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Zac Efron: CHARLIE ST CLOUD Trailer!

Zac Efron: CHARLIE ST CLOUD Trailer!

Zac Efron looks out into the distance in this still from his new movie, Charlie St. Cloud!

The 22-year-old actor stars as a young man who gains extraordinary powers after surviving a serious accident. Kim Basinger and Ray Liotta also star.

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters July 30! Learn more about the movie and see shots from production at the official site!

Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Trailer
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zac efron charlie st cloud stills 01
zac efron charlie st cloud stills 02
zac efron charlie st cloud stills 03
zac efron charlie st cloud stills 04
zac efron charlie st cloud stills 05
zac efron charlie st cloud stills 06
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  • istar

    this trailer gave me goosebumps. i LOVE it<3333

  • Lucy

    Wow! This looks like a really great and moving movie. A must see!. Zac looks hot as per usual!!

  • Donovan

    Um,,,,Ok, I’ll see it. Only if my girlfriend makes me though.

  • beatriz

    OH MY GOSH<3

  • tiayahii

    Looks amazing, almost made me cry! Zac looks impressive (:

  • kgg

    This looks like it will be a great movie! Can’t wait to see both Beastly and Charlie St. Cloud….it’s a win/win situation. Both are going to be the best movies of the summer.

  • no

    cheesy teen movie AGAIN??????!!!!!!!!!

  • regrets101

    Sadly, there will always be people who only seem him as a “pretty boy” or a “Disney star”…I used to be one of them until Zac proved he could act in 17 again. And this time, I think he proves it again.

    He really does have talent. And the film looks very touching. Cant wait to see it.

  • naylah

    I’m not really into HSM, disney stars blah blah….. but I have to say it looks like it is a good movie!! He’s becoming a serious actor!

  • Ethan

    His ability is to see a little boy… creepy.

  • Alison

    WOW! This film looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it!
    A good movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Vampires! No Transformers!

  • n_s_23_23

    I don’t like Zac E but this movie looks good. looks like he can act. I wish him for best… I am looking forward to see this movie..


    I agree – I questioned his legitimacy up until 17 again – I was very impressed with his performance, however, in that movie. This film looks interesting and forgive me if I say Zac is “hot”.

  • ha

    this film Will Flop

  • Lyla

    this movie looks AMAZING.
    im sure this will help everyone move on from the thought that ZAC IS ONLY THE DISNEY BOY BECAUSE HE IS NOT.

  • Keito

    i want to watch this movie RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Yuta

    dude i read this book, and loved it.
    the movie looks just as good.
    cant wait

  • Julie


    and I would of never thought so during his HSM days,
    he definitely grew up fast! and im not complaining!

  • Tyler

    hate to admit it, but it looks like a really good movie.
    and it actually looks like zac efron is a good actor….

  • Maya

    Read this book over the summer, and I was waiting and waiting for the trailer to come out!!!
    and it looks great, cant wait to watch it :)

  • Malia

    The trailer is great, and I’m sure the movie will be, too. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. And, wow, when Sam says, “I can feel you forgetting me.” Who can not cry when watching that? And when Charlie breaks down, it just broke my heart. I’m sure the scenes between Charlie and Tess will be heart wrenching because he has to choose between her and his brother.

    Overall, it looks like a great movie.

  • Deedz

    Looks good; even though the b-tch in me wants to hate it. I can’t do it. And Zac…helllooo thaar. ;)

  • Sandra

    yes finally!!!!!!!

    this movie looks amazing, definitely better than Vanessa’s BEASTLY.

  • Tom

    this book really helped me through rough times, so I am so excited to watch the movie.
    it looks great.

    cant wait to see it.

  • Dreads

    WOAH…His eyes are so….. turquoise. XD …..Like, seriously, they’re sooo blue. I’d get lost in them. They’re so mesmerizing. I’m not a fan of him (I freakin’ hate his girlfriend, especially) but he seems to be a good actor. My sister, who’s his age, thinks he’s gorgeous. Which is really weird…..

