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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth enjoys lunch with her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, and a few friends at Medborgarplatsen Square’s Kvarnen Cafe in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Monday afternoon (May 17).

Kate, 27, has been meeting all of Alex‘s pals. “They spent the whole weekend hand-in-hand and Alex seemed very excited about showing Kate around his hometown,” an eyewitness tells People. “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

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350 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts”

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  1. 326
    I'MNOTHANS Says:

    I , too, would be happy for Ryan and Michelle. Just as I’m happy for Kate and Alex if they’re a couple. I think they make a good couple. I don’t believe the rumors people post at JJ about any celebrities unless they’re verified by a reliable source. People love to hate on this board.

  2. 327
    sweetie Says:

    @irish: I only saw one boat pic. It didn’t look romantic, more like sweet and courteous. I think Alex is a gentleman and he treats whoever he’s with with courtesy. It wouldn’t matter if it was his mother, sister, or date for the night. He’d be helping any woman out of the boat the same way. He seems very kind. :-)

  3. 328
    Betty Says:

    He looks best in T-shirt and jeans. He is just a laid back kind of guy. I don`t believe they are doing this for press, Alex is not into the whole “Hollywood” scene. I think they are for real. Kate would be insane not to want this beautiful man, right? I think the media is interested in him because not only is he a great actor and person, they know that he is going to be big someday. I think they would take pictures of him even if he wasn`t with Kate. He definitely has something special going on.

  4. 329
    Betty Says:

    @WTF: She can probably wear girls sizes, she is too skinny I think. She looks good in some clothes, but in others she just looks bony. And her hair is too bleached. It looked better when she was a darker blond.

  5. 330
    Betty Says:

    @Kim: I kinda think she flew herself to Shreveport to visit Alex. I just feel like she was more into him than he was into her, not that he didn`t like her. If they weren`t officially a couple, he had the right to date anyone he wanted. He has said he is a social person and loves to go out with friends. He apparently has many friends in Sweden, and has made lots of friends in L.A. also. He and Kate seem to have something going on though, I wonder how she feels about always having a lot of other people around? Maybe that makes their time alone even more special.

  6. 331
    Betty Says:

    @Nicole: Everyone has the right to their opinions, including me so… I don`t believe Alex calls the paps, I really believe he is not into that whole Hollywood thing. Don`t you think things would be different if that were true? They would be all lovey-dovey for the press. He has said that it is important for him to visit his friends in Sweden, because most of them are not actors, and being with them helps keep him grounded. There are no paparazzi in Sweden, so that has to be some kind of relief right there. I don`t believe he is a fame *****, he is just who he is. If you don`t like him, that`s fine, but I think he rocks! I don`t particularly like Kate, but he appears to, so I guess that`s the bottom line. Maybe being around him, will be good for her, ever think about that? He seems like a perfect gentleman, and he dresses up when the situation calls for it. Peace and Love to all.

  7. 332
    Star Collecter Says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that we are being led down the garden path and onto a merry chase? It’s how many weeks til the premier of TB?Let’s look at some points-I read awhile back that Alex was with CAA-one of the biggest agencies in the world. Would they let him sign with some 2 bit pr firm instead of using their people? No. He has been away from the TB set for almost 2 weeks-without Alan Ball’s blessing? NO. How about we make the fans follow them all over the place trying to figure out if they are really together and what they will do next, right up until the premiere? Then the loaded question-will Alex show up with her or not? That alone will generate huge ratings. My guess is that he won’t bring her-that will keep us all guessing for as long as the powers that be want to keep this up. I don’t think that AS & KB are behind this, I think they are willing participants. This is the Hollywood machine, my friends. Are they really dating? I don’t know, I doubt it. She can sit in his lap and stare into the cameras all she wants.They have as much chemistry together as a bologna sandwich. But they are useful for ratings. Just my opinion.

