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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth enjoys lunch with her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, and a few friends at Medborgarplatsen Square’s Kvarnen Cafe in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Monday afternoon (May 17).

Kate, 27, has been meeting all of Alex‘s pals. “They spent the whole weekend hand-in-hand and Alex seemed very excited about showing Kate around his hometown,” an eyewitness tells People. “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

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350 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts”

  1. 1
    Oopsila Says:

    Seriously, does he only own one t-shirt?

  2. 2
    incognito Says:

    Nice try, but it’s clearly a showmance.

  3. 3
    irish Says:

    Wow what a cozy, private holiday they are on….that’s why we are learning every detail! “everyone SEEMED to love Kate”
    Do you think KB just sits there and smiles while AS’s friends insult her in Swedish?

  4. 4
    me me me Says:

    i think they’re for real. good-looking couple.

  5. 5
    twisted Says:

    That girl is going bald.

  6. 6
    pr guy Says:

    I thought they were a couple but now that I see the American press is covering this, it smacks of a pr stunt.

  7. 7
    Hot Brothers Says:

    That is his brother Gustaf in his favorite camouflage hat and black wife beater. He is the same height as Alex. I wish he would have looked at the camera for a clearer shot of his face. He’s a cutie.

  8. 8
    lovely Says:

    They’re a beautiful couple. Hope they’re enjoying their visit.

  9. 9
    oasis Says:

    I read on several fan sites that they were spotting sitting around and speaking Swedish in front of her. Doesn’t sound like a way to treat an alleged girlfriend.

  10. 10
    nicole Says:

    Childish PR stunt.. Not even a good one! Who cares…moving on. Where is Sam Worthington. Maybe thew will get married and have five ugly kids but they will both still be losers.

  11. 11
    ha! Says:

    @me me me: Looks like another name co-opted by Jam/Hans.

  12. 12
    irish Says:

    Uh oh, I think you just validated my nasty(sorry) comment above!

  13. 13
    Winter Says:

    I didn’t believe the publicity claims either but they’ve been covered so extensively since they arrived that I’m beginning to think we’re being sold a bag of bs. They don’t seem to have much chemistry too.

  14. 14
    sucks Says:

    there was a time i found him new and interesting, his look etc. but now..

  15. 15
    Mary Says:

    Dear Kate, Please encourage Alex to buy some new shirts…preferably in colors. Much Appreciation, His Fans. =)

  16. 16
    sixx Says:

    He’s a good looking guy but he needs to take a bath.

  17. 17
    kaching$ Says:

    I think he flew into Sweden for the weekend and she tagged along. They keep saying he introduced her to his folks but his dad was photographed in Cannes the whole time. Can’t be in two places at once, right?

  18. 18
    Becky Says:

    @oasis: For point-counterpoint. I also read on several sites that they all spoke English in front of her to make her feel welcome.

  19. 19
    whatever Kate and Alex Says:

    yada yada yada, this is so overkill, dang, JJ, you make us not to want like him or her, everyday, the same crap!! Okay we get that they are in love or lust, really who cares, any longer? Can we really have people who are relevent on here? This has turned me off big time…

    No one is jealous, either, KB lovers, its just killjoy, every week its Kate and Alex, or Kate at a fashion soiree, we get it!!!

    What strikes me as weird about this whole mess, is that neither is a ABC lister, lets try D-Z? Okay? Not everyone knows who they are!

    Bye JJ, you have lost another web reader, I will be back when your love affair with KB and Alex ends.

  20. 20
    ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!! Says:

    JJ, please stop posting these yahoos’ pictures every 5 seconds!!! How is it that this site seems to ge all the new pictures posted before any others? Did they pay for your plane ticket too? Ok. We get it. They are together. But there is such a thing as overexposure. Give us a break! How about a post concerning other True Blood cast members? Anna & Stephen, Ryan, heck even Nelson. Anything other than these clowns.

  21. 21
    Sarah Says:

    @kaching$: He introduced her to his Dad several weeks ago while Stellan was in the US. Alex’s siblings and Mother are currently in Sweden.

  22. 22
    meiko Says:

    @Mary: Bosworth should not be giving anyone style advice. When she’s not on the red carpet, she looks like a crack addict. She needs to buy a new shirt too.

  23. 23
    Twilight Says:

    @Becky: I read that too but only in one publication. Several people who claimed to have met them said they were speaking Swedish and she was just sitting there looking left out.

  24. 24
    whatever Says:

    @Sarah: She met his dad years ago. She doesn’t need to be introduced to him. No reports of her meeting mother My. The newspapers are just assuming he’s introducing her to his parents because they live in Sweden.

    Looks like he flew in to spend some time with his pals.

  25. 25
    always Says:

    He took his fuc.k. bu.ddy to Sweden.

  26. 26
    San Says:

    WHERE IS BILL?hahahahahahah!!!!

  27. 27
    i heart that Says:

    @Twilight: Thanks. I heard the same thing from a friend who got his autograph. Said he was super nice and looked like he was having fun chatting with his Swedish friends. There’s a difference between reading a story in People (which is spun by publicists) vs. hearing accounts from someone who was really there.

  28. 28
    Comeon Says:

    Oh please this is like a very poorly written soap opera it’s so bad it’s funny or it would be if AS wasn’t appearing such a total a**e. Yes, Alex is hot, but not as smokin as he has appeared in the past. Moving on cos I can’t watch this charade any more. Such a waste.

  29. 29
    mememe Says:


    no – actually it is not Hans/whoever. And besides – my sign-up name is all one word. Someone just copied it. I don’t have enough passion in me regarding the Skarsgård/Bosworth arrangement to post lots of messages under different names – either for or against them as a couple. I post, say my piece and respond to those who respond to me. I’m not on a vendetta. This is why i think JJ should have registered usernames. It’s so unfair to be accused of being a fake / troll and not being able to prove otherwise.

    In regards to the photos in Stockholm – i don’t understand the mechanics of PR-firms so i honestly don’t know if they are tipping off papparrazzi or not. But this particular set of photos is obviously from someone’s cell phone or something, judging by the quality. So they can’t be blamed for this one anyway.

    And thank you Kate for wearing such a short skirt that the entire world can be your gynaecologist. Classy.

  30. 30
    spicylily, Thailand Says:

    I don’t understand this PR stunt ? JJ
    Why there are so much of them here and there ?

    I couldn’t remember any Kate Bosworth movies lately, not at all.
    Yes, Alex is cool in True Blood and he is HOT but the more I see him
    with Kate, the less I like him.

    Kate Bosworth is more wellknown in dating than acting.
    Don’t see anything special in her at all.

  31. 31
    AMAZING Says:

    Lois Lame and Stupidman.

  32. 32
    WTF Says:

    Dude. Seriously, buy some new clothes! You have the money. Just another pair of pants & shoes and a clean t-shirt will suffice. While you’re at it, take a shower and shave. You look almost as bad as your hobgoblin famewhore. BTW, my 12 year old neice has that same mini skirt.

  33. 33
    JM Says:

    @ Amazing, LOL! You are so right. Thanks. I needed a good laugh to get me through the day.

  34. 34
    nicole Says:

    @Amazing Hahahahahahaha……that is the best I have heared so far. Second to that was Bimbo and Mimbo.

  35. 35
    Not true Says:

    @Becky: Someone (on another forum) who met him and took pics with him said that when she apporached the table (at this same lunch) they were all speaking swedish and she looked very uncomfortable and out of place.

  36. 36
    NO Says:

    @Sarah: Actually KB met the entire Skarsgard clan in 2005/2006 over New Years when she was still dating OB. She has already met the family except for Stellan’s new wife and son so this whole AS is taking KB home to meet the parents is BS when she has already met them 5 years ago!

  37. 37
    Poshgurl Says:

    In beautiful Sweden with a beautiful man on a beautiful…sigh!

  38. 38
    Raven Says:

    These 2 hobos AGAIN? This is looking more and more like a PR stunt that’s gone wrong. Go away!

  39. 39
    Jam Says:

    So when are the babies coming?

  40. 40
    CINDY C. Says:


  41. 41
    vanessa Says:

    @irish: You are in serious denial. They could get married or release a sex tape and you’d still be crowing that it’s a showmance. You wish.

  42. 42
    Josh Says:

    He’s seeing a brunette in Los Angeles. Do they all live together?
    Must be an open relationship.

  43. 43
    Jam Says:


    Yeah and hes dating a black guy too…

  44. 44
    to #43 Says:

    Josh, why do you think this?

  45. 45
    AMAZING Says:


    Isn’t strange that they would act so naturally if some stranger were shooting them with a cellphone? So none of his friend’s could have used their cell phones and taken such perfectly in frame and clear “real” pictures and “released” them to the tabloids/blogs.

  46. 46
    Crittle Says:

    Awwww, matching shirts, thats a sign of true love right there. But seriously, you would think since three people claim Kate has iconic style or whatever that her she would help her beau out in the fashion department

  47. 47
    linx Says:

    @Jam: If Skarsgard’s bisexual, maybe. There’s been rumors of a black Swedish boyfriend for years.

  48. 48
    ha! Says:

    @mememe: No, I meant there’s a troll on here named hans who steals other people’s names or uses similar names to trick posters into thinking he’s that person. I’ve seen your posts and he seemed to be impersonating you today.

  49. 49
    mememe Says:


    Come on think about it – think about the last time you were out at a restaurant or cafe or whatever with a bunch of friends. Are you always 100% aware of what other people are doing around you? It is perfectly possible that someone who was sitting at a table next to them just subtly took these while they pretended to be playing around with their iPhone or whatever. Paparrazzi tend to have hi-tech cameras which take much better quality photos than this.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not defending them. But there’s no point in being cynical all the time.

    On a related note – are any of you active on Because apparently his popularity there is actually up by 12% which is weird considering how most of the comments i read are increasingly negative about him. Who decides that populairty-number? Do people vote on or something? Sorry for sounding stupid, but how does it work?

  50. 50
    irish Says:

    Gee Vanessa have you read the majority of the posts? WE ARE ALL IN DENIAL, AND “WE ALL WISH”

  51. 51
    shadow Says:

    All of his outing seem to be group ones. He did the same thing with Wood and was only dating her for a month. Even let her fly across the U.S. to visit him on a film set. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is not serious and he’s seeing other women like some have said. He did the same thing to Wood. At least she had a career to fall back on.

  52. 52
    Jam Says:


    Dont forget the Asian chick…

  53. 53
    lemo Says:

    My hang out! Yaaay! The guy in the green military hat is his younger brother Gustaf Skarsgård! :D

  54. 54
    GPS Says:

    Just who are these people? Anyway, the paps must have been quite successful at attaching some kind of tracking devices to the rear ends of those two, because there´s no other explanation for their pictures popping up at such an alarming frequency on JJ!

  55. 55
    SHO Says:

    @mememe: Popularity there is based on people visiting his page that week. They don’t have to be fans. He’s gotten a tremendous amount of press recently. It’s been a non-stop pr tour since Coachella. He goes up big one week and then falls down the next. A 12 percent increase is not that big considering all the coverage he’s gotten since last week. He’ll probably get a bigger boost for the next week or so from the fallout of all this press and then drop by the same amount.

  56. 56
    Oopsila Says:

    You know I read something not long ago where Alex was banging on about liking ‘natural’ looking girls. I guess in Swedish ‘natural’ translates to ‘rough as a badgers arm pit’ then.

  57. 57
    Oopsila Says:

    @CINDY C.:

    for the record, he’s been wearing that t-shirt since about 2008

  58. 58
    AMAZING Says:

    Why isn’t he ever seen with KB’s friends except for that blond woman she’s usually with ? Does she have a world without a man? Does she have a life without one? Last year it seemed she went from James Rousseau, followed by Ryan Kavanaugh( very intimate hand holding for on JJ) , which may or may not have been while Rousseau was in play. That was followed by The Chris Martin whatever, then Alex. COME UP FOR AIR WOMAN!!! DO SOME YOGA< TAKE A COLLEGE COURSE< LEARN TO ACT…SOMETHING!!! REST YOURSELF!!!,She seems like the type of woman who becomes whatever a man wishes. Desperate and sad. She looks atrocious btw, in fact they both do. Love is supposed to make you look glowing , not greazy.

  59. 59
    WTF Says:

    @ Oopsila,
    There is nothing natural about Skanksworth’s hair.

  60. 60
    OK Says:


    HAHAHA this is very funny. really. hahaha XD
    they look stupid. I used to adore Alex. but this is wayyyyy too much. The fact that he has a GF is a little sad for us femalefans , but i’d be happy for him! But the fact KB is THAT GF ….sorry it makes me wanna puke.

  61. 61
    Sugar Says:

    Bottom line – You just don’t take a casual fling home to meet your closest friends and family especially not all the way to Europe. It doesn’t matter if she may have met some of them before, she wasn’t his girlfriend then.

    Is there some PR stuff going on – Yes! I expect to see something of a splash monthly. (plus that Ted Cassablanca is wrong a lot so take his comments with a grain of salt.)

    All of this jealousy, (which I was a part of as well) is just so counterproductive. it doesn’t even matter who they were with in the past male or female. It’s going forward now. They are a couple, get over it.

  62. 62
    Kim Says:

    @Sugar: I don’t see his appeal and there is nothing to be jealous of here. I agree he may just be visiting his friends and the Swedish papers are spinning this as a family visit. She actually knows his parents from when his dad was making Pirates with her then-boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

    Many would say you don’t fly a casual fling to visit you on a movie set and spend the weekend with him, but he did it with Evan Rachel Wood. I remember seeing photos of her with him in Shreveport. This guy seems more casual than American men.

  63. 63
    mememe Says:

    Thanks SHO, for explaining =)

    One question about the whole Stellan thing. Are you people sure he has met Kate before? He was only in the last 2 Pirates of the Carribbean movies – were Kate and Orlando still together by then?

  64. 64
    Oopsila Says:


    Okay one more time for the hearing impaired: we are not all jealous!

    Do I think Alex is a good actor? Yes!
    Do I think he’s hot? Yes! (when he’s not wearing the same clothes for three weeks straight)
    Do I understand the KB thing? No!
    But you know what’s really decided it for me? Seeing how he treats the person he’s choosing to hang out with.
    Regardless of how deep their relationship does or doesn’t run, he’s choosing to be around her, and as recently as last week he was still loathed to even be caught in the same camera frame as her. I’m no fan of KB, but he actually comes off worse, and I’m not alone in thinking that. He’s lost a lot of fans and it’s not because of who he’s dating, it’s because of how he’s behaving.
    Personally I think from his side this is just him trying to salvage something too little too late, and as usual, KB’s just happy to have the attention and utterly oblivious to the bigger picture.

