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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth enjoys lunch with her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, and a few friends at Medborgarplatsen Square’s Kvarnen Cafe in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Monday afternoon (May 17).

Kate, 27, has been meeting all of Alex‘s pals. “They spent the whole weekend hand-in-hand and Alex seemed very excited about showing Kate around his hometown,” an eyewitness tells People. “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

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Credit: Panah/Fazal; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Emily

    starting t belive that this is really a pr stunt sad that alex hasgot caught up i all this hollywood shit shes a media whore and i thought he wasnt ……still love him tho

  • Cheech & Chong

    Yeah, life is wonderfuul you know. I think I’m going now. I will be back when a could focus on my keywkjliujn

  • Fishy

    I don’t crush on guys that drink out of the toilet. When I have that lapse in judgement, I correct it sooner or later. I saw what he is, he can enjoy her all he wants. Now I’m just having fun by laughing at this couple’s idiocy. And in case you can’t tell, less and less people even care if they’re a couple or not. I know I don’t.
    But I guess Jam/hans/Pixie/whatever-name-you-pick-up-next, what you really don’t like seeing is people not caring, so you decide to fan the flames a bit. We’ll have our fun, don’t worry about it. It just won’t be the kind of fun that rocks your boat.
    And the posts in these blogs mean jack shit, no one sees the crap she makes, that’s how she got to be a D actress, and who knows if anyone will see his.

  • Monica

    I know – all this hysteria reminds me of the Kate/Orlando days too! Fan girls went completely crazy!

  • Jordan

    Love this couple! Kate is so beautiful!

  • Wellness

    Why all the hate, they’re a gorgeous couple?! Oh — that’s why!

  • Estella

    I’m just wondering… Have there ever been any rumours that Alexander is doing drugs? And what about Kate? Any drug rumours?

  • Fishy


    Yep. Rumor has it that Kate does cocaine. For Alex, no. But people wonder if he will, by association.

  • Jam


    Fine by me… be gone witches! lol


    We don’t hate them.They’re bread and circuses. Why we haven’ t we seen the family fun photos? Because they’re none!!!! His brother Valter looks bored in the lap shot and clearly disinterested in the other. Gustaf , is of course being polite in one shot…BTW, they are shots online of him at the cabin with friends. AS for her beauty….

    Please feel free to zoom in….this was her at 22/23….is it normal to look that busted ? Unless you’ve led a hard life or doing some….things. This a pampered person who never knew hardship and had access to the best beauty care in the world and she looked like THAT at 22/23?….So jealous. BTW, the cheeks , nose and hair aren’t all hers. Thank goodness Alex likes natural girls….only if they’ve been manufactured.

    Is the 6:10 train to Nowhere still on schedule ?

  • Hmmm

    It is a train wreck, just facinating to watch. Kate Bosworth has not aged at all well and looks 5-10 years oler than her alledged 27. Too much botox?

    Askars still has a boyish appeal, but maybe it’s time he grew up. He is a really talented actor, sadly the same cannot be said of Bosworth, she was a one hit wonder and her 15 minutes are well and truly over.

    Hopefully someone will point out to him how much damage is being done to his reputation, Strawdogs be damned.

    And damn Askars, get a stylist, buy some new clothes, and maybe get a different publicist, not Bosworth’s one, she aint doing you any favors.

  • R&M


    That would be the cheeks, nose, LIPS, and hair. LOL! Oh. Just checked, the 6:10 train to Nowheresville is sold out! Expect to see LiLo, PHilton, Speidi, etc. on there. The gang’s all there, should be quite a shindig!

  • Primetime

    Thought this comment was kind of cute:

    One of the Swedish articles said: They asked Alex about the relationship – - “Nah, I do not want to say anything, “says Alexander Skarsgård as the two left the terrace with his friends. “But I can answer, it’s really good,” says Rafael Edholm who stepped on his scooter.”



    Link please.

  • LA girl

    @43 How did you know Alex’s Los Angeles girl is a brunette? Was more info posted somewhere? Too many posts to read, please link if you can.

  • why not working?

    Coachella, NYC, now Sweden. Does Alexander ever take time out of his busy holiday schedule to work? They’re recording the last few episodes now when Alexander is holidaying again.

  • LG

    I’m a Kate fan. I LOVE fashion and that’s how I first became aware of her. I’ve seen all her films and paid close attention to just about everything Kate. I feel informed enough to answer some questions and make some comments. First of all, @ #158 there has never been any conceivable reason to believe Kate does drugs. Posters at gossip sites like this will accuse her of everything! Anything more substantial, no. There have been no sightings, no pictures, no evidence of crazy behavior. She went through a tough period in her life a few years back and lost weight so some people try to hold that against her. Speaking of that, @ #161, that’s the period I’m talking about. While I think the picture at the link you posted is beautiful, it was taken at a time when she went through a painful breakup and learned a family member was terminally ill. I think it’s shameful of you to try to hit her at a time when she was down. @ #163, she has always had a perfect nose, cheeks, and lips. Her features are extraordinarily beautiful. No botox. No fillers. No nothing. — Kate as an actress — I believe she’s at her best when doing dramatic roles. Her performance in Wonderland was amazing. It was her second big role in a feature film, she was very young, and she nailed it! I saw The Girl In The Park at the TIFF and the critics said her performance was award worthy. I agree. I thought she was adorable in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. I could go on but I want to move on to one more thing and that’s fashion! She has a great sense of style! I LOVE that she can wear a little black dress from Top Shop, pull her hair back, and wear little to no makeup to an event where every other celebrity has been styled and completely done up. She has the confidence and the taste level to pull it off. She’s fashion forward but her style is never forced. I’ve read interviews in fashion magazines. Clearly, she’s a bright and funny woman. I could care less who she’s dating. As a fan, I simply wanted to add my 2 cents.

