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Nicole Kidman: Nashville Benefit Concert for Flood Relief!

Nicole Kidman: Nashville Benefit Concert for Flood Relief!

Nicole Kidman works the phone bank by answering telephone calls during the “Music City Keep on Playin’” benefit concert at the Nashville Convention center on Sunday (May 16) in Nashville, Tenn.

Her husband Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and Lady Antebellum were among the artists who performed at the Ryman Auditorium during the benefit for Nashville Flood Relief.

The event raised more than $1.7 million and counting!

30+ pictures inside of celebs at the Nashville Benefit Concert…

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nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 01
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 02
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 03
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 04
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 05
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 06
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 07
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 08
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 09
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 10
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 11
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 12
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 13
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 14
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 15
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 16
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 17
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 18
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 19
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 20
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 21
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 22
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 23
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 24
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 25
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 26
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 27
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 28
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 29
nicole kidman nashville benefit concert 30

Credit: Frederick Breedon, Rick Diamond; Photos: Getty
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  • gisele

    Ugly old Aussie now.

  • kizbit

    Keith Urban is hottie, hot, hot! Love him and Nicole. The whole Nashville community is so fantastic.

  • brightside

    Flooding is such a terrible thing. At least the victims of the Nashville flood have the benefit of a modern and efficient disaster relief program, unlike the thousands of unlucky victims in Azerbaijan or the half a million victims in Assam.

  • ha

    Ugly witch

  • Keltey

    Worst. Actress. Ever.

    Box office poison. And her magazine covers (especially at the magazine where I worked) are the worst selling celebrity covers.

  • arlene

    nicole kidman es hermosa ,pero el uso del botox esta cambiando sus rasgos hermosos y cuando rie no es nada alagador,deberia dejar el botox ya y ser mas natural ,pero por lo que veo eso nunca,nicole nunca dejaria el botox

  • TLC

    Why are you bitches bitching on her so much?? What did she do to you personally?

  • Bella


  • Grant in Nashville

    We really appreciate all of the celebrity help we have had to help rebuild music city!

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    It was a great concert and over a mill and a-half was collected so far. Keith and Nicole were responsible for a part of this. They gave of themselves as they so often do; that’s what this is all about. We really don’t care about your personal agenda against Nicole. A comment about the suffering in Nashville and how those in need are receiving aid would have been sufficient and appropriate at this time.

  • Truth

    This is a GREAT opportunity for Nicole to show everyone how caring she is…Once again ANYTHING to get Press showing her GOOD DEEDS….HAHA!
    I worked with her and she NEVER does ANYTHING like this that doesnt somehow benefit her.
    Dont you people get it???

  • taco




  • taco

    oh god, another delusional hater…Sad

  • rouge

    I think it’s very sad to spit out hate about someone you don’t know. I mean, what’s the point? You can’t belive people take seriously your words because it’s impossible to have an idea about the personal side of a public person like Nicole (and whoever) is. Just losers, pathetics and nuts feel pleasure in insult celebrities.
    Do you think calling her ugly, witch, will change the general perception people have about her? And Keltey (or whatever is your name, you change it everytime but the message is always the same), this is not the first time you write this messege, everybody knows you are a Tom-Kate fanatic. I’m so sorry for you because it seems your opinion doesn’t agree with the opinions of millions of people and many great directors and actors that say everyday Nicole is a great actress, a talented and extrordinary woman. And, I’m very sad to see that even numbers don’t agree with you: nicole’s movies earned 2 billions dollars with 17 movies that earned more than 100 millions dollars, her latest 2 movies earned almost 600 millions dollars. how many actresses can boast of these numbers?
    get a life and inquire yourself about Nicole Kidman. You don’t know absolutely nothing about her, and you should know lies are very easy to deny.

  • Lisa-Green Hills (Nashville)

    Thanks Nicole!!! Thanks Everyone!!!

    Our stomp’in grounds are bit wet now, but see you at Target when it dries out!!!

  • Sarah

    She looks gorgeous. And I have to disagree with a lot of you people. I am actually very good with analyzing people and I can always determine what kind of person someone is, even if I talk to them once, and nicole is very generous. And I’m not even biased. And all the Botox talk, well obviously she has done Botox, but honestly right now you can see it in her face that she has relaxed on Botox shit.


    Reality Check.

    Nashville is a friendly small beautiful Southern City that is in need.

    Country music is very popular in America, however, it is a particular demographic with a particular fan set.

    As an international movie star, Kidman has a much wider public reach then say Brad Paisley. Paisley, an extremely talented and successful singer in his oeuvre, created the benefit, but he would neer be seen front and center in a London newspaper.

    However, this benefit is indeed, on the front page of newspapers all over the world because of Kidman.

    It’s obvious that Kidman moved to Nashville by circumstance, marrying a country singer and relocating to the area.

    But, this particular circumstance is a windfall. How many of you would know of this event if Kidman hadn’t attended. It certainly would not be on Jared or in USA Today.

    Now, instead of exemplifying behaviour your mother would abhor, donate ten dollars.

  • ronnie

    Thank you for helping Tennessee flood victims when other hollywood celebrities who helped Haiti and New Orleans didn’ t because this is a less known event.
    You show us how in front of tragedies there’s not any difference between the pain and sadness.