  65. 65
    AMAZING Says:


    There’s nothing to get over. KB dates whatever that is available or keeps her in the spotlight. The point I was making is that Alex was just next in line for KB, nothing more. She is never without a man , she is not someone that seems very choosy, beyond money, looks and fame. I hope Alex feels very special. I’ve taken friends across country and overseas to meet my family and friends ….so what? Read about Swedes and their relationships, they don’t s consider meeting the family as a big event as we do here in the US. I’m glad his friends and family can see her in the flesh, instead of photoshopped pictures from years ago. I’m glad they were able to experience her “wit and intelligence” in person. The Swedish women must be devastated and are now eaten by jealousy of her “beauty” and 12 year old body

  66. 66
    burnt bacon Says:

    “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

    Well of COURSE they did, silly! That’s one of the primary traits of a Mary Sue: everyone in the story just adores her. The *readers,* however, are driven to hurling projectiles at the computer screen to make her go away.
    Now Jared, remember, next time you write about her, you have to give her a few magical powers and a really cool weapon like a Keyblade or something. And a Hot Topic or Disney Princess wardrobe. And have her save the day repeatedly with her super awesomeness. And give her a name like Lillianna Gabrielle Moonshower Sparkles Raven McPifflypoof. And have Harry Potter fall in love with her and challenge AS to a duel to win her favor. C’mon, dude, what the h*ll kind of Suethor leaves out THOSE details?

  67. 67
    Fishy Says:

    This is ridiculous, is that what JJ is passing for a romantic outing? I’ve had more fun with casual acquaintances. Can she look more out of it, or him, or everybody for that matter?
    Is that her on the 2nd pic? Can’t see well. If that’s her, just wow. It seems her but the T-shirt sleeves seem shorter, so I’m not sure. Any 2nd opinion?

  68. 68
    Fishy Says:

    NVM, it’s not, but wow, talk about dressing alike.

  69. 69
    AMAZING Says:

    BTW, before you make more negative fangirl hatred comments, they have put themselves here on JJ and know what the deal is. It’s sad that Alex is known as KB’s boyfriend , instead of the other way around, since he is more relevant than she has been for awhile. The KB/AS show is like watching a train wreck, you just can’t look away.

  70. 70
    Fishy Says:


    Oh, I agree, why the hell is his even mentioned as KB and her boyfriend instead of the other way around. As I said before, I hope he enjoys being Mr.Bosworth.

  71. 71
    Yes Says:

    @mememe: Alex mentioned it during the filming of Straw Dogs that he had met KB when she visited the family during new years 05/06 with Orlando Bloom.

  72. 72
    Am I seeing correctly? Says:

    The second picture where Alex is talking to his friend, it looks like she’s not even sitting at the same table. I once heard an interview where he proudly stated he doesn’t have an entourage. He doesn’t need one. He has his friends surround him everywhere he goes. Does someone take him to the bathroom too?

  73. 73
    OK Says:

    They’re a beautiful couple and seem very happy. I think that’s wonderful! There’s too much negativity at this site. Perhaps it’s time for some of you to get off your computers and go out and have some fun!

  74. 74
    Liv Says:

    Since when are there papparazi in Sweden? Someone’s PR firm is pulling those strings, I guess.

  75. 75
    donnaflopp Says:

    JJ, all of a sudden you don’t inform about what Skankworth are wearing? What’s that all about? Didn’t you get the PR package of Monday?

    There simply are no paparazzi’s here in Sweden. Not like this!That is why I smell phony all over my neighbourhood. Seeing them at all the busiest places, trying too hard to get noticed.

  76. 76
    Thank you Says:

    @Oopsila: I think this sums it up for most people about this situation!

  77. 77
    Fishy Says:


    Oh and that other girl who also looks a lot like KB is also wearing matching shirts, and hair and glasses. So I guess that’s a threesome?

  78. 78
    Sugar Says:

    @Kim: Shreveport isn’t home to Sweden.

  79. 79
    PR Stunt not working Says:

    Ok I think we can all call this PR stunt an epic fail. The majority of the posts on here for the last 2 articles from Sweden have definitely not been favorable to AS. So AS fire your new PR Rep and ask for a refund because what she’s trying to get you both to sell NO ONE is buying not even your fellow countrymen. Next time don’t make it so obvious then people might believe it.

  80. 80
    LisM Says:

    ‘Everybody loved her’ ? No one was paying any attention to her at all!! Very sad!!

  81. 81
    Juno Says:

    @Sugar: I don’t think that’s the point. AS didn’t have time to fly a gf/fling/fb/fwb/whatever anyone wants to call it with him to Sweden then and take her on a tour of his home. Agree that both actions (Shreveport, Sweden) would be considered serious by Americans but in the case with ERW, it’s obvious they weren’t serious. They had barely started dating if they were really dating at all. So, maybe this man is more low key than people are in the States and doesn’t consider the stuff Americans consider super serious as such.

  82. 82
    Raven Says:

    Amazing and Burnt Bacon, you folks iz crackin me up! Love all the comedic fodder those 2 wannabes are providing us.

  83. 83
    LisM Says:

    ‘Everybody loved her’?? No one was paying any attention to her! It seemed like they knew she was just one of his many useless girlfriends. Sad, sad, sad!!

  84. 84
    Seemstome Says:

    Isn’t AS a big star in Sweden? If he returns home with a girlfriend on his arm (especially someone famous), wouldn’t that be newsworthy and they’d be anxious to get photos of them? Someone said many of the photos look like they were taken with cell phones and I agree. Paps might not be commonplace in Sweden and K & A probably thought they’d have more privacy. They didn’t realize the media would be willing to purchase second rate photos. $hit, they probably didn’t know they were being photographed half the time (through restaurant windows, etc.). I feel badly for them. I’d hate to live in a fishbowl.

  85. 85
    Buttercup Says:

    Her people should add this trip to Kate’s IMDB filmography.

  86. 86
    Fishy Says:


    In Europe, with such small countries everywhere, meeting the family is hardly the big deal that it is for Americans, people live hours apart by car, if thatusually. Here (in Europe, I don’t live in Sweden) we meet usually them WAY before any potential marriage. Future inlaws meeting each other? Another story, but parents meeting someone you’re dating is absolutely commonplace.

  87. 87
    Crittle Says:

    @Fishy: Must be, either that or they’ve decided to form some sort of cult. You never know with these celebs

  88. 88
    Risie Says:

    Best comment ever.

  89. 89
    JM Says:

    @ Seemstome,

    I’ve cross referenced the Swedish articles of this PR fiasco, thank you Google translation. Very few Swedes even commented and the ones who did were not impressed. Know why? THEY DON’T CARE!! JJ seems to be the only photogs following this trainwreck, entertaining as it may be to us nutty Americans who can’t help but watch.

  90. 90
    @Seemstome Says:

    I don’t know if AS is considered a big star in Sweden but most poeple in Sweden know nothing of KB. KB is NOT someone famous. The paps follwoing them are following them 24/7 and documenting everything they do which is very unusual in Sweden. If you read the comments under the articles in the Swedish papers no one understands why they are getting all of this coverage for what was supposed to be a “secret private vacation”. They are getting more coverage there than they have ever or will ever receive here.

  91. 91
    :| Says:

    You people here are in serious denial and crazy too.
    Alex and Kate are a couple and in love.
    Deal with it.

  92. 92
    abby Says:

    Just my two cents – Looks like KB got invited to a sausage fest. I’m not in denial, but it still looks to me like they could be just really good friends. She seems touch-feely with everyone in photographs not just him.

    My opinion on delay of Straw Dogs is maybe they are holding off until AS has another season of True Blood under his belt for more draw at the box office. Not exactly a star-studded cast they got going there.

  93. 93
    Jam Says:

    @PR Stunt not working:

    Well duh, fangirls are in rage mode…

  94. 94
    josefin Says:

    Oh there are a few of those kind of photographers even in Sweden. They’ve been very busy lately taking sneaky pictures of the Swedish prince Carl Philip and his new ****** nude model girlfriend.

  95. 95
    irish Says:

    hmmmm..maybe they are eloping and are having the experience filmed for their memory box:)

  96. 96
    Louboutin Lover Says:

    LOL! It’s so funny to see that everyone here who says/thinks the relationship is real gets lots of thumbs down and everyone who thinks the relationship is fake gets lots of thumps up.

  97. 97
    hmmm Says:

    @Louboutin Lover: It’s the old Jealous fan thing rearing it’s ugly face. These chicks want Alexander and they are jealous of Kate. Too funny.

  98. 98
    @Louboutin Lover Says:

    No one is saying they are not in some type of relationship. It’s their behavior that is disturbing to most people.

  99. 99
    donnaflopp Says:

    @85 Seemstome:
    Alexander is not a big star here. But now he returns acting as a bigger-than-life-because-I-made-it-in-Hollywood. Pathetic is what I call it. He is on American TV, not the silver screen and I doubt it very much that he will be a hit at the box office. His biggest success here in Sweden to this day still is “The Dog Trick” and that was quite a few years ago.

    His Dad on the other hand is a big STAR in Sweden and still he never gets this much attention.

  100. 100
    @hmmm Says:

    No one is jealous of KB and if AS can only spend time with me in Sweden but ignore me everywhere else no one wants to be her either

  101. 101
    sweet Says:

    Anyone who complains about Kate’s looks should take a look at this girl:
    She’s one of Alex’s ex-girlfriends. Can you say fugly???

  102. 102
    Ginger Says:

    What gets me about this whole show-mance is the way these pieces are obviously written by their PR person. It sounds like the stuff written for wedding announcements in the local paper.
    The only thing missing is the soundtrack and these two breaking out into song and dance about their fantastic love for one another.
    I’m done with these two BUT so many of you are making me laugh, I’m going to have to check back tomorrow for the great responses. You know there will be more of their “romantic trip to Sweden” photographed!

  103. 103
    Fishy Says:


    That’s what a Swedish male friend of mine told me as well, I mentioned the surname and he said Stellan was big there, no mention of Alex at all. I told him sonny boy was in the series (I was trying to goad him in, no go). He mentioned a few of his Swedish movies, and that was that.

  104. 104
    nicole Says:

    This is hilarious!! No one wants Alex for themselves we are normal people who celebrity watch. The reason so many people really like Alex in the beginning was b/c he seemed normal but obviously that has changed and he will most likely never go back to being the genuine non-fake person he once was. Sad but I do feel like fame went to his head and Kate has feed him a lot of her BS slant on hollywood. They both want desperately to be a part of a power couple in hwood but they don’t have the acting chops to pull it off. He will probably marry this lame **** and good for him. He is MORE pathetic than she is now b/c he let her change him for the worse. I think he is really trying to stay huge in Sweden so that is why there is so much coverage. That is really the only place he is getting movie roles so he wants to build his hype up. This trip and all the coverage is feeding his ego and he is showing off big time. Not a fan of his anymore at all. Kate is just so lame there are no words for her. She is literally looking at the paps in alot of the pics. But Alex is the major disappointment. He is losing lots of fans and now he is trying his hand at charities to make himself more likable. Yeah, only Brad and Angelina can pull that off successfully. They actually give money. Alex thinks his a** is so great that he should only give a Tshirt and he has done something wonderful. Please keep your Tshirt and your ***** ho and move back to Sweden where you are getting all this lovely b/s coverage.

  105. 105
    nicole Says:

    This is hilarious!! No one wants Alex for themselves we are normal people who celebrity watch. The reason so many people really like Alex in the beginning was b/c he seemed normal but obviously that has changed and he will most likely never go back to being the genuine non-fake person he once was. Sad but I do feel like fame went to his head and Kate has feed him a lot of her BS slant on hollywood. They both want desperately to be a part of a power couple in hwood but they don’t have the acting chops to pull it off. He will probably marry this lame **** and good for him. He is MORE pathetic than she is now b/c he let her change him for the worse. I think he is really trying to stay huge in Sweden so that is why there is so much coverage. That is really the only place he is getting movie roles so he wants to build his hype up. This trip and all the coverage is feeding his ego and he is showing off big time. Not a fan of his anymore at all. Kate is just so lame there are no words for her. She is literally looking at the paps in alot of the pics. But Alex is the major disappointment. He is losing lots of fans and now he is trying his hand at charities to make himself more likable. Yeah, only Brad and Angelina can pull that off successfully. They actually give money. Alex thinks his a** is so great that he should only give a Tshirt and he has done something wonderful. Please keep your Tshirt and your ***** ho and move back to Sweden where you are getting all this lovely b/s coverage.

  106. 106
    Tanja Says:

    Kajsa Mellgren??!! Åh fy :(

  107. 107
    I have no talents I'm french Says:

    I’m so sick and tired, all the comments thinking they’re so marvelous hide behind the fact people are in denial, and people are also fat ugly stupid fangirls that desperately want him to still be the one…(my sentence is ironic, because of course i don’t believe a word about the stereotype of a fangirl even though i’m not one myself).

    ON THE CONTRARY, we don’t deny this relationship(he seemed too happy to show around that he finally got a girl), we don’t want to deny, actually we’re pretty happy to see how big his head got huge and how shallow the guy was before he really got famous.

    Other thing, all the nice comments are from their people to make them believe there are still fans out there…and that other one will show up thinking they shouldn’t be ashamed of this, because they’re not alone..
    The very nice messages on the fanboard sites are from girls thinking as kb is not serious, they still have a chance, and you’re wrong: you ‘ll find better.

    plus I admire KB because she still likes him even though he doesn’t wash, because for me don’t even think to get closer if you don’t wash your hand whenever you got the occasion…and I’m french..

    oh and please don’t tell me he’ll be a part in the millenium movie, he is not michael nyqvist who is a FANTASTIC ACTOR.

    But on the contrary I think KB could totally play harriet the victim in millenium 1, as she learnt how to play hard scenes in straw dog…too bad she would still be alive at the end of the movie.(yes i’m spoiling!)

    My guess they’ll get married and have children soon. PR probably are working on it….

    oh and I’m so shocked JJ put some really nice anna paquin’s pic taken a few days ago just now and that he put AS/KB pictures from today just today…argh…

  108. 108
    JM Says:

    @ Ginger,
    I’m with you Sister! Everyone’s comments especially Amazing & Burnt Bacon’s have kept me in stiches.

