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Christina Aguilera Covers OUT Magazine

Christina Aguilera Covers OUT Magazine

Christina Aguilera reclaims her fame on the June 2010 cover of Out Magazine.

“I get off on working with creative energy,” the 29-year-old singer recently told Billboard. “That’s when I’m most at home and feel happiest. And all these people brought about new sides of me. It was a big collaboration-fest, and it felt so good and rewarding in the end, because I was just so happy with the work and the new territories that I ventured out to.”

Christina‘s second single will reportedly be “Woohoo.

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  • David

    HEY HEY HEY! XTINA is BAAAACKK! And i love the controversy! WOOHOO!! hahahahaha SHE’s THE NEXT BEXT THING AFTER MADONNA!

  • AndrĂ©

    the make up makes her look sad

  • faizz

    Reminds me of video Stronger… before Gaga. But it kinda for some reasons reminds me of Rihanna.

  • Amanda

    Amazing cover!

  • Danny

    she looks hot…the make up is very fighter video. stripped era is back. love it

  • Diana

    I like Xtina, but she’s trying WAY too hard and that outfit is just asking for Lady GagGag comparisons. Even worse, the magazine has “Christina Reclaims The Fame” on the cover – people are automatically going to think “The Fame” and Lady GagGag.

  • Josh

    WTF is this unoriginal tryhard doing on Out magazine?!!!!!

  • Jimmy Timmy

    When will Christina quit all the clown makeup and stupid hairstyles? She looks so much nicer when she has minimal makeup on and has her hair simple and straight. She has a voice, so she doesn’t need to resort to shock tactics to get attention.

  • http://www. MADONNA

    @David: Controversy? LMAO. She’s just a ******!

  • Lauren

    Love it! Looks like Nina Hagen, its a great cover. :)

  • bwaha

    What an ugly cover.

  • Xtina

    @Jimmy Timmy: Every artist has to reinvents themselves. Her first look was typically sexy teenage girl at the time of Genie & Come On Over, she had dreadlocks for a while during Beautiful, went full-on skan.k (lol) with can’t Hold Us Down, and filthy with Dirrty and ‘creepy’ with Fighter. She actually doesn’t look much different here.

  • Tom

    DO NOT WANT! When will she get it that no one wants her music anymore????


    OMG LOVE IT! Reminds me of her FIGHTER VIDEO! AMAZING! Cant wait to hear #BIONIC

  • kaitlyn

    the difference is she can’t pull these things off. same with rihanna who can’t pull edgy off but at least christina has a voice. xtina still looks like a madona reject tho

  • Donovan

    It’s so funny how all these people claiming Christina is over, can’t stop talking about her. Usually when someone is over, people stop talking and caring about what they do.


    @Donovan: We just want this bit.chy, unoriginal try-hard to go away.

  • Amanda

    @TO BE HONEST: Hahaha, don’t be silly! You care about her so much! I can see it :D


    oh jesus

  • Donovan

    @TO BE HONEST: I have a feeling your just threatened by her. There’s more than enough room for everyone in the music industry. Get a life and move on with it.

  • Terrence

    @Amanda: people bash gaga and find her annoying and whatever, people can’t feel the same way about xtina? it’s true her fans will eat up any sh** she puts out


    @Donovan: Threatened by what? I’m not in any competition with her LMAO! This old hag has ripped off so many artists but thinks she’s some queen and so do her fans lol!!!

  • Amanda

    @Terrence: “her fans will eat up any sh** she puts out” lol, I think I know who you are :D

  • Amelle

    I love Christina’s voice but this cover looks dated, like her comeback video.

  • Terrence

    @Amanda: Huh?

  • xxxxxxx

    Hot and fierce. loves it

  • Amanda

    @Terrence: Don’t be so negative, lol.

  • confused

    wait. why is she on OUT ?

  • Bruno

    AMAZING! Love her!

  • David


    Talk about you. There are poeple like ME that loves GREAT music, not only carp-pop.

  • David



  • haha

    c’mon!!! Christina did this type of photoshoot way before Ratga.
    Vogue Italy and Citizen K magazine. U Ratga stans r delusional as hell.

