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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, share a laugh while enjoying drinks at Åsögatan Aarts restaurant in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday (May 16).

At one point, Kate, 27, affectionately held onto the neck of Alex, 33. More pics at Swedish newspaper!

Alex‘s father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, also recently confirmed that his son and Kate are dating and that the relationship is serious.

Kate and Alex even visited Stellan on the set of his latest superhero flick, Thor, in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Yes, they came both to the taping which was fun, ” Stellan tells Expressen. “She’s nice.”

Even more pics of Kate sitting in Alex‘s lap at!

Bigger main pic inside…

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alexander skarsgard kate bosworth sweden 02

Credit: Stefan Soderstrom; Photos: Scanpix/Sipa
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  • Okay

    Seriously, this picture of them holding hands is the most PDA we’ve seen from them…

    I said before, yes, they know they’re being watched, but at least they keep the overly intimate aspects out of public – there have been no photos of them making out or anything.

    In the interviews in Sweden, IIRC, he’s said he’s hanging out with friends, and as for ‘anything else’ he didn’t want to comment. That was basically his confirmation in not so many words – acknowledging there was another aspect to what was going on.

    Through the tabloid crap we only see select bits of the people – we don’t really know exactly what Kate is like in real life. So she’s had some not so brilliant relationships, but what’s to say this whole thing is a Straw Dogs publicity thing? Actors hook up on set all the time, and not just for publicity. And people already bashing the movie make me laugh – it’s not out for over a year from now – there have been no screenings, so how could there be reviews bashing it? Or the one that I read that said it was getting Oscar buzz? Seriously, its not out until NEXT September. The only thing I’ve heard regarding performance is the director saying that he feels Alex gives a star-making performance a la Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.

    Really, our thoughts on their relationship make no difference. They’re the ones involved, and as long as both are getting whatever they want out of it, whether it be sex, love, rumor squashing, publicity – whatever… as long as both are good with it, then who are we to bash it? I’m sure they know each other a hell of a lot better than we do and are a better judge of each other than we are of them.

    On a different note, in the picture I linked, is Fares even taller than Alex? And damn, Alex knows how to make his torso look amazing in a loose t-shirt.

  • A-HA

    hannah @

    “Getting into ANY university really has nothing to do with intellegence.”
    This is so true! But if she was a little bit more “conscious” she would have continued her studies instead of a
    miserable acting career (sorry but it is the ugly truth).

    Her intellegence for me is in question for the way she allows herself to be treated, the decisions she makes, and the movies she picks

    So true hannah

  • Bottom line

    His actual words were “I’m out with my friends and have fun. But more than that, I would not say.” How is that a confirmation of anything other than I’m with my friends and having fun? I simply took it as him saying that nothing else was going on other than hanging with friends and having fun. I think everyone on both sides of this relationship argument are going to read into every picture and quote from either AS or KB. Do they care about each other? Yes. Can men and women be close friends without crossing the line into sex? Yes. Have we really and truly seen anything more than 2 people who have become very close friends? No. Sitting on his lap or shoulders does not equal intimacy. Holding hands doesn’t equal intimacy. The only thing either side can agree on is that both parties have stated repeatedly that they are just friends. Why we all have such a hard time believing the words that are coming out of both of their mouths is amazing to me. So what she went with him to Sweden- why is everyone reading so much into so little? Is it so incomprehensible to actually believe what they have both been saying for months- that they are just friends? I am a fan of his work and not jealous on any level but I have a male best friend and people always assume we are a couple but we are just very close and spend alot of time together and with each other’s friends and families so them truly being close friends is not far fetched. I hold my best friends hand, put my arms around him, and we go out of town together and we are nothing more than best friends. Everyone needs to calm down and stop reading into every comment or picture.

  • Time

    @orly: Why wouldn’t his father let him stay at his place? He’s his son. His sister is not in any of the pics. She’s not the dark haired girl in the dinner photos.

