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Freida Pinto in IMMORTALS -- First Pic!

Freida Pinto in IMMORTALS -- First Pic!

Scope out this first pic of Freida Pinto in the new Greek mythology tale, Immortals, directed by Tarsem Singh (The Fall, The Cell). With Henry Cavill all shirtless in the back!

When Tarsem was asked about the scene he was about to shoot on set, he shared, “Poor girl. It’s the first time we have Freida Pinto and guest what, it’s a sex scene. It’s a delicate situation. We’re trying to get all of the lights out, so we can create an intimate situation. Only 80 people watching you and 20 of them with video [cameras]!”

You can watch the video interview at! Tarsem also talked about how hot Henry‘s body has gotten here!

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  • http://amcarcamo anna

    a sex scene between henry cavill and freida pinto?!?!?! I’m double jealous of her now!! for her beauty and for getting to fake … with this amazingly hot man!!

  • gorg

    He is good looking usually. But certainly not in these photos. I don’t find what he has done to his face or body to be attractive

  • Andie

    What the heck is under her dress at the top of the slit?! And no I’m not being crass I’m asking for real. There is something there…

  • asdfjkl;

    it’s called her hip

  • Andie


    no on the inside of her leg….there is something under the dress almost resting on her thigh…

  • Stevey

    Holy WOW, she is soooooo beautiful. Just breathtaking. Her face is just PERFECT. And dayum is she rocking that red dress!

    Can’t wait to see her and Henry Cavill together on screen, talk about a dreamy couple huh?

  • Laily

    @Andie: It could be something to do with the costume. Tarsem’s films are known for having amazing costumes, so it could be like a hoop or slip of some kind.

    Freida is GORGEOUS.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    holy heart attack! She always looks like a knockout but she’s outdone herself.

  • Henry for Julian (dark hunters

    Poor Freida! A love scene with Henry!?!? yac!
    I’d be glad to make the sacrifice of replacing her.
    Just give a call, I’ll be right there. LOL

  • Mila

    A big fhart or phart or f art or PADU.

  • Stevey

    Wow, does racism have to rain down on everything? She IS beautiful so get the f*ck out u ignorant freak.

  • Mila


    What’s under her dress? a big F A R T*

  • Stevey


    I’m not even Indian, but people like u make me f*cking sick. Grow up u piece of shyt.


    First of all i would like to thank all the westerners here for supporting freida.Here in India(IM AN INDIAN TOO) almost everyone hate freida due to her dark skin.All those indians who keep calling her ugly and avg looking needs to understand that westerners aren’t white skin obsessed like us.

  • toni

    I hope you guys who are being racist towards Freida and her being Indian know that Jared is Indian and it’s really disrespectful to talk about his race in such a racist manner.

  • Adrina

    This girl is unbelievably gorgeous

  • la

    @Andie: The dress looks like its supposed to be a little flouncy and less form-fitting so its probably undergarments.

    Freida is gorgeous.

  • Stevey

    I don’t understand all the hate she’s getting. All the slurs being thrown at her are so uncalled for and just disturbing on so many levels.

  • Stevey


    I think its just shadow being cast onto her leg from the dress…nothing else.


    I have to completely agree with comment 21.After i revealed there pathetic ass in prev freida post these sadist indians are making racist comments against freida impersonating as whites.

  • Stevey


    wow, that is some disturbing shyt. She’s so pretty and seems sweet, why would other indians hate her so much?


    Hey bloody traitor wats wrong with indians liking fair skinned girls?.pinto is very black and ugly.All u westerners supporting this ugly bitch are dumb

  • @stevey

    Indian men are very chauvinistic.They don’t like women like freida who are more popular than bolly male star.HERE IF A GIRL IS DARK THEY WOULD BE CONSIDERED AS UGLY.THAT’S THE ONLY REASON WHY INDIANS HATE FREIDA SO MUCH


    Im too sick of these backward indians who seems to be everywhere trying to put down freida.Even here all the racist comments about her pretending as whites are made by indian or some other south asian losers who hate successful dark girls like freida

  • Mel

    @Stevey: It’s just one person. S/he keeps posting the same comments in Aishwaryai Rai’s posts as well. Sick headed.

  • Tanya

    Adorable, stunning, talented, BETTER THAN YOU.

  • Amelle

    @ Stevey and others. Each time you see a racist attack, you have the option of Flaggin it — beside the comment, next to Reply. [make sure to copy and paste the comment in the report box where it asks you to]

  • @MEL

    Ur a big liar if u deny there is no racism in india against freida.The kind of hatred she gets from indian media and ppl is nothing short of brutality

  • Stevey

    Well, just to get back on topic, this looks like it is going to be a great movie. Henry + Freida = Stunning.

  • Stevey


    Thanks Amelle, I will do that.

  • blue

    Looks like a fun movie! The girl is stunning.

    Anyone who has a problem with someone just because of the color of their skin is the worst kind of loser.

  • @She is very ugly

    Hey indian monkey go back to your slums.I don’t know why these ugly indians are so jealous of freida


    Im completely shocked by your comment.I never knew indians are such sick losers.I feel very bad for indian girls like freida who have to suffer racist attacks from there very own country people.

  • shaila

    those are not indians commenting looks like siome pakis are pretending to be indians,indians are proud of freida..And all those pakis

  • shaila

    those are not indians commenting looks like siome pakis are pretending to be indians,indians are proud of freida..And all those pakis

  • @shaila

    They are all very much indians.Just go back to few prev post of freida and see racist comments by indians.

  • anna

    The comments here are absolutely disgusting. We all say horrible stuff about celebrities all the time, but the racism in these posts is something else.

  • LadyB

    Is that guy’s body for real?


    I feel completely ashamed to call myself as an indian after seeing this racism towards freida by dumb indians


    She is gorgeous and Indians should be proud of her, she is representing them the classiest way!!!!!
    P.s I think its blood under her dress , maybe she just lost her virginity in the movie, she is priestess after all!

  • yeah

    She is gorgeous and that guy is fkn hot!


    I agree with u.Indians are as worst as pakis and arabs.Most backward people in the world

  • Danielle

    Freida is so beautiful


    Yes its indeed a sad fact that many jealous indians hate freida due to success in the west.If u go to any indian sites u could see how much indians hate this girl

  • Love

    people, STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS on this site. don’t you realize that they just come here to stir things up. just ignore them, report them, flag them, etc.

    FREIDA IS VERY BEAUTIFUL…and, this is coming from a 100% Indian.

  • Henry

    I must say that Henry Cavill is a god walking among men. I would like to thank his parents for giving birth to that gracious hot stud who makes so many women and men happy! Same thing with Freida Pinto,: if I were straight or slightly bi, I’d hit that Indian goddess fo sho!

  • Henry

    ^^ No, I am not Henry Cavill, but my 1st name is Henry too. What a coincidence!

  • Kelsey

    She is pretty

  • Jennifer

    She looks very gorgeous

  • Katie n

    Not all Indians hate dark girls. Many pretty dark skinned girls are loved and desired. I think it is an American racist posting as an Indian who is writing all the bad comments and then complain Indians are writing those. I know of many Indians here in the U.S. who are big fans of Freida and proud that she is from India.