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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Blue Hill

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Blue Hill

LeAnn Rimes holds hands with her boyfriend, CSI: Miami star Eddie Cibrian, as they grab dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Upstate New York’s Pocantico Hills on Friday night (May 14).

The contemporary cuisine, which was cooked using local ingredients, was so drool-worthy, LeAnn tweeted, “@StoneBarnsYFC is the best restaurant around. Such an amazing, memorable experience tonight. Check out Blue Hill @ Stone Barns.”

For more info on the restaurant, visit!

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    Ellie May Clampett seems to have confused Hollywood Boulevard with upstate New York.

  • Nina

    Mmm, mmm, mmm, Eddie is soooooo yummy delcious (for a cheater)! LOL! I could stare at him all day.

    LeAnn is not the cutest girl (and her Tweets are annoying as heck), but she is lucky. And I can tell she’s happy. In pics with her ex, she seemed so unhappy, like he was smothering the heck outta her.


    I revise my position, the situation is much worse than I originally thought. Ms. Clampett had better taste.

    Upon closer review of Mrs. Sheremet’s “ensemble”, what I had previously mistaken for a cheap mini dress is instead a Wal-Mart stoned washed denim mini-skirt.


  • Cal

    Does all this grabbing and snuggling seem staged to anyone else. Why doesn’t she put him on a leash. How terribly nice for him wife to be seeing this.

  • Andy

    Sick bum

  • Winnie

    Blue Hils is the coolest place to go and eat. It is a unique experience and LeAnn looks super fine.

  • wow

    she gets annoying sometimes

  • lilac

    Are they both even legally divorced yet?

  • may

    how is it anyone new they were all the way up there at the place
    she called the paps.

    she is just a s k a n k
    about the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen as well

  • may

    cellulite is really no biggy in my book, but if you got it, do’nt flaunt it
    she’s gross


    All the haters need to step off. I agree that the way they ended their relationships with cheating wasn’t the most adult, as outsiders, we can never know the full truth. Maybe Eddie’s wife was cold bitch who didn’t want sex after the kids (it happens) and maybe Lee Ann’s husband was gay as rumors suggest.

    They both look really happy and in love and that’s the most anyone can hope to find in this life time. Unfortunately, we make some mistakes along the way before we find it.

    Her body language says it all, she looks sexually and emotionally fulfilled and Eddie looks protective and proud to be with her.

    More power to them and I hope it lasts.

  • lindsey

    Wanna bet that Tim Gunn poster weighs three-hundred pounds with drool dripping down his front and stains on his polyester pants. Ewwwwwwww.

    No Cal it seems genuine. Missed out on happiness in life and would not be able to recognize it if it smacked you in the jaw. Sorry specimen you are.


  • Pot

    LeAnn looks adorable! She’s young enough to pull this look off. It’s brandi that looks ridiculous with the short shorts. brandi is no spring chicken anymore!

  • ummm okay

    They seem like a good happy pair to me so step aside haterz.

  • Pot

    After the way brandi is behaving on these blogs, she doesn’t deserve respect. You have to give respect in order to earn respect. They could kiss brandi’s cellulite butt and do everything she wants, and brandi would still cause drama. She’s jealous……plain & simple.

  • Sandy

    Leann is turning in to a total fame whooore. The tweeting and the stupid quotes. The photags wherever they go. They are worse than Speidie. Does she realize that pretty much everyone either hates or could care less about her skinny white trash butt.


    @ May…it’s called making reservations in advance (the restaurant probably called the pap’s for some free publicity).

  • Sandy

    #11-#15 are the same person. Truth.


    LeAnn looks great in the photographs. Now who would say she didn’t except a minion of the ex. Period !!!

  • lookatfacts

    Who is trying to be the morality police? Remove the plank from your own eye before trying to get the speck from your brothers. Hate is never a wonderful emotion. Get over it Brandi, or was that Branded (by the devil) hate makes us part of the dark forces.

  • Sandy

    Umm, someone with eyes and good taste? She looks like she could take a run in Times Square offering $20 mouth jobs after dinner.

  • Pot

    I wasn’t a LeAnn follower before. I always liked her music and thought she was a cute girl. But because of these threads, it has made me look closer at her. She really has a beautiful smile! I mean it could light up a room. It’s a very genuine smile too. She seems to be a very positive and fun person. I have become a much bigger fan now. Sometimes haters work soooooo hard to bring somebody down, and it just makes you want to cheer them on all the more. Nobody likes a hater! Also it’s funny because no publicity is bad publicity. So the haters are only helping LeAnn with all their hits. E&L look delicious here! Look at pic #4. That says it all. Eddie couldn’t be looking at LeAnn with any more admiration. Their connection and passion is so obvious. I’m cheering you on E&L for true love & happiness! May you both have much success. And keep tweeting about your happy life girl! You don’t owe anybody anything. You don’t have to hide that you found great happiness just because there are miserable people that want you to be as miserable as they are.

  • Hotstuff

    Superb restaurant and setting and two beautiful people to boot. Good advertising Eddie and LeAnne.


    @ Sandy, you seem to know a lot about $20 mouth jobs, just sayin’…

  • Pot

    brandi is a MILG… I’d like to gag!

  • Pot

    @Sandy: Is that how you have to earn your money until your support kicks in?

