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Megan Fox is Birthday Beautiful

Megan Fox is Birthday Beautiful

Megan Fox leaves the ArcLight Theater with boyfriend Brian Austin Green on Sunday (May 16).

The Transformers hottie celebrated her 24th birthday over the weekend! Happy birthday, Megan!!

Earlier this week, Megan, Brian and his son, Kassius, were spotted going out for a casual lunch together at Hollywood’s Poquito Mas!

Megan and Brian also made a stop at a pet store to check out tropical fish last week.

FYI: Megan is wearing Diesel Matic 63F jeans.

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  • kvd123


  • kdh

    What did she do to her lip? She was so pretty she needs to stop with the plastic surgery already.

  • the truth

    Yes that’s true. And should have got her a new boyfriend too. Things don’t work out the second time around when you have call off your engagement and still want to be with that person.Things get worse for you in the long run.Look like he is mad. Happy birthday Megan !

  • yo sista

    She’s so pretty! Happy Birthday PRETTY <3

  • kay

    EWWWWWWWWWWWW, her lips are so gross!!!

  • miss infamous

    Her face looks so shiny and plastic! I cannot beleive she is only 24!

  • offtheproperty

    she likes to sit at home and get tattoos.

  • um

    @miss infamous:
    um maybe she has oily skin. millions of women do you know or she could be wearing mineral makeup which give anyone who wears it a shiny face. Anyway she’s only 24 so not a single wrinkle or line baby….

  • lol

    sad if you have no friends to celebrate

  • jillyro

    Her face looks awful, what happened to her?? Fugly, those fake lips! What has she done to herself??? Wow, she is starting to look like that weird cat lady who gets all the injections/operations on her face. Sad how she ruined her face. She likely knows it too.

  • Elle

    I think she is super pretty, I don’t get how people can call her ugly?

  • viper

    She really screwed her face what a shallow dead eyed insecure little girl. She’s not beautiful at all I have no respect for anybody who relies on looks let alone looks that arent real.

    There is nothing inside that head of hers. After TF3 she’s done nobody really cares what happens to her. She should just disappear and settle down.

  • dell

    only stupid-minded people who judges CELEBRITIES, shame to you!

  • Sandra

    Her lips are huge.She needs to stop with plastic surgery.

  • Eric Shinn

    @kdh: It clearly isn’t just Brian pumping her mouth!!!!!

  • omg

    Her lips W T F

  • whyyyyyy

    holy cr*p megan D:

  • Faker and faker everyday

    She looks like a WAX figure now : [ I would be so, so, so grateful if I looked like she did a few years ago. How empty, shallow and depressed must one be inside to feel the need to ruin their given looks with lip fillers, botox, plastics…..and all the rest inserted into her body at TWENTY FOUR ? I just……can’t even. So sad.

  • http://www. Andy

    well if her goal was to get deformed blow job lips, she achieved it. she’s a plastic surgery trainwreck just waiting to happen

  • http://www. Andy

    ******** = blo.w j.ob

  • Hannah

    oh god

  • ka

    ewjjj her lips she was so cute on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and now she is all plastic

  • ace11

    how the hell does this guy get hot women?


    now Fox..i mean HOW?

  • Dreads

    Her face looks weird. And I don’t mean only the lips, the whole damn face! I can’t believe THAT’s what guys love to jack off on

  • alalala

    I’m not sure, but it looks like she got some kind of upper lip implant. I don’t think her lips now are the result of injections. Her lips are probably just still swollen and haven’t healed yet.

  • braulioo

    she looks fine i guess! in the close up she looks ugly and her mouth huge, but fine still!

  • just sayin

    she looks like Jennifer Connelly here…

  • lip injections?

    this b*tch is trying so hard to look like angelina…

  • Ash

    Happy birthday Megan!

  • Jenni4

    relax megan …you’ll never be the new angelina! bahaaahaa

  • shannon

    Megan Fox looks like a brunette version of Heidi from The Hills now. Same over-injected face, but different hair color. They could be twins! Ew, Megan really f’d up her face.

  • herp

    she has a cold sore on her lip!

  • seneca

    she’s very pretty. she really should stop with the lip injections though. I like her and I dont want her to end up looking like Joan Rivers? lol

  • hey

    I think Emily DiDonato is more beautiful.
    BTW, she is a model who was worked for GUESS, Maybelline, and Armani.
    Here are some videos
    MOD TV-

    what do you think???
    I think she has a great personality and is underrated.

  • har

    I wish Megan would stop! Why is she so stupid?!

    I think Emily DiDonato is more beautiful.
    BTW, she is a model who was worked for GUESS, Maybelline, and Armani.
    Here is a video
    MOD TV-

    what do you think???
    I think she has a great personality and is underrated.

  • Dasha

    lips job for sure, you’re not angelina get a life !!!
    her boyfriend is hot btw

  • jj

    just plastic man…

  • http://j ivanka

    faker and faker everyday

  • Ashlee

    good thing she never hooked up with bay

  • karen

    i think shes gorgeous

  • karen

    why cant u guys just accept that shes pretty? is it so hard?

  • http://website LeAnne

    her lips are horrendous!!! She looks so fake now.

  • superman

    ummm hollywood is full of fake people and superfical relationships all the breakups this year show that. no one in hollywood is above acting like a hormobal teen thinking with their hormones instead of their brains like meny of these 20 somrthing actresses do. megan fox is just one example of hollywoods immatureity.

  • Jasmine

    You all are complete morons. Her face is shiny because its either sweaty or oily. Little gross, sure, but that’s not the effects of plastic surgery you f–king morons. She’s gorgeous, get over it. Whether her lips are the size of blimps or as small as your brains put together, she’ll look great. No go ahead and vote this down, you jealous fools.

  • Mel

    She was perfect until she snuck off and got cheek implants and a brow lift. Note to Megan: Get those cheek implants removed and never touch your brows or the botox again.

  • graybeard

    sexy I want sloppy seconds

  • luna

    She is so plastic and fake. Her lips, chin, cheeks, eyes and nose are all the works of her plastic surgeon and it annoys me that everyone says she is so beautiful because it is not a real or natural beauty. However I will concede that her plastic surgeon did a good job.

  • Whitecatthorn


    She’s had 2 nose jobs, a boob job, dental work, lip augmentation and fillers and botox. She looks nothing like she used to 3 years ago! I wish she would stop, cant believe she started having surgery when she was only 21!!!!

  • mininorachan

    @Elle: I agree with you. too much blah blah man she’s my idol!

    well anyways, I want wish happy b-day MEGAN FOX ^_^