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Charlize Theron: Paper Bag Lady

Charlize Theron: Paper Bag Lady

Charlize Theron goes grocery shopping at Ralph’s supermarket on Sunday afternoon (May 16) in West Hollywood.

The 34-year-old actress carried out two paper bags full of groceries. A supermarket employee also helped Charlize carry out a box full of flowers to her car.

Somehow, the 34-year-old didn’t make this year’s Maxim Hot 100 List! How is that even possible!?

10+ pictures inside of Charlize Theron picking up groceries at Ralph’s…

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charlize theron paper bags 01
charlize theron paper bags 02
charlize theron paper bags 03
charlize theron paper bags 04
charlize theron paper bags 05
charlize theron paper bags 06
charlize theron paper bags 07
charlize theron paper bags 08
charlize theron paper bags 09
charlize theron paper bags 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • bc

    Those paparazzis are annoying i couldn’t stand seeing them sticking on me at the gorcery!!!! geez, charlize kick some for me plz!

  • happy girl

    wow, she looks like brigitte neilsen in these photos.

  • yuk!

    What an obnoxious TRAMP!

  • chloe

    She did the top 10 ‘World’s Greatest Beauties” this week, she came as the youngest , as the mature Sophia Lauren, Queen Rania, penelope Cruz look

    That’s another level, it’s not the pornish trashy level of Maxim, who has put Lindsay Lohan in the 1st place


    CHARLIZE THERON, JESSICA BIEL and JESSICA ALBA 3 of the WORST ACTRESSES in the world who get jobs based on their ‘looks’ even though they’re UGLY *********

  • III

    She’s such a babe :)

  • WTF!!!!!!

    you posted about her just THREE posts ago wtf!!!!!!!!!!

  • stef


    Look hahaha the same frusturated hater dying to hate lol it must be hard there is not much scandal in her life see…talented low key woman living her life peacfuly.

  • cacey

    I am 5’9 just like her with long legs and in my early 30s. JUST THINK IT IS a bit TRASHY TO WEAR ass SHORTS AT THAT AGE out side of your home. I don’t care how beautiful ur legs are PERIOD. pls leave the short shorts 4 MILEY AND BRITNEY.

  • mary

    yuk aka jjjjjj aka wtf don’t waste your time really, you sound like a hateful desperated moron, and what you are saying is stupid, that’s all what you have lol, and it’s only the 2nd post the first she was in china she get back to her home and get to the gorcery like every person to buy food to eat ,the difference is that we don’t have parisites waiting for our every f-cking move sticking on us even at the grocery.

  • daniella

    cacey/ oh please get over yourself and welcome back hater, old troll, at least you’ve put your name, it’s the summer, she is in her CAR she is getting in her car, she lives in front of the beach, her house is at a few meters from the grocery, and she doesn’t have a big fat ass or something, she is not skinny she is not fat she is normal, she is wearing a large skirt, you should make a tour in malibu to see some girls walking with bikins i bet you’ll have a heart attack, stupid drama queen.

  • jdub

    Charlize and those never-ending legs! absolutely gorgeous

  • sarah

    Hey same troll, i’ll repeate it to you again just because i know you like it : yeah that’s wy she won an oscar for Monster , 24 other awards won, get nominated for a Goden Globe and SAG for Life and death of Peter sellers just a year after her oscar win in Monster, Nominated again for the best leading role in North Country, 2 years after her first one, makes her the only actress of this decade to be nominated shortly for another leading role at the academy awards after her 1st win.

    Also this is if from poster Kate my favorite: Talentend oscar winner, chameleon actress , UN Messenger of Peace, face of Dior, Star at the Walk of fame..oh and stunning from head to toe!

    Now go jump from a bridge

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    @cacey: The 30′s isn’t ancient. You must not have nice legs or else you wouldn’t be complaining. She looks good. You sound as if you were born in the 50′s and not the 80′s.

  • Jokergurl

    Charlize is lovely and talented, Stuart Townsend must be kicking himself right now. If I had legs like that I’d wear shorts like that too.