  • Carla Nelson

    You have to be careful about what you wish for because if you want to be seen all the time you have to take the good comments along with the bad. You know that if they break up it will hurt The Straw Dog Movie before it comes out. There are a lot of stars that break up but they stay the limelight of the pap to make it look good so that their movie won’t get bad publicity. Take a look at Halle Berry and that man she was dating her and him couldn’t stay apart but now that can’t stand one another. I feel sorry for her because I know How it feels to have a broken heart. When you parade a man around own your arms and built him up to be your everything and said he was a dream come true and then have to retract your words. Sometimes relationships don’t always go as planned but it worse when you have seen around town together alot and here comes the papthat have to break the sad amd embarrising news to your fans.

  • OMG

    None of you know Kate and Alex! I’m shocked at the nonsensical comments on this board. K & A don’t have to call the paps to draw attention to their relationship. The paps are where the $ is. If some pics are going to result in hundreds of comments on message boards, there’s obviously huge interest in them and interest = $ for the paparazzi. In other words, it’s your fault the paps are hounding them! And all the conjecturing! If I were to form an opinion of someone without knowing them, it would be based on what people who do know them have to say about them. That’s why both Kate and Alex seem like very nice people to me. I can’t believe I was drawn in to this discussion. It’s so mindless!

  • Spice

    Well after all of my cynical comments, and reading everyone else’s , I’ve come to the conclusion that someone needs to create an Askars rehab. I was thinking a 12 step program would be good.

    I like him and as a fan it’s time to put the hate away for KB. If we don’t then we will never enjoy anything he does and we’re only hurting ourselves.

  • @OMG

    You don’t know them either so for you to get this upset over other people’s comments is a bit much. K&A do need to call the paps to draw attention to their relationship because neither are in demand stars who have paps following them everywhere they go. Sorry but it’s true. As for the paps hounding them for pics because of the money- um no offense to you or AS/KB but neither of these stars photos bring in top dollar anywhere in the world. And I don’t see where the paps are hounding either one of them. And unless you live in a utopia people form opinions about people without knowing them everyday (i.e. job interviews, dating etc.) so your argument is quite flawed. And just because the people say someone is nice doesn’t necessarily make it so especially if you have to work with them or are on their payroll.

  • Sway

    @@OMG: She definitely calls the paps. Look at the tabloids. She is not regularly featured in them and doesn’t have the draw of a Jennifer Garner or Katie Holmes, so why so many photos of this girl on the blogs? Because her mgmt. team is calling them to keep her in the public eye and get ppl talking about her on the Net.

  • Sway

    @OMG: Lots of comments on a blog don’t always translate into big money for blogs. It’s unique page views they make their money off of not the same visitors coming back to fight over two B-List actors. There are blogs with much higher unique traffic counts than this one that charger higher rates and they don’t even have Comments sections.

  • Lillianne

    They are so cute and I am so jealous! Well, I’m only a little jealous. Mostly I’m happy for them!

  • Fishy

    I’m sorry, but last I heard, people can form my opinion based on whatever criteria they choose. And if that affects anyone’s perception of AS’s work, or KB’s (although I’m not sure that what she does can even be called that), that’s life. And we really don’t have to give the benefit of a doubt to anyone, we don’t know either of them, all we know of them is what we see and what they tell us. And if we feel like we’re been fed a whole lot of BS, we can certainly judge them on that.

    The 12 step program isn’t a bad idea, and for me, it has been looking at this circus for the last few months. I’m not completely indifferent to him yet, but getting there fast. And I’m sure JJ will deliver what I need to completely ignore any news item on him (which will be focused on her, with him as an afterthought) soon.

    And AS can go right ahead and enjoy his time being Mr.Bosworth. He’s not really making a lot of friends, if the rumours that come from the TB set are anything to go by. And judging by the other cast members’ body language when dealing with him, there may be something to it. I guess we’ll see soon.

  • Dumb

    @Annalisa – You’re wrong. The interviewer said there were rumors circulating about Chris and their marriage being in trouble and she said all the rumors are untrue. Time to let this go, Lisa.

