on the other board, I thought I would catch you here. Maybe you could try accepting the fact that Hayden and Rachel are grown up enough to decide for themselves whether or not they get married someday? Hayden’s mother likes Rachel, and she would watch out for his interests as far as Rachel goes, as would Rachel’s mother, for her. Just because you do not like Rachel does not make her a bad person, or mean that Hayden should not marry her. If you really are a fan of Hayden, why let Hayden worry about his “personal life”, and just enjoy his movies and charitble activities, or whatever. Think how you would feel if someone was bashing your husband or boyfriend, and maybe that will help you “let go” of Hayden’s choice in Rachel as his fiancee. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but to someone who comes in once in awhile to read about these two, it is really amazing how childish some of the comments on these two seem.

  • normal

    @46 youre a sick jealous empty headed f—g dumb looser thats all i have to say to you deal with your sad pathetic jealousy you have nothing! BRIGHTSIDE AND AMAZED you really are what the person arabbian night says you are a jealous pathetic person and everyone knows look how many ppl want to chat with you nobody youre all jealous sick pathetic loosers and im LMAO at you while rb lives her great life!!!!!

  • ATLqueen

    There are actresses out there who are Emmy nominees and winners. There are actresses who are actresses that stay put. They don’t get nominated for anything yet get recognized. Then you have those who have those who just show up from time to time with pretty faces. RB is the last. You can’t really place her in the same category as the others. She hardly has a resume for acting. She’s mostly recognized for her character Summer and that’s just the way it is. The girl isn’t over rated. If she was she would be all over the TV like Beyonce’ and Jessica Alba. THAT is overrated. You don’t see her unless you’re looking for her. We get it. You don’t think she’s a great actress. She isn’t up there with the big dogs. She doesn’t make movies like that either. But she hangs out in front of the camera occasionally. No one (just like you) gives her any credit for her acting. What are you b*tching about? If she isn’t all that than why so much fuss?