  • lucky

    It’s now going to be the Charlize and Halle show. Both beautiful talented oscar winners, but can’t get people to fill seats. No more steady guys in their life so they are on the prowl again ………..for everything, fans included. SO PATHETIC and SAD.
    Up until very recently they didn’t come out, they were SO PRIVATE., now WOW THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Give me a break . All of Hollywood has jumped on the Messenger for something or other or ambassador for something or other, each and everyone of them is phony, big time!

  • momo

    This hater b!tch who is throwing her hate must be some insecure fugly cow lost in some hole go break your mirror or something b!tch, thats not our fault

    The woman just bought food and joins the f@cking car damn.

  • blah


    Just becasue yorue fat and ugly and have low self esteem, doenst mean that she has to be the same way.

    Age doesnt matter, as long as you have the body and the confidence, then you can wear what ever you like. Get over it

  • plz


    What the hell are you talking about ????? Charlize Theron is private yes, some didn’t even heard about her split or break up…. unlike all actresses of this year splits who did the tabloids covers and the media frenzy, she and stuart didn’t even make a statement about it, till now there is now statement, and till now they are some suprise to hear about split, just to show the private woman, who handel it with class and privacy, not many actresses are like this,are you seriously comparing Halle with Charlize? im talking about the split) the most private quite split in all hollywood is Theron’s one, she is out of tabloids and scandals, she does’t make the tabloids covers like the majority of the media whores of hollywood, she could use her fame like every media whore but she didn’t , she still the same before and after her oscar, low key and private.

    And what’s are you saying here you are blaming her for buying her own food at the gorcery or something?? are you serious? do you realize what’s you are saying at least or your so blinded by your hate that you can’t see through, it’s rare to see a Theron post there is not a daily posts each week about her like some actresses, sat she was in China and today she went bying her food,a bunch of cowards stalkers invaders cross her road, the papz always said she didn’t like us much she never wave to them or smile to them like some others, she always run quickly and most of the time hide her face.

  • gaby


    I couldn’t agree more! if there is one private class actress in hollywood it’s her, some tab media hos should take some notes from her, exactly there are a lot of people who don’t even know about the split, it happend in Decembre and in we are in May, and like you said some ignore it, shows the class act private lady, actors like her unfortunately are rare.

  • nat

    @cacey: hey no one cares what you think, if you wore shorts outside of your home, i don’t think anyone would think twice about looking at you. cool?

  • alec

    Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.

  • mimi

    Her face is pretty but her body is terrible. So tall and big, not feminine and unattractive.
    She should draw the attention to her face, not her body.

  • lovely


    First If you have lived the 1/2 of the horryfing dramas this woman have seen in her life, what she has seen in front of her just the 1/3, you’ll not be sitting here opening your big shitful hateful mouth of phony, then we will see who’s the phony, this woman not only know the real value of the life, but she has choosen to share her experience and give back and help the ones who’ve been in the same horror, she could spend her money on private jet like the rest of the hollyweirds, but she doesn’t, i don’t know about all actors, i know about Theron’s personal journey , personal experience, she saw ,lived the trajedies , she is not of those who were born in hollywood who heard and discoverd that there are dramas and poor people living in the wolrd , she comes from hell, it’s a 13 years of activism, it’s not something new, Ban Ki Moon recognized her work and named her Messenger of Peace about stopping violences against womens, a familiar personal subjet to her.

  • helen

    TO: cacey @ 05/16/2010 at 11:07 pm

    Britney in shorts – ha-ha-ha-ha. Early 30s is still very young so why not wear shorts at that age (especially when you have figure like Charlize)!? Next you are saying that you shouldn’t have long hair and you should just sit at home and wait for death when you are over 30. Sad.

  • FC

    Hottest legs along with Gisele.

    She is a statuesque beauty, the face, the legs, well propotionned body and healthy!

  • lucky

    You didn’t hear about the split because nobody cared. If the media cared you would have heard more about it, even without the statement.