  • cece

    i just dont like this christina, it almost seems forced. Its like she hasn’t truely found herself and her style, she changes with every album. I loved Tina in the genie in a bottle years when it was all about the voice and less about the image. She doesnt need it she has the voice.

  • DIVA

    I love this gurl. She is poking fun at all the comparisons that you idiots and Perez are making. She is really fearless and doesnt give 2 shits what everyone is saying. ROTFLMAO!

  • bob

    I love it. Her eyes…

  • Rosario

    So reminds me of some of her past photoshoots she did! Love it and so excited.

    All the trolls and haters, be gone. Your negative energy does no one good!

  • nancy

    Booo! she’s trying to copy Lady Gaga. Why can’t she be her own person?

  • XtinaFan

    LMAO. Christina is the best. I cannot wait to buy BIONIC. June 8th needs to come faster.

  • Jason

    Ah is this this the interview that’s supposed to feature Christina saying she likes dick?

  • XtinaFan

    Christina takes a f*cking sh*t on all the haters and their useless, ridiculous whining and negativity.

    Christina does not give a f*ck what you think. You thought it was a game, haters?? LMAO!!!!!!!!!

    Christina Aguilera is here to stay. 2010 to the infinity. Stay mad and bitter, haters. Christina poops on you and you nonsense.

  • Jason

    **** was supposed to be d i c k

  • Fiercetina

    She looks fierce. I am Loving the new xtina . she is confident like always, Blod, and Don’t care about her haters. Glad whoooo will be the second single . The song is hot and it should have been the first single.

  • ilia

    I wish I could slap this nobody in the face.

  • Kidmr

    She looks great. And there’s really no point of proving anything to some of you anymore. If you’re not a fan, you just wouldn’t know that she’s experimented and has done so many different looks through out her career, this being the one of the many bizarre looks. She’s been there, done that, and is living her life. I don’t knock Gaga for what she does because she’s the epitome of a pop star and she’s smart about it.

    People compare because they fear not knowing and it’s usually when they attack something is because they themselves lack the ability to dare or understand any different. People like Aguilera and Gaga make my world go round. They’re both creative beings who take it where it needs to go. Both through music, image and performance rarely disappoint me and it’s sad that people can’t take that in or understand that art is art and these two have done something brilliantly amazing with pop music that really hasn’t been done since MJ and Madonna for the most part.

  • Kidmr

    @Kidmr: And with the last statement, they’re both daring in their rightful eras. Out of her peer, Christina was always the daring one catching *#@# for her looks, what she wore, her videos, her lyrics, etc. Times are different. What was daring back in 2002 isn’t that much daring now and that partly thanks to Christina and female pop artist do now to push the envelope has become more dramatic because no girl can simply get in a video and appear raunchy without being compared to Christina Aguilera. Im pretty sure Gaga was a fan as well. From her riffs to her beginning image with the blonde hair and Xtina-esque image (see Love Game video and let’s not play stupid, if you didnt know it was Gaga, you’d think that it was Christina. The similarities are eerie.)

    I dunno. I hope Christina and gaga keep pushing the envelope for themselves and pop music. Lord knows no other artist other than like… Rihanna is trying because she can’t even put on a good show, so hey.

  • Kidmr

    and I should re-read before I post lol I sound foreign.

  • etc

    Love it!! I think she looks beautiful. Can’t wait for her new album!! Funny how gaga fans feel the need to find all the Christina articles and make negative comment on them. Insecure much? Shouldn’t we encourage strong women to allies not competitors?

  • Dwaynefighter

    For those asking what Xtina is doing on the cover of Out- in 2002 when she did the song “Beautiful” and its accompanying video, she became a gay icon. Furthermore, she’s always been quite outspoken about gay issues and very supportive of the gay community even being honoured by GLAAD. In other words, she became a gay icon long before another noted pop star said “This is for God and the gays!” Do your research, or try paying attention to music that was produced before 2009.

  • slambang

    Very Gaga-esque. Such a shame; she’s so talented, but she has no style of her own.

  • Tony

    Love It!!She did her Fighter Video before GaGag Bleach her hair Blonde..People that are Fans of Christina Aguilera,Black Eyed Peas and Eminem Please Boycott Perez Hilton it has turn into a Lady GaGag fan site…