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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, share a laugh while enjoying drinks at Åsögatan Aarts restaurant in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday (May 16).

At one point, Kate, 27, affectionately held onto the neck of Alex, 33. More pics at Swedish newspaper!

Alex‘s father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, also recently confirmed that his son and Kate are dating and that the relationship is serious.

Kate and Alex even visited Stellan on the set of his latest superhero flick, Thor, in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Yes, they came both to the taping which was fun, ” Stellan tells Expressen. “She’s nice.”

Even more pics of Kate sitting in Alex‘s lap at!

Bigger main pic inside…

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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth sweden 01
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth sweden 02

Credit: Stefan Soderstrom; Photos: Scanpix/Sipa
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  • gigi

    @sammie: She hasn’t looked like that for years. That photo is six years old.

    And how shallow of you to think looks should be the priority for a relationship. I hope he finds a nice, interesting woman, even if she’s average looking, to settle down with when he’s done playing the Hollywood game.

  • burnt bacon

    Oh yeah, they definitely share a publicist. It’s gonna get goooooood from here on in. I have this urge to rub my hands together and cackle all Smithers-style.

  • LisM

    That’s damn disturbing!!! Alexander you could do A LOT better!!!!

  • dissapointed

    I am not a fangirl that desired him for myself. I just thought he was an actor of substance. He once said that his favorite actor was gary oldman and he loved that was not out in the public eye and focused primarily on his work. The talent is definitely there, he is more than good looks……..but I think many are learning that what we all found attractive about him is false…….oh well…….its hollywood

  • nicole

    These two are completely pathetic and Alex more so than her. He actually seemed like he was so different than your average hwood actor but he is definitely not!!! She has always been this pathetic. You can totally tell they call the paps especially since they are making sure they are sitting in the window of the restaurant. If you want your privacy so much then why do you sit in the window of the restaurant? Gross. They are trying way too hard to promote this moving by doing the most ridiculous things that I don’t even want to see it!! I know now that it must really suck. And to think he mother must be so proud that he brought home a woman who tried to ruin another woman’s marriage. WELL, HIS DAD MARRIED A HOMEWRECKER WHO RUINED HIS MARRIAGE SO LIKE FATHER LIKE PATHETIC SON!!! I am not even interested in watching TB now b/c I feel like if you are a good actor you don’t and shouldn’t have to resort to this. He gives actors a really bad name. Famewhoring is getting old and the fact he has done it is so lame for him that I am starting to think he really doesn’t have much talent to carry him through. He has gotten turned down for so many roles Thor, Captain America, etc that he is probably panicking right now. He knows he is limited unlike Gustaf. She has zero talent. So this is what they do to get more attention. Sad that your self interest has no morals or boundaries.

  • San

    WHERE IS BILL???? hahahahahah!!!!

  • Predictions

    @burnt bacon: I hear you! I can’t WAIT for the True Blood premiere. Some sh-it is gonna go DOWN! One of the following things will happen:
    1. Someone will get assassinated on the red carpet.

    2. Something will be set on fire.

    3. Something will explode dramatically, fingers crossed for a starlet’s overinflated sense of her own awesomeness.

    4. Someone will start a fistfight.

    5. There will be a big relationship fight–caught on video, natch–so that the drama boosts their “trending” names and the reunion in a public park somewhere will follow about a week after. With lots of tongue.

    Like I said… I can’t wait.

  • I have no talents I’m french


    I totally agree with what you’re saying, but you’re forgetting the parameter, my connections are the ones of my dad and kate’s so maybe it’s how he/she will have some work…but if they’re hoping to catch some fans they’re wrong…

    @Sweden calling:
    how dare you use my fav’ sentence about if they happen to have work to do? LOL

    @Sweden please keep them:
    I’m afraid nobody wants them, they’re too toxic or irrelevant but thinking they still are…(let’s keep them thinking so they will crash and burn both of their “careers”!!!yeah!)

  • nicole

    @disappointed You said it. I thought he was so about the substance but he is with the least talented, most shallow one in hollywood. Shows that he was just a facade in the beginning. I run a blog that gets lots of hits and I will not be promoting anything he does. I just don’t promote those who are false with no talent and famewhores. She has never been promoted there but I did push TB but no more. Whatever I can influence away from these two I will do. I only promote people who are real with real talent and no famewhores. They are beginning to go Kardashian with all their antics lately. Sickening. And the word is Straw Dogs is a big DOG of a movie!

  • I have no talents I’m french

    where can we find your blog?
    so you won’t consider putting some ryan kwanten, who seems like a gentleman?

  • No question anymore
  • Fishy

    @I have no talents I’m french:

    True, true, it may land him/her some work but is no guarantee. Just look at Tom hanks and his son Colin. He’s doing independent films that no one really hears of. Is it by choice? Not sure. And Tom Hanks has a hundredfold more clout than Stellan.

  • pernilla

    ***As for him? Let’s see: he got into the HW game past his prime***

    Past his prime? Umm…. Alex is MUCH betterlooking now than he was in his twenties. A lot better and a lot sexier. Not all people have their prime at the same age you know.

