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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, share a laugh while enjoying drinks at Åsögatan Aarts restaurant in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday (May 16).

At one point, Kate, 27, affectionately held onto the neck of Alex, 33. More pics at Swedish newspaper!

Alex‘s father, actor Stellan Skarsgard, also recently confirmed that his son and Kate are dating and that the relationship is serious.

Kate and Alex even visited Stellan on the set of his latest superhero flick, Thor, in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Yes, they came both to the taping which was fun, ” Stellan tells Expressen. “She’s nice.”

Even more pics of Kate sitting in Alex‘s lap at!

Bigger main pic inside…

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308 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Sweden Sweethearts”

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  1. 151
    ?? Says:

    href=”/2010/05/16/alexander-skarsgard-kate-bosworth-sweden/comment-page-6/#comment-16925550″>Vera: agree he is showing his true colors which is the reason for the backlash

  2. 152
    Terese Says:

    OMG some of you fangirls are crazy! They’re a beautiful couple who appear to be very happy together. Good for them. I think there are several people on this board who need to concentrate on their own lives and less on the lives of others! In other words . . . get a life!

  3. 153
    Naomi Says:

    Is the girl with the dark hair his sister? I like KB and AS.

  4. 154
    hbgb Says:

    Thanks for posting those lovely pics of Ryan. It’s nice to see a man who doesn’t play games and isn’t afraid to own up to the fact that he has a girlfriend. Alex could learn a thing or two from him”

    LOL! Chances are that Ryans publicist did the same thing you guys are accusing KB people of doing, calling the paps to take his pictures with his date in order to get some press. And yet you think he’s not playing games.

  5. 155
    Mike Says:

    @Terese: I think the ones who keep coming on here telling people what opinion to have are the ones who need to get lives. He’s just an actor on a show. Who cares if people think he’s dating this chick or not. Personally, I think he’s gay.

  6. 156
    nicole Says:

    Definitley not hot anymore!!! He is kinda sleazy and gross to me now and very much the liar!! He just wants fame too much and that is when people(especially now in the States) turn against you. He seems like a fake hwood wanna be so bad that I am very much turned off by him. Glad he didn’t get Thor or Captain America which are two movies that I am eager to see. If he was in them it would have ruined it for me now. Just the way I feel and not b/c anyone wants him(have a bf btw who I love very much) but b/c he tried to fake one way and came out another. And the fact that he would stick with this crankhead after she did what she did with Chris Martin. Sorry but we ALL know that is true. If it were not she would not have been snubbed so badly in NYC the week of the MET Gala. That was Gwyn’s way of letting the world know it is true(all her friends and Kate’s old friends ignored the sh*t out of her) and she had an awful attitude at the party b/c of it. She freaked out b/c it confirmed what so many people had believed already. Some say he didn’t go b/c of work but most say the negativity surrounding that was too much for him and plus Lady Gaga was there and “supposedly” there is bad blood between them after he called her fat and made fun of her. They do not talk(he was even quoted as saying if she called him he would be happy to work with her again). She is not calling him ever again!! He is a douche people and let’s just ignore the sh*t out of him. and her and not give them what they want. He is desperate b/c he is losing out on so many roles and he wants to be a movie actor here in a big way. Right now…ain’t happening. You have Sam Worthington, Crowe, Clooney, the Hemsworth brothers, Paul Bettany, Rpatz, Lutz, ETC who are really sucking up the roles b/c they are talented and ooze LOTS of manliness. He is kinda on the border of that really on the outside of it. And toting bag of bones, no talent, homewrecker around does not make him appear more masculine to anyone nor does it make me like him more or want to see his show or movies. Makes me gag and wanna hurl. Nevertheless, I would like to see more of the other real actors get the attention while these two twirl themselves in circles trying to get the paps to show up at whatever movie, restaurant, hotel, etc they are at. MAJOR TURNOFF!!! Good for Orlando to get away from her. Now he has to work to repair his career. At least he had more to stand on that Skarsgag does!!! And his gf is MAJORLY beautiful and sweet and NORMAL, NORMAL, NORMAL!!! What did happen to the black guy that Askars was dating. Supposedly they were seen all over l.a. for awhile at joans, kitson, concerts and he took him to Sweden last fall. What was the deal with that? Anyone know? Well, his PR person did her calls and stunts and I am sure there are more stupid ones to come. Sad person he is and none, none of the bloggers(minus JJ) like him anymore nor her. That ain’t gonna change.

  7. 157
    nicole Says:

    yawn done with these two……

  8. 158
    @nicole Says:

    I think it’s a good idea for you to be done with these two because they’re obviously very happy and you’re not!

  9. 159
    annalisa Says:

    Hey Kate, how did Chris Martin’s d*ck taste?

  10. 160
    annalisa Says:

    I bet it tasted….married!!!

  11. 161
    shine your crazy diamond... Says:

    LOL. Take your meds, Nicole.

  12. 162
    Athena Says:

    Awwwww, they’re so cute! Love Kate and Alex!

