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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, share a laugh while enjoying drinks at Åsögatan Aarts restaurant in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday (May 16).

At one point, Kate, 27, affectionately held onto the neck of Alex, 33. More pics at Swedish newspaper!

Alex‘s father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, also recently confirmed that his son and Kate are dating and that the relationship is serious.

Kate and Alex even visited Stellan on the set of his latest superhero flick, Thor, in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Yes, they came both to the taping which was fun, ” Stellan tells Expressen. “She’s nice.”

Even more pics of Kate sitting in Alex‘s lap at!

Bigger main pic inside…

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Credit: Stefan Soderstrom; Photos: Scanpix/Sipa
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  • sonicBoom

    So nice he got to go home! :)

  • Deedz

    She will go anywhere, as long as the cameras follow.

  • twenty-two

    Looks like he’s eyeballing the dark haired chick.

  • yo sista

    He’s so cute.

  • Game changer?

    So, game changer? Or still the same old crap, different country?

  • seton

    JJ, Stellan didn’t confirm anything. That’s not a direct quote just the paper’s slant on things. Do some research.

  • Oh brother….

    Looks like JJ has picked up on the Swedish tabloid story’s take on their “serious” relationship. Of course. Can’t wait ’til Ted Casablancas gets a hold of this news…

  • always

    He took his F.uck Buddy to Sweden.

  • great

    yay we will have more and more and more pictures!!!
    it will be fun for some time, but then askars will be back to sweden to only star in ‘vita logner 2′ or ‘hundtricket 2′ or ‘Has Been Straight to DVD’
    too much of fame sloring for a TV actor from a crappy show, this is LeAnn Rimes/her cheesy cheater territory.

  • argh!!!!!!!!!!!


  • deets

    Nelly Fang Does Europe!

  • ha!

    Sorry, but he’s starting to ping my gaydar.
    He doesn’t act like a man in love. He only seems to smile when he’s out drinking.

  • meme

    You gotta give this girl credit. It’s great publicity for her and helps deflect the Chris Martin rumors. You know that guy would never leave his wife for her.

  • yawn

    Most boring Showmance ever….

  • squirelmeat

    For someone who is a supposed fashionista, why does she dress so horribly? (photos on True Blood news). not that he’s going to win any awards for pulling out the same three t-shirts, but really – she definitely knows she’s getting papped.

  • yawn

    Even Jen and Gerry did a better job.

  • True Dat

    @meme: True dat, why would he leave his beautiful wife and children for this ho?

  • Jenn

    @squirelmeat: Agree, she seems to be aware she’s being snapped. He seems oddly distant. Maybe theirs is more a physical relationship than emotional?

  • Tom

    Where is the black dude he’s dating? I remember they showed him at Joan’s and in Sweden. This guy needs a better beard if he wants to keep the ladies hot for him.

  • memememe

    Hey Jared – Expressen here in Sweden is kind of like People in the US – technically a newspaper but not really a respected one. I agree with those who say that Stellan didnt confirm that it’s serious between Alex and Kate. Expressen just interpreted the actual event of Kate meeting Stellan as a sign that it’s a serious thing.

    All he says is that she’s nice and that he’s met her before. Very factual as opposed to warm or pleased – so either he’s not all that impressed or he doesn’t see the need to go on and on about her because he knows it’s not going to last.

    And of course it’s not going to last – she’s just keeping him busy until i’m ready to claim him as my own, haha

    So glad to know i’m not the only one (judging by the comments in the previous post) who thinks they look weird together. I’ve always thought they looked mismatched, but i thought it was just my jealousy that made me biased!

  • swedie

    Stellan Skarsgard didn’t say anything about them dating or being serious. All he said was he’s met KB before since she used to date Orlando, a group of them visited him on set and that’s she nice. That tabloid drew their own conclusions and ambiguously worded the article.

  • It’s on!

