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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, share a laugh while enjoying drinks at Åsögatan Aarts restaurant in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday (May 16).

At one point, Kate, 27, affectionately held onto the neck of Alex, 33. More pics at Swedish newspaper!

Alex‘s father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, also recently confirmed that his son and Kate are dating and that the relationship is serious.

Kate and Alex even visited Stellan on the set of his latest superhero flick, Thor, in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Yes, they came both to the taping which was fun, ” Stellan tells Expressen. “She’s nice.”

Even more pics of Kate sitting in Alex‘s lap at!

Bigger main pic inside…

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308 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts”

  1. 1
    sonicBoom Says:

    So nice he got to go home! :)

  2. 2
    Deedz Says:

    She will go anywhere, as long as the cameras follow.

  3. 3
    twenty-two Says:

    Looks like he’s eyeballing the dark haired chick.

  4. 4
    yo sista Says:

    He’s so cute.

  5. 5
    Game changer? Says:

    So, game changer? Or still the same old crap, different country?

  6. 6
    seton Says:

    JJ, Stellan didn’t confirm anything. That’s not a direct quote just the paper’s slant on things. Do some research.

  7. 7
    Oh brother.... Says:

    Looks like JJ has picked up on the Swedish tabloid story’s take on their “serious” relationship. Of course. Can’t wait ’til Ted Casablancas gets a hold of this news…

  8. 8
    always Says:

    He took his F.uck Buddy to Sweden.

  9. 9
    great Says:

    yay we will have more and more and more pictures!!!
    it will be fun for some time, but then askars will be back to sweden to only star in ‘vita logner 2′ or ‘hundtricket 2′ or ‘Has Been Straight to DVD’
    too much of fame sloring for a TV actor from a crappy show, this is LeAnn Rimes/her cheesy cheater territory.

  10. 10
    argh!!!!!!!!!!! Says:


  11. 11
    deets Says:

    Nelly Fang Does Europe!

  12. 12
    ha! Says:

    Sorry, but he’s starting to ping my gaydar.
    He doesn’t act like a man in love. He only seems to smile when he’s out drinking.

  13. 13
    meme Says:

    You gotta give this girl credit. It’s great publicity for her and helps deflect the Chris Martin rumors. You know that guy would never leave his wife for her.

  14. 14
    yawn Says:

    Most boring Showmance ever….

  15. 15
    squirelmeat Says:

    For someone who is a supposed fashionista, why does she dress so horribly? (photos on True Blood news). not that he’s going to win any awards for pulling out the same three t-shirts, but really – she definitely knows she’s getting papped.

  16. 16
    yawn Says:

    Even Jen and Gerry did a better job.

  17. 17
    True Dat Says:

    @meme: True dat, why would he leave his beautiful wife and children for this ho?

  18. 18
    Jenn Says:

    @squirelmeat: Agree, she seems to be aware she’s being snapped. He seems oddly distant. Maybe theirs is more a physical relationship than emotional?

  19. 19
    Tom Says:

    Where is the black dude he’s dating? I remember they showed him at Joan’s and in Sweden. This guy needs a better beard if he wants to keep the ladies hot for him.

  20. 20
    memememe Says:

    Hey Jared – Expressen here in Sweden is kind of like People in the US – technically a newspaper but not really a respected one. I agree with those who say that Stellan didnt confirm that it’s serious between Alex and Kate. Expressen just interpreted the actual event of Kate meeting Stellan as a sign that it’s a serious thing.

    All he says is that she’s nice and that he’s met her before. Very factual as opposed to warm or pleased – so either he’s not all that impressed or he doesn’t see the need to go on and on about her because he knows it’s not going to last.

    And of course it’s not going to last – she’s just keeping him busy until i’m ready to claim him as my own, haha

    So glad to know i’m not the only one (judging by the comments in the previous post) who thinks they look weird together. I’ve always thought they looked mismatched, but i thought it was just my jealousy that made me biased!

  21. 21
    swedie Says:

    Stellan Skarsgard didn’t say anything about them dating or being serious. All he said was he’s met KB before since she used to date Orlando, a group of them visited him on set and that’s she nice. That tabloid drew their own conclusions and ambiguously worded the article.

  22. 22
    It's on! Says:

    @memememe: You’re gonna have to fight me for him! Ha ha… I was thinking the same thing: bee-yotch is a placeholder! LOL. (I’m kidding, not delusional. Promise.)

  23. 23
    casper Says:

    Not trying to be mean but is Bosworth sick? Her hair looks straggly like it’s falling out. Does she usually wear a wig or something?

  24. 24
    lovely Says:

    I’m not seeing the chemistry or great romance.
    I think they’re probably FWB and she got lucky and he took her on vacation with him. He doesn’t seem like the type that does a different woman every week so she’s probably his FWB du jour.

  25. 25
    Dreads Says:

    Wait, wait, waiiiiit a minute! He’s the son of Stellan Skarsgard,the one who plays Will Turner’s father in Pirates of the Caribbean?!?! Woah, I had no idea. Wow. Idon’t like her but he’s pretty hot :)

  26. 26
    Magic Says:

    Askars must be doing the chick with the dark hair cause he’s completely macking on her in that photo. Maybe the sk*nky blonde joins them for a little Swedish love sandwich…

  27. 27
    Raven Says:

    Even when they’re holding hands there’s still no chemistry. And #20, you’re not the only one.

  28. 28
    Too off topic? Says:

    For some real class, see this music video: I can’t see Kate Bosworth doing any kind of dance except a ho-down. Sorry if it’s off the subject, I just want people to see this awesome video!

  29. 29
    memememe Says:

    @It’s on!:

    Girl, you make it sound as if being delusional is a bad thing lol! In regards to our boy Alex – BRING,,,,. IT……. ON!!! I’ll fight you in a virtual internet Just Jared mud-wrestle for him!

  30. 30
    It's a date! A dirty date... Says:

    @memememe: Hang on while I dig my string bikini out of winter storage… :-D LMAO.

  31. 31
    Jules Says:

    LOL @ all the rabid fangirls in here scrutinizing every little detail. He TOOK HER HOME. She met his dad, probably his mother and siblings as well. Oh right, he takes all the FWB home to meet the family. When will you guys get a clue? They’re together, it’s pretty serious, find someone else to stalk and obsess over. Checkmate.

  32. 32
    Okay Says:

    I guess I’m kind of weird in that I kind of like how he dresses – wearing plain t-shirts and the same shoes all the time. That’s kind of how I dress – wear what I like when I like. Why should celebs pay a bajillion dollars for high class clothes they’ll wear once or twice?

    Stellan did just say she’s nice and they both came to the set (it didn’t even say that Alex TOOK her to the set, for all we know, her meeting Stellan in the past they are on friendly terms and she visited him).

    The Stockholm photos are kind of damning, though I’m wondering why he’s there, since True Blood should still be filming for about another month, and why he didn’t go to Cannes where he had a film showing if he was heading to Europe.

    I have no issues with them being a couple (though I wish he was with me instead). Yes, we see them out and about, but not showing real PDA – if cameras were following me everywhere, just being seen together should be enough of a ticket instead of macking on my SO. They may be ‘outed’ but I have a bit of respect for them trying to keep some aspects of their relationship private.

  33. 33
    minnie Says:

    oh oh getting serious. She will never let him go now. oh well

  34. 34
    memememe Says:

    hahahaha @ 30 – its a bit chilly for a bikini over here, so i’ll just settle for my lucky pair of tracksuit-bottoms (not unlike the shellsuits-bottoms that Alex wears in True Blood, snaaap!) and one of those tartan shirts he is always wearing for luck.

    It will be the ultimate hoedown-showdown. Sorry, i meant Skarsdown!
    May the best lunatic win. (Mind you, i’m actually in Sweden so phsyically, i’m closer anyway muahahaha)

  35. 35
    BS Says:

    @Jules: She already met the family years ago when she dated Orlando Bloom.

  36. 36
    Frida Says:

    Wow, some of these comments are ridiculous. You all know them both personally do you? Because if you don’t then there’s noway you could know anything about their relationship or what they’re like in person. Sure looks to me like they’re in love though and hey, good for them.

  37. 37
    Kris Says:

    @Jules: Didn’t he allow that co-star from True Blood that he went out on a few dates with to fly in from California and visit him when he was filming Straw Dogs? I recall a lot of people thought she was his serious gf then. Doesn’t seem far-fetched that he’d take a Fwb or less than serious gf with him while traveling. He doesn’t seem like a booty call type of guy.

  38. 38
    BORING Says:

    He is ugly. So is she.

  39. 39
    Jess Says:

    Geeez! Why all the hate????? Lots of hot men in HW. If you find his relationship with Kate so awful why don’t you just get a new crush and move on, all this bitchin is not going to change anything. I still LOVE Alex. I don’t care who he dates. CAN’T WAIT FOR TRUE BLOOD!!!!

  40. 40
    BS Says:

    @Frida: In the article AS is quoted as saying he is hanging out with friends having fun. AS still won’t claim her as more than a friend even with these pics. Bottom line it makes them both look bad.

  41. 41
    ladyandthetramp Says:

    wow stingy comments again.. I’m just happy to see his Wallace & Gromit-smile again!! think they r cute! He looks hot in those expressen pics. I dont care what bosworth-haters think I think it’s cute how she is fidgeting him all the time. It’s him I find hot, not her anyway he still the hottest man, yum

  42. 42
    sophy Says:

    If he’s really dating her (and judging by this he is), this is going to be my last comment on any post having to do with Alex. I don’t have time to be a fan of actors who date posers like Kate. Until he picks up a genuine down to earth girlfriend (like Rachel McAdams for example), he can lose me as a fan. (Call me a bad fan, but he’s worse than me for dating a wannabe.)

  43. 43
    ladyandthetramp Says:

    @BS: why should he “claim” anything he doesnt own that to anyone, he just wants to keep things private probably, who cares..

  44. 44
    Jess Says:

    @BS, Look bad? What is wrong with having a FWB? Both are adults. Can’t they just have fun with each other without being betrothed. What’s the big deal?

  45. 45
    ladyandthetramp Says:

    @sophy: not meaning to be offending or anything, just theoretically I think it’s posey to blame him for dating Kate, I mean obviously he sees something in her besides her reputation which is anything BUT posey considering everyone “hates her” so much. She could use someone down-to-earth like Alex who likes her for her and not throwing axes on her for being a pap magnet. There is a world beyond the media buzz, the real world and in that world they seem to really like each other for who they are, not their reputation..That’s admirable.

  46. 46
    Ramona Says:

  47. 47
    Vanessa Says:

    @ladyandthetramp: Exactly. Why should he come out and publicly say anything? Then their relationship would be under a microscope, and who wants that? They’re obviously together, and it’s a legit relationship, sorry Skarsgirls but you know it’s true! You can’t really deny it anymore. We all know how desperately you want it to be a just friends, or friends with benefits thing, but … lol. Clearly that’s not the case.

  48. 48
    Seriously Says:

    Or, he could just be a really big douche getting some easy tail. They’re both getting what they want out of it. Whatever.

  49. 49
    BS Says:

    @ladyandthetramp: true but if you choose to be in an industry where public perception is important then be careful what you say and do. That’s life. They don’t live in a bubble and they choose to display themselves publicly so deal with the fallout. Neither are A/B stars and really are borderline C at best right now. Why all the subterfuge if not for publicity? Bottom line this wouldn’t get so much publicity if they just acknowledged what everyone already knows. The game playing is juvenile and unnecessary for 2 C list stars who are claiming to want privacy. Acknowledge the relationship and people will move on. AS & KB are causing this pap frenzy themselves so they can’t now ***** when it blows up their face. The paps would not be taking their pics in Sweden nor interviewing his dad if they didn’t play the games they are playing. These are C list at best stars who are using the oldest game in the PR playbook- are they or aren’t they. Bottom line any man or woman who cannot be adult enough to acknowledge their relationship with each other (not for fans or paps)can’t be serious about each other. I think they are both demeaning whatever their relationship is by playing these games and now because of this they are both receiving public backlash from paps/gossip sites/fans. Your reputation is what most people judge you on in this industry and unfortunately his reputation is going downhill by all of this personal bs with KB. Now he is known for dating her not his acting which in reality is sad to alot of fans wo wanted to see him go far.

  50. 50
    Aitch Says:

    You seem to be the only Swede who thinks he is hot. Most of the comments I read from Swedes say he is no big deal!

  51. 51
    Aitch Says:

    C’mon gals. I like them together. And Kate deserves a little happiness.

  52. 52
    memememe Says:


    yeah, i know – to be completely honest i think most of my admiration for him stems from my love for the character he played in the first film i ever saw him in – Vingar av Glas (Wings of Glass). So its more my idea of him than how he actually is or what he actually looks like, i guess. He played a somewhat romantic hero-character in it so i guess its a kind of white-knight syndrome haha!

