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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, share a laugh while enjoying drinks at Åsögatan Aarts restaurant in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday (May 16).

At one point, Kate, 27, affectionately held onto the neck of Alex, 33. More pics at Swedish newspaper!

Alex‘s father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, also recently confirmed that his son and Kate are dating and that the relationship is serious.

Kate and Alex even visited Stellan on the set of his latest superhero flick, Thor, in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Yes, they came both to the taping which was fun, ” Stellan tells Expressen. “She’s nice.”

Even more pics of Kate sitting in Alex‘s lap at!

Bigger main pic inside…

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Credit: Stefan Soderstrom; Photos: Scanpix/Sipa
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  • Kate

    Evan Rachel Woods said Alex needed to stop playing games and grow up.
    People Alex and Kate are perfect for eachother, they bth like to play games! even if it is for PR and their own careers!
    Alex is a major player Kate is a sk*nk = a relationship of convienence!

  • Oopsila

    LOL this is so funny. I’ve totally lost interest in Alex but I can’t resist coming back here to read his threads because you’re all so funny. I’ve come to the conclusion they are perfectly matched. She’s an utter sk-ank and he’s a prize doofus. True Blood rocks but when it’s done his career is going to go the same way hers has. Five years from now he’ll be the coked up has been who threw it all away and she’ll be Kate who. Sad but about as predictable as Kate spotting the camera from a thousand paces.

  • public opinion

    The opinion in Sweden is why does Alexander have cameras following him in the street all of a sudden? It looks like he got with a new pr firm and they did a publicity blitz of him and Kate in Sweden. It looks like a bunch of bs to everybody. The family will be polite and welcoming whether they like her or not. They want to help Alexander’s career, and if these gossip artikels are the way now….If you read the Swedish comments, Kate is thought of as a Paris Hilton party girl who does nothing but parties with a reputation of a career in trouble. Kate wants him and has pursued him with the help of his friends because they kiss her ass all the time. It is not the same Alexander and he has let Hollywood take over his life.

  • Thanks

    @public opinion: I could tell there were comments on the site but of course I couldn’t read them because I don’t speak or read Swedish. Except “puss” means “kiss”, right? Anyways… I looked at a picture link from someone’s earlier post and the first day with the white t-shirt was a nice little display but the rest of the pictures are back to normal. Walking apart, him walking ahead of her, etc. I will say, though, that he is looking better, happier, more relaxed in these pics than he has in a long time. I am not looking forward to seeing what he looks like when he gets the rug pulled out from under him.

  • weeeks..

    calm down now.. people….!!
    if he wants to ruin his career by dating some d-list/jobless/famewhore actrees..and have some paparazi parades with it ..that is his choice.. we still have lots of hot guys we can dreamed about.. and who’s more talented and actually made it to A list actor..jake gyllenhall, sam worthinton, leo dicaprio..AS its not even half way to be like this people..he’s just that guy from some TV show (who’s apparently very2 hot)

    i admit it he’s actually a very good actor since i watched GK..but if he wants to be known as “that guy” from the vamp show forever…so be it..maybe its good enough for him..

    I feel pity though..for someone who’s talented he’s pretty stupid

  • My 2 cents

    I once thought Alex could be the next Sean Connery. He had looks and a screen presence that made me want to watch. I found several interviews on youtube and he sounded like he had brains too. However, after watching this whole pr media circus go on for months, I’m convinced he’s just another Hollywood d o u c h e! I’m a True Blood fan first and foremost so I’ll still enjoy Eric. However, I won’t rush out to see any of his films, IF he ever stars in one. I’m not counting Straw Dogs because I think it will go strait to DVD. When will Hollywood learn you can’t remake a classic?! So I hope all this craziness is worth it to him. He has to live with his choices, not us. I just hoped he would have chosen better.