    @memememe: You’re gonna have to fight me for him! Ha ha… I was thinking the same thing: bee-yotch is a placeholder! LOL. (I’m kidding, not delusional. Promise.)

  • casper

    Not trying to be mean but is Bosworth sick? Her hair looks straggly like it’s falling out. Does she usually wear a wig or something?

  • lovely

    I’m not seeing the chemistry or great romance.
    I think they’re probably FWB and she got lucky and he took her on vacation with him. He doesn’t seem like the type that does a different woman every week so she’s probably his FWB du jour.

  • Dreads

    Wait, wait, waiiiiit a minute! He’s the son of Stellan Skarsgard,the one who plays Will Turner’s father in Pirates of the Caribbean?!?! Woah, I had no idea. Wow. Idon’t like her but he’s pretty hot :)

  • Magic

    Askars must be doing the chick with the dark hair cause he’s completely macking on her in that photo. Maybe the sk*nky blonde joins them for a little Swedish love sandwich…

  • Raven

    Even when they’re holding hands there’s still no chemistry. And #20, you’re not the only one.

  • Too off topic?

    For some real class, see this music video: I can’t see Kate Bosworth doing any kind of dance except a ho-down. Sorry if it’s off the subject, I just want people to see this awesome video!

  • memememe

    @It’s on!:

    Girl, you make it sound as if being delusional is a bad thing lol! In regards to our boy Alex – BRING,,,,. IT……. ON!!! I’ll fight you in a virtual internet Just Jared mud-wrestle for him!

  • It’s a date! A dirty date…

    @memememe: Hang on while I dig my string bikini out of winter storage… :-D LMAO.

  • Jules

    LOL @ all the rabid fangirls in here scrutinizing every little detail. He TOOK HER HOME. She met his dad, probably his mother and siblings as well. Oh right, he takes all the FWB home to meet the family. When will you guys get a clue? They’re together, it’s pretty serious, find someone else to stalk and obsess over. Checkmate.

  • Okay

    I guess I’m kind of weird in that I kind of like how he dresses – wearing plain t-shirts and the same shoes all the time. That’s kind of how I dress – wear what I like when I like. Why should celebs pay a bajillion dollars for high class clothes they’ll wear once or twice?

    Stellan did just say she’s nice and they both came to the set (it didn’t even say that Alex TOOK her to the set, for all we know, her meeting Stellan in the past they are on friendly terms and she visited him).

    The Stockholm photos are kind of damning, though I’m wondering why he’s there, since True Blood should still be filming for about another month, and why he didn’t go to Cannes where he had a film showing if he was heading to Europe.

    I have no issues with them being a couple (though I wish he was with me instead). Yes, we see them out and about, but not showing real PDA – if cameras were following me everywhere, just being seen together should be enough of a ticket instead of macking on my SO. They may be ‘outed’ but I have a bit of respect for them trying to keep some aspects of their relationship private.

  • minnie

    oh oh getting serious. She will never let him go now. oh well

  • memememe

    hahahaha @ 30 – its a bit chilly for a bikini over here, so i’ll just settle for my lucky pair of tracksuit-bottoms (not unlike the shellsuits-bottoms that Alex wears in True Blood, snaaap!) and one of those tartan shirts he is always wearing for luck.

    It will be the ultimate hoedown-showdown. Sorry, i meant Skarsdown!
    May the best lunatic win. (Mind you, i’m actually in Sweden so phsyically, i’m closer anyway muahahaha)

  • BS

    @Jules: She already met the family years ago when she dated Orlando Bloom.

  • Frida

    Wow, some of these comments are ridiculous. You all know them both personally do you? Because if you don’t then there’s noway you could know anything about their relationship or what they’re like in person. Sure looks to me like they’re in love though and hey, good for them.

  • Kris

    @Jules: Didn’t he allow that co-star from True Blood that he went out on a few dates with to fly in from California and visit him when he was filming Straw Dogs? I recall a lot of people thought she was his serious gf then. Doesn’t seem far-fetched that he’d take a Fwb or less than serious gf with him while traveling. He doesn’t seem like a booty call type of guy.