    Also, he’s been out in the USA for some time now so he’s not really been so relevant over here which i think is why most Swedes are kind of like “meh”. I think that will change when his new swedish film Puss comes out though. it’ll remind some Swedes of what we lost!

  53. 53
    lol Says:

    He was elected Sweden’s sexiest man 5 times so I’ll bet there are Swedish people who think he’s a big deal.

  54. 54
    Come on... Says:

    Just my opinion… Does anyone else find it strange that they are being photographed inside a very specific location? Almost everywhere else they’ve been seen candidly is outdoors, i.e. they’re not hard to spot. But inside a dim restaurant? People don’t find you at those places unless you call them.

  55. 55
    Liv Says:

    Seriously… Why couldn’t he be with someone who has a good reputation and is cute like Rachel McAdams? It just HAD to be a fame-hungry cheater who has the paps on speed dial. Is there something wrong with him in RL that this dysfunctional mess is the best he can do?

  56. 56
    @Jules Says:

    Very well said. He brought her home to Sweden for god’s sake! Alex’s fans really need to wake up. They ARE dating and it is serious. Anyone who’s still denying that these two are a couple is in serious denial. Geez…..

  57. 57
    Aitch Says:

    @memememe: IT did not take him long to get notice here, that is for sure. I never heard of him before True Blood. Now I will rent his movies.

  58. 58
    Aitch Says:

    @@Jules: I like them! wish them happiness…..

  59. 59
    mia Says:

    Is he touching her leg in that pic where she’s touching his neck? Looks like it. I think they’re cute together.

  60. 60
    Aitch Says:

    @lol: One would think!!
    One comment from Sweden said “He just looks like another guy at the gym.”
    I was like “in that case I am moving to Sweden.”

  61. 61
    good PR Says:

    @Come on…: well their PR rep is apparently hard at work promoting this relationship now. Next will be shots of them kissing.

  62. 62
    Jess Says:

    @Aitch. We have no way to know who is actualy from Sweden and who is not. You can say you are the King of England or oh, I don’t know, a
    HW “insider” like so many on this board claim to be, when they are just trolls posting from mom’s house. (LOL) Not to say that MEMEME is not from Sweden, I’m just saying most posters are full of crap.

  63. 63
    great Says:

    @good PR:
    totally agree, especially when they are seen kissing all over Stockholm

  64. 64
    Yvette the Frenchie Says:

    Rachel McAdams is ugly. Kate is much cuter. She should just put on some weight because she’s much too skinny now. After the way Orlando was she probably thinks that every guy likes women who look like skeletons. I think he “damaged” her in that way.

  65. 65
    Let's get real. Says:

    They have a movie to release next year and they’re from the same talent agency. Is anyone shocked that they’re going out together? Plus KB’s career is dead, the only thing going for her is the famous men she dates. Don’t expect them to break up before Straw Dogs’s premiere.

    And I’m not saying that they’re bad for doing this kind of thing. Hollywood is a tough town and an actor has to do what an actor has to do.

    I’ll continue to watch everything Alex does, because he’s pretty and talented and it’s good guy.


  66. 66
    Sweden please keep them Says:

    We have so many famewhores in the US already, now that 2 of the biggest are in Stockholm, please keep them Sweden! We promise we’ll put up those windmills you make for clean energy if you just keep these two douchebags from coming back here.

  67. 67
    Spice Says:

    @Let’s get real.: I agree with you. I guess I’ll really believe it when he puts a ring on it!

  68. 68
    Aitch Says:

    @Yvette the Frenchie: well Orlando is sure with a super skinny one now.

  69. 69
    sammie Says:

    All these people complaining about Kate are so f/cking jealous it’s disgusting. It’s not like Alex is ever going to date any of you. And I bet none of you looks like this:

  70. 70
    Aitch Says:

    @Jess: yeah, very true, they could have just been haters from anywhere.

  71. 71
    memememe Says:


    If i were going to lie about where i’m from, i sure as hell wouldnt choose Sweden. Not to say i don’t love it though!

    Välkommen till Sverige, Kate – hoppas du trivs där uppe bland alla 08:orna!!

  72. 72
    poor Alex's mum Says:

    I feel sorry for Alex’s mother. She worked so hard to set an example for her children as a woman of substance by raising a big family and earning a medical doctorate. Then Alex brings home this woman who goes to parties for a living, when she’s not going to lunch. I won’t even start on her history with men in Hollyweird. His poor mother must be upset.

  73. 73
    Buttercup Says:

    He must be as shallow as sheis, that’s for sure.

    She is f. hilarious:

  74. 74
    Vanessa Says:

    @poor Alex’s mum: Get a grip. His mom dated a theater actor who had no money. I highly doubt she’s bothered by the fact that Alex is with an actress. Dumb.

  75. 75
    suesturm Says:

    I would love to see him dating some nice/sexy/smart girl with substance famous or not like Mr.Worthington does..
    I would love to see him laughing with/at her…
    I really thought he was a nice talented guy(who is hot like hell) like his dad or his brother gustaf…
    But Kate? someone is infected by hollywood
    your ship is sinking Mr.Skarsgard

  76. 76

    Paps are all over getting pics of celebs because we all come to sites like this to look at them. That is what JJ is. We are all on a 3 lane hwy people, the celeb, the media and us, the fans. If they are famewhores than so is every other celeb on this site as well and we are famewhore lovers or you wouldn’t be here looking and commenting. Howbout we NOT add hypocrisy to list of self impovement needs.

  77. 77
    @Vanessa Says:

    @Vanessa. It’s nothing to do with money. Stellan had obvious talent and substance, Kate doesn’t. She goes to the opening of an envelope when she’s not following Alex around or paying paps to “catch” her eating lunch. You shouldn’t put Kate Bosworth and Stellan in the same sentence, never mind the same league.

  78. 78
    Liv Says:


    You say that as if Kate even looks like that anymore. She is a shadow of her Blue Crush days. Contrary to your belief not everyone who thinks this “relationship” is crap wants Alex for themselves.

  79. 79
    Jess Says:

    @mememe. I said in my comment “not to say that mememe is not from Sweden” re-read it pls. The comment was not aimed at you, I was talking mostly about those who say they are “insiders” when they know no more than I do. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

  80. 80
    Sweden calling Says:

    Things I thought about while reading about Askars & Kates visit to Sweden:

    - “eyewitnesses” claims the couple have been seen kissing and being very intimate all over town. Where´s the pics? I mean, these days, everyone has a camera in their cell phone right?

    - Does Kate ever work?

    - Does Alexander work?

    - I do believe that they are dating. Sorry, but they are.
    Maybe Alex thinks that they are keeping it a secret and that nobody knows, but bb, it´s the opposite.
    Why don´t they just say it and get it all over with.

    Just claim what your´s.

  81. 81
    Jam Says:


    Acting as a whole is “no big deal” in Sweden. Most people here shug their shoulders when they see an artist…

  82. 82
    Aitch Says:

    @memememe: My Grandmother is from Skane–sorry I am unable to put the little circle over the a!

  83. 83
    Aitch Says:

    @Jam: interesting!

  84. 84
    Doubt Says:

    I don’t doubt they’re dating, I just doubt Alexander Skarsgard’s judgment. He really is damaging his career. Unfortunately, who you date does factor in to your success in Hollywood, IF you’re not doing work that’s good enough to overshadow your private life, which neither of them seem to be doing.

  85. 85
    Go away! Says:

    Kate, you had your chance. Your Lois Lane was totally irrelevant. Even Kevin Spacey can’t help you now.

  86. 86
    Proof Says:

    …that life isn’t fair. *sigh*

  87. 87
    rory Says:

    Alex better enjoy being a C list actor. He was passed over for Thor and probably Captain American too. He’s a decent actor but not A list material. And is Kate Bosworth the best chick in Hwood you could get! LOL

  88. 88
    what an idiot Says:

    Alex must be dumber than a box of hammers. He is letting his new pr firm take a wrecking ball to his personal life and career. Bad choices.

  89. 89
    Ha ha... Says:

    @what an idiot: Dumber than a box of hammers… LOL! Also, agreed.

  90. 90
    Fishy Says:


    Agreed 100%. I won’t even get into the garbage bin that her career is, but one thing of notice: if she was shooting “whatever” movie in NY, she sure has a lot of leeway to just take off (I think the movie thing may be a rumour/BS). That, or it was a really, really, really small part.

    As for him? Let’s see: he got into the HW game past his prime, his looks are suffering from his lifestyle. Someone should tell him that late night partying/no sleep, excessive booze, sun exposure and tobacco ages you. And he’s definitely doing the first two in excess.
    Then let’s look at the obvious: he’s really tall, so being a romantic lead is out, since he needs adequately tall leading ladies/cast members to shoot well. HW actresses are regular sized, height-wise for the most part. Even high heels can’t compensate enough. Drama? Not sure anyone will risk after the lousy reviews Straw dogs have been getting. Action hero? Sorry, don’t see it. Comedy? He’s not funny or spirited enough ifor the comedy vibe. Typecasting won’t help him here. You can’t make any career out of playing a vampire.
    So, right now all he has going for him, or had, depending on how you see it, is/was fan following. If people don’t like what they see, they get turned off by it. Some people are still loyal, but others, like me, will only care to see TB run its course, since I’m invested in the story. Then, I’m 99% sure I’m done.
    I’m simply not buying the image he’s selling. And sorry, actors don’t get to have the normal folks’ private life, if you do stuff where people can see you, you’ll get judged by it. As for me, I can move on to the next pretty guy that shows up and fangirl over him. No big loss.

  91. 91
    Emma Says:

    They still look like cheap publicity whooooooooores to me.

  92. 92
    memememe Says:


    Hey, yeah its cool i know what you were saying – and you’re totally right, Saying you’re swedish in this thread is the equivalent of “I’m a top Hollywood contact with inside info” on posts when A&K are in LA. (hey that rhymed!)
    I just thought i’d defend myself against anyone who really did accuse me of being a fake! Quite pathetic that i care so much but hey no one’s perfect and i’m sure a therapist can take care of that lol!

    Aitch – say hej to my fellow Skåning-sistah for me =P

  93. 93
    Jam Says:


    Good for you… Since you obviously didnt follow him before TB then no lose… lol

  94. 94
    ilia Says:

    I thought this guy liked guys. Years down the road this will turn out to be another tale “a la Ricky Martin”.

  95. 95
    Fishy Says:


    You’re talking like I’m the minority, hardly anyone followed or even knew him before TB or, at most, GenKill. Being the “guy from Zoolander” did nothing for his career. But guess what? Those are the people that will allow him to have a HW career. So you tell that to all the people turned off by this, lol.

    Otherwise he can simply go back to Sweden and make those movies he’s done for years that hardly anyone outside of Sweden ever saw and enjoy whatever success he can get from them, which won’t be much.

  96. 96
    Jam Says:


    Im sorry, I did not know that it was the fangirls that gave Mr Skarsgard his talent… And they even give him work you say… Hmm fascinating, I must look into this….

  97. 97
    Fishy Says:


    No, having people willing and eager to see your work is the key to having a career. And I honestly don’t know how good of an actor he is. It works on TV but as far as movies go? I’m not so sure. So far he has only established a TV career, he keeps trying to get into movies, and if he’s not careful, he may end up with neither. And seeing that he’s not exactly landing a lot of work, much less interesting one, I have a feeling that something also seems off for whomever handles casting for all the stuff he was passed over for.

  98. 98
    Kimberlee Says:

    They are hot

  99. 99
    Jam Says:


    Please, this has nothing to do with acting skils… We all know its all about a girl going in on someones dreamguy… How dare she suck on my mans johnsson…

  100. 100
    Lola Says:

    @Come on…: My thoughts exactly! I thought there was no paparazzi in Sweden?

  101. 101
    gigi Says:

    @sammie: She hasn’t looked like that for years. That photo is six years old.

    And how shallow of you to think looks should be the priority for a relationship. I hope he finds a nice, interesting woman, even if she’s average looking, to settle down with when he’s done playing the Hollywood game.

  102. 102
    burnt bacon Says:

    Oh yeah, they definitely share a publicist. It’s gonna get goooooood from here on in. I have this urge to rub my hands together and cackle all Smithers-style.

  103. 103
    LisM Says:

    That’s damn disturbing!!! Alexander you could do A LOT better!!!!