  • Lola

    @nicole: Well said! It’s sad that talented actors like Gustaf aren’t recognized by the media because they don’t resort to pathetic famewhoring tactics like Alex and Kate. I used to be a fan of Alex until he started “dating” Owen Wilson’s long lost anorexic homewrecking *sniff snifff* sister. He’s gone downhill and it shows in his looks. If you compare pictures of him at Comic Con to pictures of him now something is definitely off.

  • I have no talents I’m french

    but i suspect colin hanks to be …I don’t know CLEVER (i admit i like him):

    1 because he didn’t marry someone that fits the hollywood type, though he could have
    2 because he never really seemed to use the connection, which is in my opinion totally different with Alex…because the movie he’ll shoot next has I think a lot to do with daddy and daddy’s friend…

    and i suspect alex to think WE are the unclever one…

    so where can i find your blog?

  • ohmy

    Oh God so now he aint got no talent just because of his connection with Bosworth? Au contrare, he likes her because of personal reasons, not because she is in the paps. duh. You people are so shallow I’m para-gliding on its density. Did it ever incline to you YOU are the shallow people here?

  • Fishy


    In his case, he has. He looked his best 2 years ago. Definitely his best was not in his 20′s but he’s simply not taking care of himself now, and he shows, at some point is irreversible, my guess is that it already is.

  • burnt bacon

    @Predictions: That would be very lulzy, but Robin Baum doesn’t work that way. More than likely it will be paparazzi photo essays of every “date” (which conveniently don’t include the team of handlers that tagged along), and weekly updates in Us Weekly, In Touch, etc. containing enough saccharine purple prose about their grand love to cause cancer in rats. Kate, of course, would be presented as the perfect real-life Mary Sue that dominates AS’s every word, thought and deed until he becomes little more than her satellite. The excitement you describe might go on behind closed doors, but we’ll NEVER hear about it.
    Hyperbole aside, that’s pretty much how it went down with the Bloom when she shared a publicist with him. Then again, the Bloom/Bosworth union was likely supposed to be the perfect Disney romance to appeal to the tweener crowd, and both participants in this current game are far too old for that. We’ll see…

  • Frida

    Oh my god….. silly comments just keep coming. Yes, swedish people like Alexander too, I know I do. Yes, we have paparazzi in Sweden, believe me, they follow our swedish celebrites around as well.
    Btw, why are people so mad about him dating Kate saying ‘oh, she’s such a bad actress’. Does he have to date a ‘good’ actress? I didn’t think people dated a profession, surely it’s about personality?! And once again, WE have no way of knowing if Kate is a bad person or not. She might be really sweet. Or ALEX might think she’s really sweet, whatever. Point is he’s old enough to make his own choices and if he wants to be with her, well then guess what, he can.

  • ohmy

    @dissapointed: So just because he proudly likes someone who everybody hates, is open about it and isnt hiding in a cave to keep out of the crazy paps/bos-haters he’s suddenly lost his substance? such bully-behaviour.. Oh JJ.

  • N.P

    hi guys second time posting on here

    I thought i might post this here it seems that the another true blood star is on a date night. The lovely and talented ryan kwanten has gotten himself a lovely lady friend very pretty may i say here are the pictures what a gentleman !!,0,1#1

  • Seriously


    Very well put. This is no casual coincidence. And there’s truth to you surround yourself with people you aspire to be like. Such a shame, he used to be so cute and kind of different. Now, he’ll be known for dating kb, one of the biggest fame*hores in HW.

  • ohmy

    @burnt bacon: He doesnt even have a publicist he doesnt care about what people writes about him or his friends, he said so himself in an interview. He wants to live his life as normal as possible which include walking the streets with your girl perfectly unaware of rabid stanhaters who think you are a h-wood douche for having your picture taken by random photograpers.

  • dissapointed


    its not just who he is dating right now but everything that has been about him the past few months……..all this mess is definitely peeling away his appeal, the interest is waning…….

  • nicole

    He is just not appealing anymore!!! Just isn’t and maybe that is not fair but it is just human nature. Not appealing at all!!!
    Thanks for the Ryan Kwanten pics!!! He is very nice I think I will write about him LOTS.

  • lololol

    @ohmy: He does have a publicist. She’s listed at Same one as his beard.

    I can’t believe people think this guy is straight. lololol.

  • lol

    oh you are adorably DUMB

  • eire

    I really don’t think he would bring her home to Sweden if she was just a hook-up, and I think Im going to throw up! I swore to myself that if he took her home to Sweden i would accept that they were real and serious! I just think it’s odd that he won’t walk next to her in the States(coming out of a hotel they stayed in together) but will let her sit on his lap at home. I have to agree with some of the postings that point out he seems to have changed since he took up with her-and not for the better. He certainly does not look as good as he did last year at this time.Im a little disappointed!

  • Bajan

    @eire: Given that he let Evan Rachel Wood fly cross country to visit him on a movie set when he barely knew her and then bragged that she was coming to visit him, nothing surprises me with this dude. He’s shady.