  8. 333
    FAKE!!!! Says:

    If he really CARED about his career he would have dyed his hair back to BLOND for Eric. It’s the ONLY job he has and he can’t even take the part seriously and be blond again. He could have borrowed Kate’s hairdresser.

    And guys, they aren’t dating. You know how I know??? said so. They know EVERYTHING about Alex. Too bad he forgot to tell them about his relationship with Bobblehead Bosworthless. The two hobos can have each other. The positive is Kate may actually gain some weight since everyone that likes Alex is fat. Once she tips the scale he’ll dump her for the next waif to come to Hollyweird. Then again he seems to like children…since Kate has the shape of a 12-yr old boy he can bounce her on his knee and watch her head bobble back and forth.

  9. 334
    HUH? Says:

    @I’MNOTHANS: Most of the pics of them together they do not seem happy- indifferent and uninterested but not happy

  10. 335
    @Betty 328 Says:

    I beg to differ there are very few paps looking for Alex when he isn’t with Kate. They get more publicity when they are together.

  11. 336
    @Betty 330 Says:

    @Betty: It was reported by several people that Alex invited ERW to visit him as was telling everyone how excited he was that she was coming. But let’s just say that she invited herself for the sake of this post. Everything you say about ERW can be said about KB. She does appear to be more into him than he is into her. And until either AS or KB says they are a couple he can still go out with whomever he wants to as well.

  12. 337
    @Betty 331 Says:

    I don’t think AS calls the paps but KB does so if you hang out with her you will be photographed constantly. You state that there are no paparazzi in Sweden yet their every move was documented with pics throughout this whole “secret holiday”. Every news outlet was made aware of where they were at all times from the time they left the house to the time they went home. They had more press/paps exposure in Sweden than they have ever had or will have here in the US. They are back in the US and not one media outlet cares. So you argument is very flawed. Also, everyone he was photographed with were actors who were his friends from Sweden.

  13. 338
    jill Says:


    The media in the US does care about the two, cf the Coachella and NY photos. The level of coverage in Sweden is about the same as what they get when they get spotted at an event in the US. There were pics of the two of them entering the bathrooms at Coachella, for Pete’s sake. As long as piccies of the two of them generate 14 pages of posts at gossip sites, paps will follow them around.

    And though Sweden is a much less celebrity focused culture than the US, they still do have entertainment mags and photographers. Alex is big news because he’s a local boy made good in Hollywood, returning with a celebrity girlfriend. Stockholm is a small city and actors, because they are generally left alone, mingle with everyone else, lunching at cafes, etc. The only site making a big deal of these pics is JJs and that’s because of the response he gets.

  14. 339
    @Jill Says:

    The media in the US really doesn’t care about the two of them if the only examples you can site are of the Coachella and NY pics. Where else are they being followed unless they are already at a place where paps frequent – i.e. Coachella where everyone has there pic taken and the Bowery Hotel in NY? Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton are more popular to the US press than these two and are followed everywhere and they like AS/KB are at best C list if that.

    The level of coverage in Sweden was excessive even by the people living in Sweden- there were pics of them every place they went all day long and the responses if there were any to these stories from the Swedish people were what’s the big deal and why all of the coverage for the two of them. We have no pics here in the US of them dining out, walking the streets, grocery shopping, doing everyday mundane things and entering and leaving their homes like in Sweden. In the US we don’t get a play-by-play breakdown of their entire day and who they were with. If the US is so interested then why have they been back for 2 days now and not one pap photo or story about either of them individually or together?

    And I agree the only site willing to provide them with the publicity that they seek is JJ. No other gossip site really cares about the two of them because neither is a big star. It’s sad when Rachel Bilson walking her dog and Mischa Barton pumping gas are a bigger story on gossip sites than anything to do with AS/KB and if that doesn’t tell you how little the US press thinks of them then I don’t know what will. And those that do report on them usually do so in a deragory manner as in let’s stop the BS. KB’s best days are long gone and his are hopefully coming in the future if he doesn’t blow it. The reason JJ gets 14 pages of comments is because AS fans discuss their disappointment in him as a person for pretending to be something he obviously is not- no more or less.