  • annalisa

    @Dumb Yeah the rumours about her marriage being in trouble were untrue. Not that he didn’t do anything. He did and it is very obvious when all her old friends who are more friends with Gwyneth no longer hang with her. She was completely ignored by Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, and Gwyneth herself. The week of the MeT Ball was a embarrassing for her and very telling regarding that situation. Anyone who pays attention saw the snubs. BUT Gwyneth would never crack in public and in the end she would not let this little crank mess up her marriage. She is hwood royalty and so well connected in the movie, fashion, and music world that Kate and Alex are NOTHING compared to her and what kind of power she holds. Gwyneth meant what she said. Her MARRIAGE is fine. Doesn’t mean that Kate didn’t make the attempt. She DID!! Read carefully. And after the MET the blogs and sites when crazy analzying the snubs re-hashing everything for Bonesworth. She needs to find a way to get that off her. Who knows what they feel for each other but I do believe this is two or three or four fold for them. She is trying to get rid of the Martin thing and he is trying to rid himself of the gay/bi/Nelly Fang thing. Plus promote their upcoming movie while they are at it. Perfect storm….

  • Fishy


    Yea, it is telling that after trying to “make it” in HW for over a decade, she decides to hang with …the Larsons? Are you kidding me? lol
    Complete nobodys. Why would anyone like her would hang with them and them alone if she wasn’t snubbed by the rest of the community. Trying to be on the bestest terms with your BF’s bestest friends doesn’t fly, she’s way more ambitious than that.
    It’s a known fact that KB had to completely change her “crowd”. GP may disperse rumours about the marriage, but I saw somewhere that a “friend of hers had hurt her” (or something to that effect). Everyone’s best guess is that that “friend” is KB.

  • What?

    @Fishy: What rumors from the TB set? I’ve only heard good things about him from people who have worked with him, apart from ERW and I wouldn’t take her words too seriously. I actually met one of the women who worked on casting Generation Kill. She met him several times during the audition process and said he was, I quote, “the nicest man.” To anyone: what am I missing?

  • pr 101

    @Dumb: Gwyneth’s not going to admit her husband cheated on her, especially when she’s in the middle of promoting the biggest blockbuster of the summer. That’s pretty standard for stars. They generally try to present the image of a happy family. Celebrities rarely admit to marital problems or affairs unless they’re caught red-handed and there’s photographic/video proof.

  • tröttpåtjafset

    Men HERRE GUD, nu får ni väl fan ta och skärpa er. Idioter.

  • A-HA

    It is so mature to write unpleasant in your language on an english website ! CLAP CLAP YOU WON A PRIZE WTF!

  • A-HA

    It is so mature to write unpleasant word in sedish on an english website! CLAP CLAP YOU WON A PRIZE WTF!

  • Fishy


    The stories that he was whining about wanting more air time, and stuff of the sort.

  • http://JustJared irish

    I have a sinking feeling he’s gonna marry this broad-she picked the right one -WEAK, VAIN & DUMB(but still devastatingly handsome)

  • annalisa

    heard that most on the set think he is nice but way too ambitious and wanted more air time and more money. he also allegedly got his fan sites involved and had them generate all the buzz of more eric next season so alan ball relented but also the books have more eric as well. alan ball did not initially want more eric. also rumors were that he wanted evan rachel wood and himself to turn into a power couple and steal the thunder from anna paquin and moyer but erw’s rep did not allow for that. now the same for bosworth…he wants to be part of a hwood power couple but bosworth messed up with the martin thing so they are working overtime to get that off of her but it is not working. an yes gwyneth has said twice that a friend hurt her and what happens when friends “break up” and she proved that she and madonna are just fine along with stella, valentino, kate, liv and her whole crew. the only one left out was kate and kate has been excluded since the star story broke. she had to find all new friends and that involved Alex and his friends. she got clingy with them starting at the GQ early this year when she showed up in a house/casual dress and has not let go since.