  • I concede

    Ok these pics certainly show much more than the ones snapped in the states. The ones where he looks embarrassed to be seen with her. If reports of himj joining her PR firm are true, I find it just a little odd that for months they have denied everything, are snapped leaving a NYC hotel yet he’s leaving her in the dust, then 24 hours later, they are full on couple in Sweden. The PR is brilliant! Even those who hate Kate have to admit something is going on. So now that he’s brought her out in Sweden, they will come back to the states & she will inevitably walk the red carpet with him for TB Season 3 premier. The public is already rabid for TB to start, myself included. So they’ll walk the red carpet, all questions answered and then interest will die down. The “romance” will die when people stop caring enough to comment on sites like this one. It’s Hollywood people, it won’t last.

  • Seriously


    I totes agree. I like to call them Shady and the Tramp. LOL! They deserve each other!

  • Skarsworthless Again!

    Those new PR people are already earning their money by making AS look like an even worse Euro trash jerk than he did before. Does he really think all this bull is going to save his career?

  • squirelmeat

    @I concede: So very true. Half of the attention on them has been the “are they or aren’t they?” and when that dies down, we’ll all move on. Still seems a bit convenient – and for sure they will be at the TB premiere. BTW, am ‘shocked’ that Mr and Mrs Bjorne didn’t come with them to the homeland, I thought they were welded together…

  • Spice

    @I concede: I agree with you. Not only walk the TB red carpet, but what if more? Kate looks like an albino lately or someone preparing to play a vampire. Could this mean that she is also going to be a guest star on the show?

    Hope not.

  • burnt bacon

    @Spice: They’ll save a fortune on makeup if they cast her as the Chupacabra.

  • Lola

    @N.P: Thanks for posting those lovely pics of Ryan. It’s nice to see a man who doesn’t play games and isn’t afraid to own up to the fact that he has a girlfriend. Alex could learn a thing or two from him. Also has anyone noticed that he doesn’t hang out with anyone from True Blood? @ohmy: So because Alex says something in an interview it’s automatically true? You’re naive. He’s not as nice and humble as he makes himself out to be.

  • LOL!

    Alexander said that he hates stupid people (what a superficial sentence WTF) ,but how do you call a person that always says he is single,while he is defineitely not,and act like he is walking with a total stranger when paparazzi catch them?Naive…….nah …… I would say “STUPID” and pathetic! I hope those rumors about his dad confirming their relationship are not true because it would be fu****g hilarious ! For what concerns Kate Bosworthless I don’t think there is anything to add, she’s an ordinary girl ,not an ACTRESS!
    and Alexander just a dumb a** that thinks he is cultivated just because he read (don’t sure he understood) Kurt Vonnegut’s books.

  • I concede

    @ Squirelmeat,
    Mr. & Mrs. Bjourn didn’t need to go. Alex has already surrounded himself with his other Swedish friends. Even if they are together, why does it always seem they are snapped on a group date?

    @ Spice,
    I think Alan Ball looks for talented people to work with. I’ve seen some of Kate’s work. Superman = Super snooze!

  • http://deleted eire

    …and I think the “sitting on the lap” thing is juvenile and pathetic. Just to drive home the fact that she is his girlfriend..I bet the swedes think she is an a*****e!

  • Shannon

    Why do people insist this is fake? That’s a tremendous amount of effort they’d be putting into a fake relationship. Just accept it – you’ll feel better.

  • Spice
  • N.P

    I have also noticed that when kate and alex are out he seems to have his swedish friends with him why carn’t he go out alone with her? or may be they have but no pics either way they are couple i’m just curious.
    here is another swedish artical & pic of them with friends,_Kate_Bosworth,

  • Vera

    The hyper analayzing of two people that are dating again!!! So he’s taking her out with friends that means hes nervous, but if he wasn’t taking her around his friends ya’ll would then say he’s not serious about her thats why he’s not introducing her to his friends.

    Backwards logic ladies! TB starts soon thats all I care about, Eric is looking really awesome!

  • Dasiy Duck

    They are totally mismatched.

  • Mike

    @Shannon: Why do you insist upon trying to force your opinion on others? Just let them have theirs too. You’ll feel better.

    I think he’s gay.

  • squirelmeat

    @Vera: Not all of us are taking it that seriously…they’ll play it out. We’re just along for the humor. BTW, interesting that in the photos of them out walking and where she’s sitting on his lap, one of his younger brothers is with them and looks like he’d rather be anywhere else…

  • sadie

    LOL at you unhinged people acting like cheated girlfriends. Did you really think that a hot guy like him would stay single forever?

  • uh, no


    just that people expected something else from him based on his interviews. She’s been passed around HW like an old football. THAT’S why people are commenting. I really don’t think anyone here expected to be his gf or for him to stay single.
    p.s. Used to think he was sorta hot. Now? Not so much.

  • Vera


    Humor yea ok 10% of ya’ll dont care like me but 90% of ya’ll are blaming and hating her, when he picked her…the perfection that is called ALEXANDER SKARSGARD picked her!! hmmmm maybe Mr Perfect wasnt perfect after all!

  • Emily

    she needs to go away and do something with her career