  104. 104
    dissapointed Says:

    I am not a fangirl that desired him for myself. I just thought he was an actor of substance. He once said that his favorite actor was gary oldman and he loved that was not out in the public eye and focused primarily on his work. The talent is definitely there, he is more than good looks……..but I think many are learning that what we all found attractive about him is false…….oh well…….its hollywood

  105. 105
    nicole Says:

    These two are completely pathetic and Alex more so than her. He actually seemed like he was so different than your average hwood actor but he is definitely not!!! She has always been this pathetic. You can totally tell they call the paps especially since they are making sure they are sitting in the window of the restaurant. If you want your privacy so much then why do you sit in the window of the restaurant? Gross. They are trying way too hard to promote this moving by doing the most ridiculous things that I don’t even want to see it!! I know now that it must really suck. And to think he mother must be so proud that he brought home a woman who tried to ruin another woman’s marriage. WELL, HIS DAD MARRIED A HOMEWRECKER WHO RUINED HIS MARRIAGE SO LIKE FATHER LIKE PATHETIC SON!!! I am not even interested in watching TB now b/c I feel like if you are a good actor you don’t and shouldn’t have to resort to this. He gives actors a really bad name. Famewhoring is getting old and the fact he has done it is so lame for him that I am starting to think he really doesn’t have much talent to carry him through. He has gotten turned down for so many roles Thor, Captain America, etc that he is probably panicking right now. He knows he is limited unlike Gustaf. She has zero talent. So this is what they do to get more attention. Sad that your self interest has no morals or boundaries.

  106. 106
    San Says:

    WHERE IS BILL???? hahahahahah!!!!

  107. 107
    Predictions Says:

    @burnt bacon: I hear you! I can’t WAIT for the True Blood premiere. Some sh-it is gonna go DOWN! One of the following things will happen:
    1. Someone will get assassinated on the red carpet.

    2. Something will be set on fire.

    3. Something will explode dramatically, fingers crossed for a starlet’s overinflated sense of her own awesomeness.

    4. Someone will start a fistfight.

    5. There will be a big relationship fight–caught on video, natch–so that the drama boosts their “trending” names and the reunion in a public park somewhere will follow about a week after. With lots of tongue.

    Like I said… I can’t wait.

  108. 108
    I have no talents I'm french Says:


    I totally agree with what you’re saying, but you’re forgetting the parameter, my connections are the ones of my dad and kate’s so maybe it’s how he/she will have some work…but if they’re hoping to catch some fans they’re wrong…

    @Sweden calling:
    how dare you use my fav’ sentence about if they happen to have work to do? LOL

    @Sweden please keep them:
    I’m afraid nobody wants them, they’re too toxic or irrelevant but thinking they still are…(let’s keep them thinking so they will crash and burn both of their “careers”!!!yeah!)

  109. 109
    nicole Says:

    @disappointed You said it. I thought he was so about the substance but he is with the least talented, most shallow one in hollywood. Shows that he was just a facade in the beginning. I run a blog that gets lots of hits and I will not be promoting anything he does. I just don’t promote those who are false with no talent and famewhores. She has never been promoted there but I did push TB but no more. Whatever I can influence away from these two I will do. I only promote people who are real with real talent and no famewhores. They are beginning to go Kardashian with all their antics lately. Sickening. And the word is Straw Dogs is a big DOG of a movie!

  110. 110
    I have no talents I'm french Says:

    where can we find your blog?
    so you won’t consider putting some ryan kwanten, who seems like a gentleman?

  111. 111
    No question anymore Says:

    They are DEFINITELY dating:

  112. 112
    Fishy Says:

    @I have no talents I’m french:

    True, true, it may land him/her some work but is no guarantee. Just look at Tom hanks and his son Colin. He’s doing independent films that no one really hears of. Is it by choice? Not sure. And Tom Hanks has a hundredfold more clout than Stellan.

  113. 113
    pernilla Says:

    ***As for him? Let’s see: he got into the HW game past his prime***

    Past his prime? Umm…. Alex is MUCH betterlooking now than he was in his twenties. A lot better and a lot sexier. Not all people have their prime at the same age you know.

  114. 114
    Lola Says:

    @nicole: Well said! It’s sad that talented actors like Gustaf aren’t recognized by the media because they don’t resort to pathetic famewhoring tactics like Alex and Kate. I used to be a fan of Alex until he started “dating” Owen Wilson’s long lost anorexic homewrecking *sniff snifff* sister. He’s gone downhill and it shows in his looks. If you compare pictures of him at Comic Con to pictures of him now something is definitely off.

  115. 115
    I have no talents I'm french Says:

    but i suspect colin hanks to be …I don’t know CLEVER (i admit i like him):

    1 because he didn’t marry someone that fits the hollywood type, though he could have
    2 because he never really seemed to use the connection, which is in my opinion totally different with Alex…because the movie he’ll shoot next has I think a lot to do with daddy and daddy’s friend…

    and i suspect alex to think WE are the unclever one…

    so where can i find your blog?

  116. 116
    ohmy Says:

    Oh God so now he aint got no talent just because of his connection with Bosworth? Au contrare, he likes her because of personal reasons, not because she is in the paps. duh. You people are so shallow I’m para-gliding on its density. Did it ever incline to you YOU are the shallow people here?

  117. 117
    Fishy Says:


    In his case, he has. He looked his best 2 years ago. Definitely his best was not in his 20′s but he’s simply not taking care of himself now, and he shows, at some point is irreversible, my guess is that it already is.

  118. 118
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Predictions: That would be very lulzy, but Robin Baum doesn’t work that way. More than likely it will be paparazzi photo essays of every “date” (which conveniently don’t include the team of handlers that tagged along), and weekly updates in Us Weekly, In Touch, etc. containing enough saccharine purple prose about their grand love to cause cancer in rats. Kate, of course, would be presented as the perfect real-life Mary Sue that dominates AS’s every word, thought and deed until he becomes little more than her satellite. The excitement you describe might go on behind closed doors, but we’ll NEVER hear about it.
    Hyperbole aside, that’s pretty much how it went down with the Bloom when she shared a publicist with him. Then again, the Bloom/Bosworth union was likely supposed to be the perfect Disney romance to appeal to the tweener crowd, and both participants in this current game are far too old for that. We’ll see…

  119. 119
    Frida Says:

    Oh my god….. silly comments just keep coming. Yes, swedish people like Alexander too, I know I do. Yes, we have paparazzi in Sweden, believe me, they follow our swedish celebrites around as well.
    Btw, why are people so mad about him dating Kate saying ‘oh, she’s such a bad actress’. Does he have to date a ‘good’ actress? I didn’t think people dated a profession, surely it’s about personality?! And once again, WE have no way of knowing if Kate is a bad person or not. She might be really sweet. Or ALEX might think she’s really sweet, whatever. Point is he’s old enough to make his own choices and if he wants to be with her, well then guess what, he can.

  120. 120
    ohmy Says:

    @dissapointed: So just because he proudly likes someone who everybody hates, is open about it and isnt hiding in a cave to keep out of the crazy paps/bos-haters he’s suddenly lost his substance? such bully-behaviour.. Oh JJ.

  121. 121
    N.P Says:

    hi guys second time posting on here

    I thought i might post this here it seems that the another true blood star is on a date night. The lovely and talented ryan kwanten has gotten himself a lovely lady friend very pretty may i say here are the pictures what a gentleman !!,0,1#1

  122. 122
    Seriously Says:


    Very well put. This is no casual coincidence. And there’s truth to you surround yourself with people you aspire to be like. Such a shame, he used to be so cute and kind of different. Now, he’ll be known for dating kb, one of the biggest fame*hores in HW.

  123. 123
    ohmy Says:

    @burnt bacon: He doesnt even have a publicist he doesnt care about what people writes about him or his friends, he said so himself in an interview. He wants to live his life as normal as possible which include walking the streets with your girl perfectly unaware of rabid stanhaters who think you are a h-wood douche for having your picture taken by random photograpers.

  124. 124
    dissapointed Says:


    its not just who he is dating right now but everything that has been about him the past few months……..all this mess is definitely peeling away his appeal, the interest is waning…….

  125. 125
    nicole Says:

    He is just not appealing anymore!!! Just isn’t and maybe that is not fair but it is just human nature. Not appealing at all!!!
    Thanks for the Ryan Kwanten pics!!! He is very nice I think I will write about him LOTS.

  126. 126
    lololol Says:

    @ohmy: He does have a publicist. She’s listed at Same one as his beard.

    I can’t believe people think this guy is straight. lololol.

  127. 127
    lol Says:

    oh you are adorably DUMB

  128. 128
    eire Says:

    I really don’t think he would bring her home to Sweden if she was just a hook-up, and I think Im going to throw up! I swore to myself that if he took her home to Sweden i would accept that they were real and serious! I just think it’s odd that he won’t walk next to her in the States(coming out of a hotel they stayed in together) but will let her sit on his lap at home. I have to agree with some of the postings that point out he seems to have changed since he took up with her-and not for the better. He certainly does not look as good as he did last year at this time.Im a little disappointed!

  129. 129
    Bajan Says:

    @eire: Given that he let Evan Rachel Wood fly cross country to visit him on a movie set when he barely knew her and then bragged that she was coming to visit him, nothing surprises me with this dude. He’s shady.

  130. 130
    I concede Says:

    Ok these pics certainly show much more than the ones snapped in the states. The ones where he looks embarrassed to be seen with her. If reports of himj joining her PR firm are true, I find it just a little odd that for months they have denied everything, are snapped leaving a NYC hotel yet he’s leaving her in the dust, then 24 hours later, they are full on couple in Sweden. The PR is brilliant! Even those who hate Kate have to admit something is going on. So now that he’s brought her out in Sweden, they will come back to the states & she will inevitably walk the red carpet with him for TB Season 3 premier. The public is already rabid for TB to start, myself included. So they’ll walk the red carpet, all questions answered and then interest will die down. The “romance” will die when people stop caring enough to comment on sites like this one. It’s Hollywood people, it won’t last.

  131. 131
    Seriously Says:


    I totes agree. I like to call them Shady and the Tramp. LOL! They deserve each other!

  132. 132
    Skarsworthless Again! Says:

    Those new PR people are already earning their money by making AS look like an even worse Euro trash jerk than he did before. Does he really think all this bull is going to save his career?

  133. 133
    squirelmeat Says:

    @I concede: So very true. Half of the attention on them has been the “are they or aren’t they?” and when that dies down, we’ll all move on. Still seems a bit convenient – and for sure they will be at the TB premiere. BTW, am ‘shocked’ that Mr and Mrs Bjorne didn’t come with them to the homeland, I thought they were welded together…

  134. 134
    Spice Says:

    @I concede: I agree with you. Not only walk the TB red carpet, but what if more? Kate looks like an albino lately or someone preparing to play a vampire. Could this mean that she is also going to be a guest star on the show?

    Hope not.

  135. 135
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Spice: They’ll save a fortune on makeup if they cast her as the Chupacabra.

  136. 136
    Lola Says:

    @N.P: Thanks for posting those lovely pics of Ryan. It’s nice to see a man who doesn’t play games and isn’t afraid to own up to the fact that he has a girlfriend. Alex could learn a thing or two from him. Also has anyone noticed that he doesn’t hang out with anyone from True Blood? @ohmy: So because Alex says something in an interview it’s automatically true? You’re naive. He’s not as nice and humble as he makes himself out to be.

  137. 137
    LOL! Says:

    Alexander said that he hates stupid people (what a superficial sentence WTF) ,but how do you call a person that always says he is single,while he is defineitely not,and act like he is walking with a total stranger when paparazzi catch them?Naive…….nah …… I would say “STUPID” and pathetic! I hope those rumors about his dad confirming their relationship are not true because it would be fu****g hilarious ! For what concerns Kate Bosworthless I don’t think there is anything to add, she’s an ordinary girl ,not an ACTRESS!
    and Alexander just a dumb a** that thinks he is cultivated just because he read (don’t sure he understood) Kurt Vonnegut’s books.

  138. 138
    I concede Says:

    @ Squirelmeat,
    Mr. & Mrs. Bjourn didn’t need to go. Alex has already surrounded himself with his other Swedish friends. Even if they are together, why does it always seem they are snapped on a group date?

    @ Spice,
    I think Alan Ball looks for talented people to work with. I’ve seen some of Kate’s work. Superman = Super snooze!

  139. 139
    eire Says:

    …and I think the “sitting on the lap” thing is juvenile and pathetic. Just to drive home the fact that she is his girlfriend..I bet the swedes think she is an a*****e!

  140. 140
    Shannon Says:

    Why do people insist this is fake? That’s a tremendous amount of effort they’d be putting into a fake relationship. Just accept it – you’ll feel better.

  141. 141
    Spice Says:

    @burnt bacon: LOL

  142. 142
    N.P Says:

    I have also noticed that when kate and alex are out he seems to have his swedish friends with him why carn’t he go out alone with her? or may be they have but no pics either way they are couple i’m just curious.
    here is another swedish artical & pic of them with friends,_Kate_Bosworth,

  143. 143
    Vera Says:

    The hyper analayzing of two people that are dating again!!! So he’s taking her out with friends that means hes nervous, but if he wasn’t taking her around his friends ya’ll would then say he’s not serious about her thats why he’s not introducing her to his friends.