  109. 109
    Crittle Says:

    Kate should go on DWTS, that’ll put her in the spotlight, and maybe she’ll get some more work. Maybe her own reality show, can’t imagine what it’d be about though

  110. 110
    Oopsila Says:

    @I have no talents I’m french:

    LMFAO excellent

  111. 111
    Tanja Says:

    Maybe it’s just me but the way Kates face and head looks she reminds me of a fetus.

  112. 112
    Melody_Moon Says:

    I just have one question about these two : WHY DON’T THEY KISS? EVER???!!! How is that possible in a couple. I mean…soooo many photos and still not even one tiny kiss…I don’t get it.

  113. 113
    I have no talents I'm french Says:

    Thank you, I like your essays too.

  114. 114
    This is a real couple. Says:

  115. 115
    burnt bacon Says:

    “Ur jus’ jellus” should totally be the new Godwin’s Law.

  116. 116
    mimi Says:

    if he knew her for about 4-5 years, how pathetic that makes him to think he probably was in love with her for 4-5 years ? just wondering…maybe that’s why he’s so proud to show around his new toy…

  117. 117
    irish Says:

    im sure their pr person is reading this and will order them to do so soon!

  118. 118
    miss m Says:

    Ummm….am I missing something? Why do you think he’s been in love with her for 4-5 years???

  119. 119
    Ugh. Says:

    He doesn’t NEED to be excited to “show her around” because she’s been there before and met his family.

  120. 120
    mimi Says:

    But don’t forget MANY saw them kiss, including the ones writting the articles and taking the pictures….
    A sex tape, would have a better impact, but they’re considering the fact JJ doesn’t want to shock young readers….they want to make it classy…like THEM

  121. 121
    Cheech & Chong Says:

    Really, I’m here because I’m having fun not because of the comments greeting the happy couple. Ha, ha, ha.
    I’ts a big snowball and i’ts going to rolls back towards K&A.

  122. 122
    Jam Says:

    @This is a real couple.:

    looks like father daughter out for a walk…

  123. 123
    JM Says:

    @ Cheech & Chong

    Pass that when you’re done :P

  124. 124
    Cheech & Chong Says:

    Kate gave me, ask her.

  125. 125
    Tomato :) Says:

    So I hear Katie loves Brazilian waxings. I wonder if she makes ASkars go all bald down there too…. ;)

  126. 126
    mimi Says:

    @miss m:

    Because SHE just can’t be forgotten, LOL !

  127. 127
    Cheech & Chong Says:

    …and i’ts a good stuff, you can’t stop smiling like a fool.

  128. 128
    omg Says:


    Awesome post. Laugh out loud funny.

  129. 129
    Tomato :) Says:

    Yes, you’re right! I think it has to do with her forehead.

  130. 130
    his is a real couple. Says:

    @Jam: What exactly do you do with your father? Ick.

  131. 131
    Q Says:

    @Cheech & Chong:
    What is good stuff?

  132. 132
    Ginger Says:

    @Cheech & Chong:
    LMFAO! I thought she just stuck to the white stuff……

  133. 133
    hellsbells Says:

    I highly doubt this is a PR stunt. These are two people who traveled to Sweden to visit friends and family. They got photographed by a bunch of people with cell phones because they’re a beautiful celebrity couple. The photos aren’t very clear, they’re not acting overly affectionate. It’s people at JJ who are creating all the intrigue — not Kate and Alex!

  134. 134
    Not so much. Says:

    @his is a real couple.: Low blow.

  135. 135
    AMAZING Says:

    @Tomato :):

    Of course she does Brazilian’s…it part of the 12 year old body facade….share the fantasy….

  136. 136
    Jam Says:


    We know that, but the crazy fangirls dont…

  137. 137
    Cheech & Chong Says:


  138. 138
    hellsbells Says:

    Wow – they’re beyond crazy!

  139. 139
    Jam Says:


    Welcome to JJ

  140. 140
    Cheech & Chong Says:

    I’m in love with Mary-Louise, just wanna share with you all.

  141. 141
    "Taking The Mickey?" Says:

    Geez ! You’ve got to be kidding me!
    For the love of God It’s the year 2010!
    Hollywood Publicists have had HOW MANY Years now to come up with cleaver ways to fool the fans and promote their star clients?
    So THIS?….T-H-I-S-S-S?…is what a well known PR agency comes up with?
    I think Alex needs to ask for his money back …ASP !

  142. 142
    Cheech & Chong Says:

    @“Taking The Mickey?”:
    Relax, buddy.
    peace and love………………………..

  143. 143
    OHVamp Says:

    I love Alexander. His relationship seems to be moving along. Good for them.

  144. 144
    outra Says:

    Why can’t I see all the comments at the same time JJ?

  145. 145
    Nope Says:

    No well known PR firm came up with this . . . it’s JUST THE SAME OLD, SAME OLD silly fan girl theories!

  146. 146
    AMAZING Says:

    hellsbells, jam, spam ….whoever…

    The fact that these famewhores who claim to like privacy can be “found” easier than Sandra Bullock or anyone else IMPORTANT is beyond funny. Nobody cooks at home or can find an indoor restaurant or a table not by a window? Really? No homecooking from his mother? Backyard barbecues at friends or family? No trip to the famous family cabin with no running water? I’m surprised there’s no skinny dipping pictures at the lake.

    ABOUT the jealousy and wanting him for ourselves…maybe you are dumpster divers….most of us aren’t. Alex is even spoiled for our deluded, fat, old, ugly fangirl fantasies. EWWWW!!! Even the CDC doesn’t have anything to remove ***** STANK from him. Whatever pretty he was is gone for most of us. We have pride and most of us are nauseated by the sight of him. I watched the “True Blood” ,the “I WIll Rise ” episode, the one where most of us “fell in love” with Alex, I laughed my ass off at the sight of him.

    But it’s still fun to watch the train wreck.

  147. 147
    nicole Says:

    Wow…people are still commenting!!! These are pathetic……..
    Enough said. Alex and Kate do not deserve anymore attention. They are phonies and famewhores. They probably are in love and will get married b/c they are so much alike…disgusting, talentless, annoying, famewhores. You don’t see Anna and Stephen playing these stupid games. Why? THEY ARE MATURE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOADS OF TALENT AND FUTURE GOOD MOVIE ROLES AND PAST ONES AS WELL. They don’t need to do this to get attention. Sorry but Alex has lost a lot of fans with this twit but I think he is so DUMB he doesn’t get it. And he and his PR team are under the impression that they can change people’s perception. Gone are the days where the public is stupid and the one’s that are are informed by the one’s who are not by blogs and message boards. I bet PR agents hate blogs and message boards. Wealth of info. on them and twitter is just hell for them as well.

  148. 148
    @138 Says:

    Awwww, I love those pictures of Kate and Orlando. They, too, were a gorgeous couple. In fact, the scene here reminds me of those days when people kept insisting their relationship was a pr stunt. I guess that’s what happens when it’s a hot guy that everyone is crushing on. Silly but true.

  149. 149
    Raven Says:

    Get real. No one REALLY cares about the 2 of them, it’s the classic comedic timing on this board that’s the real attraction. Amazing, you never fail to disappoint!

  150. 150
    hellsbells Says:

    How do you know there was no home cooking from his mother? Because there are no pics? How do you know they didn’t go to the family cabin? Because there are no pics? Those are the moments they, hopefully, managed to get away from prying eyes!
    Why are KB and AS famewhores and Anna and Stephen aren’t? I see just as many pap photos of A & S if not more! Sorry but I don’t get your thinking. It’s completely irrational. I’m an AS fan and he certainly hasn’t lost me or millions of other fans.

  151. 151
    Emily Says:

    starting t belive that this is really a pr stunt sad that alex hasgot caught up i all this hollywood **** shes a media ***** and i thought he wasnt ……still love him tho

  152. 152
    Cheech & Chong Says:

    Yeah, life is wonderfuul you know. I think I’m going now. I will be back when a could focus on my keywkjliujn

  153. 153
    Fishy Says:

    I don’t crush on guys that drink out of the toilet. When I have that lapse in judgement, I correct it sooner or later. I saw what he is, he can enjoy her all he wants. Now I’m just having fun by laughing at this couple’s idiocy. And in case you can’t tell, less and less people even care if they’re a couple or not. I know I don’t.
    But I guess Jam/hans/Pixie/whatever-name-you-pick-up-next, what you really don’t like seeing is people not caring, so you decide to fan the flames a bit. We’ll have our fun, don’t worry about it. It just won’t be the kind of fun that rocks your boat.
    And the posts in these blogs mean jack ****, no one sees the crap she makes, that’s how she got to be a D actress, and who knows if anyone will see his.

  154. 154
    Monica Says:

    I know – all this hysteria reminds me of the Kate/Orlando days too! Fan girls went completely crazy!

  155. 155
    Jordan Says:

    Love this couple! Kate is so beautiful!

  156. 156
    Wellness Says:

    Why all the hate, they’re a gorgeous couple?! Oh — that’s why!

  157. 157
    Estella Says:

    I’m just wondering… Have there ever been any rumours that Alexander is doing drugs? And what about Kate? Any drug rumours?

  158. 158
    Fishy Says:


    Yep. Rumor has it that Kate does cocaine. For Alex, no. But people wonder if he will, by association.

  159. 159
    Jam Says:


    Fine by me… be gone witches! lol

  160. 160
    AMAZING Says:

    We don’t hate them.They’re bread and circuses. Why we haven’ t we seen the family fun photos? Because they’re none!!!! His brother Valter looks bored in the lap shot and clearly disinterested in the other. Gustaf , is of course being polite in one shot…BTW, they are shots online of him at the cabin with friends. AS for her beauty….

    Please feel free to zoom in….this was her at 22/23….is it normal to look that busted ? Unless you’ve led a hard life or doing some….things. This a pampered person who never knew hardship and had access to the best beauty care in the world and she looked like THAT at 22/23?….So jealous. BTW, the cheeks , nose and hair aren’t all hers. Thank goodness Alex likes natural girls….only if they’ve been manufactured.

    Is the 6:10 train to Nowhere still on schedule ?

  161. 161
    Hmmm Says:

    It is a train wreck, just facinating to watch. Kate Bosworth has not aged at all well and looks 5-10 years oler than her alledged 27. Too much botox?

    Askars still has a boyish appeal, but maybe it’s time he grew up. He is a really talented actor, sadly the same cannot be said of Bosworth, she was a one hit wonder and her 15 minutes are well and truly over.

    Hopefully someone will point out to him how much damage is being done to his reputation, Strawdogs be damned.

    And damn Askars, get a stylist, buy some new clothes, and maybe get a different publicist, not Bosworth’s one, she aint doing you any favors.

  162. 162
    R&M Says:


    That would be the cheeks, nose, LIPS, and hair. LOL! Oh. Just checked, the 6:10 train to Nowheresville is sold out! Expect to see LiLo, PHilton, Speidi, etc. on there. The gang’s all there, should be quite a shindig!

  163. 163
    Primetime Says:

    Thought this comment was kind of cute:

    One of the Swedish articles said: They asked Alex about the relationship – - “Nah, I do not want to say anything, “says Alexander Skarsgård as the two left the terrace with his friends. “But I can answer, it’s really good,” says Rafael Edholm who stepped on his scooter.”

  164. 164
    AMAZING Says:


    Link please.

  165. 165
    LA girl Says:

    @43 How did you know Alex’s Los Angeles girl is a brunette? Was more info posted somewhere? Too many posts to read, please link if you can.

  166. 166
    why not working? Says:

    Coachella, NYC, now Sweden. Does Alexander ever take time out of his busy holiday schedule to work? They’re recording the last few episodes now when Alexander is holidaying again.

  167. 167
    LG Says:

    I’m a Kate fan. I LOVE fashion and that’s how I first became aware of her. I’ve seen all her films and paid close attention to just about everything Kate. I feel informed enough to answer some questions and make some comments. First of all, @ #158 there has never been any conceivable reason to believe Kate does drugs. Posters at gossip sites like this will accuse her of everything! Anything more substantial, no. There have been no sightings, no pictures, no evidence of crazy behavior. She went through a tough period in her life a few years back and lost weight so some people try to hold that against her. Speaking of that, @ #161, that’s the period I’m talking about. While I think the picture at the link you posted is beautiful, it was taken at a time when she went through a painful breakup and learned a family member was terminally ill. I think it’s shameful of you to try to hit her at a time when she was down. @ #163, she has always had a perfect nose, cheeks, and lips. Her features are extraordinarily beautiful. No botox. No fillers. No nothing. — Kate as an actress — I believe she’s at her best when doing dramatic roles. Her performance in Wonderland was amazing. It was her second big role in a feature film, she was very young, and she nailed it! I saw The Girl In The Park at the TIFF and the critics said her performance was award worthy. I agree. I thought she was adorable in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. I could go on but I want to move on to one more thing and that’s fashion! She has a great sense of style! I LOVE that she can wear a little black dress from Top Shop, pull her hair back, and wear little to no makeup to an event where every other celebrity has been styled and completely done up. She has the confidence and the taste level to pull it off. She’s fashion forward but her style is never forced. I’ve read interviews in fashion magazines. Clearly, she’s a bright and funny woman. I could care less who she’s dating. As a fan, I simply wanted to add my 2 cents.

  168. 168
    Fools Says:

    @LG Hi Robin, so good of you to come to the site and put in your two cents. However, NOBODY IS BUYING THE BULLSH*T!!! GO AWAY AND THINK OF A NEW PLAN!!! LAME-O AGENT.

  169. 169
    AMAZING Says:


    Funny how YOU FANS NEVER POST ON HER WEBSITES but are always here. Check whatever KB websites that are left. Most have been abandoned for quite some time, except for the web master’s posts. BTW, please give us links to the positive critical appraisal of her works.

    LINKS PLEASE!!! I know it will never happen, but it’s still entertaining to ask. She is just public transit…anyone may enter. AS is sooooo lucky!!!!

