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Adam Lambert at Wango Tango: If I Had You!

Adam Lambert at Wango Tango: If I Had You!

Adam Lambert rocks out on stage at 102.7 KIIS-FM’s Wango Tango 2010 show held at the Staples Center on Saturday (May 15) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old American Idol vet performed “Whataya Want From Me” and his new single “If I Had You,” which you can watch below.

“I love my band and dancers!!! Thank you Monte, Tommy, LP, Cam, Brooke, Terrence, Taylor, Sasha!” Adam tweeted after the event. “I love my fans who showed up to Staples tonight! Next up: THE GLAM NATION TOUR!

Adam Lambert at Wango Tango: If I Had You!

30+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert performing at WANGO TANGO..

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adam lambert wango tango 01
adam lambert wango tango 02
adam lambert wango tango 03
adam lambert wango tango 04
adam lambert wango tango 05
adam lambert wango tango 06
adam lambert wango tango 07
adam lambert wango tango 08
adam lambert wango tango 09
adam lambert wango tango 10
adam lambert wango tango 11
adam lambert wango tango 12
adam lambert wango tango 13
adam lambert wango tango 14
adam lambert wango tango 15
adam lambert wango tango 16
adam lambert wango tango 17
adam lambert wango tango 18
adam lambert wango tango 19
adam lambert wango tango 20
adam lambert wango tango 21
adam lambert wango tango 22
adam lambert wango tango 23
adam lambert wango tango 24
adam lambert wango tango 25
adam lambert wango tango 26
adam lambert wango tango 27
adam lambert wango tango 28
adam lambert wango tango 29
adam lambert wango tango 30

Credit: Jen Lowery, Adriana M. Barraza, Angela Weiss, Michael Tullberg; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty, WENN
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  • Stan

    Anyone else getting tired of hearing about this guy. I don’t get why so much attention goes to people not doing anything relevant.

  • Jory

    Love it thank you :) ILH <3

  • anni

    he nailed it….. he is just greeeeat!!!

  • WAIT.

    @Stan: Not doing anything relevant, could you elaborate on that?

  • no

    @Stan: Hey Stan. Sit the f*ck down.

  • TheSpindleshay


    Did you listen to the man sing? How is that voice not relevant?

  • Tanya

    Jared I f—–n LOVE Adam but give it a rest! You don’t even wait a few days anymore before posting about him

  • Joshua

    It was a great concert. The guy rocked the house.

  • no

    @TheSpindleshay: Haters don’t listen or watch. They just keep t-t-t-t-talking that blah blah blah

  • Joshua

    SLEEPWALKER was way better

  • lolwut

    @Tanya: It’s a GOSSIP blog full of gossips about useless celebs who think they have talent and are relevant to society. Why won’t you let Jared blog about someone who actually deserves to be talked about?

  • pantload?

    Adam ‘s constantly dreaming up ways that a 28 year old man can appeal to teens and tweens

  • hmmm

    love adam but your posts are getting pointless imo jared


    Not so fond of this song at first, but it grew on me and I think it was a smart pick for a summer single. And watching Adam perform it is such a blast. This guy can do just about anything with music.

  • Amelle

    Seen it already, and anyone following him on Twitter would have too.
    You only posted about Adam a few hours ago lol!

  • kms

    Thanks Jared – love the photos and the coverage of Adam, who is so exciting and totally relevant to today’s music scene. (as opposed to the totally irrelevant @Stan).

  • sportjob

    Quit hateing! Why don’t you comment on the ones you like instead of bitching about those you don’t. Ever think the reason they have so much diversity on shows like this is that there is so diversity in what people like in music. I’m not a fan of rap, kiddie pop or bluegrass but I am not going to spend my day following blogs about them just so I have something to hate. Grow up, get a life and be happy for a change.

  • huh?

    @hmmm: Pointless as opposed to blogging about celebrities going out for ice cream, or pumping their own gas?

  • gia

    @He’s the Best: FAIL. Try harder.

  • luna

    pic 08 —-very cratery

  • :)
  • Imogen, 23 LONDON
  • LOL

    @lolwut: You’re such an obvious troll. You speak just like a certain someone.