  • Fools

    Alex is really over now. Things are not looking good for him on the movie front(except in Sweden) so he is really working the PR games with Slate PR to make another display of things. He tried to steal the show at Coachella but went about it the wrong way(fights make you look like a douche). So he got clever and went with the PR strategy that still sucks. If you are on a private holiday why do you sit IN THE WINDOW of a restaurant? Answer: So paps can get a clear pic of you. Kate is looking directly at the cameras when she is sitting on his lap and when she is walking down the street at night. Of course, they staged the pics and the trip. They want attention so badly it is really turning people off..really!! Movie must be bad. How is a movie that is made in the Summer of 09 release in the Fall of 2011? Answer: It is bad that is how. They don’t know what to do with it to fix it and the cost of reshoots is too much and no studio will back it. They need to drum up attention so they are going about it like this? The producers want to at least cover costs and make some profit but for Alex it is a big deal for him. If he or the movie sucks will be really hard for him to get more roles. He was snubbed for Thor already and many others. And the people in Sweden DO THINK this is the dumbest thing ever! When you read the articles scroll to the bottom copy the comments and put them in GOOGLE TRANSLATION for SWEDISH. It is instant translation. They are laughing at him saying that Sweden hardly has any paps and how would they know where to find them if he/she/pr firm wasn’t telling them. They are callng her names as well. The comments are JJ style and easy to copy and paste. Who knows what they feel for each other but I am completely turned off by Alex now and I couldn’t even get into to him on the reruns fo TB. Starting to believe he has sold out to the hwood lifestyle and games. And to date a homewrecker must hurt his mother when her own husband cheated on her. Thought he was better than that and so above the games. Guess not. In the end they are both A**HATS!!!

  • @Fools – pls link

    @Fools Could you please provide the links to these Swedish sites? Sounds very entertaining. I had a feeling the Swedes would be too smart for Kate and Alex’s silly pr parade. Americans are much more naive about the publicity machine.

  • Fools

    And why would their PR firm like the fact that they have over 200 comments when most (and I mean almost all) are rabidly negative about her and always have been and turning that way towards him. That is not good b/c I do read through them and learning so much about the two of them from these and I am really put off in a big way. Seriously, if they are happy about THESE comments then Hollywood is really sleezy and sick. Most people still don’t know who he is here in America but I wouldn’t recommend him to watch now. His aura is so different now that his true colors are showing. I think that is why he got so many fans so fast b/c he seemed so nice and different but the tide is turning against him fast by dating her.
    Sounds petty but I stopped following his fansites on twitter and I noticed some of the numbers went down on them even more. I don’t really care to know what he does b/c I get enough of the douchebaggery in the world don’t want to add to it.

  • burnt bacon

    @annalisa: Well, if his b!tching ultimately results in more Eric Northman to ogle, it’s aces in my book! I vastly prefer him over AS any day.

  • Stop

    Obviously they care about each other and are trying to live their lives. Leave them alone. They’re gorgeous, seem sweet, and happy. Why would anyone want to bring them down. Oh yes, the green eyed monsters! Good thing nobody takes anybody on this site seriously! Atleast reading some of these posts is good for a laugh!

  • Toots


    I thought he was different too and for the most part seemed truly down to earth and somewhat humble. I have watched some of the video clips from interviews done last year and that was the impression I got, especially the one where he was caught walking out of the airport into the parking garage (he was really nice to the pap who was asking him questions and I couldn’t see anything fake about it). Now he just seems darker and my guess would be that the role he played in Straw Dogs had something to do with it. I mean, Heath Ledger played a dark character and I think he got too much into it and then had problems. Sometimes I think this whole acting profession can open the door for trouble. I can’t imagine having to kiss so many people and pretend to have sex with someone with any degree of detachment in real life but still make it look real on screen. It’s no wonder costars hook-up with each other when they have to share heated moments. It just seems to me that being open to becoming essentially another person can’t be a good thing for you in the long run. Just my opinion.

  • Whynot

    Neg press or attention is better than no press or attention for these PR firms!!!! That is just hollywood scene!

