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Hayden Christensen: Rachel Bilson is a Great Stylist

Hayden Christensen: Rachel Bilson is a Great Stylist

Rachel Bilson covers up in a pair of shades and fedora as she catches a departing flight out of LAX airport on Monday (May 17) in Los Angeles.

When her fiance Hayden Christensen was recently asked if he has a personal stylist, he told a Brazilian publication, “No, and I think I never will. But my fiancee [Rachel] is a great personal stylist, and she’s all mine! She loves to buy things for me.”

For video of Hayden playing soccer and pulling up his pants, visit!

FYI: Rachel is wearing an Autumn Cashmere French Sailor Boatneck Sweater and a Louis Vuitton “Antheia” bag.

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58 Responses to “Hayden Christensen: Rachel Bilson is a Great Stylist”

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  1. 26
    Nadia Says:

    pff she has no fashion sense what so ever.

  2. 27
    searlus Says:

    Manakin MUST be “seen & heard” these days coz he’s got this little cr@ppy looking movie to be shown very soon w/ a cast of cons if not c-lister co-stars. That’s all there is!

  3. 28
    brightside Says:

    Hahahaha – that’s good for a laugh! Well, at least he’s trying to project a relevant image for her…which is rather sweet! Unfortunately it’s let down a bit by having seen what he wears…hardly Hollywood’s poster boy for best dressed……
    and I thought gays had more style….;-)

  4. 29
    Dave Says:

    Hayden Christensen is such a letdown nowadays, just like Tom Cruise was back in 2008 with his own Scientology paranoia. No wonder why Hollywood producers tend to “screw” these kind of artists

  5. 30
    searlus Says:

    @ 15 – P. S. – And yeah she is his “great personal stylist”?!

    Lemme add some more to that LOL

  6. 31
    guest Says:

    @28 BRIGHTSIDE THE DEATH OF THREADS jealousy is just pouring out of you keep going and show rachel how jealous you are of her life and hayden she must be LHAO and im LMAO both of them must be LOL at you

  7. 32

    see what can happen to a person that becomes so sickly jealous of a gorgeous girl that never did anything to her she is sickly obsessed and needs help you can see from all her posts as other names and all her long stories and links shes so jealous of rb and hayden she cant stand it

  8. 33
    blue Says:

    LMAO at the translation. Otherwise, no comment. Well, except that the crazy is strong in this thread.

  9. 34
    crapshack Says:

    Going on vacation again?! Mediawhoooring is really that exhausting?!
    Anyways “Good Riddance” once again Crapchel and please make your absence in LA lasted for more than a week…. like a year or even a decade would be far more better as bet sure that nothing (significant)would have change; you’ll be the same ole & sic Crapchel as ever lol!

  10. 35
    brightside Says:

    I have a lot of chuckles over all the jealous comments…..I couldn’t be jealous of these two, they make me laugh too much. Almost as good as reading Cracked.

  11. 36
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Wow Arabian Nights were you up all night coming up with these fake names and comments!!! LOL! You’re as pathetic as Rachel.
    LMAO at this interview…Maybe that’s where Rachel’s PR people were -with HC helping him answer interview questions where he talks about her and her great sense of style and non-stop shopping. Guess that’s why she’s not seen at the airport with her entourage being mobbed by fans like she’s Justin Beiber!

  12. 37
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    BTW, JJ you can’t be so obvious. It’s very odd that HC is in Brazil for a charity event and yet they hardly ask about the charity – it’s mostly about his out of work actress girlfriend who’s almost an unknown??? Why not interview Rachel?? It’s not like she’s busy?? Probably b/c no one knows who she is in Giselle’s home!

  13. 38
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    LMAO at that high-school-like interview that sounded like Justine Bieber or Taylor Lautner who’s talking about cliche-ish & mushy stuff. I think it’s the very 1st time that I’ve heard H. Cringetensen endearingly talking (?!) about his R. Barkson fiancé but then it was translated (and that’s where the “major humor” would immediately sets in). Isn’t it that even English interviews needed to be re-phrase / re-word for a better feedback, how much more if it’s done “not” in a universal language?! Looking for accuracy on that – don’t even bother…

  14. 39
    lisa Says:

    Why are you so obsessed with Hayden and Rachel? Jesus…

  15. 40
    Reesie Says:

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Hayden was not in Brazil for a charity event. He went for a visit to the children’s foundation with Michel Lacoste because Lacoste supports the organization and I guess he thought the children would love to see Darth Vader and they clearly did. Hayden came to attend a Lacoste fashion show as guest of honor and because Lacoste is opening a new business.

