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Christina Aguilera Talks Estrogen & Exploration

Christina Aguilera Talks Estrogen & Exploration

Christina Aguilera laps it up again in this shot for Out magazine‘s June 2010 issue.

The 29-year-old singer, who’s also the Out cover girl this month, spoke about freeing herself creatively and exploring her sexuality. Check it:

On growing creatively since her first album, Christina Aguilera: “On that first album, I was creatively stifled. On Stripped I was like, I don’t give a f—.”

On the thought of being with a woman: “I don’t think I could ever really be with a woman because that’s a lot of…Yeah, there’s a lot of estrogen and I’m a lot to deal with when it’s that time of the month, so I can’t imagine it times two.”

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Photos: Ellen Von Unwerth
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  • qboy

    I loved stripped, and worshiped BIIB

    she is amazing … she speaks openly, i just wish she was less showing sexuality….
    there are so many way to express the intimate parts of oneself …

    love the song You Lost Me … A big fan From PARIS.

  • Halli

    She’s looks weird. Like she’s trying too hard. I see shades of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Manson. But its like, who the hell are YOU Christina? Stop trying so hard and develop a genuine style, not just what’s “hot” right now.

  • qboy

    She is herself, she is not like anyone else, …. of course she is a bit of lady gaga gwen madonna, etc SHE IS A WOMAN , there ALL women ! sorry for Marylin … ! EVERY BODY IS A BIT A PART OF EVERYBODY ELSE, no scoop …

    now PLZ it’s all about MUSIC ! who cares who she looks like …

  • Tess

    This shoot is alot like what she did with Ellen Von Unwerth in 2004.

  • Ashlee

    she is pretty

  • Tim

    @Tess-Thanks for sharing…That’s just one example I wish one Celebrity Blogger would post some of the photo that are out there..Christina was taking chances years before there was a Gaga..another one was Christina at the 2003 EMAs.


    W T A F lmaaaaaaaaao!!!!!!!!! Could she looks ANY more like Gaga?!!!!!!! And after that statement? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • anon
  • J

    Hypocritical, unoriginal *******

  • Quoted for TRUTH

    * “This is not the first time I have been unfairly pitted against another female artist”

    Voids her statement of any sincerity it may have had. CA talking shit about her peers in a rude & entitled manner–as if having vocal talent that she woefully misuses gives her the right to say whatever she likes about others–is not a media fabrication; it is A PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR.

    If you’re going to be a bitch, then don’t deny it after the fact. At least before she owned her bitchiness; now she’s decided to add hypocrisy and disingenuous BSing to her of character flaws.*

  • Edeth

    are you kidding me

  • Truth

    Stripped was AMAZING!!

  • slambang

    Oh, H*LL no! Eww!

  • Henna

    OMG, and here are the haters again! Why are you all here? You are on every single Christina story and you comment on them. What is the obsession? You all are the biggest hypocrites. You say she’s hateful and bitchy, but what the hell are all of you? Hateful and bitchy!

  • greta1854

    This look is very similar to “Fighter” NOT Gaga!!! Fighter was in 2003. 5 years before anybody heard of Gaga. in fact, I believe Gaga had dark hair until she signed with Akon’s label. I guarantee that label took advantage of the fact that Xtina was on a hiatus and JUMPED on the idea of re-working Gaga’s look to ride on the coattails of Xtina’s image. Guess what? That corporate Bull#### worked on America and now everybody thinks Gaga is the new coming of pop music. Gaga may have interesting costumes, but her music IS NOT original. It’s simply pop/dance music. So much so that her new song “Alejandro” sounds EXACTLY like Ace of Base from 1995! Now really people, who is the real rip-off artist? All answers lead to Gaga.

  • omg

    this b!tch is such a desperate phony

  • ET

    She is plain soulless these days. She can’t even smile in interviews. Did she have post natal depression or something?

  • sahara

    Wow, how creative and sexy! NOT! LMAO! Jfc she is OVER. It’s so fun watching this insecure bio.tch FAIL

  • LOL

    ugly and unoriginal. if you’re going rip artists off, at least do it RIGHT. she can’t even pull a look this boring off


    @ Henna ROFLMAO Floptina should be kissing her haters’ AS$es cos if it weren’t for them she wouldn’t even be TALKED about this time around what with her TWO fans!

  • Shakira

    Dear Christina Aguilera. Forced sexuality is not sexy. It’s s.k.a.n.k.y.

  • BJORK did it BETTER

    @LOL: She is not eccentric, creative or original enough to pull off ‘edgy’ outfits. I’m not even saying she should just stand there and sing like Mariah & Whitney because all good artists MUST reinvent themselves, and it can get boring, but you can TELL none of it is genuine or from the heart. And that, is a sign of a bad artist.


    spit on those threatened haters girl!!!!!!!! do your thing!!!!!!!!

  • Xxx

    Those pictures are awful, It looks like an ugly man in drag! FAIL

  • Tony

    @qboy: ‘its all about MUSIC’ shame her ‘music’ turned to sh*t.

  • waffle bowl

    People should look up Christina in her “Stripped” era before accusing her of ripping off Gaga… have you ever thought that it’s the other way around? Besides, both women are heavily inspired by Madonna, so of course there are BOUND to be some strong similarities. Usher and Justin Timberlake have a lot in common stylistically because they both look up to Michael Jackson, but I never heard anyone accuse either of ripping off the other. Why do people only do this to female artists?

