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Adam Lambert: La Bruschetta Boy

Adam Lambert: La Bruschetta Boy

Adam Lambert has a lunch meeting at La Bruschetta Ristorante in Westwood, Los Angeles on Friday (May 14).

Tonight, the 28-year-old American Idol vet performed at the Wango Tango concert at LA’s Staples Center. Other musical acts include his make-out partner Ke$ha, Usher (and his protege Justin Bieber), Ludacris, Akon, B.o.B. and Iyaz.

If you missed it, has the first pics from Adam‘s “If I Had You” music video!

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adam lambert la bruschetta 01
adam lambert la bruschetta 02
adam lambert la bruschetta 03
adam lambert la bruschetta 04

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  • elin


  • Jory

    God ILH <3 Jared thank you.

  • momoless

    Aww those boots, I missed them. <3

  • ksl

    i’m glad he made it big, such a talented guy!

  • c


  • obligatory

    hot, beautiful, sexy, pretty, gorgeous, sex-on-a-stick, etc.

  • k

    unf he’s hot

  • ilia

    He blew the roof off of Wango Tango with the earth-shattering vocal rendition of the “Sleepwalker”. I hope he gets a chance to release at least two more singles, my picks would be “Sleepwalker” and “Soaked”.

  • happy girl

    the things i would do to him – if he was into girls. lol. love ya adam!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the pics! I’m loving his new hair cut!

  • Olat

    OMG! I can’t believe he still wore those shoes~!!!
    Adam is one of the most managing stars I’ve ever known! Looking spectacular all at the same time!! He knows what he’s up to.

  • Kevin

    Good taste. Hair, dress up etc.

  • lane

    he is F**king sexy gorgeous ,pretty , amazing , hot , voice of Angle
    goshhh i want to eat him alive rawrrrrrrr

  • Ramona
  • reg

    He is a sexy Biatch! I could stare at 4 eva without even blinking. Damn BOY!!!!!


    God he’s so freakin’ cute !!

  • set to -snoooooooze-

    no talent teen idol

  • leila

    he’s sweet :)

  • WangoTango updates

    RT: josherdman Adam lambert is gorgeous in person.

  • WangoTango updates

    RT: NickiMena just met Adam Lambert!!!!! WOOW. Hes so cool. Wango Tango will be AMAZING tonight.

  • WangoTango updates

    RT: idolator (not actually “Idol”-associated) We talked to @adamlambert at Wango Tango tonight – look 4 our chat on monday! His live performance was perfection, the man’s voice is ridic

  • WangoTango updates

    RT shawncampbell11: Holy sh*t man. News flash. Adam lambert can sing his ass off live!!!!!! Damn!!!

  • WangoTango updates

    RT: JDKUN Adam Lambert sounds really, really good- love his bejeweled in-ear monitor and Nick Rhodes guitarist #wangotango

  • WangoTango updates

    RT DwayneKan Adam Lambert is wearing Harem pants and eyepaint that looks like it’s extended from his side hairline, looks siiiiiick

    RT DwayneKan Lambert just KILLED it w his band!!!! Completely ***** on everyone else wtf!!!! FLOORED!!!! Dude’s voice is CRAZY!!! SOULFUL. Hands down best act of the night

    RT Hahah Ke$ha is crazy…

  • WangoTango updates

    RT SachaKFox So Adam Lambert is S T U N N I N G in person. Sexy motherf*cker. Eyes pull you in…

    RT SachaKFox Ummm Lambo just blew the roof off the place, no big deal. LOL, his voice is insane !!!!! Out of this world, pitch-perfect, powerful?! Bit*ch can saaaaang. I get it now

  • slambang

    He’s so cute. Wish he’d get rid of the Elvis hair, tho’. LOL

  • M.I.A

    I really like his new hair


    @ gisele He’s a sweetheart. Don’t be butthurt he’s doing better than your favorite, it only makes YOU look bitter & unstable lol.

    @ set to snoooooooze Ha. Except not only does he have a 5 range voice — which only 1 in every something-1000 people possess, meaning = he can literally hit every note on the guitar, his fanbase breaks every demographic known to man, which is what music is meant to do, non? Every gender, race, religion, location, orientation, sexuality, age. So lol at ‘teen Idol’. Shows what you know.

    As if that wasn’t awesome enough he has fans — and friends in Legends, his own heroes. Queen, Slash, Zeppelin, Spielberg, Paul McCartney’s band, Steven Tyler, Tim Burton, Muse, Demi Moore, Joe McHale, Rob Marshall, Madonna, Rivers Cuomo, Selena Williams, Gaga, Max Martin, Amy Adams, Lisa and Priscilla Presley, JHawkins, Pink, Tegan & Sara, Linda Perry, Sam Sparro, Smokey Robinson, Gary Jules, Carmit Bachar, Ben Barnes, Rob Halford, Dita Von Teese, Robbie Williams, Evan Rachel Wood, Marilyn Manson……..this list goes on forever. Who has that so fast? Yeah he’s been in the Industry for over a Decade working his way up with Monte Pittman but he’s only been mainstream for a few years and already has that much respect. Imagine what a few more years will do for him.