  • psych major

    These comments are so much fun. For those in denial: of course they are together. since straw dogs. that’s why ERW flew in and out of shreveport with her hair on fire. And they probably are exactly the same type of people so they are good together. and it’s hollywood, nothing lasts when your whole life is watched and is not your own. I honestly wish both of you luck.

    And the PR stuff. Brilliant. Oldest trick in the book. Are they together, No, Yes. Single, Not single. He’ll date someone 10 plus years older (yeah right). someone took a fiction writing course. Will he attend the Met ball (nope, photo opp in LA to prove he wasn’t there) perfect timing. KB suddenly is on the radar again. My hat is off to whoever is writing the script for their public lives. Brilliant. and yes, #263, any press is great press.

    And True Blood. Soft core nautiness for those who don’t watch the real stuff. With supernaturals. great TV. again Brilliant. will make the careers for several actors. But Alex, seriously, the American public has a very short attention span. unless you do something other than vampires and goofy public outings you’ll be off the radar in no time. that would be unfortunate.

  • Dante

    Kate is very very pretty!

  • I’m an actor…

    I’m an actor and if you’re good at what you do–or if you care about it as an art form–then it’s simple: your job is to tell the truth. My dad cheated on my mom–TMI? Sorry…–so truth and honesty are important to me and to connect to and reveal those two things to a given audience are the biggest reasons that I act. They are the reason I bust my ass working 40 hours a week at a day job I hate on top of taking classes and going on auditions and rehearsing, shooting overnight in the middle of winter on Long Island when it’s 20 degrees outside when the wind isn’t blowing. You should be emotionally aware enough to be able to do that without compromising your own mental health. It isn’t about wanting to become another person without separation from your real life. It is more about being smart enough and emotionally connected enough to tell the truth specific to that story. You do have to be open and vulnerable enough to let an audience in but a good actor can do that with his or her mind and body, without having to sacrifice sanity or integrity at all. I’m not saying you can’t care about being a good artist AND be aware of what is required as a business if you want to progress to that level. I only mean to say that it is an art form that requires a boldness and strength of personal character that some people don’t have. I think Alex has it, it has just been buried by some stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if the disappointment in his parents’ split is still a fresh wound. Didn’t that only happen a few years ago? For me it has been a decade and I still don’t have the same relationship I used to with my dad. I’ve noticed my eldest brother and his attitude towards his girlfriends. He’s young so I think he’ll learn but he’ll learn the hard way, when he’s had his a$$ handed to him a few times or ten. Sometimes that’s what it takes. Wow… I think I responded to earlier comments about acting being the problem, being a profession that requires the willingness to go mad for the sake of art or entertainment, because I want to correct that perception. I’m also responding because I think there are still plenty of reasons to cut Alex some slack. He is learning lessons that lots of men young and old and older have to learn. He is at a disadvantage having to learn them on a more public scale, where every slip-up is recorded. If the attention, the woman, etc. are a phase he needs to go through to become a better person, then let him. Kate may be an innocent player in all of this or she may be making a bad situation worse because she really is desperate to keep people interested in her. Either way, I really want HIM to come through this a better, stronger person. I think he IS that person we’ve seen in interviews, he has just lost his way. Leave him alone while he finds it again. Leave him alone while he realizes how lucky he is to be able to act for a living and not wait tables or tend bar. And if someone wants to help me kidnap Kate and lock her in a room where she can’t be photographed (the horror!) or where she has to wait tables/bartend, let me know. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but I don’t think she has the professionalism or emotional maturity to be a real actor. Sorry if I sound like an art snob. Any kind of art is challenging and when the stupid human PR crap overshadows the beauty of acting as an art form, I get a little touchy… Please forgive me.

  • actually

    An open “letter” to Alexander Skarsgard…

  • @266

    @266 You sound like a very nice person although I would suggest perhaps being a bit more concise. This thread is becoming epic!