    Backwards logic ladies! TB starts soon thats all I care about, Eric is looking really awesome!

  144. 144
    Dasiy Duck Says:

    They are totally mismatched.

  145. 145
    Mike Says:

    @Shannon: Why do you insist upon trying to force your opinion on others? Just let them have theirs too. You’ll feel better.

    I think he’s gay.

  146. 146
    squirelmeat Says:

    @Vera: Not all of us are taking it that seriously…they’ll play it out. We’re just along for the humor. BTW, interesting that in the photos of them out walking and where she’s sitting on his lap, one of his younger brothers is with them and looks like he’d rather be anywhere else…

  147. 147
    sadie Says:

    LOL at you unhinged people acting like cheated girlfriends. Did you really think that a hot guy like him would stay single forever?

  148. 148
    uh, no Says:


    just that people expected something else from him based on his interviews. She’s been passed around HW like an old football. THAT’S why people are commenting. I really don’t think anyone here expected to be his gf or for him to stay single.
    p.s. Used to think he was sorta hot. Now? Not so much.

  149. 149
    Vera Says:


    Humor yea ok 10% of ya’ll dont care like me but 90% of ya’ll are blaming and hating her, when he picked her…the perfection that is called ALEXANDER SKARSGARD picked her!! hmmmm maybe Mr Perfect wasnt perfect after all!

  150. 150
    Emily Says:

    she needs to go away and do something with her career

  151. 151
    ?? Says:

    href=”/2010/05/16/alexander-skarsgard-kate-bosworth-sweden/comment-page-6/#comment-16925550″>Vera: agree he is showing his true colors which is the reason for the backlash

  152. 152
    Terese Says:

    OMG some of you fangirls are crazy! They’re a beautiful couple who appear to be very happy together. Good for them. I think there are several people on this board who need to concentrate on their own lives and less on the lives of others! In other words . . . get a life!

  153. 153
    Naomi Says:

    Is the girl with the dark hair his sister? I like KB and AS.

  154. 154
    hbgb Says:

    Thanks for posting those lovely pics of Ryan. It’s nice to see a man who doesn’t play games and isn’t afraid to own up to the fact that he has a girlfriend. Alex could learn a thing or two from him”

    LOL! Chances are that Ryans publicist did the same thing you guys are accusing KB people of doing, calling the paps to take his pictures with his date in order to get some press. And yet you think he’s not playing games.

  155. 155
    Mike Says:

    @Terese: I think the ones who keep coming on here telling people what opinion to have are the ones who need to get lives. He’s just an actor on a show. Who cares if people think he’s dating this chick or not. Personally, I think he’s gay.

  156. 156
    nicole Says:

    Definitley not hot anymore!!! He is kinda sleazy and gross to me now and very much the liar!! He just wants fame too much and that is when people(especially now in the States) turn against you. He seems like a fake hwood wanna be so bad that I am very much turned off by him. Glad he didn’t get Thor or Captain America which are two movies that I am eager to see. If he was in them it would have ruined it for me now. Just the way I feel and not b/c anyone wants him(have a bf btw who I love very much) but b/c he tried to fake one way and came out another. And the fact that he would stick with this crankhead after she did what she did with Chris Martin. Sorry but we ALL know that is true. If it were not she would not have been snubbed so badly in NYC the week of the MET Gala. That was Gwyn’s way of letting the world know it is true(all her friends and Kate’s old friends ignored the sh*t out of her) and she had an awful attitude at the party b/c of it. She freaked out b/c it confirmed what so many people had believed already. Some say he didn’t go b/c of work but most say the negativity surrounding that was too much for him and plus Lady Gaga was there and “supposedly” there is bad blood between them after he called her fat and made fun of her. They do not talk(he was even quoted as saying if she called him he would be happy to work with her again). She is not calling him ever again!! He is a douche people and let’s just ignore the sh*t out of him. and her and not give them what they want. He is desperate b/c he is losing out on so many roles and he wants to be a movie actor here in a big way. Right now…ain’t happening. You have Sam Worthington, Crowe, Clooney, the Hemsworth brothers, Paul Bettany, Rpatz, Lutz, ETC who are really sucking up the roles b/c they are talented and ooze LOTS of manliness. He is kinda on the border of that really on the outside of it. And toting bag of bones, no talent, homewrecker around does not make him appear more masculine to anyone nor does it make me like him more or want to see his show or movies. Makes me gag and wanna hurl. Nevertheless, I would like to see more of the other real actors get the attention while these two twirl themselves in circles trying to get the paps to show up at whatever movie, restaurant, hotel, etc they are at. MAJOR TURNOFF!!! Good for Orlando to get away from her. Now he has to work to repair his career. At least he had more to stand on that Skarsgag does!!! And his gf is MAJORLY beautiful and sweet and NORMAL, NORMAL, NORMAL!!! What did happen to the black guy that Askars was dating. Supposedly they were seen all over l.a. for awhile at joans, kitson, concerts and he took him to Sweden last fall. What was the deal with that? Anyone know? Well, his PR person did her calls and stunts and I am sure there are more stupid ones to come. Sad person he is and none, none of the bloggers(minus JJ) like him anymore nor her. That ain’t gonna change.

  157. 157
    nicole Says:

    yawn done with these two……

  158. 158
    @nicole Says:

    I think it’s a good idea for you to be done with these two because they’re obviously very happy and you’re not!

  159. 159
    annalisa Says:

    Hey Kate, how did Chris Martin’s d*ck taste?

  160. 160
    annalisa Says:

    I bet it tasted….married!!!

  161. 161
    shine your crazy diamond... Says:

    LOL. Take your meds, Nicole.

  162. 162
    Athena Says:

    Awwwww, they’re so cute! Love Kate and Alex!

  163. 163
    L Says:

    @nicole: Get a life.

  164. 164
    Jen Says:

    United States of Nanny is on again. Nanny-Nicole-Annalisa etc I wish your grandkids would take your computer away.

  165. 165
    Have a heart for Stellan Says:

    Stellan must be so embarrassed. He just worked with Chris Hemsworth, who got the part of Thor that Alex wanted so badly… and is having the career Alex wanted. It’s got to be hard on Stellan to watch Hemsworth, Worthington, and actors of Alex’s generation behave with class, while his own son pays paparazzi to follow him around the world playing grab ass with a piece of used party trash like Bosworth. Ouch.

  166. 166
    L Says:

    @Kris: Actually, Evan Rachel Wood was there because her boyfriend at the time (Shane West) was there as well. Totally not the same as Alex bringing Kate back to Sweden.

  167. 167
    If ya like watching paint dry Says:

    Kate has no screen presence whatsoever in Superman Returns. She thought that would be her starmaker role, only now people think of her as the worst Lois Lane in the franchise history. I got so bored with her I started noticing the amazing art deco setting. Basically, Kate gets upstaged by the furniture in the movie!

  168. 168
    Dumb Says:

    @Annalisa – Two to three weeks ago Gwyneth was interviewed and denied the bull$hit rumors people like you want to keep circulating. But I guess you know better than GP! Does it make you feel good to spread lies about people?

  169. 169
    uh, no Says:


    Actually, she had broken up with West about a month before. Can’t tell you what the sitch was between her and AS, but she definitely flew out to see him. Lots of pix to back this up.

  170. 170
    Lola Says:

    @hbgb: What candids have you seen of Ryan besides the red carpet? He’s very low key and doesn’t call the paps on himself. Kate is a Z-list actress who hasn’t been relevant since Blue Crush/Orlando Bloom, yet she’s constantly being photographed at random places throughout LA. It’s sad that Alex is falling into the Hollywood publicity machine, although I’m not surprised because Straw Dogs is going to flop at the box office. Their showmance can’t save that disaster of a movie! I doubt Alex will go far after True Blood, unlike Ryan who isn’t overexposed and relies on his talent to get work.

  171. 171
    Okay Says:

    All the hate makes me laugh. People aren’t automatically the way they seem in the press. If that were the case people would be a lot more effed up than they seem. For all we know, Kate is an amazing person and Alex just as much. The press attention may make them seem douchey but that doesn’t mean they are (or that they’re necessarily informing paps). We’ve seen Kate in a few relationships, but in the US we’ve never seen Alex in one since he’s only really had fame here for a couple of years.
    Yes, the constant attention on her is suspicious, since she hasn’t done much of late, but not so much the attention on him since he’s at least a B list celebrity with True Blood and a new-ish heartthrob. Call me naive but if anyone’s calling the paps I don’t think that it’s him – he always seems to ignore them, he quit acting for 7 years because of them.
    They don’t owe us anything confirmation-wise. Everyone knew Brad and Angelina (no, I’m not comparing their talent or anything) were a couple, but they didn’t confirm for a long time (and only then cause she was pregnant). I’m guessing that if Alex brought Kate home, there’s something more than FWB going on. And they wanted to keep it quiet, since according to one article his managers tried to claim he was in the US.
    I also think that they are purposefully trying to keep their blatant affection out of the public eye – in multiple articles over the past 8 months it was said they were seen kissing out in public, not caring about photographers. If pictures were taken to finally 100% confirm they’re a couple, wouldn’t they be on the internet? Those would be the $$ shot and would definitely be shopped around. People don’t have to be constantly groping and shoving tongues down throats to be a couple. I kind of respect that they’re trying to keep that aspect out of the public eye if they know that everything else is being seen.

    As for him losing out on Thor – I doubt he would have been able to take the role anyways – the release date was already set and filming for True Blood would have definitely conflicted – TB would have had to be the priority because of contract. Sure he could have tried to do both, but with the TB filming schedule and wacky hours, and Thor being the main character in the movie, I doubt it would have worked out.

  172. 172
    A Plus Says:

    @L: No, he wasn’t. They broke up end of July and Shane West isn’t in Straw Dogs nor was he sighted in Shreveport during that time. Wood flew out to visit Skarsgard while he was making Straw Dogs and hung out with him during Labor Day weekend. There are parade photos to back that up. No Shane West in those. Agree, something with this guy is not right. He sure sounds convinving in his interviews though. Very good actor.

  173. 173
    Meg Says:

    Please stop reporting on this. I can’t take it anymore.

    He’s lovely and deserves better than to become part of a celebrity couple with a pet name. I come here for Dita posts, but am saddened every time I see a “Skarsworth” post featured. And I’m someone who’s never paid attention to these things before.

    I’m trying to be happy for him, but I just don’t see it.

  174. 174
    Ulrike Says:

    Stockholm is small and it has already been said around the city Alexander’s family is not happy about Kate.

  175. 175
    kiko Says:

    @ulrike what’s the reason for their dislike?

  176. 176
    k Says:

    OMG… I didn’t realize there are lots of crazies here. Although most of the posts look like they’re coming from one person. Hello there(!), WAKE UP, you gotta separate fiction from reality. Get out of the True Blood world. It doesn’t matter how much you hate Alex, because (#1) he’s not really Eric, he just portrays him (#2) Bill, Sookie & Eric aren’t real people and (#3) doesn’t matter how much you put Alex down, it has nothing to do w/ the story and the progress of the Sookie series.

    I think Alex is a good actor w/ lots of talent & potential. I hope he goes far.

    I don’t like Kate since the grunge-anorexic look & she hasn’t done much work but keeps appearing in magazines. (btw, lots of hwood actresses are like that….eg . Jessica Biel) But heck, they’re both adults, it’s their choice what they want to do. And the way things are in Hollywood… it probably won’t last.

    As for that poster… get a life. You gotta separate TV from reality. geeshh

  177. 177
    annalisa Says:

    @Dumb Gwyneth Paltrow NEVER denied anythingt about Kate and Martin. Sorry but good try!

  178. 178
    orly Says:

    and this is why his sister and brother were hanging out with them and his father let them stay at his place?

  179. 179
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I’ coming from a Christian point of view> People are getting hooked up left and right because of lust. Thats why many of these Hollywood couple don’t make it when they get married because they are having sex before marriage. We as a society thinks it right just because others are doing it. KB has been from man to man and he has been with a lot of women hiself. When lust is involved everybody you sleep with is the right person to you. Just because people tell you that you make a cute couple don’t mean your right for each other. It’s obvious that he or she is not saved. When you tell the public that you will take your clothes and it is just acting that would send the wrong signal to me. AS strikes me as being ambitous. It’s nothing wrong but sometimes you can go overboared with your career to the point you are doing anything in these movies to get popular. I’m not a playa hater because I have no reason to be jealous of sin. I was once upon a time doing my own thing just like these two are doing.Lust does not last it is usually the cause of people breaking up because what got you together will also break you up. KB is a model but you can be a model and keep it clean without taking your clothes off. I know a woman who dated a male model she thought it was cute because of the attention he was getting going to these parties on his arm and I told her this man meets a lot of woman your are not the only one that thinks he is sexy and cute. What i’m trying to say here is wether you are in Hollywood are not if GOD is not involved in the relationship it is doomed.I gave this message to my own daughter who was involved in a premartial sex relationship. I simply told the both of them that because of what they were doing their relationship would soon be over. I did not tell them what I wanted to but it was GOD who told me to tell them that there time is up with each other. The poor man is heart broken they are not a couple anymore. I feel sorry for a lot of this couples who have these lavish weddings and it ends with a divorce. You have to pray that you are making the right choice that is not based on your feelings and lust. You don’t seem to mind the picture taking when you are together and getting along but when you break up you don’t want to bothered by the pap. AS shoulod be telling his son don’t rush into anything because this is Hollywood all that glitters is not gold.

