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Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Upfront Couple

Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Upfront Couple

Jensen Ackles holds hands with his newly wedded wife, Friends with Benefits star Danneel Harris, as they head over to at NYC’s Hilton Hotel for NBC’s 2010 Upfront Presentation.

Friends with Benefits revolves around a group of twenty-something singles as they navigate the difficult, and often confusing, world of dating. Ben Weymouth (Ryan Hansen) is on the hunt for the perfect woman who meets his unique set of standards, while his best friend, Sara Maxwell (Danneel), is just looking for a man to settle down with and raise a family. Ben and Sara have fallen into the habit of turning to each other for moral and physical support as they wait for Mr. and Ms. Right to arrive. Their friend Aaron (Fran Kranz), a romantic at heart, doesn’t approve of Ben and Sara’s complicated friendship, but he, along with womanizer Hoon (Ian Reed Kesler) and straight shooter Riley (Jessica Lucas), are all distracted with their own dating trials and tribulations.

WATCH: “Friends with Benefits” Feaurette

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Credit: Swarbrick; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Bree

    That show sounds a lot like “How I Met Your Mother”.

  • Ashley

    Would’ve watched but they’re recasting Fran Kranz and his perfect comedic timing, which makes the show insta-fail to me.

  • mrs. robinson

    I love these 2. I hope Jensen can handle the recent surge in Daneel’s carreer but what I really hope is they have a long and happy marriage . I’d love to get to see Jensen on the big screen more. He is too fantastic an actor to not be viewed by more people than he is.

  • me2

    Not again. “Their friend Aaron (Fran Kranz)”… WHO IS NO LONGER ON THE SHOW! FACT CHECK JUSTJARED, PLEASE!! How do you think this makes Fran feel?? He was freaking fired from this show and everytime you make a post, you mention his name!

  • Jen

    love him. Such a great actor. Also would love to see him more in movies.

  • Funky

    Tired of seeing her

  • asdfjkl;

    LOVE her shirt….does anyone know who makes it??

  • DarkEmpress

    Is her name pronounced Danielle? If it is that is the most ridiculous spelling Ive seen. I think it is pointless to take a common name and spell it weirdly. If you want to be creative, get creative with the name itself not the spelling.

  • DarkEmpress

    Is her name pronounced Danielle? If it is that is the most ridiculous spelling Ive seen. I think it is pointless to take a common name and spell it weirdly. If you want to be creative, get creative with the name itself not the spelling.

  • Gurl

    never heard of these two — until all the recent coverage on this site. wow, tons of posts in the last few days!

  • JJ

    sounds boring

  • Noha

    Nice couple but he looks kind of annoyed.. And it sukc they’re recasting Fran Kranz.

  • Ash

    oh wait wait wait a sec, who the one said Jensen wouldn’t be there because he ‘doesn’t like this kind of thing’?? LOL

  • S

    I miss the days when Jared and Jensen holding hands & making kissy faces at the red carpet. That’s priceless. This is crap.

  • Maddy


    Her name is not a misspelling. Her parents named her after Danneel street in New Orleans. Maybe you should think twice before you type.

  • rest

    what a nice surprise to get more pics from the happy couple they are cute together thnx jared

  • bored

    happy they got married and i really hope it last and i agree jensen does look annoyed having said that i really didn’t like the dress or the way danneel wore her hair i havent heard or read anything about jared being at the wedding was he there or did jared not attend

  • bored

    @DarkEmpress: i though her name was pronounced Danielle too until i went on youtube

  • Nish

    God, Danneel, stop being ridiculous. Everybody with a half of brain cell knows that papps will take pictures of D-listers only if they are paid for this. Your reps (i.e. your mother) are too intrusive.
    And Jensen put away a bottle. You look like a drunkard already.

  • Leo

    @Maddy: who cares

  • Ash

    LOL what happened to our low profile, non hollywoodish, non pap, Jensen?

  • Mikky

    friends with benefits — indeed

  • Liv

    Maybe Danneel Harris is the only celebrity who luvs paps’ cameras so much,are u Danneel?Feel high all the time with your so called husband?Good for you moron.

  • RioL

    Jensen just doesn’t wanna take off his sunglasses,what r u hiding man?lol.

  • niceshoe

    what the brand of her shoes!?? I like them!!

  • Pete

    Can’t wait for the photos from Honeymoon Day #3 – “Jensen and Danneel eat a bagel.”

  • Aylin

    The look good.

  • Aylin

    They look good. It’s the upfronts, she has a new show & is recently married that’s why they are getting photographed I think.

  • laura

    Danneel and Jensen look so happy and I wish them a happy life together :)

  • nicole


    her name is pronounced DAN-NEIL!

  • look

    They look happy.
    Love Jensen and Danneel.

  • clara

    What is happening to him? He’s not Jensen anymore every time I turn around now I see pictures of him in the eye sight of the paparazzi. No excuse to blame the wedding for the attention of the cameras. No one of the two knew the paps would be there and wanted pics to be public. If that’s Jensen I’m not a fan anymore. That’s what happens when you put her with him you lose the old great guy he used to be that loved his privacy. Now look at him. *sigh* I don’t see how Danneel show can last by the way too many new faces and a girl with a squeaky voice top that off with the whole being a friends rip off. I’d be surprised if it didn’t cancel.

  • KKGG

    Every single time he’s with her he’s wearing shades yeah the eyes can tell a lot either that or he’s insecure showing his real face walking with her in front of cameras. The days he went with her to her premiere for the back up plan and in the past his MBV-3d yeah he didn’t wear shades around her but I assume one can gain enough confidence at those events no need for the shades. But every time Jensen!!! when you laid back and out with her you wear your shades and your little hat body language buddy it says everything like your FACE!

  • Wasp

    Did I miss something? Is ‘Friends with benefits’ a big hit already and ‘Supernatutal’ got renewed through season ten and moved to ABC in Grey’s anatomy time slot?

  • Beth

    shes hot… hands down sexiest One tree Hill chick…

  • Kelsey

    nice family values

  • SJC

    I think people are starting to get really pathetic. They are married. Good for them. Who he marries is his business. I’m not going run her down for any reason simply because I don’t know her and I don’t feel like I have the right to. If you don’t like her, then you don’t like her. Just please stop slamming her. Also, if you don’t like her/him, why are you reading about them?

  • mimi

    I really them, they’re both cuties

  • Jayne

    yes i have the DVD of supernatrual season 5 now. he looks good.

  • wannabe

    oh come on,’re better than that.You’d better go back to jared,he’s your true love,not Elta who doesn’t have a single acting role where she didn’t take her clothes off.Look at her face,look how she’s suffering.I can see in her face how badly she wants to take her clothes off in front of the paps to finally become REALLY famous.

  • emma

    jensen is gorgeous.i like him very much and i like his voice too ;) i think is perfect. i can wait for season 6 supernatural :X:X:X:X

  • Smarter Than You

    I love them both. They look absolutely fabulous and I can’t wait to see her new show. She is a great actress. I hope they last a long time because they are both wonderful people.

  • Jayne

    @ 41 ME TOO.

  • cherry weeks


    Yeah, my sentiments exactly. Much prefer Jensen together with Jared (they are way hotter as a couple) but looks like he’s become Jensen Harris now. Oops, I mean there is a Mrs Ackles now — to spoil the magic that once existed as J2. So sad. Whether the Js are really gay or not, what they once shared with their fans was special. They seem so distant these days, like scared to be seen standing or sitting too close together. I would have been more accepting of her if only she was pretty like Megan Fox or something. As it is, she ain’t hot and sexy enough for Dean Winchester in my book.

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