    The plot thickens. I heard the pr trip is a sham…but….wait for it…Kate is not aware of the real reason. Alex has been interested in a girl in Los Angeles and is doing this to rattle her cage. Kate has the wrong idea but this is a publicity windfall for her. She gets unbelievable worldwide pr although maybe some hurt feelings, and Alex gets his girl when he gets back to LA. Everybody wins and Alex scores a top publicist in the bargain. Alex is smarter than he gets credit for!

  • Geez

    I can’t believe the amount of attention this couple is drawing! I personally think they’re adorable.

  • Source?

    @@266: What is your source for this information? I understand if you have to be vague, but still… No offense, but this seems a little out of nowhere. Who is this LA chick? And what kind of woman puts up with having her cage rattled in this way?

  • Fools

    Alex and Kate are both sickos. Like I said before Kate has always been. But to me Alex is worse for not seeing through her crap. No one is hollywood would date her before this and after Orlando. The stuff she did with Orlando and after their breakup made everyone see that she is not wrapped too tight. That is why she had to date a model who was European. She wanted DiCaprio but he hit and quit it. Same with a bunch of others. Alex is the chump…major chump and lots of peeps in L.A. are laughing at him waiting for the crazy Kate with the out of control OLFACTORY(sniff,sniff) to get into high gear. He is the joke of Hollywood now he bought the used sale item that everyone already used but no one wanted to keep. CHUMP!!!!

  • Oopsila


    LMAO keep ‘em coming, you can’t pay for this sort of entertainment. Well, unless you know Kate, obviously.

  • Kimb

    I guess there’s no denying it now. But I don’t see this relationship ending well at all. Kate is too unbalanced.

  • Interesting

    Has anyone else noticed that the Swedish papers are now saying that KB is his alleged/rumored girlfriend? Wonder why the change all of a sudden?

  • Oopsila


    In a word, because it’s all BOLLOX!

  • Sweden calling


    Jag förstår inte den kommentar som du skrev till mig ( #234.)
    Menar du de som skriver kommentarer här?

    Don´t know if you´re really Swedish or just translating via Google, so I´ll write the trans here:

    I do not understand the reply you wrote to me (#234)
    Are you talking about the people commenting here?

  • Sweden calling

    Info about (most) Swedes:

    Swedes do like movies, theater etc, just like people do in every other country. They are just not as impressed and hyped up about actors/singers as might be the case in other countries. Celebs are normal people, just as anybody else.

    Famous people can usually walk the streets quite unharmed, go grocery shopping, hang with friend´s and even date etc.
    Yes, we have paparazzis, gossip sites/mags. But not at all to the same extent as in England or USA.

    There are still a strong opinion that paps and reporters can´t behave too crazy or invade people´s privacy too much. Everybody has the right to privacy, more or less.

    Famous people also usually keep a “I´m like everyone else-profile”, because if there´s one single thing that will doom your future career in Sweden, it´s if you behave like you´re bigger, better, more worth than others.
    Swedes absolutely hate such behaviour.
    Acting like Mr Bighsot = goodbye future.

    So if people see a celeb with paps around they maybe will think of 2 things:
    - Damn paps, go away! Give them privacy.
    - Oh, a celeb with paps, acting like you are Mr Star eh?

  • Question?

    @Sweden calling: So the paps following AS/KB from the minute they landed and all day and night since their arrival isn’t usual behavior. To me it seems for the last few days AS/KB have had more pap coverage in Sweden than they have ever had here in the US which does seem oddly strange.

  • squirelmeat

    @Interesting: Do you mean they are qualifying it now and they weren’t in the earlier stories?


