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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, share a laugh while enjoying drinks at Åsögatan Aarts restaurant in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday (May 16).

At one point, Kate, 27, affectionately held onto the neck of Alex, 33. More pics at Swedish newspaper!

Alex‘s father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, also recently confirmed that his son and Kate are dating and that the relationship is serious.

Kate and Alex even visited Stellan on the set of his latest superhero flick, Thor, in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Yes, they came both to the taping which was fun, ” Stellan tells Expressen. “She’s nice.”

Even more pics of Kate sitting in Alex‘s lap at!

Bigger main pic inside…

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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth sweden 02

Credit: Stefan Soderstrom; Photos: Scanpix/Sipa
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  • Aitch

    C’mon gals. I like them together. And Kate deserves a little happiness.

  • memememe


    yeah, i know – to be completely honest i think most of my admiration for him stems from my love for the character he played in the first film i ever saw him in – Vingar av Glas (Wings of Glass). So its more my idea of him than how he actually is or what he actually looks like, i guess. He played a somewhat romantic hero-character in it so i guess its a kind of white-knight syndrome haha!

    Also, he’s been out in the USA for some time now so he’s not really been so relevant over here which i think is why most Swedes are kind of like “meh”. I think that will change when his new swedish film Puss comes out though. it’ll remind some Swedes of what we lost!

  • lol

    He was elected Sweden’s sexiest man 5 times so I’ll bet there are Swedish people who think he’s a big deal.

  • Come on…

    Just my opinion… Does anyone else find it strange that they are being photographed inside a very specific location? Almost everywhere else they’ve been seen candidly is outdoors, i.e. they’re not hard to spot. But inside a dim restaurant? People don’t find you at those places unless you call them.

  • Liv

    Seriously… Why couldn’t he be with someone who has a good reputation and is cute like Rachel McAdams? It just HAD to be a fame-hungry cheater who has the paps on speed dial. Is there something wrong with him in RL that this dysfunctional mess is the best he can do?

  • @Jules

    Very well said. He brought her home to Sweden for god’s sake! Alex’s fans really need to wake up. They ARE dating and it is serious. Anyone who’s still denying that these two are a couple is in serious denial. Geez…..

  • Aitch

    @memememe: IT did not take him long to get notice here, that is for sure. I never heard of him before True Blood. Now I will rent his movies.

  • Aitch

    @@Jules: I like them! wish them happiness…..

  • mia

    Is he touching her leg in that pic where she’s touching his neck? Looks like it. I think they’re cute together.

  • Aitch

    @lol: One would think!!
    One comment from Sweden said “He just looks like another guy at the gym.”
    I was like “in that case I am moving to Sweden.”

  • good PR

    @Come on…: well their PR rep is apparently hard at work promoting this relationship now. Next will be shots of them kissing.

  • Jess

    @Aitch. We have no way to know who is actualy from Sweden and who is not. You can say you are the King of England or oh, I don’t know, a
    HW “insider” like so many on this board claim to be, when they are just trolls posting from mom’s house. (LOL) Not to say that MEMEME is not from Sweden, I’m just saying most posters are full of crap.

  • great

    @good PR:
    totally agree, especially when they are seen kissing all over Stockholm

  • Yvette the Frenchie

    Rachel McAdams is ugly. Kate is much cuter. She should just put on some weight because she’s much too skinny now. After the way Orlando was she probably thinks that every guy likes women who look like skeletons. I think he “damaged” her in that way.

  • Let’s get real.

    They have a movie to release next year and they’re from the same talent agency. Is anyone shocked that they’re going out together? Plus KB’s career is dead, the only thing going for her is the famous men she dates. Don’t expect them to break up before Straw Dogs’s premiere.

    And I’m not saying that they’re bad for doing this kind of thing. Hollywood is a tough town and an actor has to do what an actor has to do.

    I’ll continue to watch everything Alex does, because he’s pretty and talented and it’s good guy.


  • Sweden please keep them

    We have so many famewhores in the US already, now that 2 of the biggest are in Stockholm, please keep them Sweden! We promise we’ll put up those windmills you make for clean energy if you just keep these two douchebags from coming back here.