    Curt Smith said:
    “Lambert is an unintentional pioneer. He already has and is breaking down so many boundaries — and doesn’t even realize it, because he’s just being himself.”

    Brian May of Queen [Queeeeeeen]:
    “I have to say I was completely blown away. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists…but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. This kid’s talent is endless, it’s insane. Few are built, driven, talented, creative, authentic enough and destined to become what we call Iconic. To become even a modern-day icon is difficult and takes a lot. But Adam Lambert is already on his way there.”

    LED freaking ZEPPELIN cleared their song for the first time in History when they heard him sing. “We were interested to hear his take on the song, he is ridiculously creative and his voice is impressive. We knew he wouldn’t slaughter the track like so many have done before him. We were right. He did it more than justice in the 90 secs they gave him.”

    MCho: “Adam Lambert has such a rock n roll free-spirit, I love that! I love people who dare to DARE. Respect and appreciate people who march to the beat of their own drum. He is bringing male sexuality/sensuality and personality back to the charts, he’s electric.”

    Rob Halford: “Firstly, thank God for Adam Lambert. We need someone like him in the community. His voice can do many things.”

    I know you’re just trolling and it’s your job but you’re only making yourself look childish and dumb faced with facts. You shouldn’t feel threatened by him, he’s a teddy bear at heart, and so supportive of others.

    “There hasn’t been anyone who’s brought that ’70s eccentric over-the-top operatic thing to a stage in a while. A lot of people on the charts are stylists, but not great singers. He’s lucky to be both.”

    He’s lovely and hardworking on top of his talent, hatin’ on that is WACK. Once you have your own icons on your side, maybe someone will pay attention to you as well. You seem attention-starved posting under different usernames in all his posts, yeaap, screened your ISP ROTFLMAO

  • http://www. Wango Tango Updates

    (lol…) RT Being a fan of Justin Bieber is like going to the pet store and choosing the ugliest puppy with a farting problem. Why would you do that?

  • Joshua Sutton

    Nicest guy ever. He is so bloody incredible live it’s not even funny.

  • blue_eyes243



    @blue_eyes243: That’s a hippie shirt you moron LMAO! “Love is the answer” omg lol

  • EGoulding

    @blue_eyes243: Nice try. It’s a Greek trippy shirt, he also has a Eye of Horus tattoo on his wrist, a symbol of protection, Google it. Not the “all seeing eye” you’re talking about -_-

  • EGoulding


  • Jermaine

    @blue_eyes243: do people believe actually that sh**?

  • Jermaine

    “actually believe” (u know what I mean)

  • Sam

    @FACEPALM: “Love is the way” or “Love is the key” don’t think it says “answer”

  • Jonte

    @WangoTango updates: Any Usher updates?

  • III

    :) Love his voice and personality.

  • sexy is sexy

    Mr. Lambert is one HOT SEXY MAN!!!!!

  • gisele suxx

    Damn…Adam is HOT!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the tour this summer!
    Adam, PLEASE come to TEXAS…WE LOVE YOU!


    His WWFM just went Platinum (again) this time in Australia.

  • Guns&

    This is an Adam post, don’t care about Kesha Jared. His friends & album co-writers Weezer, and his friend Kelly Rowland were also there, why not mention them?


    @ilia: How about “Voodoo”?

  • http://www. Wango Tango Updates

    RT If Ke$ha was on an indie label and didnt rock American flags people would think she’s genius

  • http://www. Wango Tango Updates

    RT Just about escaped the Bieber fangirls and met Adam Lambert outside! He has such a nice singing and talking voice. Got autographs & pics

  • adamlove

    Adam is SO COOL!
    I just love everything about him!
    looking forward to the tour.
    Adam, Allison& Ori are going to ROCK this summer! :)

  • Mari

    I love his outfit!

  • forever56

    I lurv him.

  • http://www. Wango Tango Updates

    RT: Usher and Lambo were the best + lovely in person, both of them
    RT: Adam Lambert is way sexier than Usher
    RT: Glambert is wearing MC Hammer type pants! Singing SLEEPWALKER his vocals n his guitarist = BADASSSSSSSSS
    RT: Ke$ha is high as a kite! Homegirl’s doing cartwheels around the stage in an American Flag
    RT: Hmm, Kesha could be a comedienn
    RT: Met Rivers Cuomo, Akon and ALambert, amazing