  • annalisa

    @irish I think you are right. He is very very very dumb and gullible and so desperately wanting to be part of a ‘hwood power couple” that he is going to f*ck up badly. That is his journey and maybe there is a lesson he has to learn in life with this one. Like don’t date crankhead, skankwrecking, bulimic, anorexic, untalented, homewrecking hookers. HAHAHA….if he wants his kids coming from that womb wher all these others have been then that is on him. I am sure his family is SOOOOOO proud.

  • Dumb

    @Annalisa – you need to get help! You’re delusional.

  • Other stuff I’ve heard…

    What do you think is the validity of remarks on his family not liking her and comments on Swedish websites about people there thinking it’s crap? A lot of comments on other American sites are like “oh well” and “happy for them”. Looks like the tide is turning in their favor! I wish I could be happy for them and not disappointed about this whole thing.

  • Ambition

    I’ve read and watched interviews in which Anna says she fought to get her role as Sookie. If Alex is doing the same thing, who can blame him? That show is hug so it’s a great vehicle for him plus you have to fight to get ahead in that business. Now I’m not saying HOW he’s going about it is the right way but I don’t think you can fault someone for being ambitious in the entertainment industry.

    BTW, I nearly had a heart attack when I read in article in which Katee Sackhoff said she TURNED DOWN the role of Debbie Pelt. Someone said something about dumber than a box of hammers? Wow.

  • Ambition

    ^^That would be “huge”. That show is huge…

  • @other stuff I’ve heard

    There’s no validity to any of that stuff. The credible reports state everyone is loving Kate.

  • Fishy


    Fighting for a role and bitching about things is a different issue. This kind of stuff always leaves a sour note in his fellow main castmembers that hear of it. Everyone wants recognition and exposure. He won’t make many friends among his fellow castmembers and the crew with this attitude. Especially since this isn’t a movie, and they are likely to hang around together for a few years. And this is something that you’ll always only hear rumours of, no one will dare to make it publicly known.

  • Carla Nelson

    I can believe that he is ambitous and wants to be seen. Let me tell you about being over ambitious it leads to hard work you. You began to show up were you think that someone will notice your talent and the next thing you start to look old and rundown because you are taking on to many projects. I know because I work with people who are the same they sometimes will snitch and flatter anybody that can help them get ahead. I’ve seen when people get ahead of themselves usually they get turn down for promotions alot becuase they try so hard to stay in with the big wigs. For what I know they will look over you
    anyway. When God is in the picture trust me you can be on the street and get pick for a role. Sometimes you have to step back and let someone else share the spotlight. You have poeple who are about themselves only. They don’t care how they rich the top even if it means crossing out other actors.

  • Sweden calling

    Does Alex ever hang out with Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer anymore?

    He has said in interviews that they are his family in the States and that he was looking for a place to live in Venice, so he could be close to them.

    But all I see nowadays is Kate and the Larsson couple.

    Sad if they´re not close anymore.

  • Other stuff I’ve heard…

    @@other stuff I’ve heard: Okay, I think I effed up and double posted… But what are “credible reports” vs. not credible ones? I’ve heard or read more than once that his family is wary of her and her reputation.

  • Jam

    @tröttpåtjafset: @Sweden calling:

    Håller med dig, det är svårt att fatta hur dessa mäniskor kan skriva som de gör… psykopater…

  • Wow

    OMG the madness, over 200 posts people their PR firm push for these together is working lol. In Hollywood unfotunately when one is not talented enough and is being turned down for roles it does not hurt to link yourself with someone who also has a name albeit skanky!!! Think about it people, they get more posts and press when they are together, they know this neither one is with someone else so whynot ? Wow, I was out of the country and did not bother to surf JJ but let me say I expected him to take her to Sweden, they are bth using eachother,LMAO He is into Nelly Fang and indulging at clubs and she is a backstabing homewrecker no matter how their PR people are trying to push that they are in a relationship and that they moved on, everyone knows this lol!!! It is soo sad that no matter what, people still believe that this”relationship” is so contrived nothing genuine, hilarious when she looks straight into the camera while sitting on his lap, that girl just loves the paps, she can’t help it!!!