  • Spice

    @Let’s get real.: I agree with you. I guess I’ll really believe it when he puts a ring on it!

  • Aitch

    @Yvette the Frenchie: well Orlando is sure with a super skinny one now.

  • sammie

    All these people complaining about Kate are so f/cking jealous it’s disgusting. It’s not like Alex is ever going to date any of you. And I bet none of you looks like this:

  • Aitch

    @Jess: yeah, very true, they could have just been haters from anywhere.

  • memememe


    If i were going to lie about where i’m from, i sure as hell wouldnt choose Sweden. Not to say i don’t love it though!

    Välkommen till Sverige, Kate – hoppas du trivs där uppe bland alla 08:orna!!

  • poor Alex’s mum

    I feel sorry for Alex’s mother. She worked so hard to set an example for her children as a woman of substance by raising a big family and earning a medical doctorate. Then Alex brings home this woman who goes to parties for a living, when she’s not going to lunch. I won’t even start on her history with men in Hollyweird. His poor mother must be upset.

  • Buttercup

    He must be as shallow as sheis, that’s for sure.

    She is f. hilarious:

  • Vanessa

    @poor Alex’s mum: Get a grip. His mom dated a theater actor who had no money. I highly doubt she’s bothered by the fact that Alex is with an actress. Dumb.

  • suesturm

    I would love to see him dating some nice/sexy/smart girl with substance famous or not like Mr.Worthington does..
    I would love to see him laughing with/at her…
    I really thought he was a nice talented guy(who is hot like hell) like his dad or his brother gustaf…
    But Kate? someone is infected by hollywood
    your ship is sinking Mr.Skarsgard


    Paps are all over getting pics of celebs because we all come to sites like this to look at them. That is what JJ is. We are all on a 3 lane hwy people, the celeb, the media and us, the fans. If they are famewhores than so is every other celeb on this site as well and we are famewhore lovers or you wouldn’t be here looking and commenting. Howbout we NOT add hypocrisy to list of self impovement needs.

  • @Vanessa

    @Vanessa. It’s nothing to do with money. Stellan had obvious talent and substance, Kate doesn’t. She goes to the opening of an envelope when she’s not following Alex around or paying paps to “catch” her eating lunch. You shouldn’t put Kate Bosworth and Stellan in the same sentence, never mind the same league.

  • Liv


    You say that as if Kate even looks like that anymore. She is a shadow of her Blue Crush days. Contrary to your belief not everyone who thinks this “relationship” is crap wants Alex for themselves.

  • Jess

    @mememe. I said in my comment “not to say that mememe is not from Sweden” re-read it pls. The comment was not aimed at you, I was talking mostly about those who say they are “insiders” when they know no more than I do. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

  • Sweden calling

    Things I thought about while reading about Askars & Kates visit to Sweden:

    - “eyewitnesses” claims the couple have been seen kissing and being very intimate all over town. Where´s the pics? I mean, these days, everyone has a camera in their cell phone right?

    - Does Kate ever work?

    - Does Alexander work?

    - I do believe that they are dating. Sorry, but they are.
    Maybe Alex thinks that they are keeping it a secret and that nobody knows, but bb, it´s the opposite.
    Why don´t they just say it and get it all over with.

    Just claim what your´s.

  • Jam


    Acting as a whole is “no big deal” in Sweden. Most people here shug their shoulders when they see an artist…

  • Aitch

    @memememe: My Grandmother is from Skane–sorry I am unable to put the little circle over the a!

  • Aitch

    @Jam: interesting!

  • Doubt

    I don’t doubt they’re dating, I just doubt Alexander Skarsgard’s judgment. He really is damaging his career. Unfortunately, who you date does factor in to your success in Hollywood, IF you’re not doing work that’s good enough to overshadow your private life, which neither of them seem to be doing.

  • Go away!

    Kate, you had your chance. Your Lois Lane was totally irrelevant. Even Kevin Spacey can’t help you now.