    Funny how many seem to believe that Gwyneth and Jen Aniston are cold , hearted arrogant b*tches w/o any definitive proof or suspicious actions of their peers but KB stans refuse to acknowledge her lack of talent based on no real roles, accolades or box office numbers. The fact that she has no female friends other that Lisa Bjorne or her agent means that all other women on planet EARTH are jealous of her….or that she’s a wh*re that decent women won’t be seen be with…..I now, I know!!! Gwyneth, Stella, Liv and all those others are jealous of her and won’t be photographed with her in fear she may upstage them!!!! Not because she F*cked over her friend. Her style is HOBOLICIOUS!!!….Yeah !!! The homeless crack Wh*res have a style icon!!!! I loved the left over mother of the bride outfit that Valentino gave her to wear. ICKTASTIC!!!!

  170. 170
    @Amazing Says:

    Time for your meds!

  171. 171
    AMAZING Says:

    @@Amazing: @@Amazing

    That’s the best you can do????? Meds would only make this train wreck more tragic.

  172. 172
    squirelmeat Says:

    It is not at all surprising that now we’re seeing the counterbalance of opinion. I’m guessing very few of the people of the folks on this site have ever encountered either of these two in person. Who knows what’s real. But yep, we like to have our opinions (and not that serious). That being said – I had a long period of my career in PR and I smell campaign strategy in some of these responses. Just saying. If I was her rep, that’s what I would do and it feels awfully close to it in some of these responses. I still sense there’s some sort of strategy here – too much coverage, too much visibility, etc. Doesn’t feel totally real.

  173. 173
    CINDY C. Says:

    @Oopsila: well he needs to retire that bad boy and get a new one. like send it to the rag bag.

  174. 174
    LG Says:

    @Fools – I’m not Robin and you’re too predictable.
    @Amazing – I do post at her websites. Some of the positive reviews I was referring to can be seen at imdb.

  175. 175
    AMAZING Says:



  176. 176
    Greg Says:

    She looks way older than that ! Holy **** ! THAT is the chick from Blue Crush ?? Looks like she is on the good old coke and smokes diet.

  177. 177
    LG Says:

    @Amazing – Settle down. I answered you. See post 175.

  178. 178
    GreenCAT Says:

    @Hot Brothers: Thanks for answering my question. I was wondering if that was Gustaf! :)

  179. 179
    weeeks.. Says:

    … i once thought that AS would be somekind of bigstar in HW..since he has incredable talent..i love him since i watched GK..but he seems to waste it by having papz parades everywhere.. if its not a PR stunt..howcome this week they’ve been posted twice??? i mean come on people ..its too much..(not to mention the coachella lovefest)..
    if he want to date some be it..even if it has to be KB.. but dont waste ur career by this media circuss parade..just to let people know that u are HW star now and dating some HW star too…
    i mean its pathetic… we dont see sam worthington,,or james franco.. or other a- list actor who actually made it to big screen..doing this much media exposure arent we…

    and he’s getting old..i dont think he has enough time to actually made it to big screen..

    such a shame AS..u surely have those talent but u waste it…:(

  180. 180
    NEW Kate & Alex VIDEO Says:

    Look at the Youtube video “Kate Bonesworth and Alexander Skarsgard” by rosellini10. She is an Alex fan that pretty much sums up in a respectful way what we all are thinking.

  181. 181
    FY FAEN Says:

    @NEW Kate & Alex VIDEO:
    this a cray cray illiterate stalker SAYWATPEPO from PURSEFORUM video.
    how can it be respectful? are you ill-bred or just obtuse? how is it respectful to address someone SUCCESSFUL HOT LIFE-HAVING AND HAPPY you don’t know with lame ghetto dating and dressing advice?

  182. 182
    oh hai skarsgardnews Says:

    Why is Alex’s website admin so condescending to his fans? Alex is the one starting the rumor mill, it’s only logical for people to ask her what’s up since she swore he and Kate are not dating. The “gossip mongers” as she calls them are posting exactly what Alex’s high paid publicist tells them to, should she really be dissing them?

  183. 183
    yup Says:

    @NEW Kate & Alex VIDEO:

    Why are you even posting this crappy video over and over? People’s bandwidths can be put to better use. Whether you agree or not with what’s said, the video is pointless to watch.

  184. 184
    Please Says:


    If you really believe this twit hasn’t had PLENTY-O surgeries and procedures, then I’ve got a bridge to sell ya’ in Brooklyn. TFF!

  185. 185
    R&M Says:


    Or more bearable…

  186. 186
    yup Says:


    Yet more of the crappy reviews and matching box office numbers can be seen at rotten tomatoes.

  187. 187
    p.b Says:

    this little pr stunt is just to see what the true blood fans reaction would be to them, ready for when they do the red carpet for season 3. if he wants to get himself saddled with this bag of bones then let him, its his career that is going down the pan big time. thought he had more self respect for himself than this…..just shows how wrong you can be.

  188. 188
    N.P Says:

    hi guys

    another new pic of kate & alex out and about in sweden

  189. 189
    Wizard of Oz on Steroids Says:

    Pay no attention to the PR firm behind the curtain.

  190. 190
    My 2 cents Says:

    @ N.P

    Are these two ever alone?! That guy Farez Farez hangs with them in Hollywood too. If this is supposed to be a “secret” romantic getaway, why are they constantly in the company of at least 4 other people? And still, despite all the “eye witness” accounts, no pictures of a single kiss.

  191. 191
    Risie Says:

    Yeah, they’re trying too hard in this trip.¿why? So suddenly.

  192. 192
    irish Says:

    @Wizard of Oz on Steroids:
    Well Good Morning, …and the comments just keep coming. Just so I don’t get labeled a “rabid fan girl”, let me start out by saying I do think they are a couple, but I have to agree with the school of thought that something just isn’t right. The one thing that keeps me wondering is..why didn;t he escort her to the MET Gala? This is the biggest event in fashion and is covered by every TV news Mag, all television and cable channels and the big newspapers. Oprah Winfrey, the queen of all media was asking questions on the red carpet. Talk about publicity!! It would have been a win-win..Alex (who looks far better in a tux than many of the men there) would have gotten publicity at a respectable event and Kate would have been further removed from the GP, CM thing..and would have been on AS’s arm! The MET trumps any Coachella festival, Iggy Pop concert or trip to Sweden. Not to mention Alex was photographed in LA the same day working(no) doing pr (no) having lunch with a friend! I do think he really likes KB, but there is something fishy going on…just a thought.

  193. 193
    @pb Says:

    You hit the nail on the head- this was just to see what the public reception would be to the two of them as a couple and how they would be received and it is not being received well by fans/press/critics. So now what do they do since it is failing to receive the positive press they were hoping for?

  194. 194
    Jam Says:

    The only ones complaining, are the you know whos….
    press just post some pics… lol

  195. 195
    irish Says:

    hey Amazing..
    are the pics at the cabin from this trip?where can I find them online?

  196. 196
    @primetime Says:

    Thought this comment was kind of cute:
    One of the Swedish articles said: They asked Alex about the relationship – - “Nah, I do not want to say anything, “says Alexander Skarsgård as the two left the terrace with his friends. “But I can answer, it’s really good,” says Rafael Edholm who stepped on his scooter.”

    What was cute about this? This is still a grown ass man who will not ackowledge his relationship with this woman. And I have a hard time believing that if he states in front of a friend that he doesn’t want to say anything his friend would then choose to comment on it himself.

  197. 197
    irish Says:

    good point..and if I was KB and had just crossed an ocean to go on vacation to a country where I don’t speak the language(thats probably how he gets away with saying it in front of her)to be with this guy, would be FURIOUS that he did not have the B****S to call me his girlfriend…who cares? why can’t he just say “Kate is a great girl and I like spending time with her”

  198. 198
    jen Says:

    I guess not living in Hollywood, I do not fully understand or appreciate the so called PR Stunt relationships. It really seems like a real relationship–who would make such trips without it being a true relationship? I am not a fan of Kate Bosworth and not because of the cocaine, plastic surgery etc. she is just a bad example for women-she cannot live without a man, let me rephrase she cannot EXIST, it is really disgusting and if he likes natural girls-he needs to keep walking.

  199. 199
    @irish Says:

    @irish: I agree I would be pissed and would question why you won’t acknowledge me publicly. I know there are people who will say he doesn’t owe us anything but when you publicly declare yourself single then repeatedly say that you two are just friends then take her home to Sweden and still won’t own up to the relationship is disrespectful to her as your gf/ the relationship and himself as a man. I think that’s what the true backlash is about. The fact that she accepts this from him and the fact that he treats her like this. The relationship is not a “secret” anymore not that it ever really was so as someone else has said own it and be proud of it. This is not about keeping your relationship under wraps to avoid the press involvement because let’s all be honest neither of them are big stars that would have their relationship dissected daily once it became public. They are drawing the attention to themselves so don’t ***** about it now that you are NOT receiving the positive feedback that you wanted from fans/press. If they had owned it from the beginning then things would have been different.

  200. 200
    Meh Says:

    I don’t believe it’s a PR thing.
    I believe he doesn’t actually care what people and the press know or think about his relationship with whoever, and he doesn’t feel like he needs to justify who he’s dating to anyone but his friends.
    And if that’s how his mind works, I agree with him.

  201. 201
    Twilight Says:

    WTH, who are these two nobodies, really??? I was checking out other celebrities and I came across this post and saw it had like 200 posts, I was like is Angie or Brad in the backround or what? I seriously do NOT recognize either one of them!!!!
    But I must say the posts are hilarious and I agree that it seems not to be jealousy that drive people to hate this women, otherwise there would be just as much hate for Kristen Steward for being romantically linked to Robert Patt. People actually want them to be together both highly succesful and gorgeous. Rob is soo hot and so is Kristen.

  202. 202
    yup Says:


    I don’t know if it’s a real relationship or not. Obviously whatever it is, more than certainly involves sex, but as far as motivations behind it? I can think of several:
    - KB is all about getting ahead. And more and more since her movie career is nil, her life centers around photo ops, modeling outfits at parties, and trying to snag the “talk of the moment” guys (if she’s able to, of course) and having people picture her with them, so she’ll be talked about. She’s not one to be without a man, that’s for sure. At the moment, it’s AS.
    - AS is getting impatient. He used to be a big fish in a small pond, and now he’s the same sized fish in an ocean, and he’s competing against a lot of people, and he’s not faring nearly as well as he’d like. He wants more notoriety. One of the tried and tested formulas from way back always has been dating speculation. That’s why these sites and gossip magazines exist after all. No matter what BS he fed us before, he does want to do the HW lifestyle and dating game. No amount of “normal looking girls” spiel or trips to Sweden to see his local friends will convince me otherwise. KB was definitely willing and eager, after all, he’d get it all with no trouble at all, so he went for it.
    - Whether or not they’re true, AS wants to shake off the Nelly Fang rumors.

    As a closing remark, she must be really desperate to put up with him not even saying “we’re seeing each other”, which isn’t a very compromising statement in any way. She’s a s.k.a.n.k but she’s not in any other known relationship, nor is he, so there would be no scandal there. I know I’d be pissed if a guy denied it in a similar situation. Saying you want to “keep it private” is a bit too late after the public spectacle since coachella. It’s like he simply doesn’t want to use the words so people will keep asking him about it. He’d shake off the wave of speculation with that simple statement, but my guess is it’s not what he’s after. {Cue in the PR music}

  203. 203
    @ Meh Says:

    How noble of AS to not care what people think. The very people who would spend their hard earned money buying tickets to future projects (if any). However, he should care. Many fans, myself included, have been completely turned off by his behavior. The man is a walking contradiction. He publicly states he is single but then is photographed all over town with Ms. gets her picture taken while buying gas. And he looks irritated or bored in every frame. He’s spotted sneaking out of a hotel back entrance with her, still denying anything is going on and then he takes her to Sweden for a supposed secret holiday where more pictures surface. I’m no fan of Bones, but at this point, I feel sorry for her. Her life must be pretty pathetic and empty to allow a guy to treat her with such indifference. It’s a good thing he has so many Swedish friends because when True Blood is over, he will probably only be able to find work in Swedish films. He’s either incredibly arrogant or incredibly stupid.

  204. 204
    Meh Says:

    She’s not saying she’s with him either! Should he be hurt?

  205. 205
    yup Says:


    You know that as a rule in these things, the big scoop is a guy acknowledging it, not the girl. Guys are the commitment-phobes (as a stereotype, I am perfectly aware that there are guys that are more than willing to say they’re dating someone and that they have a girlfriend).

  206. 206
    Meh Says:

    No I didn’t know that… But OK, we’re back in 1832. Cool.

  207. 207
    Wow Says:

    Your still trolling here hans/jam you F’in psycho, I am starting to think you really are on AS and KB PR team. You are really a nutcase to keep posting here several times and under several names lol. I used to think you were funny now you are just creeping me out like I said out of these 200 posts over 50 must be from you hans that is just pathetic. I think JJ NEEDS to seriously consider people to register to prevent psychos like you hans to reek havoc on these posts!!!!

  208. 208
    irish Says:

    The Nelly Fang rumors was the first thing I thought of when all of a sudden these two show up in Sweden lovey dovey…the four events previous to Iggy Pop concert Bosworth attended alone, and it was noted “without alex Skarsgard” in a couple of articles! To make things worse Alex goes to a VERY public restaurant the day of the Gala event and gets his pic taken to prove he could have been in NY if he chose! A lovers spat? Maybe and maybe KB got angry enough to threaten to spread some inside info she knows about the “delish Swedish dish” and voila! they are in a Hotel in NY and then in Sweden together..I know ,I know I have to stop and join reality…again just a thought!

  209. 209
    Nuetral Says:

    Let me just say I am neither a hater of Alex nor Kate but there is just something about Kate that turns people off ,not quite sure what it is! No, I do not think it has to do with jeasousy because of who she is with, that is just a simpleton’s response. Look at Miranda Kerr yeah there are some haters but not nearly as much as Kate and many believe that Orlando B looks more happier with her and are happy for them. Same goes for Angie and Brad, also there are haters but not nearly as much as with Kate. More people actually want AJ and BP to STAY together eventhough she broke up his marriage.
    Perhaps this is why Kate B never became a true hollywood star you have to make people admire you, want to be you and be your friend as well and Kate does not have that spark or likability or talent to pull it off, nothing seems geniune with her. What I have heard about her is that she has serious self esteem issues, emotional problems. I quess people are just worried that Alex has dug himself in a major hole with her, and it will affect his image!!! But people need to realize that it is his choice, perhaps he is not the person he portrays himself as. I get the feeling that even if his Mother said that she did not approve, it would push them closer together, he may that stuborn.

