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Valerio Pino: Ricky Martin's Boyfriend?

Valerio Pino: Ricky Martin's Boyfriend?

After revealing that he was gay this past March, everybody has been speculating who Ricky Martin has been dating.

The 38-year-old “She Bangs” singer is rumored to have a boyfriend, Italian model Valerio Pino.

Last night, Ricky tweeted, “Is it Friday yet? It’s been a long week! Productive! Really tired! Time to crash.” When is Ricky‘s new music coming out??

Check out the video footage of Valerio at a photo shoot below!

Valerio Pino: Ricky Martin’s Boyfriend?
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  • British Latin American

    I guess Ricky doesn’t believe he needs a woman with a man that beautiful and sexy.

  • JD


  • Sid


  • lol

    They look too much alike :3

  • wildoo

    Why are they both always stripping?

  • http://www. why


  • PR

    gay guys ideally want someone who looks like them. have u ever seen gay couples who look so much alike? we’re extremely narcissistic. lol

  • Whatever…

    What a hairy douche! And the thumb dancing?! Seriously, guy is a fool. Ricky could do better and should. Guy is sorta a butter face.

  • stonemntforbes

    2 beautiful men, what a gorgeous couple,( if they are 1, and IF they ARE why not SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD? hmmmmm)…and what beautiful babies they would make! lol OOOOPS my bad, ya need an “egg” + SPERM…maybe valentino has a sister?

  • Xin

    Valerio Pino spain loves u!!! haha I just saw today’s Salvame show and u look gorgeous!!!

  • …………

    wtv, neither do it for me

  • stonemntforbes

    WHOOPSIE…Valerio, not Valentino…again my bad.

  • stonemntforbes

    let me make this VERY CLEAR for those who feel I was spreading some-sort of hate…I SUPPORT ANY RELATIONSHIP, let me DEFINE…ANY…BUT what I find offensive and QUESTIONABLE, ANY relationship wether HETERO or SAME-sex, where the peeps involved FOR WHATEVER FREEEEEKIN REASON, professional, family, WHATEVA, who doesnt stand PROUD, allows other thangs to compromise where you stand as a person…WHEN YOU LAY yer head down at night, NO you are NOT obligated to carry the load for all….BUT you project, cast wether it be a positive light or neg…it is what it is…do whats right…make it right.

  • Yar

    That is not his boyfriend.

  • hmmm

    Oh baby! He is one hot , studly, sexy, lovely, yummy, wonderful, hot, sexxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy piece of man. did I say sexy and hot already? Give me some of that.

  • jj

    If he’s not dating this guy, he should be! Damn, why can’t straight men be this hot?

  • RioNemesi

    well if they are dating they both are lucky guys, HOT lucky guys

  • RioNemesi

    well if they are dating they both are lucky guys, HOT lucky guys

  • fresh

    HOT. Good for you RICKY!!! I bet HE BANGS!!! and Shakes his BON BON!!! Livin LA VIDA LOCA



  • T Pain

    He BANGS a hairy one….

  • Ely

    This is an italian professional dancer from the talent/reality show “Amici di Maria”, in a recent (April) interview he talked about having sex behind the scenes of the show with a member of its cast
    I doubt he’s with ricky martin…I read that they were together in 2008, but I have trouble believing that too, I don’t trust what it’s print on tabolids…

  • Drew

    Hot! Anyone who hates him right off the bat is a loser and should just appreciate something nice one in awhile. Bitter people suck!

  • Verónica

    LOL. I am watching this guy right now in a Spanish channel.
    He’s hot and nice but I do not think so…

  • Verónica


    Same here! Hahahaha

  • duple

    I find Ricky Martin and his boyfriend handsome !

  • Rocky

    One word — DAMN!!! If this is true, the guy is HOT! A little too much hair for me, but DAMN!!!

  • Matt

    Valerio Pino is beautiful!
    And so is Ricky :)

  • Ricky’s twitter

    Ricky is fun
    and supports great causes:

  • Liz

    I don’t know who that is, but he is gorgeous! A real man, with chest hair! :)

  • requiredlimit30characters

    Ricky can (and I’m sure has) done better.

  • Mary


  • Tisha



    @louis: But it’s sexy to stick it up where you urinate, right? Love has nothing to do with being sexy or not, get a clue!

  • geez

    @louis: How IGNORANTare you?
    What about millions of HETEROSEXUALS who practice anal sex?

  • Jaye

    IGNORANCE @ 05/14/2010 at 6:12 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @louis: But it’s sexy to stick it up where you urinate, right? Love has nothing to do with being sexy or not, get a clue!

    You are woefully misinformed about the human body. Heterosexuals do not ‘stick it up where you urinate.’ That’s the urethra; I think you are referring to the v*agina. Since that’s the way humans were created, if you have a problem with it, see the Maker.

  • braulioo

    HOT! wow amazing body! hopefully they’re dating!

  • BDC

    What stupid speculation……can you prove it?

    More journalistic headline lies….lame content editors, just looking for clicks into other links.


  • Giovy

    Valerio is not a model,he’s a professional dancer here in Italy!!!

  • amfAR event

    Kylie Minogue will host the inaugural Inspiration Gala at the New York Public Library on Thursday, June 3, 2010.
    Mr. Martin will be honored for his extensive philanthropic endeavors through the Ricky Martin Foundation, including constant advocacy for the health and welfare of children around the globe and recent rebuilding efforts in Haiti. “I’ve been looking forward to this special night since amfAR first reached out to me a few months ago,” said Mr. Martin.
    “Their pioneering research has been a key factor in nearly eliminating the transmission of AIDS to infants at birth, and I strongly believe that amfAR’s continued research, prevention and treatment efforts are an essential part of the continued fight to help people at risk throughout the world.”

  • Matt

    “Check out the video footage of Valerio at a photo shoot below!”
    do that,
    Valerio and video are HOTT

  • el polacko

    hubba hubba !! what a hot man ! when will we get to see his sex tape with ricky ??

  • duh!

    “Why are they both always stripping?”
    What kind of question is that?
    Let’s just be grateful!

  • fer sure

    It’s too bad that two men can’t have children together. Dang! They’d be some handsome kids. Ricky may be gay, but he’s lovely and he’s a doting father. In the straight world, we need more fathers like Ricky Martin.


    He could do better. The dude is cute but Ricky can do better.

  • sbfay

    Now, those are two fine men!!!!!
    I’m sure the sex is hawt. I’m a woman and I wish I could be a fly on the wall.. Go Ricky!

  • spiek

    Ricky must be the bottom, because that is ALL MAN.

  • Mary

    Bottoms are ALL MEN too.

  • wtf

    the missing link……….