  • Abby

    REad this book over a year ago and it became one of my favorite books of all times. Why do so many people think just because you worked/started out at Disney you can’t act? Zac has proven that is not true. This movie looks AMAZING and his acting also looks amazing. Can’t wait to see this and see Zac prove everyone wrong.

  • Jiji

    love love love LOVE THE TRAILER!!!

    i was worried that the movie wouldnt do the book justice, because it is MY FAVORITE BOOK, but it looks like its gonna top the BOOK.

    Zac Efron wasn’t my first image of the main character, but wow…he really can act!!! I am fully convinced of his character as charlie now.

  • Sasha

    Zac looks soooooooooo amazing in this movie!!!1

    I am so proud of him, and he is going to prove all those people wrong that say he cant act!”

  • Bianca


    i hate
    I thought robert pattinson was hot, but ZAC IS WAYY HOTTER.

    cant wait to see this movie!

  • Lucy

    I am lost in Zac’s eyes.

    this movie actually looks LEGIT GOOD.
    I didn’t think Zac could pull this movie off, but wow, I want to see it RIGHT NOW.

  • Jaime


    it looks amazing.

    this movie wasnt on my summer movie radar,
    but now its totally on my top list!

  • Michelle

    this movie looks great.

    I read the book at the beginning of this year, and I actually cried reading it. It is such an inspirational book, that has taught me to live life in the present and not the past..

    im sure this movie will do the book justice.

  • http://j ivanka

    the movie looks great! it was weird to me to see him kiss a girl who is not vanessa lol idk im not used to it

  • Aiesha

    zac efron makes my heart melt.

    he looks like a great kisser

    and this movie looks CRAZY GOOD.

  • damn.

    I have to admit,
    i was underestimating Zac’s acting chops.

    this guy can act.

  • sally

    @Sandra: stop hating on beastly

  • Sarah


    it exceeded my expectations big time..

    so proud of Zac
    he really can act.

    im so glad he is going to prove everyone wrong with this movie.

  • Carey

    O MY!!!

    why is he so perfect?
    and TALENTED.

    enough said.

  • Lily

    i got chills watching this trailer.

    its gna be good,

  • adam

    my girlfriend was talking about this movie for the longest time, and I never took her seriously that it was good.

    i guess i was proved wrong.

    will definitely be checking this movie out.

  • Abby

    @adam: Nice to see a guy wanting to see this movie as well.

    It truly does look amazing.

  • Sophie

    Zac looks way too good in this movie it hurts my eyessss!!!!!

    but seriously
    this movie looks off the hook


  • Ashlee


    thank god the trailer is finally out.

    it looks REALLY REALLY GOOD,
    and I dont even like ZAC EFRON

  • Natalie

    Zac efron
    can really act.

    I was doubtful until now, but watching this trailer proved me wrong!
    I will be watching this movie for sure!

  • Emma



    so grown up…and im not complaining!!

  • Katie

    I happy that this isnt just another romance movie, but it actually has a LIFE MESSAGE and an actual PLOT to it.

    Its nice to see Zac Efron in another kind of movie.
    It looks like he’s gonna be staying in hollywood.

  • Anna

    great trailer.

    looks good, but I will give my thoughts when I actually watch the movie.

    im ashamed to say this, but…
    zac efron is hot.

  • Manet

    sending love from INDIA,
    ZAC EFRON looks soooo good in this movie
    and his acting skills are first class.

    LOVE IT!

  • sophia

    zac efron….LOOKS SOO BUFFED UP

    his arms.
    but seriously
    this movie has such a great plot

    i would watch it even if Zac wasn’t in it.
    it looks THAT GOOD>

  • Emilia

    no one
    can say that Zac Efron can’t act after watching this.

    this movie is going to prove everyone wrong that says he can’t act.