  • Proof

    …that life isn’t fair. *sigh*

  • rory

    Alex better enjoy being a C list actor. He was passed over for Thor and probably Captain American too. He’s a decent actor but not A list material. And is Kate Bosworth the best chick in Hwood you could get! LOL

  • what an idiot

    Alex must be dumber than a box of hammers. He is letting his new pr firm take a wrecking ball to his personal life and career. Bad choices.

  • Ha ha…

    @what an idiot: Dumber than a box of hammers… LOL! Also, agreed.

  • Fishy


    Agreed 100%. I won’t even get into the garbage bin that her career is, but one thing of notice: if she was shooting “whatever” movie in NY, she sure has a lot of leeway to just take off (I think the movie thing may be a rumour/BS). That, or it was a really, really, really small part.

    As for him? Let’s see: he got into the HW game past his prime, his looks are suffering from his lifestyle. Someone should tell him that late night partying/no sleep, excessive booze, sun exposure and tobacco ages you. And he’s definitely doing the first two in excess.
    Then let’s look at the obvious: he’s really tall, so being a romantic lead is out, since he needs adequately tall leading ladies/cast members to shoot well. HW actresses are regular sized, height-wise for the most part. Even high heels can’t compensate enough. Drama? Not sure anyone will risk after the lousy reviews Straw dogs have been getting. Action hero? Sorry, don’t see it. Comedy? He’s not funny or spirited enough ifor the comedy vibe. Typecasting won’t help him here. You can’t make any career out of playing a vampire.
    So, right now all he has going for him, or had, depending on how you see it, is/was fan following. If people don’t like what they see, they get turned off by it. Some people are still loyal, but others, like me, will only care to see TB run its course, since I’m invested in the story. Then, I’m 99% sure I’m done.
    I’m simply not buying the image he’s selling. And sorry, actors don’t get to have the normal folks’ private life, if you do stuff where people can see you, you’ll get judged by it. As for me, I can move on to the next pretty guy that shows up and fangirl over him. No big loss.

  • Emma

    They still look like cheap publicity whooooooooores to me.

  • memememe


    Hey, yeah its cool i know what you were saying – and you’re totally right, Saying you’re swedish in this thread is the equivalent of “I’m a top Hollywood contact with inside info” on posts when A&K are in LA. (hey that rhymed!)
    I just thought i’d defend myself against anyone who really did accuse me of being a fake! Quite pathetic that i care so much but hey no one’s perfect and i’m sure a therapist can take care of that lol!

    Aitch – say hej to my fellow Skåning-sistah for me =P

  • Jam


    Good for you… Since you obviously didnt follow him before TB then no lose… lol

  • ilia

    I thought this guy liked guys. Years down the road this will turn out to be another tale “a la Ricky Martin”.

  • Fishy


    You’re talking like I’m the minority, hardly anyone followed or even knew him before TB or, at most, GenKill. Being the “guy from Zoolander” did nothing for his career. But guess what? Those are the people that will allow him to have a HW career. So you tell that to all the people turned off by this, lol.

    Otherwise he can simply go back to Sweden and make those movies he’s done for years that hardly anyone outside of Sweden ever saw and enjoy whatever success he can get from them, which won’t be much.

  • Jam


    Im sorry, I did not know that it was the fangirls that gave Mr Skarsgard his talent… And they even give him work you say… Hmm fascinating, I must look into this….

  • Fishy


    No, having people willing and eager to see your work is the key to having a career. And I honestly don’t know how good of an actor he is. It works on TV but as far as movies go? I’m not so sure. So far he has only established a TV career, he keeps trying to get into movies, and if he’s not careful, he may end up with neither. And seeing that he’s not exactly landing a lot of work, much less interesting one, I have a feeling that something also seems off for whomever handles casting for all the stuff he was passed over for.

  • Kimberlee

    They are hot

  • Jam


    Please, this has nothing to do with acting skils… We all know its all about a girl going in on someones dreamguy… How dare she suck on my mans johnsson…

  • Lola

    @Come on…: My thoughts exactly! I thought there was no paparazzi in Sweden?