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Jensen Ackles' Wedding Pictures with Danneel Harris

Jensen Ackles' Wedding Pictures with Danneel Harris

Here are the first wedding pictures of Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris, which were taken earlier today (May 15) in Jensen‘s hometown of Dallas, Texas. exclusively broke the news of the couple’s engagement back in November.

Both star on shows on The CW. Jensen, 32, is a regular on Supernatural and Danneel, 31, stars on One Tree Hill, which is likely to be renewed.

No pics of Jensen‘s co-star Jared Padalecki have turned up yet.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Just Jared on Facebook
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jensen ackles wedding pictures 02

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  • Al

    Still gay!

  • http://facebook ?

    fake. i was in the weedingg

  • MAY



  • Shannanigans

    Congratulations to the happy couple. I think they look great.

  • ohforgoodnesssakes

    “No pics of Jensen’s co-star Jared Padalecki have turned up yet.
    I think that’s a challenge. Haha

  • ChiTown Girl

    Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  • annielicious14

    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ackles!

  • shame

    These weren’t from JustJared, they were taken from ONTD first who got them elsewhere.

  • Saly


    Ted thinks every male in Hollywood is gay

  • me2

    “ exclusively broke the news of the couple’s engagement back in November.”
    Didn’t she do it first on her Twitter or was it when the Breeder’s pics came out? I don’t recall.

    “and Danneel, 31, stars one One Tree Hill,”
    That should read ‘STARRED’ since she wasn’t in the last half of the season and won’t be returning if it does get renewed. She’ll be in (at least the pilot) of Friends With Benefits on NBC this fall.

  • Elizabeth Lopez

    I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR THE BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C

    Yay! I’m so happy for them. They truly make a beautiful couple. Congrats! =]

  • Chen

    Thanks to Jensen and Jared for entertaining me since the begining of Supernatural. Both men have grown up on the screen in front of the fan’s eyes and both deserve all the happiness with their new brides.
    A HUGE CONGRATS to Jensen and Danneel. Both look stunning in these pics and I wish you all the best!!!
    (ps – the haters really came out of the woodwork for this event, i hope jensen & danneel do not read the other gossip sights *cringes*)

  • Tanya

    So nice of Just Jared to crop the pictures and not credit where they originally came from (a relative of Jensen’s and spn_gossip on Livejournal).

  • kattie

    congratulations to the couple! i wish them the best!

    Ps. jared is in peru with genevieve.

  • heather

    who designed Danneel’s wedding dress?..

  • Valeria


    CONGRATS. <3

  • N.

    Congrats to Jensen! The Supernatural finale was nuts (in a good way!). So glad they get to come back for one more season!

  • Steve

    Who’s facebook did you steal these from?? If you can’t credit photos – don’t post them.

  • http://ArcherN85 Nicole

    Finally! LOL

    Congratulations to the very happy couple Jensen and Danneel!

  • Oh No

    JJO or DDO got hitched? that would be a funny pre-nup to read.

  • Tanya

    I heard Jared was in Peru, but not any longer. I expect to see pictures of Jared at the wedding later.

    Danneel’s dress:

  • Naimzempo

    Congratulations, Jensen Ackles :)

  • alicia

    These were on gossip boy first Jared. How rude!

  • Liv

    It’s the same guy in both pictures, so I feel like these were taken from someone’s personal blog or something.

  • sarah

    Danneel’s gown is gorgeous! Her hair looks beautiful! So soft and elegant. And Jensen looks so handsome!

  • eire


  • Rio

    Even hes dressed like that he’s still looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy gay.

  • Liv


  • Aylin

    It’s incredible that even after they both got married to beautiful girls, obsessed fangirls still think that they are gay. Can’t guys be friends anymore? I don’t understand the appeal to call every male in Hollywood gay. Daneel is gorgeous and could get any other man she wants, I doubt she’s that stupid to marry him if he would be gay.

  • Diana

    Congratulations, good luck and happiness to them.

  • Jasmine

    gorgeous, gorgeouss pair! I like how he did his hair…he looks like an old school groom. lol Congrats and best wishes to the happy couple!!

  • Anne

    As usual he looks uncomfortable. I wish him all the happiness in the world. I keepin my fingers n toes crossed that this turns out the way he wants it to.

  • the truth

    Congrats to the new couple.Why she got married so quickly? She jut got engaged a year ago. Could have waited a little while longer.It look like the dress rachel bilson had on at her premiere are her movie in march.Anyway conrats anyway.hope it last.

  • laura

    Congratulations to Danneel and Jensen, they are an amazing couple and Danneel looks beautiful, I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

  • I have no talents I’m French

    Congratulations to these two awesome persons.
    you both looked perfect.

  • Ash


    the first wedding which is no wedding px til now.

  • Ash

    so fake

  • Lala

    Congrats to both of them. I am happy for them! But though seriously all the good looking guys n the good ones are taken, married, engaged or whatevah :( Unfair lool

  • Ash


    well I mean…Kissing px.

  • Jedaqia

    And again, as was during Jared’s wedding, I’m happy for Jensen & Daneel. But I need to go cry in my closet now or shoot somebody with rock salts.

  • poor Ash

    Need three post to make one stupid point.

  • Venom

    Congratulation Mr. Winchester.

  • Marc

    There is always some part of SPN fandom going insane. Every time something doesn’t go the way they want they bitch and mope all over the internet. Sam was mistreated!, Dean was ignored! The actors are getting married, how dare they? They should be having a epic and steamy romance as I wrote it in my fic.

    Congrats to the couple and patience, they are gonna need it to deal with the pettiness of this people.

  • Jared


  • Nic

    Aw he looks so handsome, and she looks stunning, LOVE the hair, and the dress, congrats to them!

  • ren

    @Aylin: Ummm, a lot of gay guys have married beautiful women. Besides, people are wrong, Jared isn’t gay, but Jensen. Well, come on!

  • Jayne

    Does any one know when Supernaturel season 5 is coming out to buy on DVD. and she is one lucky girl.

  • anonymous

    it’s been rumored that Daneel is just a beard, a cover for you know what.


    I don’t give a damn about these two cw rejects, but what I find revolting and fascist is the fact that on this site random idiots can vote against a comment and the comment is then hidden?
    I mean, come on. What’s the point of having a blog online if you try to hide comments you don’t like.
    In fact all the boring comments about how cute these two idiots are, you can see these comments, then you go and check the hidden comments and you see they’re all interesting comments about how gay ackles could be.