  180. 180
    I concede Says:

    I just figured out the attraction. They both love wearing those hideous ankle boots :P

  181. 181
    Jam Says:

    Well I guess it has finally hit its peek… Hopefully the crazy fangirls will be gone now…

    Be gone witches! lol

  182. 182
    skipper Says:

    outside of True Blood I don’t really get his appeal.

    or hers. she’s antiseptic, though once upon a time she was lovely.

  183. 183
    Carla Nelson Says:

    Reply back to Swedie: I agree with you because the daddy knows her from being with Bloom. Probably knows how she did Orlando behind his back. Let me tell you the old saying is that if you can’t say nothing nice then don’t say anything at all. A person will just say that you are nice and go about their business but have reservations about you all along. I can recall the time my mother did not care for a person that I dated but she would still treat that person nice on the count of me. Then she told me that I had already heard about his conduct but I had to let you see it for yourself. Mothers and Fathers will treat the person nice who you date but all alone they don’t approve of it.

  184. 184
    Desparate Says:

    I can think of two possible reasons why they’re suddenly a “real” couple: he’s very close to being outed as a raging bi, and/or she has so much on him now that for the first time ever she’s in control of a relationship. When this all hits the fan it’s going to be really ugly.

  185. 185
    hannah Says:

    One of the webmistresses for a fan site says she is keeping a secret that will be announced very soon. I hear wedding bells and babies crying!!! GAG ME

  186. 186
    Bad PR Says:

    I find it hard to believe as someone else on here posted that within a 24 hour period AS pretends he’s not with her in NY but then goes on a “private holiday” with KB and displays PDA constantly in the pics from Sweden. First -how did anyone find out about your “private holiday” and to then have it documented for the press every single place they’ve gone and with whom. Really????? He has been back and forth to Sweden several times this year alone and no photos ever surfaced and no one seemed to know he was there (press wasn’t interested in snapping his pic) but now since he came back with KB their “relationship” is now of full display. So the excuse from all of those in support of this relationship that they were trying to keep it private is bs because he knew their pics were being taken and he was interviewed by the local press and he has to know this will make it back to the US. So privacy up until now can’t be the issue. He is more famous than she is in Sweden so why now are pics popping up of him out and about when we never received them before. This reeks of his new PR rep trying to do damage control for both of her clients by publicizing this “relationship” in Sweden where it would receive a better reception than here. But unfortunately the damage is done. She looks like a desparate woman following him and his friends around like a puppy and he looks like a disrespectful man who could care less about a woman he has been linked to for almost a year. They both have handled this badly and for him to all of a sudden show her affection publicly 24 hours after he snubbed her in NY and still only claim he is hanging out with friends and having fun shows him in a very bad light. Some of his fans may not like her but she may not have received the major backlash she has if he had at any point in time (prior to hiring a publicist) owned up to dating her. Instead his actions made her look like a woman with no self respect by chasing him and her reputation suffered even more because of it. That’s not how you treat a friend or girlfriend and the fact that he has done this repeatedly for the past 10-11 months makes him look bad and no amount of new PDA/”relationship pics”/red carpet walks will change what has been put out there thus far and no explanation (i.e. privacy etc.) will remove the bad taste both of their behaviors have left behind.

  187. 187
    Crystal Says:

    @poor Alex’s mum: Kate Bosworth went to Princeton (an ivy league school). She’s a very intelligent woman. I’m sure that his parents are thrilled that he’s found himself a smart girl.

  188. 188
    hannah Says:

    As an American living in Europe (most recently London, but Sweden in the past) there are very few paps in Sweden, because no one cares what famous people are doing. I would bet anything on the fact that the publicity comes from the US. I feel for the people he made a fool of, like the people who run websites who he lied to and manipulated.

  189. 189
    Not true Says:

    @Crystal: She was accepted tp Princeton as a legacy but never attended. She went to HW instead.

  190. 190
    hannah Says:

    It does not take brains to get into princeton–only money
    and she never actually went there. Only accepted because of her parents money.

  191. 191
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Crystal: No. She was accepted but never attended. Do some research before defending your hive queen.

  192. 192
    I agree Says:

    @hannah: The publicity is definitely from the US. If you actually go to the Expressen website and read the comments on all of these articles the Swedish people think this relationship display and publicity is ridiculous and don’t understand why he is now constantly in the papers and being followed by photographers. No one there is the least bit interested in their “relationship”.

  193. 193
    Princeton? Says:

    “She was accepted tp Princeton as a legacy but never attended.”

    She has said she was the first person in her family to be accepted at an Ivy league school.

  194. 194
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Princeton?: Her father is/was on the alumni board. And yes, it *is* pretty sad that I know that.

  195. 195
    Jam Says:

    Hmm the haters sure knows a lot about Kates past… Are they trying to find info about her, so that they can be more like her? Seeing as she is with their dreamman…

  196. 196
    A-HA Says:

    She was accepted but never attended! So the fact is THAT SHE IS NOT GRADUATED!and it does not imply she is not intelligent…..
    but her choice to leave studies in order to be an HW celebrity talks for her.It has been an unnecessary “sacrifice”.

  197. 197
    A-HA Says:

    Why do you always speak about Fans being jelous haters,ugly trolls and so on……. is so PATHETIC ! The most of us post here just for fun.

  198. 198
    HUH? Says:

    @Jam: Why would any woman want to be KB? Yes we all want to be KB so we can have our “boyfriend” deny our relationship repeatedly in public. We all want to walk separate from him while he looks ashamed to have been caught in public with me and not be able to show any PDA until he hired a PR rep and she said it was ok but only in Sweden. Why would any woman want a man that denies their relationship even at home in Sweden to the press? Yeah that is our ideal man and we are all fighting to get him….NOT! If the only time AS would show that he is with me is when we go away for a “private holiday” to Sweden then sorry Jam I truly believe most women would take a pass.

  199. 199
    Jam Says:


    Oh I have fun, trust me… lol

  200. 200
    hannah Says:

    She never went. Never attended a class. Not a sacrifice. She comes from money. Her intellegence for me is in question for the way she allows herself to be treated, the decisions she makes, and the movies she picks. Getting into ANY university really has nothing to do with intellegence.

  201. 201
    Okay Says:

    Seriously, this picture of them holding hands is the most PDA we’ve seen from them…

    I said before, yes, they know they’re being watched, but at least they keep the overly intimate aspects out of public – there have been no photos of them making out or anything.

    In the interviews in Sweden, IIRC, he’s said he’s hanging out with friends, and as for ‘anything else’ he didn’t want to comment. That was basically his confirmation in not so many words – acknowledging there was another aspect to what was going on.

    Through the tabloid crap we only see select bits of the people – we don’t really know exactly what Kate is like in real life. So she’s had some not so brilliant relationships, but what’s to say this whole thing is a Straw Dogs publicity thing? Actors hook up on set all the time, and not just for publicity. And people already bashing the movie make me laugh – it’s not out for over a year from now – there have been no screenings, so how could there be reviews bashing it? Or the one that I read that said it was getting Oscar buzz? Seriously, its not out until NEXT September. The only thing I’ve heard regarding performance is the director saying that he feels Alex gives a star-making performance a la Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.

    Really, our thoughts on their relationship make no difference. They’re the ones involved, and as long as both are getting whatever they want out of it, whether it be sex, love, rumor squashing, publicity – whatever… as long as both are good with it, then who are we to bash it? I’m sure they know each other a hell of a lot better than we do and are a better judge of each other than we are of them.

    On a different note, in the picture I linked, is Fares even taller than Alex? And damn, Alex knows how to make his torso look amazing in a loose t-shirt.

  202. 202
    A-HA Says:

    hannah @

    “Getting into ANY university really has nothing to do with intellegence.”
    This is so true! But if she was a little bit more “conscious” she would have continued her studies instead of a
    miserable acting career (sorry but it is the ugly truth).

    Her intellegence for me is in question for the way she allows herself to be treated, the decisions she makes, and the movies she picks

    So true hannah

  203. 203
    Bottom line Says:

    His actual words were “I’m out with my friends and have fun. But more than that, I would not say.” How is that a confirmation of anything other than I’m with my friends and having fun? I simply took it as him saying that nothing else was going on other than hanging with friends and having fun. I think everyone on both sides of this relationship argument are going to read into every picture and quote from either AS or KB. Do they care about each other? Yes. Can men and women be close friends without crossing the line into sex? Yes. Have we really and truly seen anything more than 2 people who have become very close friends? No. Sitting on his lap or shoulders does not equal intimacy. Holding hands doesn’t equal intimacy. The only thing either side can agree on is that both parties have stated repeatedly that they are just friends. Why we all have such a hard time believing the words that are coming out of both of their mouths is amazing to me. So what she went with him to Sweden- why is everyone reading so much into so little? Is it so incomprehensible to actually believe what they have both been saying for months- that they are just friends? I am a fan of his work and not jealous on any level but I have a male best friend and people always assume we are a couple but we are just very close and spend alot of time together and with each other’s friends and families so them truly being close friends is not far fetched. I hold my best friends hand, put my arms around him, and we go out of town together and we are nothing more than best friends. Everyone needs to calm down and stop reading into every comment or picture.

  204. 204
    Time Says:

    @orly: Why wouldn’t his father let him stay at his place? He’s his son. His sister is not in any of the pics. She’s not the dark haired girl in the dinner photos.

  205. 205
    Carla Nelson Says:

    You have to be careful about what you wish for because if you want to be seen all the time you have to take the good comments along with the bad. You know that if they break up it will hurt The Straw Dog Movie before it comes out. There are a lot of stars that break up but they stay the limelight of the pap to make it look good so that their movie won’t get bad publicity. Take a look at Halle Berry and that man she was dating her and him couldn’t stay apart but now that can’t stand one another. I feel sorry for her because I know How it feels to have a broken heart. When you parade a man around own your arms and built him up to be your everything and said he was a dream come true and then have to retract your words. Sometimes relationships don’t always go as planned but it worse when you have seen around town together alot and here comes the papthat have to break the sad amd embarrising news to your fans.

  206. 206
    OMG Says:

    None of you know Kate and Alex! I’m shocked at the nonsensical comments on this board. K & A don’t have to call the paps to draw attention to their relationship. The paps are where the $ is. If some pics are going to result in hundreds of comments on message boards, there’s obviously huge interest in them and interest = $ for the paparazzi. In other words, it’s your fault the paps are hounding them! And all the conjecturing! If I were to form an opinion of someone without knowing them, it would be based on what people who do know them have to say about them. That’s why both Kate and Alex seem like very nice people to me. I can’t believe I was drawn in to this discussion. It’s so mindless!

  207. 207
    Spice Says:

    Well after all of my cynical comments, and reading everyone else’s , I’ve come to the conclusion that someone needs to create an Askars rehab. I was thinking a 12 step program would be good.

    I like him and as a fan it’s time to put the hate away for KB. If we don’t then we will never enjoy anything he does and we’re only hurting ourselves.

  208. 208
    @OMG Says:

    You don’t know them either so for you to get this upset over other people’s comments is a bit much. K&A do need to call the paps to draw attention to their relationship because neither are in demand stars who have paps following them everywhere they go. Sorry but it’s true. As for the paps hounding them for pics because of the money- um no offense to you or AS/KB but neither of these stars photos bring in top dollar anywhere in the world. And I don’t see where the paps are hounding either one of them. And unless you live in a utopia people form opinions about people without knowing them everyday (i.e. job interviews, dating etc.) so your argument is quite flawed. And just because the people say someone is nice doesn’t necessarily make it so especially if you have to work with them or are on their payroll.

  209. 209
    Sway Says:

    @@OMG: She definitely calls the paps. Look at the tabloids. She is not regularly featured in them and doesn’t have the draw of a Jennifer Garner or Katie Holmes, so why so many photos of this girl on the blogs? Because her mgmt. team is calling them to keep her in the public eye and get ppl talking about her on the Net.

  210. 210
    Sway Says:

    @OMG: Lots of comments on a blog don’t always translate into big money for blogs. It’s unique page views they make their money off of not the same visitors coming back to fight over two B-List actors. There are blogs with much higher unique traffic counts than this one that charger higher rates and they don’t even have Comments sections.