  • http://www. KISSFM

    KISS FM Wango Tango Adam Lambert Interview

  • ha

    Adam is sooo gorgeous from real far away.

  • lolwut

    @LOL: I think you’re confused. I was defending Jared posts about Adam, dear. Read again.

  • Shane

    This dude is a bore. He belongs in off off -Broadway shows.

  • M.I.A

    @pantload?: This 28 year old man is even more young at heart than I am as a 24 year old girl. Are artists who are older than him — there are millions — also “dreaming of ways to appeal to” us? If I dig someone’s talent and personality, I dig it. He makes feel good music, has an AMAZING voice, and is living his dream. Why do you find the fact that he appeals to EVERY demographic so hard to deal with?

  • schufly

    Thanks Jared! Love him. And thanks Suz526pf for the great videos!!

  • trollin

    @Shane: Get more obvious Shane.

  • Ha

    @ha: HQ your face up x 100, you’ll look different to how you do IRL.

  • c


    lose the pants tho

  • no

    @Shane: sorry about what you consider fun.

  • Soozin

    Hey Stan – do you consider it “doing something relevant” to spend your time following and commenting on someone you think is not doing something relevant? I consider entertainment relevant and I am entertained all the time by Adam Lambert – his concerts, his videos, his CD, his interviews. If he doesn’t entertain you why don’t you go find someone who does instead of being so “irrelevant”?

    Adam sang 4 songs last night – Fever (by Lady Gaga) and Sleepwalker (by Ryan Tedder and Aimee Mayo) were between Whataya Want from Me and If I Had You.

  • Zac

    @Tanya: Are you a ‘fan’ or are you a hater pretending to be a fan? LOL. Whatever, this guy is incredible.

  • ummmmmm

    Jared posted a couple of Adam photos in the last post. He is posting his performance in this one. That is excessive? Lol. In comparison with celebrities who are just photographed walking, and shopping, and walking, and walking……and…….shopping….and walking? People are weird.

  • kristards

    @ummmmmm: The haters are KA fans. They literally just migrated from another board and linked to this lmfao. I don’t understand why they can’t be happy for their boy instead of getting so caught up in Adam and the fact that he’s doing more. They’re both doing what they love, chill ffs.

  • hmmm

    For people thumbing me down. All I meant was it feels like Jared just posts any old thing he comes across (ilu Jared but you know) with a ton of photos when it comes to Adam. Like he rushes his posts and leaves info out (Tour dates etc), it’s too unorganized to me (maybe I have OCD lmao) I’m just like why not post his interviews, like he does for some celebs (eg. Xtina) and more relevant stuff. If you’re outside fandom it just feels pointless what gossip blogs choose to focus on. Jmo

  • hwr

    @stan: Nope. Not getting tired of him at all.

  • Tatum
  • cindy

    can someone take this guy to a dermatologist asap? his skin (#8 especially) is terrible! and get him a stylist while you’re at it. what the heck is he wearing?

  • Tatum
  • mirror

    @cindy: He already attends my dad’s facial care clinic. As do a couple of other celebrities. He is a real sweetheart.

  • III

    @KISSFM: Omg, the Via.gra talk LOL!

  • Mari

    Thanks for the pics! His make up is fierce.

  • helen

    Why can’t haters just shut up and ignore him? Scroll, if you’re not interested and move on, otherwise it’s getting ridiculous: you accusing Adam for being irrelevant and doing nothing, while spending your own free time hating in his posts. Just poinless.

  • Aly

    @mirror: Tell your father to tell Adam foundation only makes your skin worse, even if you’ve never had acne in your life, it’s not good for the skin to wear it constantly. I think, he looks so much fresher without any base at all :) He should embrace his freckles, x

  • anon

    @mirror: Hey, is it the same LA-based Spa the Olsens attend by any chance? Because my friend’s Uncle runs that place : ]

  • Gina

    Adam tweeted after the event. “I love my fans who fork over their hard earned cash to me”

    I wouldn’t walk across the street to see this bozo, let alone fork over my hard earned cash to that idiot. What a pompus ass! I can’t believe he had the nerve to say that.

  • Um

    @Gina: I hope you’re being sarcastic seeing as he didn’t say that LOL, the troll did.