  13. 163
    L Says:

    @nicole: Get a life.

  14. 164
    Jen Says:

    United States of Nanny is on again. Nanny-Nicole-Annalisa etc I wish your grandkids would take your computer away.

  15. 165
    Have a heart for Stellan Says:

    Stellan must be so embarrassed. He just worked with Chris Hemsworth, who got the part of Thor that Alex wanted so badly… and is having the career Alex wanted. It’s got to be hard on Stellan to watch Hemsworth, Worthington, and actors of Alex’s generation behave with class, while his own son pays paparazzi to follow him around the world playing grab ass with a piece of used party trash like Bosworth. Ouch.

  16. 166
    L Says:

    @Kris: Actually, Evan Rachel Wood was there because her boyfriend at the time (Shane West) was there as well. Totally not the same as Alex bringing Kate back to Sweden.

  17. 167
    If ya like watching paint dry Says:

    Kate has no screen presence whatsoever in Superman Returns. She thought that would be her starmaker role, only now people think of her as the worst Lois Lane in the franchise history. I got so bored with her I started noticing the amazing art deco setting. Basically, Kate gets upstaged by the furniture in the movie!

  18. 168
    Dumb Says:

    @Annalisa – Two to three weeks ago Gwyneth was interviewed and denied the bull$hit rumors people like you want to keep circulating. But I guess you know better than GP! Does it make you feel good to spread lies about people?

  19. 169
    uh, no Says:


    Actually, she had broken up with West about a month before. Can’t tell you what the sitch was between her and AS, but she definitely flew out to see him. Lots of pix to back this up.

  20. 170
    Lola Says:

    @hbgb: What candids have you seen of Ryan besides the red carpet? He’s very low key and doesn’t call the paps on himself. Kate is a Z-list actress who hasn’t been relevant since Blue Crush/Orlando Bloom, yet she’s constantly being photographed at random places throughout LA. It’s sad that Alex is falling into the Hollywood publicity machine, although I’m not surprised because Straw Dogs is going to flop at the box office. Their showmance can’t save that disaster of a movie! I doubt Alex will go far after True Blood, unlike Ryan who isn’t overexposed and relies on his talent to get work.

  21. 171
    Okay Says:

    All the hate makes me laugh. People aren’t automatically the way they seem in the press. If that were the case people would be a lot more effed up than they seem. For all we know, Kate is an amazing person and Alex just as much. The press attention may make them seem douchey but that doesn’t mean they are (or that they’re necessarily informing paps). We’ve seen Kate in a few relationships, but in the US we’ve never seen Alex in one since he’s only really had fame here for a couple of years.
    Yes, the constant attention on her is suspicious, since she hasn’t done much of late, but not so much the attention on him since he’s at least a B list celebrity with True Blood and a new-ish heartthrob. Call me naive but if anyone’s calling the paps I don’t think that it’s him – he always seems to ignore them, he quit acting for 7 years because of them.
    They don’t owe us anything confirmation-wise. Everyone knew Brad and Angelina (no, I’m not comparing their talent or anything) were a couple, but they didn’t confirm for a long time (and only then cause she was pregnant). I’m guessing that if Alex brought Kate home, there’s something more than FWB going on. And they wanted to keep it quiet, since according to one article his managers tried to claim he was in the US.
    I also think that they are purposefully trying to keep their blatant affection out of the public eye – in multiple articles over the past 8 months it was said they were seen kissing out in public, not caring about photographers. If pictures were taken to finally 100% confirm they’re a couple, wouldn’t they be on the internet? Those would be the $$ shot and would definitely be shopped around. People don’t have to be constantly groping and shoving tongues down throats to be a couple. I kind of respect that they’re trying to keep that aspect out of the public eye if they know that everything else is being seen.

    As for him losing out on Thor – I doubt he would have been able to take the role anyways – the release date was already set and filming for True Blood would have definitely conflicted – TB would have had to be the priority because of contract. Sure he could have tried to do both, but with the TB filming schedule and wacky hours, and Thor being the main character in the movie, I doubt it would have worked out.

  22. 172
    A Plus Says:

    @L: No, he wasn’t. They broke up end of July and Shane West isn’t in Straw Dogs nor was he sighted in Shreveport during that time. Wood flew out to visit Skarsgard while he was making Straw Dogs and hung out with him during Labor Day weekend. There are parade photos to back that up. No Shane West in those. Agree, something with this guy is not right. He sure sounds convinving in his interviews though. Very good actor.

  23. 173
    Meg Says:

    Please stop reporting on this. I can’t take it anymore.

    He’s lovely and deserves better than to become part of a celebrity couple with a pet name. I come here for Dita posts, but am saddened every time I see a “Skarsworth” post featured. And I’m someone who’s never paid attention to these things before.

    I’m trying to be happy for him, but I just don’t see it.

  24. 174
    Ulrike Says:

    Stockholm is small and it has already been said around the city Alexander’s family is not happy about Kate.

  25. 175
    kiko Says:

    @ulrike what’s the reason for their dislike?

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