  • Leila

    I love her lots but she doesn’t look so fierce here.

  • celeste

    I like the contrast in the photos but the outfits, poses, makeup and stylings are dated — been done sooo many times before. Just looks as if someone has run out of ideas. She looks like a mixture of people instead of looking authentic. Or even just pretty. I also wish she’d some talking about how sexual she is and how she’s found out lots of new sexual things about herself, makes her sound insecure, even if that’s not the case.

  • Henna

    If Christina was irrelevant you wouldn’t be talking about her. You’re obsessed and jealous. Obviously something about her hits a sour spot for you because the same people keep coming over and talking about her. If you don’t like her then ignore her, but you can’t do that can you?


    @Henna: I can’t speak for the other haters but I’m enjoying this greatly :D

  • kellie

    mmk. dear: christina. this haterade will pass in a few weeks/months. happens to every new artist (mostly females for some lovely reason), and since you’re back on the scene, you’re getting the hate. kesha got bashes relentlessly for months until people got tired and realized the girl is actually harmless. CHIN UP, ignore online wars and do your thing <3 (just pick your singles more wisely~)

  • jasmine

    i love christina,britney,lady gaga,beyonce, and alot of others i HATE when they are compared,accused of copying,pitted against each other. it’s like grow up and shut up. stripped is and will always be her best album even though bionic is not in stores yet it’s not going to be better than stripped i hope it becomes it’s equal because stripped is a classic.and oh christina im not a huge fan of the look but if it makes u happy girl do what you wanna do but long and wavey like in the voice within video was a far better hairstyle for ya. peace bioches!

  • longchamp

    “I don’t think I could ever really be with a woman because that’s a lot of…Yeah, there’s a lot of estrogen”

    yeah, she can’t be w/women not b/c she’s married, and marriage is supposed to be a forever-type bond and in marriage you’re supposed to forsake all others, but b/c there’s too much estrogen… trash.

  • shania

    @longchamp: Maybe she was speaking in general. Before she got married she’d spoken about being interested in women, so I guess they asked her again, something like “now that you’re married, do you still fancy women?” and she said she can’t really imagine spending the rest of her life with one? Idek.

  • Eww

    She looks like the poster child for “Hot Topic”
    it’s just way too much! She looks cheep and very desprate .
    She an old lady tring to be “young” & ends up looking even older and out of touch.


    The pix are so classy. She always looks so YOUNG at her age. A SMart Woman knows well how to balance her life.

    A really ARTIST who is open to TAKE Risk in music. I love that kind of An ARTIST like her.
    Love her new songs so much

  • Yahhh

    I love all of her album … Each album brings a different taste of muzik.
    Love Stripped, Love BIIB
    She looks beautiful in every single way.

  • Tati

    seriously this whole lady gaga comparison is getting very old….if you dont like christina just shut up!!! i think its very fighter-esque and a hint of lady marmalade!

  • Authentication

    Sure, VERY lady marmalade and CLASSY… LOVE those pix.
    BIONIC will be a BOMB


    She wants to look more and more slutty everytime………for gods sake shes a mom now,she should behave like one. I guess she wants her son to think every woman is a slut and that he should find someone like that,she really is putting out the wrong message of women,no wonder we have so many perverts around nowdays. Really…..her whole new image sucks and all that make up on her face makes her look cheap and ugly. If thats the image she wants to portray then she should hit the strip club,i sure as hell do not want to look up to a woman like that ans anyway her music sucks,her voice alone makes me want to change the channel.

  • happy girl

    no comment. the picture of her eating the cake is so obvious. it’s glaring. unbelievable. isn’t this copyright infringement???

  • ****

    When I saw that I though it was Lady Gaga, this beetch needs to figure out her own schtick instead of stealing from others.

  • kikarika

    what’s is wrong with her??????and her first album was Great..i wish she would be more natural and stop behaving like a slut

  • Audrey

    I love Chrisitna very much, she’s an amaing singer!

  • http://justjared christina


  • lala

    And here we go again with the old sexuality thing, this woman tries TOO much.
    BTW, enough of trying to copy Lady Gaga.


    @happy girl: Hey, Happy girl. I just read the news about Christina calling GAGA and other female artists great. I knew Christina would come around a say something soon because Christina is not doing well on the charts. Christina started a FIRE that she can not put out and she has some of her fans defending this MESS Christina created. Christina should have STAYED far way from GAGA as possible. Christina’s dark sexy look is a bit much. Why Christina is not focusing on her voice which is her talent, is so stupid. By her doing the body and sex thing, Christina is her own worst enemy. We are all witnessing Career Suicide. Christina please FIRE YOUR WHOLE MANAGMENT TEAM AND START OVER. A true fan and family member would tell you the TRUTH. STOP CHRISTINA AND GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. Christina you can’t be GAGA because we already have a GAGA. Christina you can’t be Madonna because we already have a Madonna. CHRISTINA BE YOURSELF. BE CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy girl

    Victoria: wink wink. :)


    @happy girl: Happy girl the GREAT!! Do you get this strange feeling the Christina Aguilera wants her last few fans to stop attacking Gaga and calling people names. Christina is trying to make NICE. I told people that Christina should have came out in the beginning and gave Gaga her props. IT’S A BIT TOO LATE NOW! HAHAHA


    You can now buy Christina Aguilera ft Nicki Minaj woohoo on itunes