  211. 211
    Lillianne Says:

    They are so cute and I am so jealous! Well, I’m only a little jealous. Mostly I’m happy for them!

  212. 212
    Fishy Says:

    I’m sorry, but last I heard, people can form my opinion based on whatever criteria they choose. And if that affects anyone’s perception of AS’s work, or KB’s (although I’m not sure that what she does can even be called that), that’s life. And we really don’t have to give the benefit of a doubt to anyone, we don’t know either of them, all we know of them is what we see and what they tell us. And if we feel like we’re been fed a whole lot of BS, we can certainly judge them on that.

    The 12 step program isn’t a bad idea, and for me, it has been looking at this circus for the last few months. I’m not completely indifferent to him yet, but getting there fast. And I’m sure JJ will deliver what I need to completely ignore any news item on him (which will be focused on her, with him as an afterthought) soon.

    And AS can go right ahead and enjoy his time being Mr.Bosworth. He’s not really making a lot of friends, if the rumours that come from the TB set are anything to go by. And judging by the other cast members’ body language when dealing with him, there may be something to it. I guess we’ll see soon.

  213. 213
    Dumb Says:

    @Annalisa – You’re wrong. The interviewer said there were rumors circulating about Chris and their marriage being in trouble and she said all the rumors are untrue. Time to let this go, Lisa.

  214. 214
    annalisa Says:

    @Dumb Yeah the rumours about her marriage being in trouble were untrue. Not that he didn’t do anything. He did and it is very obvious when all her old friends who are more friends with Gwyneth no longer hang with her. She was completely ignored by Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, and Gwyneth herself. The week of the MeT Ball was a embarrassing for her and very telling regarding that situation. Anyone who pays attention saw the snubs. BUT Gwyneth would never crack in public and in the end she would not let this little crank mess up her marriage. She is hwood royalty and so well connected in the movie, fashion, and music world that Kate and Alex are NOTHING compared to her and what kind of power she holds. Gwyneth meant what she said. Her MARRIAGE is fine. Doesn’t mean that Kate didn’t make the attempt. She DID!! Read carefully. And after the MET the blogs and sites when crazy analzying the snubs re-hashing everything for Bonesworth. She needs to find a way to get that off her. Who knows what they feel for each other but I do believe this is two or three or four fold for them. She is trying to get rid of the Martin thing and he is trying to rid himself of the gay/bi/Nelly Fang thing. Plus promote their upcoming movie while they are at it. Perfect storm….

  215. 215
    Fishy Says:


    Yea, it is telling that after trying to “make it” in HW for over a decade, she decides to hang with …the Larsons? Are you kidding me? lol
    Complete nobodys. Why would anyone like her would hang with them and them alone if she wasn’t snubbed by the rest of the community. Trying to be on the bestest terms with your BF’s bestest friends doesn’t fly, she’s way more ambitious than that.
    It’s a known fact that KB had to completely change her “crowd”. GP may disperse rumours about the marriage, but I saw somewhere that a “friend of hers had hurt her” (or something to that effect). Everyone’s best guess is that that “friend” is KB.

  216. 216
    What? Says:

    @Fishy: What rumors from the TB set? I’ve only heard good things about him from people who have worked with him, apart from ERW and I wouldn’t take her words too seriously. I actually met one of the women who worked on casting Generation Kill. She met him several times during the audition process and said he was, I quote, “the nicest man.” To anyone: what am I missing?

  217. 217
    pr 101 Says:

    @Dumb: Gwyneth’s not going to admit her husband cheated on her, especially when she’s in the middle of promoting the biggest blockbuster of the summer. That’s pretty standard for stars. They generally try to present the image of a happy family. Celebrities rarely admit to marital problems or affairs unless they’re caught red-handed and there’s photographic/video proof.

  218. 218
    tröttpåtjafset Says:

    Men HERRE GUD, nu får ni väl fan ta och skärpa er. Idioter.

  219. 219
    A-HA Says:

    It is so mature to write unpleasant in your language on an english website ! CLAP CLAP YOU WON A PRIZE WTF!

  220. 220
    A-HA Says:

    It is so mature to write unpleasant word in sedish on an english website! CLAP CLAP YOU WON A PRIZE WTF!

  221. 221
    Fishy Says:


    The stories that he was whining about wanting more air time, and stuff of the sort.

  222. 222
    irish Says:

    I have a sinking feeling he’s gonna marry this broad-she picked the right one -WEAK, VAIN & DUMB(but still devastatingly handsome)

  223. 223
    annalisa Says:

    heard that most on the set think he is nice but way too ambitious and wanted more air time and more money. he also allegedly got his fan sites involved and had them generate all the buzz of more eric next season so alan ball relented but also the books have more eric as well. alan ball did not initially want more eric. also rumors were that he wanted evan rachel wood and himself to turn into a power couple and steal the thunder from anna paquin and moyer but erw’s rep did not allow for that. now the same for bosworth…he wants to be part of a hwood power couple but bosworth messed up with the martin thing so they are working overtime to get that off of her but it is not working. an yes gwyneth has said twice that a friend hurt her and what happens when friends “break up” and she proved that she and madonna are just fine along with stella, valentino, kate, liv and her whole crew. the only one left out was kate and kate has been excluded since the star story broke. she had to find all new friends and that involved Alex and his friends. she got clingy with them starting at the GQ early this year when she showed up in a house/casual dress and has not let go since.

  224. 224
    annalisa Says:

    @irish I think you are right. He is very very very dumb and gullible and so desperately wanting to be part of a ‘hwood power couple” that he is going to f*ck up badly. That is his journey and maybe there is a lesson he has to learn in life with this one. Like don’t date crankhead, skankwrecking, bulimic, anorexic, untalented, homewrecking hookers. HAHAHA….if he wants his kids coming from that womb wher all these others have been then that is on him. I am sure his family is SOOOOOO proud.

  225. 225
    Dumb Says:

    @Annalisa – you need to get help! You’re delusional.

  226. 226
    Other stuff I've heard... Says:

    What do you think is the validity of remarks on his family not liking her and comments on Swedish websites about people there thinking it’s crap? A lot of comments on other American sites are like “oh well” and “happy for them”. Looks like the tide is turning in their favor! I wish I could be happy for them and not disappointed about this whole thing.

  227. 227
    Ambition Says:

    I’ve read and watched interviews in which Anna says she fought to get her role as Sookie. If Alex is doing the same thing, who can blame him? That show is hug so it’s a great vehicle for him plus you have to fight to get ahead in that business. Now I’m not saying HOW he’s going about it is the right way but I don’t think you can fault someone for being ambitious in the entertainment industry.

    BTW, I nearly had a heart attack when I read in article in which Katee Sackhoff said she TURNED DOWN the role of Debbie Pelt. Someone said something about dumber than a box of hammers? Wow.

  228. 228
    Ambition Says:

    ^^That would be “huge”. That show is huge…

  229. 229
    @other stuff I've heard Says:

    There’s no validity to any of that stuff. The credible reports state everyone is loving Kate.

  230. 230
    Fishy Says:


    Fighting for a role and bitching about things is a different issue. This kind of stuff always leaves a sour note in his fellow main castmembers that hear of it. Everyone wants recognition and exposure. He won’t make many friends among his fellow castmembers and the crew with this attitude. Especially since this isn’t a movie, and they are likely to hang around together for a few years. And this is something that you’ll always only hear rumours of, no one will dare to make it publicly known.

  231. 231
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I can believe that he is ambitous and wants to be seen. Let me tell you about being over ambitious it leads to hard work you. You began to show up were you think that someone will notice your talent and the next thing you start to look old and rundown because you are taking on to many projects. I know because I work with people who are the same they sometimes will snitch and flatter anybody that can help them get ahead. I’ve seen when people get ahead of themselves usually they get turn down for promotions alot becuase they try so hard to stay in with the big wigs. For what I know they will look over you
    anyway. When God is in the picture trust me you can be on the street and get pick for a role. Sometimes you have to step back and let someone else share the spotlight. You have poeple who are about themselves only. They don’t care how they rich the top even if it means crossing out other actors.

  232. 232
    Sweden calling Says:

    Does Alex ever hang out with Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer anymore?

    He has said in interviews that they are his family in the States and that he was looking for a place to live in Venice, so he could be close to them.

    But all I see nowadays is Kate and the Larsson couple.

    Sad if they´re not close anymore.

  233. 233
    Other stuff I've heard... Says:

    @@other stuff I’ve heard: Okay, I think I effed up and double posted… But what are “credible reports” vs. not credible ones? I’ve heard or read more than once that his family is wary of her and her reputation.

  234. 234
    Jam Says:

    @tröttpåtjafset: @Sweden calling:

    Håller med dig, det är svårt att fatta hur dessa mäniskor kan skriva som de gör… psykopater…

  235. 235
    Wow Says:

    OMG the madness, over 200 posts people their PR firm push for these together is working lol. In Hollywood unfotunately when one is not talented enough and is being turned down for roles it does not hurt to link yourself with someone who also has a name albeit ******!!! Think about it people, they get more posts and press when they are together, they know this neither one is with someone else so whynot ? Wow, I was out of the country and did not bother to surf JJ but let me say I expected him to take her to Sweden, they are bth using eachother,LMAO He is into Nelly Fang and indulging at clubs and she is a backstabing homewrecker no matter how their PR people are trying to push that they are in a relationship and that they moved on, everyone knows this lol!!! It is soo sad that no matter what, people still believe that this”relationship” is so contrived nothing genuine, hilarious when she looks straight into the camera while sitting on his lap, that girl just loves the paps, she can’t help it!!!

  236. 236
    Response Says:

    I thought she was working in NYC and he was working in Cali for trueblood and all of a sudden they are in Sweden something is not right people!!!!

  237. 237
    Response Says:

    I thought she was working in NYC and he was working in Cali for trueblood and all of a sudden they are in Sweden something is not right people!!!!

  238. 238
    Sleepyhollow Says:

    I do not think Kate is working lol if she is it probably at best has supporting role, otherwise she would have stayed in NYC. She not known for her acting chops. Alex seems to be NOT having a major role time in Trueblood because he is not in Cali for some time and TB will not wrap up for another month . These two losers have too much time on their hands. I do not gat the hype for these two people to garner over 200 posts hey they should give their PR people a bonus because it is working!!!

  239. 239
    Jam Says:


    Yeah they all got fired from their jobs, their employers didnt like that they were dating…

  240. 240
    Response Says:

    OMG jam/ hans the psycho is here, how could they get fired when they are not work much to begin wirh lol

  241. 241
    Wow Says:

    WTF your such a nutcase there are over 200 post here and you are still here that is soo pathetic!!! You need to get professional help!!! I think you have a unhealthy obssesion with Alex!! Out of the 200 post probably OVER 50 posts are from you hans LMAO……………………Go back down to your mother’s basement you troll. If they were truly working they would not be in Sweden!!!! Everyone knows that there are many characters in TB so ALEX NOT having a major sceen time sound about right and lets face it Kate landed another supporting role in another movie so she is probably not working much either!!! Stop posting in Swedish you loser there are many people who can post in another language yet your the only psycho that rants in another language you douche!!

  242. 242
    I wonder Says:

    Has it crossed anyones mind that some of these posters supporting this “relationship” are from their PR firm?

  243. 243
    Conspiracy Says:

    That what I was about to say, because they conviently went to Sweden when there was a lot of talk that this was not a serious relationship because he did not take her to Sweden, and for the way he was treating her and this relationship was not real, purely PR. Hey if they are going to pay BIG bucks to their PR firm I would expect they would at least check out the posts and fuel their own motives, esp since they know JJ is in KateB pockets. Ooh the conspiracy, but it does seem plausible lol But, seriously these two do not deserve over 200 posts, really!!!!!!!!!!

  244. 244
    Conspiracy Says:

    ^ @ I wonder,
    forgot to put @ who

  245. 245
    Jam Says:

    You know, paranoia isnt very healthy…

  246. 246
    Ralph Says:

    They’re a gorgeous couple and appear to be very happy.

  247. 247
    Wow Says:

    @Ralph Ha Jam that is you again!!!
    So is posting under several names and continuing to troll on this post! lol You are a psycho!! If you were sane you would know that in showbusiness nothing should surprise you not even a relationship for PR!!!!!

  248. 248
    Malanna Says:

    He’s a manwhore+ She’s a Backstabing homewrecker sk*nk= perfect for eacother!!! = children witrh super huge foreheads, how unfortunate lol

    BTW why are these pathetic losers recieving over 200 posts there has to be people posting under several names. The two are recieveing posts like Brad and Angie. Thes two are NO Brad and Angie, at least Brad and Angie have talent, working and are actually beautiful. What is up with that??

  249. 249
    evathediva Says:


    you must be on the KB payroll, LMAO at you everytime, you never fail to make yourself look like a friggin idiot.