    @ Question:
    Sweden is pretty small, so I think the paps just found something to write about – since obviously AS is their star in Hollywood now, and moreso – he is in Sweden with a girlfriend, so…
    I personally have no idea who this Kate Bosworth is. But reading this article and looking at the pictures- they make impression of a couple to me. They look relaxed and together.
    maybe she is pretending, maybe she likes the attention – but I think he is honest.
    I repeat, I really don’t know who this girl is – but I trhink he is cool and down to earth guy.
    And one more think – is it just me or does he look much better onscreen than in real life? I mean I think Eric is really really handsome, but if I saw AS on the street i wouldn’t recognize him.

  • http://JustJared irish

    As much as I would like to believe it-I think this story sounds a little too fantastic….@ interesting what do you mean? were they calling her his gf when they first got to Sweden and now have changed it to alleged/rumoured?
    If the one report that indicated Stellan described KB as “nice” and that was all is true, I think it speaks volumes. Anybody can be can’t think of one other term to describe someone who has captured the attention of your son? I can definitely believe the family are not thrilled-especially if KB is being portrayed as a “Paris Hilton” type…

  • Interesting

    @squirelmeat: In the first set of stories from Sweden they referenced her as his girlfriend and in the latest article where I guess they’re lunching yesterday with Gustaf she is referred to as his alleged girlfriend. Just found it interesting that for the first 2 days she was his girlfriend and now she is his alleged girlfriend and the reason behind the change.

  • Cue head explosion…

    I am so confused… The skarsgardnews chick is tweeting that she is the one with the big secret to be revealed and she has repeatedly tweeted that Alex isn’t gay or bi. So I think this big secret can only be about this relationship. Do people go to Sweden to elope? Can you even do that? If that’s his big secret, it seems really stupid to make it a giant reveal when it’s basically already revealed. The only other thing it could possibly be is career-related. Maybe he is leaving True Blood because he hates the US paparazzi culture so much. Maybe he is going to be the new Superman in the Christopher Nolan redux! Or maybe he just got some other great role or something… The male lead in the American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? God I’m so confused now that the head explosion is going to be mine… I think that’s also what I get for being so damn nosy about someone else’s life!

  • Sweden calling


    No, that is not at all typical behaviour. I do not know why the paps followed them like crazy. It´s out of proportion, not that many people care.

    Maybe they´re trying to blow this stuff up to sell more papers:
    Oh wow, mr gone-to-hollywood-and-succeeded is back in town with his Hollywood-gf! Look everybody!

    Lack of more interesting news maybe? ;)

  • Her Big reveal…

    has to do with Alex giving a fan Q & A. If you read…someone asked Skarsgardnews “Do you plan on doing another fan Q&A with Alexander this year?” Her REPLY: “Are you trying to get a hint about the secret I’m keeping that is to be announced soon?”

    So stop making up stuff…

  • Cue head explosion…

    @Her Big reveal…: Oh. I interpreted that as the person was trying to figure out if the Q & A would reveal the secret, not that it WAS the secret. Makes sense. Also it occurred to me that she has also always supported Alex’s assertions that he’s single. My other comments weren’t me trying to make stuff up, just crazy, wild silly guesses. So chillax…

  • @Cue head explosion…

    No worries. You never know what people are fabricating and what people are just getting confused on anymore.

  • burnt bacon

    @Sweden calling: “I do not know why the paps followed them like crazy.”
    You can thank their mutual publicist for that. The paps were able to find her and Bloom under just about every rock, and this will be no different. If this goes like the last one does, they’ll be papped and written about even if they go to places that are reknowned among the celebrity set for their privacy and lack of pap/gossip presence.
    Just laugh about it if it helps to make the situation less headdesk-y for you. It really is rather ridiculous when you think about it.

  • @burnt bacon

    I truly understand the PR work behind the scenes but in this situation it doesn’t help because his fan base is not very large and he really hasn’t established himself here in the US. Also, it might have been more beneficial to do this coming out as a couple during Coachella right? Doing it in Sweden seems so off somehow expecially when it is well known that they don’t have paps/press follow stars everywhere. Something just seems off with this whole scenario…….

  • ???