  16. 41
    Ressie is a Fool Says:

    Ressie he was a guest of Michael LaCoste and went to a fashion event because he is supposed to be pushing the Challenge perfume line. It isn’t a new fashion line and it isn’t a new business. I have no idea what happened to Andy Roddick but whatever. The visiting of Michael’s charity was a side trip not a major event. He thought it would please the kids but the video shows that Hayden is in terrible physical shape. He played for a few minutes and he lost his belt, his pants came down, and he was sweating like a warthog. The kids didn’t look impressed with that. Also he has the drug addict thinness and in the interview he just said the first crap that came into his head like he always does. He’s been babbling about Rachel for over a year now at interview and his behavior towards her hasn’t changed one bit: still seldom together, he still can hardly bear to touch her in public, always walking ahead or behind her, often looks like he’s ashamed of her. When he does touch her he looks guilty or like it’s something to be endured because he has to do it. Have to say, Rachel, he’s either Not All That Into You or he is a guy with serious emotional problems and some heavy duty addictions. And his name means Terrible Actor in every part of the world where Star Wars has been seen by anyone over the age of 10. The two of them are perfectly matched.

  17. 42
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Whatever his reason for being in Brazil – why isn’t he promoting it…charity or Lacoste or both?? Why not talk about his upcoming movie? His movies need all the help they can get!

  18. 43
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Whatever his reason for being in Brazil – why isn’t he promoting it…charity or Lacoste or both?? Why not talk about his upcoming movie? His movies need all the help they can get!

  19. 44
    sarah Says:

    Rachel looks cute, I like her jeans. Great video of Hayden playing soccer with the kids, he finally took his sweater off, it was so hot with it on, I’m sure. There are pictures of him from the Challenge posters and promo pictures that were on display at the fashion show, he did promote Challenge. There was also a new Lacoste store that opened up while he was there, as well. He did more that one interview while he was in Brazil.

  20. 45
    sterling Says:

    If Haydent’s is totally cant “wait to get married”, he should be married by now or six months after or till even a year after his supposed engagement news w/ Midge(t). But present reality genuinely speaks for itself. He’s totally “bluffing” about said interview. Poor gullible fans of his who would bite of his cheezy lovelines this time around when an upcoming film of his is about to be shown this summer.

  21. 46
    jolene Says:

    hayden is absolutely cute!!! I wish I was with him!!! lol

  22. 47
    ATLqueen Says:

    There are actresses out there who are Emmy nominees and winners. There are actresses who are actresses that stay put. They don’t get nominated for anything yet get recognized. Then you have those who have those who just show up from time to time with pretty faces. RB is the last. You can’t really place her in the same category as the others. She hardly has a resume for acting. She’s mostly recognized for her character Summer and that’s just the way it is. The girl isn’t over rated. If she was she would be all over the TV like Beyonce’ and Jessica Alba. THAT is overrated. You don’t see her unless you’re looking for her. We get it. You don’t think she’s a great actress. She isn’t up there with the big dogs. She doesn’t make movies like that either. But she hangs out in front of the camera occasionally. No one (just like you) gives her any credit for her acting. What are you b*tching about? If she isn’t all that than why so much fuss?
    -In case you didn’t get it before.

  23. 48

    @Guest and 32. Or, Dumb and dumber using different multiple names again.
    For the record…Who is going to be jealous of Rachel?? Khloe Kardasian I can see. She is married to Lamar whom makes pants loads of more money then Hayden. Plus, Khloe has admitted she is a media wh*re. She does have her reality show though. Does Bilson? Besides, Lamar is loving towards her and the Kardasians are beautiful woman. Even the momma Kardasian. Rachel has a dull wooden b/f and it shows in his acting. Plus, he looks like he stepped out of the garbage can. Rachel also has an ugly mamma. You guess what she is going to look like when she gets older. LOL! I would not want Rachel’s life ever. But, then again. Why did I bother?

    Because, Why does Rachel get this attention for not being anything really? Just riding on the coattails on Hayden is all she is doing. I guess some don’t find her popularity even relevant to make the threads all the time. If you want to worship your majesty? Then, go on and be my guest. But, it is stupid to trash PPL that have a negative opinion on her. This is not a fan board and perhaps the fans like ATLqueen should go back to her beloved!

  24. 49


  25. 50
    ATLqueen Says:

    This isn’t a f*cking ‘I hate Rachel Bilson’ thread either last time I checked. I trashed no one. I’m simply trying to figure out what the big f*cking deal is little girl. The only way anyone would know that I visit DH. Net is if they visit it themselves. I go where I please and say what I want. There is no one on this board that can or will stop me. Try it. I dare you. You won’t win. You’re mad cause I’m right and you know it. You probably come here just to look for RB just because you’re obsessed with her. I don’t even think it’s about jealousy or Hayden anymore. You are just obsessed with her. And just because Khloe admitted to being a fame ***** doesn’t make her any better than Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton (actual fame wh0res). It’s all bad and annoying no matter who admits to being one or not. What you do is pick and f*cking chose which fame ***** you want to like which is hypocritical. If you are gonna hate one person for being a fame ***** hate them all. Otherwise, you just come off looking really, oh I don’t know, jealous that RB has HC. What other reason why would you bring up Khloe’s relationship to her hubby and compare it to RB and HC’s and tell me to go back to the same sight you saw me on. Get your sh!t together before you came at like that again.

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