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Cate Blanchett Covers 'W' June 2010

Cate Blanchett Covers 'W' June 2010

Cate Blanchett looks elegant in Yves Saint Laurent Edition Soir on the cover of W magazine’s June 2010 issue, on newsstands May 25.

Here’s what the 41-year-old Robin Hood actress had to share:

On the public’s inaccurate perception of her: “I’m so misunderstood! I’m not focused on what other people think of me. Some people get you and some people don’t, and to spend your life trying to make people understand how deep and complex and varied you are—I think that way lies madness.”

On husband Andrew Upton‘s influence: “My husband keeps me really honest. I remember him saying to me after I made Elizabeth, ‘Sweetheart, you’ve probably got about about five years.’ He was preparing me for the time when the work dries up, as it invariably does.”

On working with Andrew: “We’re really open. I have friends—she’s an actor/writer married to a director—and she was horrified when we said we were going to work together. She said they don’t talk about work because they don’t want to venture into the territory of being criticized by you partner. But I know what to do with the criticism.”

FYI: Cate accessorized with Chopard diamond earrings, LaCrasia gloves and an Hermes belt. For more from Cate, visit!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Craig McDean
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41 Responses to “Cate Blanchett Covers 'W' June 2010”

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  1. 1
    Jam Says:

    What a weird pose… you like holding your boob cate?

  2. 2
    maggie Says:

    she’s a beautiful woman but she sitll has to demostrate a lot. they offer her just supportin roles. that’s a pity.

  3. 3
    kiko Says:

    Great actress! Gorgeous and intelligent woman :)

  4. 4
    Eric Shinn Says:

    @Jam: LOL – I thought it was some perv groping her boob!!!!

  5. 5
    obnoxious Says:

    Racist pig.

  6. 6
    Leslie Says:

    she’s gorgeous

  7. 7
    Monae Says:

    Pathetic excuse for a human. Not only is she colder and more into herself than Gweneth Paltrow and Bosworth, she’s racist on top of it. What a lovely woman!

  8. 8
    busted Says:

    I love her. but that cover sucks big time.. Why in the world did they put her hand in that awkward position..looks stupid.

    Cate deserves more then that kind of cover.. funny I have not see a great mag cover in a while.. the photographers are really slipping big time.

  9. 9
    Mary Says:

    She’s a stunning beauty and a stunning actress, one of the best ever, and she keeps her private life PRIVATE and QUIET. Elegant and smart.

    Of course, I don’t know the woman so who knows? and who cares? the best way to admire and love artists is to know as little as possible about who they really are.

    Hope she keeps working for a very long time, we need actresses of such talent.

  10. 10
    vox Says:

    Can someone explain to me why there are people calling her a racist? I don’t get it. I think she’s one of the best actresses of her generation and she seems to be a very smart person.

  11. 11
    Simon Says:

    @vox: She made a racist comment about the Phillipines. Morgan Freeman and 30 Rock even made a mockery of her statement.

  12. 12
    anna t. Says:

    @Simon: she’s said worse things. i used to love her but i didn’t know her outside of her movies, she is seemingly arrogant and naive, shame

  13. 13
    Courtney Says:

    when it comes to what Cate said about working with her husband she needs to keep her mouth shut has she so quickly forgotten the iconic married couples that have worked together over the years in film and theater examples being Lawrence Olivier & Vivien Leigh and Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward all four of whom ar oscar winners as cate herself is

  14. 14
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    Didn’t even notice the hand till I saw the comments as she looks great as always. Brilliant actress!

  15. 15
    Villa1834 Says:

    @Simon: @anna t.:
    Can you guys elaborate?
    I did a quick Google about this, and the only thing remotely close to it was TRACY MORGAN from 30 ROCK (not Morgan Freeman) just using her name during a Golden Globes acceptance speech, and apparently he just randomly picked her name as a white actress, not because she has ever said anything remotely racist.

    Not that I know her, but by almost all accounts, I’ve read that she’s nothing short of amazing, which is why I’m stunned to read these “racist” accusations…but please enlighten me if I’m missing something here!

  16. 16
    Villa1834 Says:

    And I forgot to add that she looks STUNNING on the cover…hand and all!

  17. 17
    Iffy Miffy Says:


    lol, I was just about to ask them that as nothing is popping up as that which you are referencing. I’ve read some great statements from her in regards to this, I’ve heard her interviews where she comes off as really smart and nice so I was surprised as well.


    So come on guys, links please to where she said those racist remarks!

  18. 18
    Amanda Cartell Says:

    @Villa1834:It was definitely Tracy M. and not Morgan Freeman. She said the Phillipines were too dirty and something else. Not in an “we need to help them” way but in a “I had an unpleasant time, never again” way. She was also a total when I met her : 3 But I don’t hate her. I like her acting, anyway.

  19. 19
    frances Says:

    LOVE cate. so much class, grace, elegance and talent!

  20. 20
    Helena Says:

    @Amanda Cartell: You IDIOT. You are mixing her up with Claire Danes. Clearly she didn’t say these things because I, along with several others googled this. I found no such thing. Google ‘Claire Danes Philippines’.

  21. 21
    Iffy Miffy Says:


    I remember that, it was ages ago, 98 or 99 I think, when Danes said that. If it is the mistake, how can anyone confuse Kate with Claire? I mean really?! Anyway, thanks!

  22. 22
    mars Says:

    LOL fail Amanda.

    BTW even with the weird pose Cate looks stunning. Something about that woman strikes me as regal..

  23. 23
    opps Says:

    shes stunning and so regal. elegant beauty. I love that so much more than obvious in your face sexy beauty like megan fox or something. she is so un special looking. boring. plastic, not one of a kind if you get my drift. cate almost reminds me of a siamese cat lol. and also this pose is not weird, its just she is high fashion looking and can do more looks then the normal cosmopolitan had on your hips pose. cate could have been a model!

  24. 24
    queen bee Says:

    Bad photoshop, but that’s not her fault. I still loved her in Elizabeth. And I don’t think she ever made any racist comments either….that seems to be a mistake.

  25. 25
    Ashlee Says:

    She is pretty

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