  • Pot

    @Sandy: Must suck to be you! No pun intended

  • michaela

    Hey Pot and other allies. Sandy is another disguise for that Jason person who is a quick-change artist. Remember in last night’s comments gwen was whining about how someone on USWeekly stole the name Sandy……which means that either gwen and this Jason (who uses male and female handles) is the SAME person or they know each other well.

  • Dawn

    They are fake publicity whores. They are milking the publicity their affair got them for all its worth.

  • Dawn

    @TIM GUNN:

    No need to confuse the two when you are the one who called the paps.

  • gwen

    Did I call it or what, I said that JJ was going to grace us with yet another fluff piece.

  • woohoo

    LeAnn you look fabulous ! ! ! The vacation and that guy is doing you good. Damn she looks gorgeous!

  • gwen

    Well CSI is airing a NEW episode on Monday, so we should not be surprised by the fact that Leann is tipping off of the paps EVERDAY.

  • gwen

    What happened to Eddie?

    He is AGING FAST.

    So can you seriously think that these two are happy when this man looks like LR is sucking the life out of him?

  • michelle

    Didn’t Brandi have the exact same shoes on and same bag? Leann seems to be trying to dress like Brandi. He will cheat again!! Once a cheater always a cheater!!!!!!

  • gwen

    Where did all these fans come from?

    Oh that’s right, it’s just Leann(aka POT) and michela posing as fans because LR fanbase is dropping quickly.

  • gretel

    Has anybody info what business they are taking care of in New York or did she have a performance in the region? Is Eddie signing onto a project? Help?
    What a beautiful complexion she has.

  • Pot

    Eddie looks like a hot, young, sexy man to me! I wouldn’t kick him out for eating cookies in bed! Love those blue eyes, dark hair, tan skin, hard bod, sexy clothes, and dimples!!!

  • http://deleted cbme

    @TIM GUNN: Tim Gunn, LeAnn “sho do” wear Wal Mart clothes good, don’t she?

  • gwen

    So why are we seeing EC and LR so much?

    Because EC Hallmark movie didn’t do very well.

    EC is going to be even more dependent on Leann face and name more than ever, hence these DAILY and WEEKLY photo-ops.

    So when we see these Fri, Sat, Sun, and Monday photo-ops, don’t be surprised.

    EC is getting FREE PUBLICITY.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @lilac: Lilac, I guess they are not legally divorced yet but they aren’t dead yet either. Cut some slack.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @may: May, She is beautiful and you know it.

  • gwen


    How is Leann lucky?

    She has to pimp her face and name out just so Mr. “It’s not conducive playing anything out in public at all” can get FREE PUBLCITY for his show and then pay sites like JJ and x17 to write fluff.

    How exactly does LR photos with DS look any different than the ones we see here with EC? It’s the same exact poses and facial expressions. So if she was looking unhappy with DS, then by that logic she is looking unhappy with EC.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @Sandy: Sandy, Great ‘ain’t it how she looks so great and gets all you folks into an uproar? I love it, love it – keep it up ’cause the PR is great and gives her a bit of a “wonder what that girl is up to” air. I personally can’t stand gorgeous women with lots of talent, lots of bucks and a good looking man – just ‘aint fair, is it” HA HA HA HA

  • gwen


    Of course it’s staged. All of her photo-ops are just rip offs of EC and BG from last year. You see in LR mind she is trying to reassure us that EC is not using her for money and fame. So she tips of the paps so that they can see her and EC snuggling and making out. She is a classic HPD and JJ just keeps reinforcing her bad behavior. So the more that JJ tells LR that this is cute and that pda is a more trustworthy indication of love than EC keeping those promises to his kids the more photo-osp we will see.

    Why does she keep EC on a short leash? Because being the HPD she is, she wants us to think that her farce with EC is much more intimate than what it truly is and EC being the opportunist is all to happy to play along. If she doesn’t watch EC, chances are he is going to jump into bed with another woman.

    Is is me or does EC look like the life is being sucked right out of him. How is it possible for him to age so fast in just 2-3 weeks?

    Someone on CB pointed out that EC Hallmark movie didn’t do very well and seeing as how these photo-ops with LR are being DAILY and WEEKLY habits, I think that EC has no other choice but to participate in LR HPD tendencies. He needs the exposure.

  • Joey F.

    I want to thank Just Jared’s site for bringing LeLe fans what they crave. More is better of my doll. And LeAnn is a doll and I’ll keep on saying so and someone here is painfully jealous of LeAnn’s advantage. Her rival s among us.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @Sandy: Sandy, Uh, uh, how do you know what they pay for a mouth job in Times Square. You probably could have had more if you were better at it. Better luck next time.

  • http://deleted cbme

    These two people are gorgeous and seem to fit well together – something is keeping LeAnn happy hmmm. Eddie is getting lots of PR and whether it is good or bad it can’t hurt. Don’t think LeAnn wants anything but Eddie out of this. Hope Eddie feels the same. Regardless of how these scroungy people on these post put them down, they still have many many fans here and all over. Best to you. Even their bu**s look good!!!!

  • gretel

    LeAnn is such a natural while Eddie looks stiff and out of his element. Is he not accustomed to the environment , is he bashful or can someone tell me their take on his lack of ease?

  • Sandy


    I am jealous of beautiful women with lots of talent but I have no jealousy for Ms. Rimes because she hasn’t got either. She’s a dried out has-been.

    Pot, how much would your mother appreciate what you say about any mother. I think you probably work for Leann.