  15. 340
    Winter Says:

    @Betty: I remember that and always found it odd. He was filming Straw Dogs so he couldn’t fly in with Evan. He was already there. A man who allows a woman he’s barely dated to come visit him and stay with him while he’s making a movie, and brags about it to his pals, seems impulsive and probably doesn’t consider the stuff we find serious in the U.S. to be all that serious.

  16. 341
    Hannah2 Says:

    @So Sad
    1. she is not beautiful. a few years ago she was, but she has not aged gracefully.
    2 Whether they are a beautiful couple or not is not the issue. it is that since meeting her he has been turned down for roles, lied to the public for no reason ( “I’m single) (“the only women in my life are my mom and sister “), used websites and blogs that are 100% faithful to him for his own personal agenda, has gotten into arguments with the press and blown them off when he used to stop and chat for him. Rumored to be using drugs, Rumored to be a game player and Rumored to be more of a diva on the TB set (these last 4 are rumors)
    it is such a great relationship for him. YAY for the beautiful couple.

    He is not who he was, and the new treatment of the public will filter to his fans when he gets annoyed with them. I hope not, but I think it is coming.

  17. 342
    jill Says:

    @339, the US gossip media covers AS and KB the same way they cover any of the young beautiful celebs–piccies are posted when paps catch them places. They hardly ignore them–hence photos of the two exiting a hotel in NY, photos of the two lunching, photos of the two at the Marmont. The difference with JJ is he goes overboard and posts Every. Single. Photo. Other sites post a couple. But they are certainly on the pap and gossip radar here, and especially so when they are together, though AS gets papped even when he’s solo or lunching with other friends. He’s considered sexy and up and coming, so his pics sell.

    The level of coverage in Sweden wasn’t surprising given how proud the media seems to be that AS has made it big in the US. Whether the average citizan on the street cares, who knows, but the Swedish magazines and entertainment programs have all covered AS’s breakthrough in America from the angle of “Swedish actor gets recognised!” If other actors like Joel Kinnaman follow Alex’s route in Hollywood and then return to Sweden, I have no doubt they’ll get made a fuss of, too.

    And as long as fans post 14 pages of comments, JJ will continue to snap up every pic of the two, together or singly, because he does not care what you write, only that you write.

  18. 343
    @342 Says:

    All the places you listed are known pap hangouts. AS will always get papped alone if he is at a well known pap hangout- any celeb would. No one is going looking for them. People look for other celebs not AS/KB – sorry to disappoint you. The reason they are on the pap and gossip radar here is because of their BS game playing about their relationship to KEEP the paps and gossips sites interested. If AS/KB came out last fall when they obviously got together NO ONE would be the least bit interested in their relationship status unless they brought attention to it. Several people from Sweden on other blogs and forums have stated repeatedly that this amount of coverage is NOT normal and that the paps normally do not provide this much coverage for anyone- they actually do not bother celebs at all. And to dispel your theory further AS has been back to Sweden numerous times since the beginning of the year so where are all of those pap pics and stories? Why wasn’t he covered during his solo visits home since he is so celebrated by the Swedish press as one of theirs who made it? Even during the height of TB season 2 NO ONE in Sweden covered his visits home. So I understand what you’re trying to say but the facts don’t support your argument. AS has been seen at many places where other celebs were and not one pic has been snapped of him so really he’s not on the radar like you seem to think he is. Yes he’s up and coming but he’s far from a pap/gossip favorite. As for other sites posting pics of them – they are few and far between outside of JJ. They just don’t get the hits on major gossip sites like People which means most of the public doesn’t care. AS is still growing his fan base while KB’s is all but gone.

