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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: PEACE!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: PEACE!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers throws up a peace sign while heading to a meeting on Friday afternoon (May 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old Irish actor was also seen wearing a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, smoking a cigarette and downing a cup of coffee.

JRM reportedly was banned from flying United Airlines due to a recent drunken display. That’s a harsh punishment! If it’s true, that is.

More pics at X17!

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jonathan rhys meyers peace sign 01
jonathan rhys meyers peace sign 02
jonathan rhys meyers peace sign 03
jonathan rhys meyers peace sign 04

Photos: X17
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  • frankie

    Gorgeous. I love this guy.

  • bettiej

    What a bod!

  • lovegal

    This man is so talented. I can’t believe he looks like this and pulls off the aging Henry 8. I’m a fan

  • : /

    he’s ugly…

  • ehhhh

    Whoever finds this dude attractive needs their eyes checked.

  • Gui

    He’s not exactly handsome. But I find him pretty charming.

  • ninth

    I think he’s extremely handsome and very sexy

  • J.

    @Gui: But he’s really obnoxious?

  • trish

    I saw him on the Bonnie Hunt show and he was adorable. He comes across as really sweet in person. So different than the egotistical Henry 8th character. I think he’s agreat actor and boy is he good looking!

  • Stacie

    Love his show

  • Sexythang

    Crazy Hot!

  • neena2

    JRM really does it for me. He has this incredible brooding quality and he is a magnetic actor. Plus he is sex on legs.

  • topgun

    Sex on legs! Agreed

  • MrsSkarsgardK

    I can’t help it; love him. He’s hot.

  • crazygal

    Even in a still photo you can see his sexy walk. Thanks for showing lots of pictures of Mr. Gorgeous

  • mailey

    he’s so cute! and he dresses really nice all the time.

  • hot..?

    Whatever floats your boat…wow…

  • http://www. douchy

    He made that demeaning, stuuupid lame comment about women who choose not to go in movies, I find him endlessly arrogant and idiotic.

  • Joseph

    @douchy: he’s totally gay and closeted, reminds me of Seacrest

  • needhim

    I think he’s fantastic — wish he would keep the hair long, though.

  • gorg

    He’s so talented. Why isn’t he in more movies?

  • M

    He is getting fat. Well adding a little to his thin frame.

  • Robyn

    I can’t quite figure out what could be attractive about a guy who gets so drunk in public that he vomits all over himself. Feel free to google it if you need pictures.

  • Lola

    He’s hardly gay..maybe bi
    He shagged a pot of extras on Tudors.
    I know.

    he’s not fat..JRM is fit & in real life he has an aura that
    somehow doesn’t come out in photographs but does on film.
    Watch Matchpoint or see him playing Elvis.
    Guy is so talented.

    I watch Tudors because of him. I sunscribe to Showtime
    because of Tudors.

  • hello gorgeous

    I can’t help it. No matter how many airport police fights he gets into, I really like him. He’s so talented and charming. Seems like a fun guy to hang out with.

  • Stepdep

    jeez, drunk at the airport again…how bad is his life that he has to go to the airport to get wasted. I hate going to the airport to travel never mind to get drunk! That’s not the peace sign he is flashing, he is probably so hung over he thinks he’s at LAX and he ordering a double before takeoff…please just one more jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeeeeeeeee no reallllly im fine hiccup, hiccup, puke, puke. Now thats really attractive….

  • Stepdep

    @Lola: if he’s shagged a pot of extras on the Tudors than what is the girlfriend, for window dressing and all the nonsense about honesty and loyalty and being true to one another and friendship rings or promise rings. Promise I won’t say anyone elses name but yours in the heat of the moment or are the extras male…

  • Stepdep

    @douchy: yea I heard that remark he would cut their ears off…wonder how he would feel if people said god men who wear lifts in their shoes, and highheels and stand on their toes in pictures don’t you just want to cut their ears off! They are such pains and so vain…

  • Puking up on words

    I think if I were famous after reading the mixture of comments that people have to offer I would be feeling drunk and then sick from the intoxication of the words going backwards and forwards, its like getting drunk on flattery and idolisation until you hit that high, then when you reach too high for others comfort it breeds jealousy in people, or annoynce, so they naturaly try to bring you down with hate. I’d say give me a real drink and keep them coming until I can’t read anymore… or at least until I just find everything funny and can’t stop laughing. Wouldn’t you get cranky trying to please everybloodybody?

  • Janis

    Love the way he walks!!!

  • Stepdep

    @Janis: well we all know now what that is it is not a walk it is a drunken stagger…

  • mailey

    obv some of u dont travel much. long flights can be excruciating.
    so he lives it up in-flight. super.
    it’s hilarious.

  • Stepdep

    I travel…….a lot………and I hate it…….but……….I don’t use it as an excuse to get wasted and mistreat the people around me……….ever. Those people are trying to make a living just like the rest of us. And someone being drunk and unmanagable just makes their jobs a lot harder and yes all joking aside it is a potential security risk for everyone. And the last three times he wasn’t in-flight. He was at the airport not in-flight. He got so wasted he never made it to the status of “in-flight” he had to sober up first. It amazes me how people will make excuses for people who act up like this.

  • Stepdep

    And the latest is he now was throwing around the n-word when he was banned from flying for being drunk and belligerent and disruptive. This little highheel wearing, scrawny brat wouldn’t dare do this in a bar or club in NYC. But he will go to the airport treat airport personnel like total garbage and he knows that they have to put up with it and they can’t do anything…… smart little highheel, makeup wearing, racist, pathic, campy drunk. He is in dire need of a good a**kicking and the coward knows that at the airport he can behave that way and no one will call him out on it. This guy and his weird GF need to crawl back into the hole they came out of..gross, disgusting, classless, creepy, pathic and campy.

  • CNA

    I think he’s fantastic — wish he would keep the hair long, though.