    He is ugly. So is she.

  • Jess

    Geeez! Why all the hate????? Lots of hot men in HW. If you find his relationship with Kate so awful why don’t you just get a new crush and move on, all this bitchin is not going to change anything. I still LOVE Alex. I don’t care who he dates. CAN’T WAIT FOR TRUE BLOOD!!!!

  • BS

    @Frida: In the article AS is quoted as saying he is hanging out with friends having fun. AS still won’t claim her as more than a friend even with these pics. Bottom line it makes them both look bad.

  • ladyandthetramp

    wow stingy comments again.. I’m just happy to see his Wallace & Gromit-smile again!! think they r cute! He looks hot in those expressen pics. I dont care what bosworth-haters think I think it’s cute how she is fidgeting him all the time. It’s him I find hot, not her anyway he still the hottest man, yum

  • sophy

    If he’s really dating her (and judging by this he is), this is going to be my last comment on any post having to do with Alex. I don’t have time to be a fan of actors who date posers like Kate. Until he picks up a genuine down to earth girlfriend (like Rachel McAdams for example), he can lose me as a fan. (Call me a bad fan, but he’s worse than me for dating a wannabe.)

  • ladyandthetramp

    @BS: why should he “claim” anything he doesnt own that to anyone, he just wants to keep things private probably, who cares..

  • Jess

    @BS, Look bad? What is wrong with having a FWB? Both are adults. Can’t they just have fun with each other without being betrothed. What’s the big deal?

  • ladyandthetramp

    @sophy: not meaning to be offending or anything, just theoretically I think it’s posey to blame him for dating Kate, I mean obviously he sees something in her besides her reputation which is anything BUT posey considering everyone “hates her” so much. She could use someone down-to-earth like Alex who likes her for her and not throwing axes on her for being a pap magnet. There is a world beyond the media buzz, the real world and in that world they seem to really like each other for who they are, not their reputation..That’s admirable.

  • Ramona
  • Vanessa

    @ladyandthetramp: Exactly. Why should he come out and publicly say anything? Then their relationship would be under a microscope, and who wants that? They’re obviously together, and it’s a legit relationship, sorry Skarsgirls but you know it’s true! You can’t really deny it anymore. We all know how desperately you want it to be a just friends, or friends with benefits thing, but … lol. Clearly that’s not the case.

  • Seriously

    Or, he could just be a really big douche getting some easy tail. They’re both getting what they want out of it. Whatever.

  • BS

    @ladyandthetramp: true but if you choose to be in an industry where public perception is important then be careful what you say and do. That’s life. They don’t live in a bubble and they choose to display themselves publicly so deal with the fallout. Neither are A/B stars and really are borderline C at best right now. Why all the subterfuge if not for publicity? Bottom line this wouldn’t get so much publicity if they just acknowledged what everyone already knows. The game playing is juvenile and unnecessary for 2 C list stars who are claiming to want privacy. Acknowledge the relationship and people will move on. AS & KB are causing this pap frenzy themselves so they can’t now bitch when it blows up their face. The paps would not be taking their pics in Sweden nor interviewing his dad if they didn’t play the games they are playing. These are C list at best stars who are using the oldest game in the PR playbook- are they or aren’t they. Bottom line any man or woman who cannot be adult enough to acknowledge their relationship with each other (not for fans or paps)can’t be serious about each other. I think they are both demeaning whatever their relationship is by playing these games and now because of this they are both receiving public backlash from paps/gossip sites/fans. Your reputation is what most people judge you on in this industry and unfortunately his reputation is going downhill by all of this personal bs with KB. Now he is known for dating her not his acting which in reality is sad to alot of fans wo wanted to see him go far.

  • Aitch

    You seem to be the only Swede who thinks he is hot. Most of the comments I read from Swedes say he is no big deal!