  19. 344
    jill Says:

    @343 The number of celebs who are actively stalked outside of known hangouts is very slim. Most celebs are papped at places like hotels and restaurants–often because people at the restaurant call the paps. AS is certainly not at the top level of Hollywood, I agree. He’s not like Brangelina. But he is on the pap radar and a quick google shows many stories about him on many gossip sites, not a few. Not at the frequency of JJ, who goes overboard. And if AS and KB were only playing the relationship thing to keep interest, then he wouldn’t have done this trip to Sweden, would he. Because it basically confirmed that this is a relationship, which according to your logic, he wouldn’t do.

    I have no idea how often Askars has been home this year, but I know after Straw Dogs ended, he was covered by the press when he went home. He did a radio show and was interviewed by a television program while walking to something. Swedish Elle did a write up on him and he was mentioned for being a fashion icon in another magazine. It’s just human nature that the entertainment mags are even more interested when he comes home with a starlet. Swedes aren’t immune. If people weren’t clicking on the stories, the pics wouldn’t have continued to be posted. The Swedish press is not controlled by anyone in Hollywood.

  20. 345
    luvs Says:

    @jill: They got so much coverage from this trip that I’m not sure anymore if they’re not playing games. They didn’t look very romantic in the photos. She had more chemistry with her exes but maybe she was more into them.

  21. 346
    @Jill Says:

    I have googled him and yes he does have articles about him but they are regurgitated JJ articles days later. And for the record him taking KB to Sweden does not confirm a relationship so there is still the question of are they or aren’t they. And how do we know he didn’t take any other woman home to visit with him especially since there was no press coverage. He may have had small interviews on the radio but it was not the same coverage as he got this last time he went home. KB is not a starlet and hasn’t been in 10 years. After Straw Dogs he was covered by the press due to TB not because of his own personal stardom.

  22. 347
    Jill Says:

    The point about the articles is that gossip sites are interested in running stories on him. Most gossip articles are passed around regurgitations, JJ gets stories from RadarOnline, TMZ, Awful Truth, etc. and they get stories from him and then other sites run them. It’s a small gossip world. And I”m not sure what you mean by the press being due to TB rather than his own personal stardom. All actors are known for the roles they do, that’s the nature of the game. Alex got a lot of press for GKill, too, though that was last year. True Blood is more current. And Melancholia will be more current still, when that press machine gets going.

    KB is a starlet, though she’s not exactly an up and coming one. Even more, as I’m sure you agree, she’s a media personality who shows up at fashion events. But by either definition, she made Alex’s visit home more interesting for those folks interested in the entertainment world and especially in a local boy made good. The newspapers would not have been running so many photos if they didn’t generate interest.

    I don’t think there is any question at this point of whether they are an item. This is the way AS chose to make it public, rather than a statement to a gossip reporter. You don’t take the person you are rumoured to be seeing home to the family if you don’t want to appear to be confirming the rumour.

  23. 348
    @347 Says:

    First KB is not a starlet and hasn’t been in quite a while. Her fame fell off completely after her Superman movie. KB is a joke in most HW circles and she has no media personality. And why since they have been back in the US has not one pap/gossip site been the least bit interested in either of them? He did not have to take her to Sweden to confirm anything because their relationship was the worst kept secret anyway. Everyone knew they were together and it was just insulting to the fans for them to keep denying it. I think your missing the point that’s being made which is no one denies a relationship existed except the 2 of them. And this game backfired in their face big time. His popularity is decreasing bottom line and he has to deal with that. Never shoot the hands that feed you. Without fans he will fade into obscurity like his girlfriend and be looked at as a joke. Unlike her he has real talent and can go far but it’s his choice whether he will throw another opportunity away for a girl like he has repeatedly in the past.

  24. 349
    Isabella Says:

    Do not know if someone made this comment already but the guy with the military hat is Alex’s brother Gustaf. Gustaf is also an actor and a very talented one for what I have seen of him in both films and the stage.

  25. 350
    tagstillads Says:

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