  210. 210
    Jam Says:

    Orlando Blooms sloopy seconds……then agian… perhaps Alex may be into that …………………………..

  211. 211
    Meh Says:

    To be honest, I’m definitely not a fan of Kate, I don’t think she’s good enough for him, she looks fake and bland, but then, hey, I know neither of them, and it’s none of my business. I’m here just out of curiosity.

    However, I don’t agree with post #204. If you’re willing to spend that hard-earned money on his projects, well that’s your business. You’re the only one deciding what to do with your money, and you spend it on what you want, you’re not doing it to please him, right?

    and @yup, I’m sorry I sounded snarky but to be more precise, that’s not how it works over here in Europe. Guys and girls are equal when it comes to commitment phobia. :D

  212. 212
    Oppsila Says:

    Oops did you forget to say forgot to say that she is also Chris Martin’s sloppy seconds but not quite sure if Alex hooked up before or after Chris hooked up with Kate. hmmmmmmm Forgot about Leo Dicaprio would’nt want to leave him out. Perhaps, Alex thoughT if she was good enough for them to screw her what the hell, he seems that stupid but he seems to not realized they had hooked up and moved on, they would never take a girl like Kate Bosworth home to meet the folks LMAO…..

  213. 213
    @MEH Says:

    If Alex didn’t care about what the people and the press know or think about his relationship with whoever, and he doesn’t feel like he needs to justify who he’s dating to anyone but his friends- then why did he always clarify that he was single and that they were just friends??? No comment would have been the better choice. However, he chose to state repeatedly that she was just his friend and she repeatedly stated the same about him. So in reality neither of them should have an issue admitting their dating if they have no problem telling the press that they were just friends correct?

  214. 214
    Meh Says:

    Maybe they’re hinting they’re just sex friends? heheh.

  215. 215
    Hilarious Says:

    Alex says” Look Papa I brought me a hollywood star ” I have made it in Hollywood”. Stellan’s response “what have you brought to me is a c lister, I have only known her as Orlly’s gf, I barely recognize her, Kate who”? Son you are such a dissapointment, aren’t you supposed to be working on that cable TV show, what are you doing here in Sweden???? I barely got back here from Cannes!!!

  216. 216
    yup Says:


    I’d have to disagree with you there :P (also European here), but I can at least agree that it may be a matter of perception, depending on the crowd you hang with. In my crowd I hear the girls “oh, he’s my BF”, and from them, unless serious “oh, just some girl I’m seeing”. Around these parts girls do loooove calling any guy they go a few dates with their “boyfriend”.

    @201 Ooopsila KB is half of HW’s sloppy seconds. I read somewhere she’s into the casting couch tactic also.

  217. 217
    nicole Says:

    Alex is so stupid and pathetic to get himself attached to such a nutcase. But maybe for a idiot like him he may actually think he has something great. And he is getting talked about more b/c of his being paired with her in the media. However, the talk is not good and that is what is concerning. He may have a great work ethic but he is not so talented(not a big range) and his looks are fading.
    I think this is multi-layered:
    1)they are similarly pathetic and probably like to take things(ahem) to feel better/she portrays herself as a cool laid back girl. She is anything but just ask Orlando.
    2)She has some really bad rumors out there that won’t go away. Like the drugs, anorexia, psycho behavior. But the worst is the Chris Martin thing which I and most people believe to be true especially since she was snubbed by all their common friends in NYC during the week of the MET gala. That was it for her. He not attending showed that he didn’t want that attached to his name directly so he needed to help her rep by showing up in NYC and then Sweden with this trick.
    3)The Nelly Fang rumors are out of control and a lot of people in L.A. are confirming that they have seen him out with guys and some are now saying that they have actually had sex with him. The rumors that he hooks up in clubs with them is starting to go around.
    4)His own CO-STARS went on recored with EOnline that Alex is such a womanizer which makes me think they did it to intentionally embarass him. That did not look good and probably embarassed Kate who thinks that her beauty is so astounding that he whacks off to her at night.

  218. 218
    karey Says:

    has it even been confirmed that they’re dating?

  219. 219
    Meh Says:

    M’Okay, well then maybe I’m more of a tomboy than I’d like to be :))

  220. 220
    @Karey Says:

    No it hasn’t. Neither of them or their publicist has said that they are dating. According to the Swedish papers when asked about the trip he said he is hanging out with friends and having fun. He mentioned nothing about her as his girlfriend.

  221. 221
    burnt bacon Says:

    @LG: Hey, Kate, does it ever start feeling weird talking about yourself in the third person?

  222. 222
    ??? Says:

    Hey guys, is it my browser, or the news of they sneaking out of the hotel in NY got “Featured” in JJ for a few days?

    JJ is getting paid?

  223. 223
    He's not in "Kansas" Anymore Says:

    With all the inconsistency of this supposed relationship, I’m beginning to believe that the REAL story of all of this is really more about a mixture of things fighting each other:

    1: First ,How Alex believes himself to be (thus the “Average Nice Guy spiel” in interviews) – Deluded tho it may be-perhaps this is just how he perceives himself – You know we all are guilty of that, regardless of how we seem to others)

    2: Pressure from Hollywood to “play the game” as your PR agency, studio, and all the others who want a piece of you demand, but only on THEIR terms. This “dog eat dog” world you have chosen is not laid-back like Sweden – So If you don’t want to cooperate, “Oh well”, as there’s tons more struggling actors that would!

    3: Untimely and Unfortunate subjection to acquaintances with deceptive and self serving motives- Yes,we’re all looking at you Kate!
    And maybe even a little at the hanger on couple always along for the ride.

    4: Being gullible and listening to said people who profess to know what’s best for you at the very same moment you are discovering how fragile and under the microscope your every move is being dissected .

    We’ve all sadly seen it happen to people we personally know and love.
    But no matter what we try to say as a friend trying to help them see the forest for the trees
    -We seem only as just another ONE shoving OUR advice down their throat too!

    Yes,Alex is an adult and can take responsibility for his choices
    Considering how glum he looks lately, I think this tail spin he’s in has even Him a little baffled right along with us!

  224. 224
    nicole Says:

    She has been passed around so much!!! None of these guys would ever take her home. Orly did and then he got the hell out of there. And for the most part those that hated Kate love Miranda!!! Kate is so obviously lame and famewhoring that it turns people off. WHAT I HATE ABOUT HER IS THE FAMEWHORING AND THE HOMEWRECKING!!! No matter what anyone says but actions speak louder than words and the snub she got from all her past friends who are still close to Gwyneth states the obvious. She and Chris did something!! Period. That will never go away. And Karma is a *****!!!! What goes around comes around. And she did it after she had met and messed around with Alex which speaks volumes about his intellect and self-worth. She probably started it before but after Straw Dogs finished and he went to NYC and Sweden last year is when she followed Martin from NYC to Vegas and then Cali and were seen kissing and canoodling in the ViP section and at Batagli restaurant in Vegas. And celebrities were mainly the only ones there so it was the CELEBRITIES who talked!!! Alex is really the joke of Hollywood right now amongst the celebs. He is ruining his reputation big time by being with this *****. Not to mention Gwyneth Paltrow is amongst the powerful set in hwood. I can only imagine the roles will not be coming in for either of them. I am sure Gwyn is pulling strings behind the scenes which is making Kate panic. They made a show at Coachella and now in Sweden. Keep trying to get it off you Kate but it is not going away TART!!! Alex better run fast if he doesn’t want to screw himself totally.

  225. 225
    Omayra Says:

    @spicylily, Thailand: I absolutely agree with you. I can’t remember any movie of her at all. Of course I could google them, but they are still not top movies. She is known for her dating, her crack useage and her braking up marriages… but not for her acting. I am all over Alex, but in reality, he is not for me. However, I feel sorry for him. He is just starting to shine in Hollywood and is choosing the wrong woman for it. She is using him. Have you notice that as long as she is alone there are no news to tell? however, her name comes up when she is with him. She is using him and unfortunately Alex isnt seen that. I still love him in True Blood! “the waiting sucks” haha

  226. 226
    irish Says:

    I think the thing that turns people off is that Kate comes off as arrogant and stuck -up. I read in an article that she told a reporter “Im a blue blood” meaning she has some royal background or something..I don’t know but who says that?

  227. 227
    Passingby Says:

    I agree.Could Gywn be the reason why Kate is only getting supporting roles now, KB has way too much time on her hands and soo does Alex!
    How can someone be soo stupid, it not like she has that much talent to begin with also she was not working much before either lol then she goes backstabing a friend who has a lot of pull in the industry.
    She will be forever known as that girl from Bluecrush which is sad because it came out about ten years ago. Her time has passed by her now to be a starlet and she not aging well she looks haggard! Oh well!!!

  228. 228
    LizB Says:

    She’s fug! He could do so much better.

  229. 229
    Ali Says:

    Who would be willing to pay at least $300 to see Gywneth and Kate is in fight for PPV? Hell, I would I would place my bet on Gywn to kick Kate’s ass. But, unfortunately eventhough Kate needs the money (ei lacking work) Gywn would not so lets just keep dreaming. Someday Kate will be homeweking on the wrong married man and get a beat down from whatever disgruntled wife lets hope someone has a phone with a camera lol……..

  230. 230
    Oopsila Says:

    Forgot to put down James R sloppy seconds as well ………..

  231. 231
    R&M Says:


    I’d pay to see that! And Gywn would totally win, since she actually has muscles, not just flab over bones.

  232. 232
    R&M Says:


    I think he likes her, just not that much.

  233. 233
    Response Says:

    Ha ha ha,
    I would pay to see that as well can you imagine Gywn ripping that wig off of Kate lol Gywn is soo tall in comparison to Kate that Gywn would be punching Kate’s huge forehead, hey that may be an improvement for Kate lol. The would bth make huge amounts of money if they agreed to the fight esp for Kate lets face it she is not working much but Gywn does not need it, too bad for us lol! sigh…….

  234. 234
    Jam Says:


    Its kinda pointless to start copying my name again… just saying…

  235. 235
    ........... Says:

    The amount of people supporting this relationship/KB/AS based on responses here to this article is about 20%. So 80% of the people on this board think something isn’t right and we all can’t be wrong.

  236. 236
    Wow Says:

    Out of the 20% that support this relationship is Jam/hans and whatever other name he can post as. Jam/hans is a creepy psycho lol
    I am not kidding when I say Jam/hans has probably posted over 50 posts here. He or she has something in common with KB bth have way………too..much time on their hands and bth have mental issues!!!

  237. 237
    $hit Says:

    This is like a mean girls club! Only losers need apply!

  238. 238
    AMAZING Says:


    No, there’s with people he truly likes and have respect for. Go to the Purse Forum and ask.

  239. 239
    @$hit Says:

    if you don’t like what’s being said ignore it:) No need to post a juvenile statement.

  240. 240
    Pixie Says:

    Oh Jam/hans don’t you think that people know you by now that you are nutcase!!! No one takes you seriously your a joke lol.People Jam/hans has taken my post name to use for his manipulative purposes as well , I would also not be surprised that out of 238 post over 70 posts from one person alone and that would be the schizo known as hans/jam/jules or soo on. Not cool you need to find attention elsewher you loser! Yes, people will be mean to you when you take on several posts names to stir trouble how old are you!!!

  241. 241
    He's not in "Kansas" Anymore Says:

    I’ll second that vote to poster #236 in regards to: responses 20% to 80% in favor of “WTF?” about this “relationship”

    You can call us hateful fan girls , fat delusional shippers whatever you want…
    If your fans think you are a game playing douche or even just a simpleton being led by the nose by others…….SORRY, but your chances of being taken seriously and any patronage to your career is limited at best!
    I’m sure even some potential Hollywood producers can form the same opinion as us meager little ” fan folk” and would think twice about offering a movie role or wonder what kind of “baggage” they’d be hiring!

  242. 242
    jen Says:

    I must be under a rock—what Nelly Fang thing-don’t even know who that is…

  243. 243
    Fishy Says:


    and here’s where they dissect these things:

  244. 244
    fgrd Says:

    she is one average looking white chick. yuck.

  245. 245
    Gloria Says:

    Gotta admit, they’re one beautiful couple! When did he deny being in a relationship? Was it a while ago before it was actually a “relationship”?

  246. 246
    @Gloria Says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and outside beauty means nothing if your ugly on the inside. FYI- he has denied to the Swedish press still stating that he is only hanging out with friends and having fun but nothing more than that.

  247. 247
    mia Says:

    ****BTW, the cheeks , nose and hair aren’t all hers****

    Her lips aren’t natural either.

  248. 248
    Gloria Says:

    Yeah but I’m not sure that’s a denial. If they asked what he’s doing in Sweden and he said hanging out with friends and having fun, well, that’s true. If they asked if he and Kate are a couple and he claimed she was only a friend, that might not be true. I don’t know what they are but they appear to me to be a couple. Anyhow, I’m just not sold on the fact either of them have lied to anybody. If they choose not to discuss their relationship, isn’t that their business?

  249. 249
    @Gloria Says:

    I think everyone on here agrees they are a couple but he was asked about her/their relationship and their trip to Sweden and that was his response. They don’t have to discuss it true and no one here is disputing that fact. But if you can run around claiming to be single and not dating and just friends then obviously you truly have no problem discussing your relationship with the public. So the constant argument of they don’t have to admit it or discuss it is true however don’t be hypocritical about it either and take issue now with anyone asking the question when it wasn’t an issue previously. That’s my only point in all of this. To me it looks bad if you are in NY and don’t want to be seen near her but 24 hours later in Sweden it’s ok to acknowledge her publicly knowing it will hit the press in the US. Not very smart and makes them both look shady and deceitful. You can’t have it both ways- either you want your privacy or you don’t. There wasn’t alot of press coverage of AS or KB except on this site. Now they go on a “secret holiday” to Sweden and everyday we are bombarded with photos, eyewitness accounts and a detailed outline of how they spent their day from when they get up to when they go to bed. They didn’t get that much press coverage here and Sweden is not a pap frenzy place. They would NEVER get that much attention here on any given day because neither at that important in HW.

  250. 250
    Wow Says:

    Gotcha again hans/jam starting not to get creative with your names????

  251. 251
    Jam Says:

    Nicole=essay long posts, several times= crazy fangurl!
    I admit it is just fun to post under several names but serously Nicole why do you have to post these thesis long posts, your just fuming that Alex has his c*ck in Kate B hole and will never have it in your hole, get over it!!!