  • Response

    I thought she was working in NYC and he was working in Cali for trueblood and all of a sudden they are in Sweden something is not right people!!!!

  • Response

    I thought she was working in NYC and he was working in Cali for trueblood and all of a sudden they are in Sweden something is not right people!!!!

  • Sleepyhollow

    I do not think Kate is working lol if she is it probably at best has supporting role, otherwise she would have stayed in NYC. She not known for her acting chops. Alex seems to be NOT having a major role time in Trueblood because he is not in Cali for some time and TB will not wrap up for another month . These two losers have too much time on their hands. I do not gat the hype for these two people to garner over 200 posts hey they should give their PR people a bonus because it is working!!!

  • Jam


    Yeah they all got fired from their jobs, their employers didnt like that they were dating…

  • Response

    OMG jam/ hans the psycho is here, how could they get fired when they are not work much to begin wirh lol

  • Wow

    WTF your such a nutcase there are over 200 post here and you are still here that is soo pathetic!!! You need to get professional help!!! I think you have a unhealthy obssesion with Alex!! Out of the 200 post probably OVER 50 posts are from you hans LMAO……………………Go back down to your mother’s basement you troll. If they were truly working they would not be in Sweden!!!! Everyone knows that there are many characters in TB so ALEX NOT having a major sceen time sound about right and lets face it Kate landed another supporting role in another movie so she is probably not working much either!!! Stop posting in Swedish you loser there are many people who can post in another language yet your the only psycho that rants in another language you douche!!

  • I wonder

    Has it crossed anyones mind that some of these posters supporting this “relationship” are from their PR firm?

  • Conspiracy

    That what I was about to say, because they conviently went to Sweden when there was a lot of talk that this was not a serious relationship because he did not take her to Sweden, and for the way he was treating her and this relationship was not real, purely PR. Hey if they are going to pay BIG bucks to their PR firm I would expect they would at least check out the posts and fuel their own motives, esp since they know JJ is in KateB pockets. Ooh the conspiracy, but it does seem plausible lol But, seriously these two do not deserve over 200 posts, really!!!!!!!!!!

  • Conspiracy

    ^ @ I wonder,
    forgot to put @ who

  • Jam

    You know, paranoia isnt very healthy…

  • Ralph

    They’re a gorgeous couple and appear to be very happy.

  • Wow

    @Ralph Ha Jam that is you again!!!
    So is posting under several names and continuing to troll on this post! lol You are a psycho!! If you were sane you would know that in showbusiness nothing should surprise you not even a relationship for PR!!!!!

  • Malanna

    He’s a manwhore+ She’s a Backstabing homewrecker sk*nk= perfect for eacother!!! = children witrh super huge foreheads, how unfortunate lol

    BTW why are these pathetic losers recieving over 200 posts there has to be people posting under several names. The two are recieveing posts like Brad and Angie. Thes two are NO Brad and Angie, at least Brad and Angie have talent, working and are actually beautiful. What is up with that??

  • evathediva


    you must be on the KB payroll, LMAO at you everytime, you never fail to make yourself look like a friggin idiot.

    People believe me this will all be different in a year. It can go 2 ways, he can be the Shelly Long of Cable TV series and be well and long forgotten, or he can get himself together and take over Clint Eastwood’s spot, but , I don’t think the latter is going to happen, but maybe it will. I still have hope for you Alex. Hey why get mad at Kate, he did choose this bag of bones.LOL

    Maybe they will make a little 5 head baby in Sweden. LMAO

  • Whynot

    That was exactly what I was thinking they should take a long look at Alex he is the one who chose her that says a lot about him as well. I actually think he is not what he portrays in interviews, he is the exact opposite lol He is not a good guy!