    Just read Ted C.’s view on their trip, I quote:

    “You don’t take the girl on a several-thousand-mile, multihour plane trip if she’s just a FWB. What gives?”

    “Dear Not-So-Secret Getaway:
    Think about it in relation to that of, say, Robsten. When Rob and Kristen get out of town, they like it to be low-key and private. Skarsworth practically invite the paparazzi along. Coachella lovefest anyone? Don’t you think it’s fishy that practically every media outlet got the “inside” scoop on a trip they made across the world? And people say Robsten is for publicity, sheesh.”

    Ted’s got a point.

  • @???

    I read that too and thought the same thing. How do you go on a private holiday and have videos, pics and 3-4 stories posted per day about what you are doing and with whom? They didn’t get this much press coverage here. The timing is just too suspect and even the pics coming out are not really lovey-dovey but every story has the anonymous source that says they are walking around kissing everywhere so in love and yet still not pic of them kissing even with their every move documented.

  • burnt bacon

    @@burnt bacon: True, it *doesn’t* make much sense, especially when, as Sweden Calling says, Swedes aren’t very impressed by ostentatious Hollywood behavior. You’d think AS would know he was shooting himself in the foot. Either that or it’s just plain old myopia on someone’s part. Then again, Robin Baum doesn’t seem like the sharpest tack in the pack all of the time. She also represents/represented Russell Crowe, and flat out lied to the press saying he didn’t throw a phone at that hotel worker, when Crowe came out VERY shortly afterward to admit that he did. Like, the next day or something. Oops.

  • squirelmeat

    I thought Ted C’s response to the first person who said that they couldn’t trust him anymore on couples because he predicted AS and KB’s break up and now they’re on vacation together in his hometown, etc, was quite direct for him:

    “Who’s off? Sure, perhaps you think I’m wrong, but, darling, trust, these two are hardly only schtupping each other, which you can take any way you like—as they all apply.”

    Not that anyone knows the whole story here..

  • I agree

    @burnt bacon: I think he should fire his PR rep because with this display she has really made him look bad. I mean you complain about the paps/press in the US invading your privacy but we have learned more about their relationship with videos/pics/multiple daily stories of what they’re doing by the Swedish press. And is he going to treat her like he is now when they come back to the US or still pretend nothing is going on? No one is really interested in him now that he’s with KB and no amount of press will change that unfortunately.

  • yup


    Many people brought up the topic, you need to do a search on the page for “skarsworth” (it’s not highlighted), and from what I gather from it all is: in Ted’s view, it’s a PR stunt of sorts (I do think they’re enjoying all sorts of “benefits” though, but moving along), and that they’re not even monogamous for it to be considered “serious”.
    Even more subject to interpretation is the whole “hardly only schtupping each other, which you can take any way you like—as they all apply” quote, since he’s been hinting for months now that AS is Nelly Fang, and that he enjoys all sorts of romps with girls and guys.

    Truth is: any time they pull a stunt and people don’t buy it, they up the ante. So I expect we’ll see them kissing soon and all sorts of TB-related shenanigans, especially if that other rumor of AS being crazy jealous of AP and SM is true.

  • 24Zola24

    Love your comment ‘cos I too thought AS hot, I guess he still is but now he just “nice but dim”, although as you say these threads more than compensate for any disappointment. Oh well, those that play games often crash and burn. Could have been so different if Alexander’nicebutdim’Skarsgard had shown everyone a bit more respect.

  • 24Zola24

    Love your comment ‘cos I too thought AS hot, I guess he still is but now he just “nice but dim”, although as you say these threads more than compensate for any disappointment. Oh well, those that play games often crash and burn. Could have been so different if Alexander’nicebutdim’Skarsgard had shown everyone a bit more respect.

  • 24Zola24

    Sorry about the double post my PC on a go slow xx

  • 24Zola24

    Sorry about the double post the pc on a deffo go slow today

  • #300

    I hope I’m post #300. They’re GORGEOUS!