  252. 252
    nicole Says:

    @Jam Or whoever you are!! I could care less about who f*cks who and how many times. I get f*cked quite a bit by my own MAN so not dreaming of boinking Alex or anyone else. And I can write what I want when I want and about what I want. This IS America and we have freedom of speech!! Okay!!! And just b/c you can’t seem to write without making over 50 grammatical errors is not my problem. Nor is it my problem that you cannot critique anything without being on attack. No one cares about what you say!
    And let me make another thing very clear I don’t like HOMEWRECKERS or PR BULLSH*T!

  253. 253
    mia Says:

    Does it really need to be confirmed? Do not the pictures speak for themselves?

  254. 254
    evathediva Says:

    @Jam: and what exactly is your obsession Hans, you want Alex’s, **** in your hole? I think thats what it is. I can’t understand for the life of me why a GUY , would even care. YOu are so stupid until it is unreal. I believe you are sitting in a chair behind a computer screen, in your room, at the maximum-low security nuthouse and jerking off to Alex and Kate, freaking loser, why worry what anyone else does when you post under several different names, just shud up. Go away, i bet you are an obssessed fat fanboy, how about that Hans? If you really had any relevance why would you care?

    Carrry on Nicole, you are making sense whether KB diehard fans want to believe it or not, frankly I am tired of both douches. Who feaking cares anymore, they don’t deserve not even 5 posts. D-Z listers.

  255. 255
    Jam Says:


    Hmmm keep telling yourself that fangurl….I am just pointing to the fact that many say I am a psycho for posting under several names yet say nothing when nutcases like you rank on and on , blah blah blah………….You just proved my point! Stop it with the essay long comments!!!!lol

  256. 256
    @mia Says:

    Whether they confirm or not is irrelevant at this point and those pics can be looked at as close friends or f buddies hanging out. So to me no one really knows what’s going on between them but them.

  257. 257
    Pixie Says:

    Here we go again with the madness called Hans/jam next the troll will be ranting off in Swedish agian! I think he wants Alex all for himself as a fanboy, you need help douchebag!!!!

  258. 258
    whatever Kate and Alex Says:

    Also Hans, you have posted stupid shat for over a year, first it was ERW, then now it is KB< tell Alex, we don’t like him anymore. Also tell him this KB crap is not working, WE might like them more or like them period, if they would stop trying to shove this mess of a relationship down our throats. I want people to be happy and in love, and as much as I like Alex, I hope he settles down and fall in love with someone. Everyone deserves that, but the way they are going about this crap, and he denying that they are together, amounts to childish game playing. Just say it dude and move on. Own it, admit it. I think its horrible that he is doing this to his dedicated fan gurls, which I am not dedicated,(I don’t ever have a shot in heaven to meet him) but, just like the guy as ERIC. He knows how they feel, at least be decent and tell them, and yes it is their business, if not he should have issued a “no comment”at the opening of the gate of these rumors. It seems like they BOTH enjoy these games.

    Celebs vacation all the times, I have never seen this amount of pics from celebs who wish to hide. Alex and Kate, please do us a favor and hide, just go away…and take Hans with you.

  259. 259
    @ Jam Says:

    Did you have to get so graphic about what sticks in where? I nearly threw up at that mental picture.

  260. 260
    whatever Kate and Alex Says:

    @Jam: Hans people can post what they like and as much as they like, you do, don’t you? Yes, and maybe we are psycho for responding to you. again, tell your boss Alex, that right now he and BOB are irrelevant.

  261. 261
    Jam Says:

    @^ 259
    Nicole I see you are ranting off again with your essay long posts hey now I am not the only one using different post names!!!!

  262. 262
    LOL! Says:

    @@ Jam:
    LOL, me too! People who have a/nal sex whether they are man and man or man and woman are so fcking GROSS and dirty. It’s meant for one thing and one thing only and that’s the thing you do on the toilet.

  263. 263
    Gloria Says:

    Okay. I haven’t seen actual quotes of what Alex said to the press in Sweden. If I have time, I’ll try to find them. I want to believe he’s a decent guy and some of this has been misinterpreted. I know Kate flat out said she wasn’t going to discuss their relationship – something about walking in a minefield (I kind of liked that). I’m not quite following your argument. In NYC they jumped apart when being photographed so paps couldn’t get “that photo” that sells. Then they went to Sweden where they’re being photographed by everyone with a cell phone (it seems). So, do you think that means they don’t care about their privacy whilst in Sweden? You might be right but if that’s not customary in Sweden they could have been surprised by the photo frenzy and are simply trying to deal with it the best they can. They want to get out and about with friends, see the sites, etc. We can’t expect them to crawl under a rock. All that is in their control is how they behave when they know their pics are being taken (I think lots of times they’re unaware) and what they choose to say publicly if anything at all. I’m sort of having fun playing devils advocate but I’m losing my train of thought! =) I guess it’s that I’m not convinced it’s fair to pin “deceitful” on them.

  264. 264
    Irrelevant BOB #261 Says:

    “BOB” …To Funny…..LOVE IT!…Wait, don’t tell me that stands for?…….

    Battery Operated Buddy?

    Bend Over Buddy?

    Back Off *****?

    Burnt Out *****?

  265. 265
    Sleepyhollow Says:

    How is it possile that a women like Jen Aniston to be in her 40′s to look younger and healthier than Kate Boswork who is 27???

  266. 266
    AMAZING Says:

    **** I really have to say that Alex and Patient ZERO are quite fun to discuss and deride. Herpelot and Superfool have been making a spectacle of themselves for quite sometime. His friends ,the Larsons, are quite amusing, Lisa copying Kaho’s style is beyond tragic; is high school in Sweden also that desperate? But then again, free is free, KaHO giving his friend her leftover freebies can be seen as quite nice. But then again , I am a desperate old, fat, ugly, deluded fangurl. But, I refuse to take part and still don’t believe the hype.>>>I”D RATHER RULE IN HELL, THAN SERVE IN HEAVEN. I AM BEYOND *****. >>> We old, ugly, fat,deluded fan girls are the ones who spread the message and told our friends that such and such was worth watching. WE do not like LIARS. The train wreck is still lovely. BTW,how is WHORLANDO”S career working out for him, besides here on JJ? ……………….WE OLD< UGLY Kate Bosworth’s blue blood, non wit or stupidity never connected with us., that’s why she just a HWEIRD HO, and anything she is connected to turns us off. The numbers don’t lie. Alex dealing with her only tell us he is a fake as she is. I have read the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE series for years and thought he was a great Eric, until now. ALEX NOW MAKES ME LAUGH MY ASS OFF AT THE SIGHT OR THOUGHT OF ERIC. Whatever, I will just laugh until TRUE BLOOD is over. BTW, his brother Gustaf is in a great movie called PATRIK 1,5. ****AMERICANS , SUBTITLES ARE YOU FRIENDS!!!! Do not let HWEIRD make you seem stupid with their lame remakes, WATCH THE ORIGINALS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES!!! YOU KNOW HOW TO READ SUBTITLES!!!! SNABBA CASH and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN(ENGLISH TITLE) ARE ALSO GREAT FROM SWEDEN!!!

  267. 267
    AMAZING Says:


  268. 268
    Jam Says:

    You are another fangurl, and yeah your probably some fat housewife who reads those Sookie Stackhouse novels lol. Are you one of the fans at Comic Con that Alex made fun of??? Imagine the hissy fits you fangurls will have when he marries her LMAO. Your another one who likes to rant off in essay long posts pathetic!!!!

  269. 269
    Fishy Says:

    Guys/girls, we probably shouldn’t feed Jam/hans/whatevername the troll, lol. He probably never leaves his mom’s basement, maybe he doesn’t fit through the door. But I guess it also breaks the work routine, so it actually serves its purpose.

    Talk about a pathetic loser that can’t even establish his/her/its own identity.

    We don’t give a sh*t if he marries her, other than laughing at the 2 of them, which we will, if it ever happens, haha. But my guess is those 2 will give us plenty to laugh about in the near future, and it won’t be marriage-related.

  270. 270
    AMAZING Says:

    But Jam, how much more sad that you are here to see my comments,’ read them and comment? BTW, I read most novels in 2-3 hours…that’s quite a lot of reading I do. BTW, whenever you get to commenting on this I will probably be into my next book.I probably read more books at 13, than you will ever read in your life. DONE!!!! On to the next. Tell me, are you still having a fight with your hand? You seem frustrated.

  271. 271
    Jam Says:

    I meant KateB’s hole lol the p*ssy one! lol Perhaps the b hole is reserved for Nicole or Amazing but I must say he soo straight but hey if it makes yo feel better to accuse him of being gay, keep being delusional fangurls!

  272. 272
    Jam Says:

    LOL you think I care about what you are trying to do with my user name? this is jj…

  273. 273
    Hmmmmm Says:

    I think some people need to take a break from all this a calm down! $hit man, it’s Kate and Alex’s lives not yours. Don’t take it so seriously! They’ll be fine and, hopefully, you will too.

  274. 274
    @Hmmmmm Says:

    You got that right. They’re off in Sweden having a good time and I’m stuck behind a desk in a cubicle!

  275. 275
    Whynot Says:

    You need to learn how to spell and properly write out a sentence I can understand why LOL got confused and thought you meant the other hole. lol What are you Alex’s man on the side that your happy that he sticking his dindong in he her vagaygay as long as he is sticks his thin sword in your b hole is that what you meant? Your a psycho!!!!!

  276. 276
    Nicole Says:

    @Jam I will continue to write what I want. You don’t control this board. Why don’t you go get a job or something productive. If you want to write something then write but you act as if you have to try to discredit everyone else to make it seem like what they are writing is false/stupid. Seems to me like the truth hurts and the opinions are stinging these “whatever stans” just a little.
    I don’t care what they do but like I said before:
    2) I don’t support actors who call the paps all the time that includes both Alex and Kate.
    3) I am not really a fan of Alex anymore and not because he doesn’t want to discuss who he dates but b/c he has done some pretty shady things of late. Including but not limited to calling Lady Gaga fat!! Did we all forget about that. Yeah, and her NEVER denied it nor did she. No formal denials. And he just seems way to desperate to try and fit in to Hollywood which means he is resorting to pathetic tactics to do it including being a pap-ho, dating a pap-ho, cranked out, anorexic homewrecker, and just changing who he was when he started out. He was on the right track and seemed to be getting roles that would make him different. I am sure being with Kate, she has convinced him he MUST be a leading man(b/c she only wants to be seem with the hottest leading men out there) so he selling himself out with all this crap!! Now when I see him I am just don’t look at him the same way. In fact, when I tried to watch TB the other night I turned in disgust just imagining him with herpes humping a homewrecker and then I burst out laughing. Ryan Kwanten is really classy and is not a sellout. I hope he gets a lot more attention this year and more without it having to been based on who he is dating and all about his career. I mean you don’t see SAM WORTHINGTON doing this kind of crap. His relationships are hardly talked about and he is more concerned about staying employed than about getting with a coke wanna be starlet to make himself more famous. That is why Sam will be around when Alex has faded away. And SAM WORTHINGTON would NEVER screw Kate B. nor would he take her home. No one in hwood would even consider doing that with her at all. Alex is just damaging himself. The Nelly Fang thing is not that serious unless Ted decides to reveal soon(hmmm….) and lots of actors get those reps without making asses of themselves with starlets. Kate will never get rid of the Martin thing. Too many people can’t stand her (fans and hwood alike) so she will always have that against her. I really hope Gwyneth socks it to her on the career front and Alex as well for just being an IDIOT BY ASSOCIATION!!!!

  277. 277
    Swediepedie Says:

    Someone saw Kate and Alex at Gray’s American Food Store in Stockholm. I wonder if it’s Kate who must have American food, lol. It’s weird that they went there, I think.

  278. 278
    Fishy Says:


    It’s weird to see Kate anywhere that sells food, actually.

  279. 279
    daisy Says:

    Wow, wall of text!

  280. 280
    N.P Says:

    hi guys

    some more pics and a translated artical

  281. 281
    whatever Kate and Alex Says:

    @Fishy: funny,….. oh and Hans, Nicole and I are totally 2 different people. I assure you these are from 3 different IP addresses. As I said Hans, go back to hand-y work LOL..You sound just as obsessed as a fan gurl, in fact I think you are a fangurl hiding behind the Hans name…

  282. 282
    Brie Says:

    LOL!!! Look at the other guys in pic #5! One of them is looking at kate and the other is on the phone probably telling someone “I’m standing right behind Kate Bosworth (if he knows who she is!) and Alex Skarsgard!”

  283. 283
    A Request Says:

    for the people of Sweden: Now that your favorite son AS is back on his native soil, PLEASE KEEP HIM THERE along with his so-called girlfriend. We can do very nicely without the two of them on this side of the Atlantic. BTW, he looks like crap. Probably been drinking profusely to drown his sorrows at all the paps he’s had to put up with for days.

  284. 284
    Passingby Says:

    That same photo Kate looks like she not aging too well she looks to be over 30 already lol!!!! That gut has no need to call the paps KB has that covered!!!

  285. 285
    Question Says:

    OK, this is a bit OT but I have a question for the Swedes that might be here: Is it true that there is a Swedish dish called blood pudding that is made out of pigs’ or cows’ blood?

  286. 286
    Passingby Says:

    Typo meant guy not gut, I bet he would say Kate who????

  287. 287
    Now I get it... Says:

    I was really unsure of comments about Kate Bosworth’s looks, as far as people saying she looked much older than 27. I’d always seen pictures of her looking quite pretty, except for when she was gross skinny circa 2006/2007 or so, and I thought at least she has that going for her. The pictures of her at the grocery store kind of put me over the line, though. She looks quite rough in those pics. I never needed convincing, however, on the fact that, with few exceptions, she dresses like a white trash hooker in the midwest. Unfortunately, I do think the picture of them with their arms around each other from the bluewhalepub site is really cute. Therefore I HATE IT! Ha ha… Can someone in Sweden walk over and smack those aviators off her head for me? Please and thanks. In exchange, someone stateside can take on the task of photoshopping another chick into that picture. Yay teamwork!