    People believe me this will all be different in a year. It can go 2 ways, he can be the Shelly Long of Cable TV series and be well and long forgotten, or he can get himself together and take over Clint Eastwood’s spot, but , I don’t think the latter is going to happen, but maybe it will. I still have hope for you Alex. Hey why get mad at Kate, he did choose this bag of bones.LOL

    Maybe they will make a little 5 head baby in Sweden. LMAO

  250. 250
    Whynot Says:

    That was exactly what I was thinking they should take a long look at Alex he is the one who chose her that says a lot about him as well. I actually think he is not what he portrays in interviews, he is the exact opposite lol He is not a good guy!

  251. 251
    Kate Says:

    Evan Rachel Woods said Alex needed to stop playing games and grow up.
    People Alex and Kate are perfect for eachother, they bth like to play games! even if it is for PR and their own careers!
    Alex is a major player Kate is a sk*nk = a relationship of convienence!

  252. 252
    Oopsila Says:

    LOL this is so funny. I’ve totally lost interest in Alex but I can’t resist coming back here to read his threads because you’re all so funny. I’ve come to the conclusion they are perfectly matched. She’s an utter sk-ank and he’s a prize doofus. True Blood rocks but when it’s done his career is going to go the same way hers has. Five years from now he’ll be the coked up has been who threw it all away and she’ll be Kate who. Sad but about as predictable as Kate spotting the camera from a thousand paces.

  253. 253
    public opinion Says:

    The opinion in Sweden is why does Alexander have cameras following him in the street all of a sudden? It looks like he got with a new pr firm and they did a publicity blitz of him and Kate in Sweden. It looks like a bunch of bs to everybody. The family will be polite and welcoming whether they like her or not. They want to help Alexander’s career, and if these gossip artikels are the way now….If you read the Swedish comments, Kate is thought of as a Paris Hilton party girl who does nothing but parties with a reputation of a career in trouble. Kate wants him and has pursued him with the help of his friends because they kiss her ass all the time. It is not the same Alexander and he has let Hollywood take over his life.

  254. 254
    Thanks Says:

    @public opinion: I could tell there were comments on the site but of course I couldn’t read them because I don’t speak or read Swedish. Except “puss” means “kiss”, right? Anyways… I looked at a picture link from someone’s earlier post and the first day with the white t-shirt was a nice little display but the rest of the pictures are back to normal. Walking apart, him walking ahead of her, etc. I will say, though, that he is looking better, happier, more relaxed in these pics than he has in a long time. I am not looking forward to seeing what he looks like when he gets the rug pulled out from under him.

  255. 255
    weeeks.. Says:

    calm down now.. people….!!
    if he wants to ruin his career by dating some d-list/jobless/famewhore actrees..and have some paparazi parades with it ..that is his choice.. we still have lots of hot guys we can dreamed about.. and who’s more talented and actually made it to A list actor..jake gyllenhall, sam worthinton, leo dicaprio..AS its not even half way to be like this people..he’s just that guy from some TV show (who’s apparently very2 hot)

    i admit it he’s actually a very good actor since i watched GK..but if he wants to be known as “that guy” from the vamp show forever…so be it..maybe its good enough for him..

    I feel pity though..for someone who’s talented he’s pretty stupid

  256. 256
    My 2 cents Says:

    I once thought Alex could be the next Sean Connery. He had looks and a screen presence that made me want to watch. I found several interviews on youtube and he sounded like he had brains too. However, after watching this whole pr media circus go on for months, I’m convinced he’s just another Hollywood d o u c h e! I’m a True Blood fan first and foremost so I’ll still enjoy Eric. However, I won’t rush out to see any of his films, IF he ever stars in one. I’m not counting Straw Dogs because I think it will go strait to DVD. When will Hollywood learn you can’t remake a classic?! So I hope all this craziness is worth it to him. He has to live with his choices, not us. I just hoped he would have chosen better.

  257. 257
    Fools Says:

    Alex is really over now. Things are not looking good for him on the movie front(except in Sweden) so he is really working the PR games with Slate PR to make another display of things. He tried to steal the show at Coachella but went about it the wrong way(fights make you look like a douche). So he got clever and went with the PR strategy that still sucks. If you are on a private holiday why do you sit IN THE WINDOW of a restaurant? Answer: So paps can get a clear pic of you. Kate is looking directly at the cameras when she is sitting on his lap and when she is walking down the street at night. Of course, they staged the pics and the trip. They want attention so badly it is really turning people off..really!! Movie must be bad. How is a movie that is made in the Summer of 09 release in the Fall of 2011? Answer: It is bad that is how. They don’t know what to do with it to fix it and the cost of reshoots is too much and no studio will back it. They need to drum up attention so they are going about it like this? The producers want to at least cover costs and make some profit but for Alex it is a big deal for him. If he or the movie sucks will be really hard for him to get more roles. He was snubbed for Thor already and many others. And the people in Sweden DO THINK this is the dumbest thing ever! When you read the articles scroll to the bottom copy the comments and put them in GOOGLE TRANSLATION for SWEDISH. It is instant translation. They are laughing at him saying that Sweden hardly has any paps and how would they know where to find them if he/she/pr firm wasn’t telling them. They are callng her names as well. The comments are JJ style and easy to copy and paste. Who knows what they feel for each other but I am completely turned off by Alex now and I couldn’t even get into to him on the reruns fo TB. Starting to believe he has sold out to the hwood lifestyle and games. And to date a homewrecker must hurt his mother when her own husband cheated on her. Thought he was better than that and so above the games. Guess not. In the end they are both A**HATS!!!

  258. 258
    @Fools - pls link Says:

    @Fools Could you please provide the links to these Swedish sites? Sounds very entertaining. I had a feeling the Swedes would be too smart for Kate and Alex’s silly pr parade. Americans are much more naive about the publicity machine.

  259. 259
    Fools Says:

    And why would their PR firm like the fact that they have over 200 comments when most (and I mean almost all) are rabidly negative about her and always have been and turning that way towards him. That is not good b/c I do read through them and learning so much about the two of them from these and I am really put off in a big way. Seriously, if they are happy about THESE comments then Hollywood is really sleezy and sick. Most people still don’t know who he is here in America but I wouldn’t recommend him to watch now. His aura is so different now that his true colors are showing. I think that is why he got so many fans so fast b/c he seemed so nice and different but the tide is turning against him fast by dating her.
    Sounds petty but I stopped following his fansites on twitter and I noticed some of the numbers went down on them even more. I don’t really care to know what he does b/c I get enough of the douchebaggery in the world don’t want to add to it.

  260. 260
    burnt bacon Says:

    @annalisa: Well, if his b!tching ultimately results in more Eric Northman to ogle, it’s aces in my book! I vastly prefer him over AS any day.

  261. 261
    Stop Says:

    Obviously they care about each other and are trying to live their lives. Leave them alone. They’re gorgeous, seem sweet, and happy. Why would anyone want to bring them down. Oh yes, the green eyed monsters! Good thing nobody takes anybody on this site seriously! Atleast reading some of these posts is good for a laugh!

  262. 262
    Toots Says:


    I thought he was different too and for the most part seemed truly down to earth and somewhat humble. I have watched some of the video clips from interviews done last year and that was the impression I got, especially the one where he was caught walking out of the airport into the parking garage (he was really nice to the pap who was asking him questions and I couldn’t see anything fake about it). Now he just seems darker and my guess would be that the role he played in Straw Dogs had something to do with it. I mean, Heath Ledger played a dark character and I think he got too much into it and then had problems. Sometimes I think this whole acting profession can open the door for trouble. I can’t imagine having to kiss so many people and pretend to have sex with someone with any degree of detachment in real life but still make it look real on screen. It’s no wonder costars hook-up with each other when they have to share heated moments. It just seems to me that being open to becoming essentially another person can’t be a good thing for you in the long run. Just my opinion.

  263. 263
    Whynot Says:

    Neg press or attention is better than no press or attention for these PR firms!!!! That is just hollywood scene!

  264. 264
    psych major Says:

    These comments are so much fun. For those in denial: of course they are together. since straw dogs. that’s why ERW flew in and out of shreveport with her hair on fire. And they probably are exactly the same type of people so they are good together. and it’s hollywood, nothing lasts when your whole life is watched and is not your own. I honestly wish both of you luck.

    And the PR stuff. Brilliant. Oldest trick in the book. Are they together, No, Yes. Single, Not single. He’ll date someone 10 plus years older (yeah right). someone took a fiction writing course. Will he attend the Met ball (nope, photo opp in LA to prove he wasn’t there) perfect timing. KB suddenly is on the radar again. My hat is off to whoever is writing the script for their public lives. Brilliant. and yes, #263, any press is great press.

    And True Blood. Soft core nautiness for those who don’t watch the real stuff. With supernaturals. great TV. again Brilliant. will make the careers for several actors. But Alex, seriously, the American public has a very short attention span. unless you do something other than vampires and goofy public outings you’ll be off the radar in no time. that would be unfortunate.

  265. 265
    Dante Says:

    Kate is very very pretty!

  266. 266
    I'm an actor... Says:

    I’m an actor and if you’re good at what you do–or if you care about it as an art form–then it’s simple: your job is to tell the truth. My dad cheated on my mom–TMI? Sorry…–so truth and honesty are important to me and to connect to and reveal those two things to a given audience are the biggest reasons that I act. They are the reason I bust my ass working 40 hours a week at a day job I hate on top of taking classes and going on auditions and rehearsing, shooting overnight in the middle of winter on Long Island when it’s 20 degrees outside when the wind isn’t blowing. You should be emotionally aware enough to be able to do that without compromising your own mental health. It isn’t about wanting to become another person without separation from your real life. It is more about being smart enough and emotionally connected enough to tell the truth specific to that story. You do have to be open and vulnerable enough to let an audience in but a good actor can do that with his or her mind and body, without having to sacrifice sanity or integrity at all. I’m not saying you can’t care about being a good artist AND be aware of what is required as a business if you want to progress to that level. I only mean to say that it is an art form that requires a boldness and strength of personal character that some people don’t have. I think Alex has it, it has just been buried by some stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if the disappointment in his parents’ split is still a fresh wound. Didn’t that only happen a few years ago? For me it has been a decade and I still don’t have the same relationship I used to with my dad. I’ve noticed my eldest brother and his attitude towards his girlfriends. He’s young so I think he’ll learn but he’ll learn the hard way, when he’s had his a$$ handed to him a few times or ten. Sometimes that’s what it takes. Wow… I think I responded to earlier comments about acting being the problem, being a profession that requires the willingness to go mad for the sake of art or entertainment, because I want to correct that perception. I’m also responding because I think there are still plenty of reasons to cut Alex some slack. He is learning lessons that lots of men young and old and older have to learn. He is at a disadvantage having to learn them on a more public scale, where every slip-up is recorded. If the attention, the woman, etc. are a phase he needs to go through to become a better person, then let him. Kate may be an innocent player in all of this or she may be making a bad situation worse because she really is desperate to keep people interested in her. Either way, I really want HIM to come through this a better, stronger person. I think he IS that person we’ve seen in interviews, he has just lost his way. Leave him alone while he finds it again. Leave him alone while he realizes how lucky he is to be able to act for a living and not wait tables or tend bar. And if someone wants to help me kidnap Kate and lock her in a room where she can’t be photographed (the horror!) or where she has to wait tables/bartend, let me know. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but I don’t think she has the professionalism or emotional maturity to be a real actor. Sorry if I sound like an art snob. Any kind of art is challenging and when the stupid human PR crap overshadows the beauty of acting as an art form, I get a little touchy… Please forgive me.

  267. 267
    actually Says:

    An open “letter” to Alexander Skarsgard…

  268. 268
    @266 Says:

    @266 You sound like a very nice person although I would suggest perhaps being a bit more concise. This thread is becoming epic!

    The plot thickens. I heard the pr trip is a sham…but….wait for it…Kate is not aware of the real reason. Alex has been interested in a girl in Los Angeles and is doing this to rattle her cage. Kate has the wrong idea but this is a publicity windfall for her. She gets unbelievable worldwide pr although maybe some hurt feelings, and Alex gets his girl when he gets back to LA. Everybody wins and Alex scores a top publicist in the bargain. Alex is smarter than he gets credit for!

  269. 269
    Geez Says:

    I can’t believe the amount of attention this couple is drawing! I personally think they’re adorable.

  270. 270
    Source? Says:

    @@266: What is your source for this information? I understand if you have to be vague, but still… No offense, but this seems a little out of nowhere. Who is this LA chick? And what kind of woman puts up with having her cage rattled in this way?