  • no


    No, Its because she chooses to make it “private”, it’s becauce she is private, she could have made a statments, she could have made an anoucements, there is no word from her mouth about it or from him, unlike the rest, She is an Alist intrenational star, the media follows every step of her moves till the gorcery, she could use her fame like most of the media hos , she could be a media whore easily, used that and throw a blaming words or whatever those media whores do with the tabloids, and feeds those tabloids, but she is not like that, and never been , never did the tabloid covers, no scandal, she keept her life privately , it’s been 5 months she handel it with class like no other. and not just this 5 months, her whole life as an actress and celebrity has always been handel it with class.Never changes before or after oscar same one.

  • ****

    To all these unsightly beetches hating on a goddess, take a look at her legs; ZERO% cellulite, now look down at your own legs, now look back at her legs…yeah, now you know why you feel that way about her.

  • T pain

    All i can say is that I have met her twice. She comes into my work to buy jewelry and she is super super nice, not bossy, very freindly!

  • scrug

    @JJJJJJJJJJ: she nod twice for an Oscar and even she won an Oscar! please see her movies before to speak and compare what is comparable!

  • brightside

    WTF are you talking about? She has a stunning body, graceful, long legs, perfect figure, lithe and strong…..she’s not some dumpy, little pip-squeak with fat thighs and pale legs that go about wearing Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Shorts like some of the unemployed industry hangers-on do! She has a fantastic figure!

  • brightside

    Meaning that some of the umemployed tartlets of HW wear shorts without having the figure for them….
    Charlize is not one of them….she’s not unemployed and her figure is a 10/10.

  • shorts

    I don’t think her shorts are too short, they just look like they don’t fit her properly. One step away from a camel toe.

  • bellinas

    love her…. absolutely beautiful…

  • David Peet

    oh goshhhh, even she obviously lacks some tan on her legs, those black colored toenails are just stunning!!

  • chin can’t act

    she looks older than 34

  • N.

    I don’t get how she would not make a list like that. She is one of the most stunning people on the planet!

  • frances

    please… all those people complaining she’s too old for shorts. you’re all jealous pigs! charlize is the epitome of class, elegance and beauty. her legs are beyond beautiful and she looks fantastic.

  • the truth

    Very pretty lady she didn’t have make maxim list. She’s pretty the way she is.

  • mimi

    She is not too old for shorts- she is too big for such tiny shorts. Her frame is very big to begin with, and those shorts would probably work better on a shorter, and smaller frame body type.
    I do think she is beautiful, but her body is not her best asset, so I would emphasize my face if I were her.

  • Shannon


    70s not 80s

  • maria

    A lot of idiots posting here. Charlize is the most beautiful woman in hollywood and her body is amazing. There are different body types. She proves you can be sexy without huge boobs. I love her body, it’s long, lean but not too skinny. And her dancers legs top it off. You can hate on this woman for many things but when you cut down her looks it only shows you are just a hater. Anyone with eyes can see she is a beauty. And she can act!

    And she is looks beautiful here in candids and on the red carpet. She belongs in the 1940′s where they had real women who looked like this and could act. Nowadays people want bland America’s Sweethearts or skanks onscreen.

  • mr.floppy

    damn those legs …work these shorts charlize!

  • brightside

    Oh, that’s so true…she’s a beautiful, talented woman and it’s wonderful to see a beautiful woman in her thirties who can knock the spots off silly girls a decade younger than she is.

  • Ashlee

    at least she didn’t use plastic

  • blabla

    JJJJJJ, you are completely right! finally, finally people understand that charlize is fake…in everything she does…

    what a surprise that she did not make it into top 100:)) but why should she? she looks the same as every LA doll….

    charlize, go get yourself a rich husband, that is the only solution for you

  • Anna

    She is HOT and gorgeous.

  • skorstensstillads

    Just a fast hello and also to thank you for discussing your tips on this page. I wound up in your blog following researching physical fitness related issues on Yahoo… guess I lost track of what I had been performing! Anyway I’ll be back again in the future to check out your blogposts down the road. Thanks!

  • coso

    Wow, she got that paper bags without handles like in the movies.