  288. 288
    Jam Says:

    Nicole is one who is the nutcase here! She rants on and on about Alex and his love KateB. I mean can she and others make their point without writting these essay long posts, they are soo pathetic I tell you, now duck these carzies will go after you next lol

  289. 289
    Fishy Says:

    @Now I get it…:

    No need to hate it, lol, there’s no need. If you really look at it, he’s not that great of a catch (even hypothetical catch). Dumb, no dress sense (1 pair of pants, 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of very ugly boots, in whoich he tucks his pants-eww, did anyone spot anything else?). Sure, he is attractive, but that will fade, especially since he’s not taking care of himself. And to be honest, you can find people just as handsome out there in the streets, lol, and without the baggage.

    And what’s with the goatee?

  290. 290
    AMAZING Says:

    jam, GAY IS NOT AN ACCUSATION. BEING A RACIST INTOLERANT PERSON IS…which I think you are .BEING AN INTOLERANT OR A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLIC IS AN ACCUSATION!!!> BEING GAY IS JUST WHAT IT IS>>> NO MORE THAN BEING BLOND FAIR SKINNED>>> WE ARE ALL BORN AS WE ARE<<<<NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK. BTW, I love that the person commenting on the woman’s YOUTUBE regarding ALEX and BONESWORTH , described her as being GHETTO. NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO USE THE “N” word because she’s black? That woman is probably more educated than the loser that posted the comment, but all that RACIST saw was the color of her skin and said she was “GHETTO” .

  291. 291
    damn Says:

    ‘And what’s with the goatee?’ he is just trying to visually volumise his weak chin imo lol
    also they were shopping on hamngatan yesterday new clothes are coming!

  292. 292
    JM Says:

    I almost want to thank JJ. I have been thoroughly entertained for 3 days strait reading these hilarious posts. Amazing should have a job writing for a sitcom! I’m betting the new pictures in which N.P provided the link will be on JJ by tomorrow morning & we can start all over again. For the record, I loath Bonesworth but not because she allegedly has AS..She can have him! but because I bust ass all day at a job I hate just to provide for my family yet she does NOTHING except show up at parties and is a world traveller.

  293. 293
    Now I get it... Says:

    @Fishy: Well, thanks for trying to make me feel better, LOL! I hear what you’re saying, but… I still think he’s super cute. Notice I didn’t say hot. Hot is the Chris/Liam Hemsworth, Matthew McConaughy (he IS good-looking even if he’s a tool), etc. crowd. I think he–Alex–is perfectly imperfect. The best pics I’ve seen of him are when he is smiling and he looks like a big, goofy dork. I love it! Unfortunately, those pics don’t seem to pop up much anymore. Here Alex, let me give you a hug… ;-D

  294. 294
    Melody_Moon Says:


    LOOOL that would be funny XD their PRs spending nights over here reading every comment to get new ideas.
    But at least if they kissed it would look a bit real…and at least we would get something NEW (underline this word 3000 times) XD

  295. 295
    Sasha Says:

    Why is her hair so ugly all of the time? I know she is malnourished, but she does nothing to try to make it look better. Every time they hang out she looks like she rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing she found – and didn’t brush her hair. It’s stringy and messy and ugly. Some people can do the “messy, sexy hair” look, Kate cannot. She needs to wash and blow it out proper before she goes anywhere since she will inevitably be photographed.

  296. 296
    Sam Says:

    Maybe she doesn’t like Swedish food.

  297. 297
    maela Says:

    To be honest is our fault that paps still write about them. And is our own fault that KB is doing so well without really working. So better stop talking or reading about them. They just don’t deserve to be talked about.

  298. 298
    Jam Says:

    Don’t hate Kate because has the life you want! I mean she is beautiful, sexy, a blue blood, classy and is the gf of a hot guy like AS!!!!
    Be gone witches!!!……..

  299. 299
    JM Says:

    @ Jam

    You missed my point entirely. I think people should WORK for a living. I could give a crap if she is blue blood, supposedly. Even Princes William & Harry work. They are in the military and Harry will be shipping off to Afghanistan soon. They are also heavily involved in charities, following in their mother’s footsteps. Kate contributes NOTHING to society except providing fodder for sites like these.
    F OFF JAM!!!!

  300. 300
    Yeahright!!!! Says:

    You forgot the other attributes of Kate we are jealous of :
    1. Huge Forehead
    2. Anorexic
    3. Body of a 12 yr old boy
    4. Balding
    5. No boobs
    6. No ass either, flat pancake butt
    7. Alleged Cokehead
    8. Sk*nk
    9. Alleged backstabing homewrecker
    10. Mental, self esteem, emotional problems
    11. Ignored by former friends/exboyfriends
    12. Dating or is hooking up with a guy who probably does Nelly Fang on the side lol
    13. No talent
    14. Not working much
    15. Pathetic enough to have paps on speed dile, when counterparts clearly have no need to ex Scarjo, NatalieP
    Sorry Jam but you ask for it. Yeah, as you can see we fangurls are really jealous of this one, hopefully you are sane enough to understand sarcasim!

  301. 301
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I agree with you #20 because who do you know call the papers every minute and second about what they are doing. It is one thing when a pap run into a person by accident but it is another when they keep tabs on you every second minute or hour. The next thing you know they will say he took her to the Museum and five hours later you will her they went dancing. Then another 8 hours you will her they went on a picnic. Most pap have one story to tell on actors and that it. I beleive thats how much he likes to show off. He is the only actor in TB that is seen alot When you do something good you don’t have to advertise your good works. There is a saying that goes be careful of what you wish for because the attention they are trying to get could take the scab off a wound refering to KB.

  302. 302
    Yeahright!!!! Says:

    I quess your the one who gave me the thumbs down loser. Get a reality check!!!! LMAO Telling it like it is, that is all!

  303. 303
    monice Says:

    @irish: I hope so, i hate that *****, so undeserving of him,

  304. 304
    Marissa Says:

    Most unfortunate what he has become. So not the person he represented himself to be a year ago. Wanting a natural girl, wanting a big family- when??? When he is 60 like his father? Looks to me like he only wants to date models and Hollywood starlets. Still, it will be interesting to see what goes down if KB goes to the Trueblood premiere between AS, KB and ERWood. Can you say AWKWARD???

  305. 305
    WTF Says:

    Marilyn Manson would kick his ass!

  306. 306
    SoSad Says:

    They’re a beautiful couple and some of you just can’t stand that. You have to write $hit about them and lower yourselves deep into the gutter. I know several posters are writing using many aliases but whoever you are, you’re very very pathetic losers.

  307. 307
    Greta Says:

    Nicole – You are one sick puppy so filled with hatred. The stuff you write is so not okay. You’re delusional and you need to get help QUICK! Until then STAY AWAY! You’re the kind of person who gives women a bad rap! I’m embarrassed we’re of the same gender.

  308. 308
    Stop Drinking the Hate-orade Says:

    It is sad and downright bewildering to see how these KB/AS photo threads have exploded with nastiness. At first I would read them and get a guilty laugh or “oh no she di-in’t” or two but now I feel like I abused my brain with this nonsense. More and more ugly things are popping up in the extreme, like a lynch mob is forming or something. WHY? (1.) Let Kate be Kate. She’ll learn or she won’t. (2.) Let Alex be Alex. He’ll learn or he won’t. (3.) I don’t think he’s gay OR bi. I think the rumors on that topic are 50% wishful thinking on the part of a lot of men who would really, really LIKE him to be gay/bi and it’s 50% gossip mill BS from people who resent his “nice guy” image, people who don’t like Kate and are assuming the worst of him by association, and from people who just like stirring up trouble that puts them in the spotlight within their own circle of friends. It’s nasty, toxic stuff and it damages everyone involved from the inside out. I know this will sound snotty but I don’t care: I suggest everyone take a step back and let this ugly-ass monster of a story/hate-fest die a quiet death. Ignore these KB/AS threads–hell, ignore this whole SITE–for a day and see if you don’t feel a little better. Ignore it all for a WEEK and you might not even want to come back.

    Put down your pitchforks, I’m going. I will not post on this site again.

  309. 309

    Since I really don’t know this Bosworth girl, I guess I am more neutral so:
    Looking at these pics I think they definetely look like a couple. But I think they are still fresh, because they are all over each other (which I personally find a bit too much, but you know how it is at the beginning).
    I also think he cares for her, cause he looks like a gentleman to me. I mean, it is kind of cool he introduces her to all of his friends and takes her around.
    If you are with someone for the publicity you take them to a fancy restaurant in Hollywood when every pap can see you. But come on people, he takes her to his hometown, they drink beer and just look around. That doesn’t look like a pr to me.
    Plus, I think she has pretty face but is so really skinny, its personally disgusting for me. So he really impresses me, because he doesn’t need to date a beautiful girl.
    I would still watch true blood and I still think he is a good actor.

  310. 310
    Whynot Says:

    @306-308 All and the same Hans/jam
    Nice try, stop posting under different names we all know it’s you nutcase!

  311. 311
    Oopsila Says:


    LOL if you’re going to post as me Hans/Jam can you at least spell my name right please?!

  312. 312
    Oopsila Says:


    I didn’t actually write that comment, but if what you wrote is true it really isn’t paying off for her, is it?! Does she have any talent whatsoever?

  313. 313
    Oopsila Says:

    Can someone add up all the comments Hans has written under different names on this threat because I think it’s into three figures. Hans, seriously dude, you need help.

  314. 314
    yup Says:


    Oh, you’ve been hit by the Hans psycho? This place needs registered names, so that he can only post as the multiple personalities he actually comes up with.

  315. 315
    Twitter Report Says:

    This was posted by someone in Sweden on Twitter:
    A completely normal day. I pass the Maria Square and I see Kate Bosworth standing next to a car with Alexander Skarsgård swearing. Nothing strange.

  316. 316
    He's back in LA Says:

    According to a Swedish Newspaper article (…adsparksvallen ) Alex is back in LA so I guess it won’t be long before we get the relationship PR tour back here in the US.

  317. 317
    Oopsila Says:


    Oh yeah, not for the first time, He posts as Ali and Pixie too, not to mention Amazing and others. I agree with you, it’s turning people off the boards unfortunately.

  318. 318
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I just wanted to state that just because a person takes you to his home town does not mean that you don’t want to be seen either.That’s one reason why stop I buying magazines like people, and ok. I remember they pap made a big deal when Katie Holmes was pregnant and Angelina. These two woman stayed on the front cover of every magazine and tabloid. What I’m tryng to say is that Tom and Brad have been known to put the pap in there place when they wanted privacy. I can recall the time when Tom criuse told the pap take your pictures and leave my family the hell alone. He let then know when it was time out. They only did this because he wanted them to know. These men are high paid actors they don’t have to bring attention to themselves. When you are big celebrity I”ve known people to be waiting for you as soon as you arrive at the airport. It is obvious that these two want the people in America to have something to talk about on their return. What AS needs to know that all this negative publicity can effect his role on TB and that can be a turn off to directors with the downside of the negative publicity. They put to much money into shows have it ruin.

  319. 319
    irish Says:

    OK I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but the boat pics look romantic! (outside of 2 friends being along for the ride) I heard that he and ERW took a boat ride way back when so maybe that’s one of his “moves” if you will. I wonder if this started out as a stunt and AS just fell in love unexpectedly….it’s a great idea for a script actually. At any rate, I was initially disappointed when I realized he is probably NOT the person I thought he was, but it really doesn’t affect my life so who cares?
    I think Hollywood is a dog eat dog world that is very hard to live in, and AS’s star has risen too fast. He will have a comeuppance and will be brought back down to earth sooner or later. I think he is very talented and I truly wish him the best. As I said before, maybe some of his good qualities will rub off on Kate and she will get more grounded.

  320. 320
    @irish Says:

    I don’t know but I see it the other way around. I think he started out liking her/ starting to fall in love and trying to get to know her and this was during the fall and early winter when he was still smiling and nice. I think it became a PR event when the paps started showing up at every lunch/event they went to to get pics and then Coachella and now Sweden. He just seems not as happy as he used to be. The boat pics didn’t look romantic to me none of their pics look romantic to me. They are definitely couple pics but I don’t see the romance part of it.

  321. 321
    yup Says:


    It’s possible, however, seems unlikely. Most times he simply doesn’t seem happy, in most pictures with her he’s almost bored, there’s not a single spark of that initial enthusiasm you’re supposed to have in a new relationship. He seems to like well enough to hang out with her, hooking up with her, but… there’s not much in the way of … I don’t know, but he never seems enthusiastic about it. He definitely doesn’t look what I’d call in love or even in lust. He may engage in PDA but it’s so halfassed in its body language that watching it sends warning bells. Hard to explain.

    Then again I think that way back he simply lied to the press when he said he was single (by US standards at least), because the pics from last fall where he shows himself with her did show him a lot happier in being around her.

    I guess that’s my main issue, whatever the truth is, he’s been openly BS’ing everyone about it.

  322. 322
    irish Says:

    I can see your point, but I guess my question is ? If he is not enthused, why is he staying with her, and even upping the ante by bringing her home? He can have anyone he wants. You’d think if he was that unhappy he would make some changes 1 stupid movie cannot be the motivating factor. Is it that he is being led by the nose or blackmailed by KB?

  323. 323
    yup Says:


    I’d say that it’s mostly laziness/convenience. Maybe he doesn’t dislike it enough to quit it. But he certainly doesn’t look enthusiastic about it. Sometimes it’s just this simple, IMO. He may like the perks of having someone so readily available.

  324. 324
    I'MNOTHANS Says:

    I think everyone is reading way to much into this. I don’t believe it’s a pr stunt. I think they got to know each other on Straw Dogs, became friends, and over time the friendship grew into something more. Simple really. They seem happy so I’m happy for them.

  325. 325
    CuteChef Says:

    Hope Alex enjoys the ride while it lasts…and it won’t. I must say, I really really enjoy seeing the pictures of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams together. If in fact rumours are true, and they are a couple, they make a beautiful couple. One that many can be happy for…why? Because people like Michelle. She’s relatable, classy and down to earth. Someone (if not her) we wish Alexander would eventually end up with. Not the mess/trainwreck that is Kate Bosworth. There’s not one thing that I find enviable about her aside from the fact that she hardly works, yet has money to burn.

  326. 326
    I'MNOTHANS Says:

    I , too, would be happy for Ryan and Michelle. Just as I’m happy for Kate and Alex if they’re a couple. I think they make a good couple. I don’t believe the rumors people post at JJ about any celebrities unless they’re verified by a reliable source. People love to hate on this board.