  271. 271
    Fools Says:

    Alex and Kate are both sickos. Like I said before Kate has always been. But to me Alex is worse for not seeing through her crap. No one is hollywood would date her before this and after Orlando. The stuff she did with Orlando and after their breakup made everyone see that she is not wrapped too tight. That is why she had to date a model who was European. She wanted DiCaprio but he hit and quit it. Same with a bunch of others. Alex is the chump…major chump and lots of peeps in L.A. are laughing at him waiting for the crazy Kate with the out of control OLFACTORY(sniff,sniff) to get into high gear. He is the joke of Hollywood now he bought the used sale item that everyone already used but no one wanted to keep. CHUMP!!!!

  272. 272
    Oopsila Says:


    LMAO keep ‘em coming, you can’t pay for this sort of entertainment. Well, unless you know Kate, obviously.

  273. 273
    Kimb Says:

    I guess there’s no denying it now. But I don’t see this relationship ending well at all. Kate is too unbalanced.

  274. 274
    Interesting Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the Swedish papers are now saying that KB is his alleged/rumored girlfriend? Wonder why the change all of a sudden?

  275. 275
    Oopsila Says:


    In a word, because it’s all BOLLOX!

  276. 276
    Sweden calling Says:


    Jag förstår inte den kommentar som du skrev till mig ( #234.)
    Menar du de som skriver kommentarer här?

    Don´t know if you´re really Swedish or just translating via Google, so I´ll write the trans here:

    I do not understand the reply you wrote to me (#234)
    Are you talking about the people commenting here?

  277. 277
    Sweden calling Says:

    Info about (most) Swedes:

    Swedes do like movies, theater etc, just like people do in every other country. They are just not as impressed and hyped up about actors/singers as might be the case in other countries. Celebs are normal people, just as anybody else.

    Famous people can usually walk the streets quite unharmed, go grocery shopping, hang with friend´s and even date etc.
    Yes, we have paparazzis, gossip sites/mags. But not at all to the same extent as in England or USA.

    There are still a strong opinion that paps and reporters can´t behave too crazy or invade people´s privacy too much. Everybody has the right to privacy, more or less.

    Famous people also usually keep a “I´m like everyone else-profile”, because if there´s one single thing that will doom your future career in Sweden, it´s if you behave like you´re bigger, better, more worth than others.
    Swedes absolutely hate such behaviour.
    Acting like Mr Bighsot = goodbye future.

    So if people see a celeb with paps around they maybe will think of 2 things:
    - Damn paps, go away! Give them privacy.
    - Oh, a celeb with paps, acting like you are Mr Star eh?

  278. 278
    Question? Says:

    @Sweden calling: So the paps following AS/KB from the minute they landed and all day and night since their arrival isn’t usual behavior. To me it seems for the last few days AS/KB have had more pap coverage in Sweden than they have ever had here in the US which does seem oddly strange.

  279. 279
    squirelmeat Says:

    @Interesting: Do you mean they are qualifying it now and they weren’t in the earlier stories?

  280. 280

    @ Question:
    Sweden is pretty small, so I think the paps just found something to write about – since obviously AS is their star in Hollywood now, and moreso – he is in Sweden with a girlfriend, so…
    I personally have no idea who this Kate Bosworth is. But reading this article and looking at the pictures- they make impression of a couple to me. They look relaxed and together.
    maybe she is pretending, maybe she likes the attention – but I think he is honest.
    I repeat, I really don’t know who this girl is – but I trhink he is cool and down to earth guy.
    And one more think – is it just me or does he look much better onscreen than in real life? I mean I think Eric is really really handsome, but if I saw AS on the street i wouldn’t recognize him.

  281. 281
    irish Says:

    As much as I would like to believe it-I think this story sounds a little too fantastic….@ interesting what do you mean? were they calling her his gf when they first got to Sweden and now have changed it to alleged/rumoured?
    If the one report that indicated Stellan described KB as “nice” and that was all is true, I think it speaks volumes. Anybody can be can’t think of one other term to describe someone who has captured the attention of your son? I can definitely believe the family are not thrilled-especially if KB is being portrayed as a “Paris Hilton” type…

  282. 282
    Interesting Says:

    @squirelmeat: In the first set of stories from Sweden they referenced her as his girlfriend and in the latest article where I guess they’re lunching yesterday with Gustaf she is referred to as his alleged girlfriend. Just found it interesting that for the first 2 days she was his girlfriend and now she is his alleged girlfriend and the reason behind the change.

  283. 283
    Cue head explosion... Says:

    I am so confused… The skarsgardnews chick is tweeting that she is the one with the big secret to be revealed and she has repeatedly tweeted that Alex isn’t gay or bi. So I think this big secret can only be about this relationship. Do people go to Sweden to elope? Can you even do that? If that’s his big secret, it seems really stupid to make it a giant reveal when it’s basically already revealed. The only other thing it could possibly be is career-related. Maybe he is leaving True Blood because he hates the US paparazzi culture so much. Maybe he is going to be the new Superman in the Christopher Nolan redux! Or maybe he just got some other great role or something… The male lead in the American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? God I’m so confused now that the head explosion is going to be mine… I think that’s also what I get for being so damn nosy about someone else’s life!

  284. 284
    Sweden calling Says:


    No, that is not at all typical behaviour. I do not know why the paps followed them like crazy. It´s out of proportion, not that many people care.

    Maybe they´re trying to blow this stuff up to sell more papers:
    Oh wow, mr gone-to-hollywood-and-succeeded is back in town with his Hollywood-gf! Look everybody!

    Lack of more interesting news maybe? ;)

  285. 285
    Her Big reveal... Says:

    has to do with Alex giving a fan Q & A. If you read…someone asked Skarsgardnews “Do you plan on doing another fan Q&A with Alexander this year?” Her REPLY: “Are you trying to get a hint about the secret I’m keeping that is to be announced soon?”

    So stop making up stuff…

  286. 286
    Cue head explosion... Says:

    @Her Big reveal…: Oh. I interpreted that as the person was trying to figure out if the Q & A would reveal the secret, not that it WAS the secret. Makes sense. Also it occurred to me that she has also always supported Alex’s assertions that he’s single. My other comments weren’t me trying to make stuff up, just crazy, wild silly guesses. So chillax…

  287. 287
    @Cue head explosion... Says:

    No worries. You never know what people are fabricating and what people are just getting confused on anymore.

  288. 288
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Sweden calling: “I do not know why the paps followed them like crazy.”
    You can thank their mutual publicist for that. The paps were able to find her and Bloom under just about every rock, and this will be no different. If this goes like the last one does, they’ll be papped and written about even if they go to places that are reknowned among the celebrity set for their privacy and lack of pap/gossip presence.
    Just laugh about it if it helps to make the situation less headdesk-y for you. It really is rather ridiculous when you think about it.

  289. 289
    @burnt bacon Says:

    I truly understand the PR work behind the scenes but in this situation it doesn’t help because his fan base is not very large and he really hasn’t established himself here in the US. Also, it might have been more beneficial to do this coming out as a couple during Coachella right? Doing it in Sweden seems so off somehow expecially when it is well known that they don’t have paps/press follow stars everywhere. Something just seems off with this whole scenario…….

  290. 290
    ??? Says:

    Just read Ted C.’s view on their trip, I quote:

    “You don’t take the girl on a several-thousand-mile, multihour plane trip if she’s just a FWB. What gives?”

    “Dear Not-So-Secret Getaway:
    Think about it in relation to that of, say, Robsten. When Rob and Kristen get out of town, they like it to be low-key and private. Skarsworth practically invite the paparazzi along. Coachella lovefest anyone? Don’t you think it’s fishy that practically every media outlet got the “inside” scoop on a trip they made across the world? And people say Robsten is for publicity, sheesh.”

    Ted’s got a point.

  291. 291
    @??? Says:

    I read that too and thought the same thing. How do you go on a private holiday and have videos, pics and 3-4 stories posted per day about what you are doing and with whom? They didn’t get this much press coverage here. The timing is just too suspect and even the pics coming out are not really lovey-dovey but every story has the anonymous source that says they are walking around kissing everywhere so in love and yet still not pic of them kissing even with their every move documented.

  292. 292
    burnt bacon Says:

    @@burnt bacon: True, it *doesn’t* make much sense, especially when, as Sweden Calling says, Swedes aren’t very impressed by ostentatious Hollywood behavior. You’d think AS would know he was shooting himself in the foot. Either that or it’s just plain old myopia on someone’s part. Then again, Robin Baum doesn’t seem like the sharpest tack in the pack all of the time. She also represents/represented Russell Crowe, and flat out lied to the press saying he didn’t throw a phone at that hotel worker, when Crowe came out VERY shortly afterward to admit that he did. Like, the next day or something. Oops.

  293. 293
    squirelmeat Says:

    I thought Ted C’s response to the first person who said that they couldn’t trust him anymore on couples because he predicted AS and KB’s break up and now they’re on vacation together in his hometown, etc, was quite direct for him:

    “Who’s off? Sure, perhaps you think I’m wrong, but, darling, trust, these two are hardly only schtupping each other, which you can take any way you like—as they all apply.”

    Not that anyone knows the whole story here..

  294. 294
    I agree Says:

    @burnt bacon: I think he should fire his PR rep because with this display she has really made him look bad. I mean you complain about the paps/press in the US invading your privacy but we have learned more about their relationship with videos/pics/multiple daily stories of what they’re doing by the Swedish press. And is he going to treat her like he is now when they come back to the US or still pretend nothing is going on? No one is really interested in him now that he’s with KB and no amount of press will change that unfortunately.

  295. 295
    yup Says:


    Many people brought up the topic, you need to do a search on the page for “skarsworth” (it’s not highlighted), and from what I gather from it all is: in Ted’s view, it’s a PR stunt of sorts (I do think they’re enjoying all sorts of “benefits” though, but moving along), and that they’re not even monogamous for it to be considered “serious”.
    Even more subject to interpretation is the whole “hardly only schtupping each other, which you can take any way you like—as they all apply” quote, since he’s been hinting for months now that AS is Nelly Fang, and that he enjoys all sorts of romps with girls and guys.

    Truth is: any time they pull a stunt and people don’t buy it, they up the ante. So I expect we’ll see them kissing soon and all sorts of TB-related shenanigans, especially if that other rumor of AS being crazy jealous of AP and SM is true.

  296. 296
    24Zola24 Says:

    Love your comment ‘cos I too thought AS hot, I guess he still is but now he just “nice but dim”, although as you say these threads more than compensate for any disappointment. Oh well, those that play games often crash and burn. Could have been so different if Alexander’nicebutdim’Skarsgard had shown everyone a bit more respect.

  297. 297
    24Zola24 Says:

    Love your comment ‘cos I too thought AS hot, I guess he still is but now he just “nice but dim”, although as you say these threads more than compensate for any disappointment. Oh well, those that play games often crash and burn. Could have been so different if Alexander’nicebutdim’Skarsgard had shown everyone a bit more respect.

  298. 298
    24Zola24 Says:

    Sorry about the double post my PC on a go slow xx

  299. 299
    24Zola24 Says:

    Sorry about the double post the pc on a deffo go slow today

  300. 300
    #300 Says:

    I hope I’m post #300. They’re GORGEOUS!

  301. 301
    24Zola24 Says:

    OMG I am so LMAO ‘cos I am not trying to sabotage this thread. Honest. So sorry again.

  302. 302
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I’m agreeing with reply 292 because you are right. Even if they are being a couple they are trying hard to get steal the spotlight from other actors. I did notice that them being seeing in all the tabloids and internet website only suggest that they are calling these people up from attention. When big actors like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise go on vacation you might see it in the People magazine but not all over the website. There is an old saying that out of sight is out of mind. The more more you stay in the limlight you will soon bring up old memories and they will start the gossip all over again about what you did. The first thing someone will bring up is how they heard the many lovers KB have had. If this is the only thing that a person can remember her by I would keep low key. I can understand if it was maybe some years past. Orlando, JIm, James and Leonardo are all alfiliated to this woman and God knows who else. I would want to stay very low key. First thing someone would ask AS why in the hell you want her. It’s one thing to have had many lovers and they are unknown. A man reputation will not suffer more than a women he is called a playa. A woman play ais called a *****.

  303. 303
    squirelmeat Says:

    @yup: Totally agree re their return. Not that I hang on every word Ted C says, but he’s pretty much put up a billboard on Sunset announcing that AS is Nelly Fang, so would expect his reaction to that and all the other q’s on that section to be consistent to the PR stunt theory.

  304. 304
    Jam Says:

    Crazy reach a whole new level…

  305. 305
    Free the Swede Says:

    Free the Swede!

    Please send this video to everybody you know.

  306. 306
    YvetteW Says:

    What does it mean if he’s not looking at her but at another woman in the picture used to represent their newfound love. LOL

  307. 307
    Kate Bonesworth VIDEO Says:

    Look at the video “Kate Bonesworth and Alexander Skarsgard” by rosellini10. She is an Alex fan that pretty much sums up in a respectful way what we all are thinking.

  308. 308
    Stilladsudlejning Says:

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