    Donations are still being collected at

    Also, texting the word “GAC” to 501501 gives $10 directly to the CFMT.

    Shame on JustJared for exploiting the celebrities photos for his own profit while NOT publishing instructions on how to donate!!!!!

  • Sam

    Shame on Hollywood for not having a national fund raiser. Lives and homes were lost in TN as well. What makes this different than any other natural catastrophic event?

  • shell

    I love how Jared writes an article talking about Nicole Kidman and the Nashville relief fund when the majority of the celebrities are country starts. Nashville is a country town and JJ instead talks about Nicole Kidman.

  • trish

    @shell: well this isn’t CNN, it’s a Celebrity Site, HellO!!!

  • Stan

    @gisele: Post your picture!!!

  • denise

    Her close friendship with Rupert Murdoch, tarnishes everything she every does.

    That man has been devastating to our political system, and our media. Using Fox and the rest of his media outlets to disrupt our political system, bash our president.

    That awful man is who Nicole is friends with.

  • Stan

    @Keltey: Yawwwwwwwwwn, Get a Life!!

  • An

    @arlene: English Plez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • away

    I thought Kidman was big buds with Clooney. When is the Hollywood telethon taking place?

  • ronnie

    you’re as awful as rupert murdoch if you prefer to write hateful comments instead helping your countrymen. you see? you could donate ten dollars in the 5 minute you used to write that stupid message.

  • troi


    Right, sure you did.

  • Grace


    And there we go with the jealous-haters! The first one to answer, by the way. Don’t complain if we call you obssessive!

  • Grace


    Well, have you ever won an Oscar? Or any prize whatsoever? People can be really funny! You may not like her, but your jealousy is making you sound stupid!

  • justwondering

    why Jen did not support her friends(Nicole & Sheryl) for this telethon? guess what? maybe because it’s not nationwide telethon that she cannot pimp herself on it. and brad was not there and the media has nothing to spin. plus she doesn’t have movie to promote. anyway, no one knows yet if she really donated the money that she promised during the Haiti telethon not until the IRS will show the record.

  • Zoe

    The Kidman haters/ Keith Urban fanatics are getting so desperate…
    Nicole is a fantastic woman: beautiful, talented, classy, generous, intelligent. Everything Truth, Gisele, Keltey (stop lying), Denise and the rest of the E! psychos are not and never will be. That’s why they constantly attack her. Posting something like ‘ugly witch’ makes them feel so good…Pathetic…

  • whocares

    It was a great event for a great cause. Kudos to Brad Paisley for organizing it, and to James Denton and Kimberly Williams for doing a wonderful job as hosts. I think they all deserve some recognition.

  • Zoe

    @Truth- “I worked with her”
    @Keltey- “her magazine covers (especially at the magazine where I worked) ”
    Do you really think people will believe you? You’ve been posting hateful things about Kidman for months and months. Stop your pathetic games and go back to Urban Myths and the E! boards.

  • Dell

    @Lizzie: “Keith and Nicole were responsible for a part of this.”

    This is the most ignorant statement made yet.

  • ii

    #24 You are so right about Kidman being friends with that Rupert Murdoch but what about her fans they think nobody can have an opinion but them

  • Matt

    She can’t act. She’s no Debra Winger.

  • An

    @ha: Angry bitch!! quit hating

  • An

    @Truth: Get What, that you’re an IDIOTTTT

  • say what?

    Love Keith and Nicole. Thanks to all the country stars who are helping out Nashville and the surrounding flood areas. People are ugly for showing such hate when these stars are trying to help their city and counties. (However, Rupert Murdoch is a pig, I agree.)

  • say what?

    PS …Brad Paisley, you rule.

  • Mattheus

    I agree with your opinion about Kate Winslet!!!

  • keira

    Nicole is so gorgeous.
    And I love what her do.

  • danny

    I love Nic and Keith, they are wonderful.

  • stoptheposterbashing


    and why don’t you go back to your putrid blog: “skewering-the-skeptics”?

    you’ve said NOTHING about the telethon or the tragedy of the floods; just spent your energy AGAIN just attacking people; as usual. is that what feeds you?? you are NO better than those you attack!

    good luck & prayers to those in need in Tennessee … sadly there will never be enough money to compensate all … Haiti is still mostly a tent city, now being drenched again by heavy rains …

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    I’m honestly confused about your comment. . By being advertised as performing on this show in advance, Keith’s fans were sure to watch and donate. The same is true of Brad’s, etc. To go further, those who spoke to Nicole were undoubtedly surprised and pleased also. When it became knowledge that she was taking calls, no doubt there were many more donations. That’s what I meant by the statement you found so troublesome. It’s a shame there are people who can’t understand ‘common decency’ anymore. Nicole could easily just have written a check, but she didn’t and more power to them both. They don’t have to take a back seat to anyone when it comes to donating both time and money to all the natural disasters this year.
    The publicity comment is absurd. This was on a small local network. That could be the reason more of the country stars decided to skip it.

  • kelly

    Keith did a very touching version of the Beattles’ HELP. Then he had the whole place rocking with Better Life. Nicole seemed so proud (as she should have been) standing side stage. They didn’t stay for the whole thing, but they definietly did their part to help out.

  • Simon


    Yes, maybe that’s why you’re unemployed now, wasting your time on the internet? Such a loser!

  • Ashlee

    She is lovely