  327. 327
    sweetie Says:

    @irish: I only saw one boat pic. It didn’t look romantic, more like sweet and courteous. I think Alex is a gentleman and he treats whoever he’s with with courtesy. It wouldn’t matter if it was his mother, sister, or date for the night. He’d be helping any woman out of the boat the same way. He seems very kind. :-)

  328. 328
    Betty Says:

    He looks best in T-shirt and jeans. He is just a laid back kind of guy. I don`t believe they are doing this for press, Alex is not into the whole “Hollywood” scene. I think they are for real. Kate would be insane not to want this beautiful man, right? I think the media is interested in him because not only is he a great actor and person, they know that he is going to be big someday. I think they would take pictures of him even if he wasn`t with Kate. He definitely has something special going on.

  329. 329
    Betty Says:

    @WTF: She can probably wear girls sizes, she is too skinny I think. She looks good in some clothes, but in others she just looks bony. And her hair is too bleached. It looked better when she was a darker blond.

  330. 330
    Betty Says:

    @Kim: I kinda think she flew herself to Shreveport to visit Alex. I just feel like she was more into him than he was into her, not that he didn`t like her. If they weren`t officially a couple, he had the right to date anyone he wanted. He has said he is a social person and loves to go out with friends. He apparently has many friends in Sweden, and has made lots of friends in L.A. also. He and Kate seem to have something going on though, I wonder how she feels about always having a lot of other people around? Maybe that makes their time alone even more special.

  331. 331
    Betty Says:

    @Nicole: Everyone has the right to their opinions, including me so… I don`t believe Alex calls the paps, I really believe he is not into that whole Hollywood thing. Don`t you think things would be different if that were true? They would be all lovey-dovey for the press. He has said that it is important for him to visit his friends in Sweden, because most of them are not actors, and being with them helps keep him grounded. There are no paparazzi in Sweden, so that has to be some kind of relief right there. I don`t believe he is a fame *****, he is just who he is. If you don`t like him, that`s fine, but I think he rocks! I don`t particularly like Kate, but he appears to, so I guess that`s the bottom line. Maybe being around him, will be good for her, ever think about that? He seems like a perfect gentleman, and he dresses up when the situation calls for it. Peace and Love to all.

  332. 332
    Star Collecter Says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that we are being led down the garden path and onto a merry chase? It’s how many weeks til the premier of TB?Let’s look at some points-I read awhile back that Alex was with CAA-one of the biggest agencies in the world. Would they let him sign with some 2 bit pr firm instead of using their people? No. He has been away from the TB set for almost 2 weeks-without Alan Ball’s blessing? NO. How about we make the fans follow them all over the place trying to figure out if they are really together and what they will do next, right up until the premiere? Then the loaded question-will Alex show up with her or not? That alone will generate huge ratings. My guess is that he won’t bring her-that will keep us all guessing for as long as the powers that be want to keep this up. I don’t think that AS & KB are behind this, I think they are willing participants. This is the Hollywood machine, my friends. Are they really dating? I don’t know, I doubt it. She can sit in his lap and stare into the cameras all she wants.They have as much chemistry together as a bologna sandwich. But they are useful for ratings. Just my opinion.

  333. 333
    FAKE!!!! Says:

    If he really CARED about his career he would have dyed his hair back to BLOND for Eric. It’s the ONLY job he has and he can’t even take the part seriously and be blond again. He could have borrowed Kate’s hairdresser.

    And guys, they aren’t dating. You know how I know??? said so. They know EVERYTHING about Alex. Too bad he forgot to tell them about his relationship with Bobblehead Bosworthless. The two hobos can have each other. The positive is Kate may actually gain some weight since everyone that likes Alex is fat. Once she tips the scale he’ll dump her for the next waif to come to Hollyweird. Then again he seems to like children…since Kate has the shape of a 12-yr old boy he can bounce her on his knee and watch her head bobble back and forth.

  334. 334
    HUH? Says:

    @I’MNOTHANS: Most of the pics of them together they do not seem happy- indifferent and uninterested but not happy

  335. 335
    @Betty 328 Says:

    I beg to differ there are very few paps looking for Alex when he isn’t with Kate. They get more publicity when they are together.

  336. 336
    @Betty 330 Says:

    @Betty: It was reported by several people that Alex invited ERW to visit him as was telling everyone how excited he was that she was coming. But let’s just say that she invited herself for the sake of this post. Everything you say about ERW can be said about KB. She does appear to be more into him than he is into her. And until either AS or KB says they are a couple he can still go out with whomever he wants to as well.

  337. 337
    @Betty 331 Says:

    I don’t think AS calls the paps but KB does so if you hang out with her you will be photographed constantly. You state that there are no paparazzi in Sweden yet their every move was documented with pics throughout this whole “secret holiday”. Every news outlet was made aware of where they were at all times from the time they left the house to the time they went home. They had more press/paps exposure in Sweden than they have ever had or will have here in the US. They are back in the US and not one media outlet cares. So you argument is very flawed. Also, everyone he was photographed with were actors who were his friends from Sweden.

  338. 338
    jill Says:


    The media in the US does care about the two, cf the Coachella and NY photos. The level of coverage in Sweden is about the same as what they get when they get spotted at an event in the US. There were pics of the two of them entering the bathrooms at Coachella, for Pete’s sake. As long as piccies of the two of them generate 14 pages of posts at gossip sites, paps will follow them around.

    And though Sweden is a much less celebrity focused culture than the US, they still do have entertainment mags and photographers. Alex is big news because he’s a local boy made good in Hollywood, returning with a celebrity girlfriend. Stockholm is a small city and actors, because they are generally left alone, mingle with everyone else, lunching at cafes, etc. The only site making a big deal of these pics is JJs and that’s because of the response he gets.

  339. 339
    @Jill Says:

    The media in the US really doesn’t care about the two of them if the only examples you can site are of the Coachella and NY pics. Where else are they being followed unless they are already at a place where paps frequent – i.e. Coachella where everyone has there pic taken and the Bowery Hotel in NY? Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton are more popular to the US press than these two and are followed everywhere and they like AS/KB are at best C list if that.

    The level of coverage in Sweden was excessive even by the people living in Sweden- there were pics of them every place they went all day long and the responses if there were any to these stories from the Swedish people were what’s the big deal and why all of the coverage for the two of them. We have no pics here in the US of them dining out, walking the streets, grocery shopping, doing everyday mundane things and entering and leaving their homes like in Sweden. In the US we don’t get a play-by-play breakdown of their entire day and who they were with. If the US is so interested then why have they been back for 2 days now and not one pap photo or story about either of them individually or together?

    And I agree the only site willing to provide them with the publicity that they seek is JJ. No other gossip site really cares about the two of them because neither is a big star. It’s sad when Rachel Bilson walking her dog and Mischa Barton pumping gas are a bigger story on gossip sites than anything to do with AS/KB and if that doesn’t tell you how little the US press thinks of them then I don’t know what will. And those that do report on them usually do so in a deragory manner as in let’s stop the BS. KB’s best days are long gone and his are hopefully coming in the future if he doesn’t blow it. The reason JJ gets 14 pages of comments is because AS fans discuss their disappointment in him as a person for pretending to be something he obviously is not- no more or less.

  340. 340
    Winter Says:

    @Betty: I remember that and always found it odd. He was filming Straw Dogs so he couldn’t fly in with Evan. He was already there. A man who allows a woman he’s barely dated to come visit him and stay with him while he’s making a movie, and brags about it to his pals, seems impulsive and probably doesn’t consider the stuff we find serious in the U.S. to be all that serious.

  341. 341
    Hannah2 Says:

    @So Sad
    1. she is not beautiful. a few years ago she was, but she has not aged gracefully.
    2 Whether they are a beautiful couple or not is not the issue. it is that since meeting her he has been turned down for roles, lied to the public for no reason ( “I’m single) (“the only women in my life are my mom and sister “), used websites and blogs that are 100% faithful to him for his own personal agenda, has gotten into arguments with the press and blown them off when he used to stop and chat for him. Rumored to be using drugs, Rumored to be a game player and Rumored to be more of a diva on the TB set (these last 4 are rumors)
    it is such a great relationship for him. YAY for the beautiful couple.

    He is not who he was, and the new treatment of the public will filter to his fans when he gets annoyed with them. I hope not, but I think it is coming.

  342. 342
    jill Says:

    @339, the US gossip media covers AS and KB the same way they cover any of the young beautiful celebs–piccies are posted when paps catch them places. They hardly ignore them–hence photos of the two exiting a hotel in NY, photos of the two lunching, photos of the two at the Marmont. The difference with JJ is he goes overboard and posts Every. Single. Photo. Other sites post a couple. But they are certainly on the pap and gossip radar here, and especially so when they are together, though AS gets papped even when he’s solo or lunching with other friends. He’s considered sexy and up and coming, so his pics sell.

    The level of coverage in Sweden wasn’t surprising given how proud the media seems to be that AS has made it big in the US. Whether the average citizan on the street cares, who knows, but the Swedish magazines and entertainment programs have all covered AS’s breakthrough in America from the angle of “Swedish actor gets recognised!” If other actors like Joel Kinnaman follow Alex’s route in Hollywood and then return to Sweden, I have no doubt they’ll get made a fuss of, too.

    And as long as fans post 14 pages of comments, JJ will continue to snap up every pic of the two, together or singly, because he does not care what you write, only that you write.

  343. 343
    @342 Says:

    All the places you listed are known pap hangouts. AS will always get papped alone if he is at a well known pap hangout- any celeb would. No one is going looking for them. People look for other celebs not AS/KB – sorry to disappoint you. The reason they are on the pap and gossip radar here is because of their BS game playing about their relationship to KEEP the paps and gossips sites interested. If AS/KB came out last fall when they obviously got together NO ONE would be the least bit interested in their relationship status unless they brought attention to it. Several people from Sweden on other blogs and forums have stated repeatedly that this amount of coverage is NOT normal and that the paps normally do not provide this much coverage for anyone- they actually do not bother celebs at all. And to dispel your theory further AS has been back to Sweden numerous times since the beginning of the year so where are all of those pap pics and stories? Why wasn’t he covered during his solo visits home since he is so celebrated by the Swedish press as one of theirs who made it? Even during the height of TB season 2 NO ONE in Sweden covered his visits home. So I understand what you’re trying to say but the facts don’t support your argument. AS has been seen at many places where other celebs were and not one pic has been snapped of him so really he’s not on the radar like you seem to think he is. Yes he’s up and coming but he’s far from a pap/gossip favorite. As for other sites posting pics of them – they are few and far between outside of JJ. They just don’t get the hits on major gossip sites like People which means most of the public doesn’t care. AS is still growing his fan base while KB’s is all but gone.

  344. 344
    jill Says:

    @343 The number of celebs who are actively stalked outside of known hangouts is very slim. Most celebs are papped at places like hotels and restaurants–often because people at the restaurant call the paps. AS is certainly not at the top level of Hollywood, I agree. He’s not like Brangelina. But he is on the pap radar and a quick google shows many stories about him on many gossip sites, not a few. Not at the frequency of JJ, who goes overboard. And if AS and KB were only playing the relationship thing to keep interest, then he wouldn’t have done this trip to Sweden, would he. Because it basically confirmed that this is a relationship, which according to your logic, he wouldn’t do.

    I have no idea how often Askars has been home this year, but I know after Straw Dogs ended, he was covered by the press when he went home. He did a radio show and was interviewed by a television program while walking to something. Swedish Elle did a write up on him and he was mentioned for being a fashion icon in another magazine. It’s just human nature that the entertainment mags are even more interested when he comes home with a starlet. Swedes aren’t immune. If people weren’t clicking on the stories, the pics wouldn’t have continued to be posted. The Swedish press is not controlled by anyone in Hollywood.

  345. 345
    luvs Says:

    @jill: They got so much coverage from this trip that I’m not sure anymore if they’re not playing games. They didn’t look very romantic in the photos. She had more chemistry with her exes but maybe she was more into them.

  346. 346
    @Jill Says:

    I have googled him and yes he does have articles about him but they are regurgitated JJ articles days later. And for the record him taking KB to Sweden does not confirm a relationship so there is still the question of are they or aren’t they. And how do we know he didn’t take any other woman home to visit with him especially since there was no press coverage. He may have had small interviews on the radio but it was not the same coverage as he got this last time he went home. KB is not a starlet and hasn’t been in 10 years. After Straw Dogs he was covered by the press due to TB not because of his own personal stardom.

  347. 347
    Jill Says:

    The point about the articles is that gossip sites are interested in running stories on him. Most gossip articles are passed around regurgitations, JJ gets stories from RadarOnline, TMZ, Awful Truth, etc. and they get stories from him and then other sites run them. It’s a small gossip world. And I”m not sure what you mean by the press being due to TB rather than his own personal stardom. All actors are known for the roles they do, that’s the nature of the game. Alex got a lot of press for GKill, too, though that was last year. True Blood is more current. And Melancholia will be more current still, when that press machine gets going.

    KB is a starlet, though she’s not exactly an up and coming one. Even more, as I’m sure you agree, she’s a media personality who shows up at fashion events. But by either definition, she made Alex’s visit home more interesting for those folks interested in the entertainment world and especially in a local boy made good. The newspapers would not have been running so many photos if they didn’t generate interest.

    I don’t think there is any question at this point of whether they are an item. This is the way AS chose to make it public, rather than a statement to a gossip reporter. You don’t take the person you are rumoured to be seeing home to the family if you don’t want to appear to be confirming the rumour.

  348. 348
    @347 Says:

    First KB is not a starlet and hasn’t been in quite a while. Her fame fell off completely after her Superman movie. KB is a joke in most HW circles and she has no media personality. And why since they have been back in the US has not one pap/gossip site been the least bit interested in either of them? He did not have to take her to Sweden to confirm anything because their relationship was the worst kept secret anyway. Everyone knew they were together and it was just insulting to the fans for them to keep denying it. I think your missing the point that’s being made which is no one denies a relationship existed except the 2 of them. And this game backfired in their face big time. His popularity is decreasing bottom line and he has to deal with that. Never shoot the hands that feed you. Without fans he will fade into obscurity like his girlfriend and be looked at as a joke. Unlike her he has real talent and can go far but it’s his choice whether he will throw another opportunity away for a girl like he has repeatedly in the past.

  349. 349
    Isabella Says:

    Do not know if someone made this comment already but the guy with the military hat is Alex’s brother Gustaf. Gustaf is also an actor and a very talented one for what I have seen of him in both films and the stage.

  350. 350
    tagstillads Says:

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