  • Fools

    @LG Hi Robin, so good of you to come to the site and put in your two cents. However, NOBODY IS BUYING THE BULLSH*T!!! GO AWAY AND THINK OF A NEW PLAN!!! LAME-O AGENT.



    Funny how YOU FANS NEVER POST ON HER WEBSITES but are always here. Check whatever KB websites that are left. Most have been abandoned for quite some time, except for the web master’s posts. BTW, please give us links to the positive critical appraisal of her works.

    LINKS PLEASE!!! I know it will never happen, but it’s still entertaining to ask. She is just public transit…anyone may enter. AS is sooooo lucky!!!!

    Funny how many seem to believe that Gwyneth and Jen Aniston are cold , hearted arrogant b*tches w/o any definitive proof or suspicious actions of their peers but KB stans refuse to acknowledge her lack of talent based on no real roles, accolades or box office numbers. The fact that she has no female friends other that Lisa Bjorne or her agent means that all other women on planet EARTH are jealous of her….or that she’s a wh*re that decent women won’t be seen be with…..I now, I know!!! Gwyneth, Stella, Liv and all those others are jealous of her and won’t be photographed with her in fear she may upstage them!!!! Not because she F*cked over her friend. Her style is HOBOLICIOUS!!!….Yeah !!! The homeless crack Wh*res have a style icon!!!! I loved the left over mother of the bride outfit that Valentino gave her to wear. ICKTASTIC!!!!

  • @Amazing

    Time for your meds!


    @@Amazing: @@Amazing

    That’s the best you can do????? Meds would only make this train wreck more tragic.

  • squirelmeat

    It is not at all surprising that now we’re seeing the counterbalance of opinion. I’m guessing very few of the people of the folks on this site have ever encountered either of these two in person. Who knows what’s real. But yep, we like to have our opinions (and not that serious). That being said – I had a long period of my career in PR and I smell campaign strategy in some of these responses. Just saying. If I was her rep, that’s what I would do and it feels awfully close to it in some of these responses. I still sense there’s some sort of strategy here – too much coverage, too much visibility, etc. Doesn’t feel totally real.

  • CINDY C.

    @Oopsila: well he needs to retire that bad boy and get a new one. like send it to the rag bag.

  • LG

    @Fools – I’m not Robin and you’re too predictable.
    @Amazing – I do post at her websites. Some of the positive reviews I was referring to can be seen at imdb.




  • Greg

    She looks way older than that ! Holy shit ! THAT is the chick from Blue Crush ?? Looks like she is on the good old coke and smokes diet.

  • LG

    @Amazing – Settle down. I answered you. See post 175.

  • GreenCAT

    @Hot Brothers: Thanks for answering my question. I was wondering if that was Gustaf! :)

  • weeeks..

    … i once thought that AS would be somekind of bigstar in HW..since he has incredable talent..i love him since i watched GK..but he seems to waste it by having papz parades everywhere.. if its not a PR stunt..howcome this week they’ve been posted twice??? i mean come on people ..its too much..(not to mention the coachella lovefest)..
    if he want to date some be it..even if it has to be KB.. but dont waste ur career by this media circuss parade..just to let people know that u are HW star now and dating some HW star too…
    i mean its pathetic… we dont see sam worthington,,or james franco.. or other a- list actor who actually made it to big screen..doing this much media exposure arent we…

    and he’s getting old..i dont think he has enough time to actually made it to big screen..

    such a shame AS..u surely have those talent but u waste it…:(

  • NEW Kate & Alex VIDEO

    Look at the Youtube video “Kate Bonesworth and Alexander Skarsgard” by rosellini10. She is an Alex fan that pretty much sums up in a respectful way what we all are thinking.


    @NEW Kate & Alex VIDEO:
    this a cray cray illiterate stalker SAYWATPEPO from PURSEFORUM video.
    how can it be respectful? are you ill-bred or just obtuse? how is it respectful to address someone SUCCESSFUL HOT LIFE-HAVING AND HAPPY you don’t know with lame ghetto dating and dressing advice?

  • oh hai skarsgardnews

    Why is Alex’s website admin so condescending to his fans? Alex is the one starting the rumor mill, it’s only logical for people to ask her what’s up since she swore he and Kate are not dating. The “gossip mongers” as she calls them are posting exactly what Alex’s high paid publicist tells them to, should she really be dissing them?

  • yup

    @NEW Kate & Alex VIDEO:

    Why are you even posting this crappy video over and over? People’s bandwidths can be put to better use. Whether you agree or not with what’s said, the video is pointless to watch.

  • Please


    If you really believe this twit hasn’t had PLENTY-O surgeries and procedures, then I’ve got a bridge to sell ya’ in Brooklyn. TFF!

  • R&M


    Or more bearable…

  • yup


    Yet more of the crappy reviews and matching box office numbers can be seen at rotten tomatoes.

  • p.b

    this little pr stunt is just to see what the true blood fans reaction would be to them, ready for when they do the red carpet for season 3. if he wants to get himself saddled with this bag of bones then let him, its his career that is going down the pan big time. thought he had more self respect for himself than this…..just shows how wrong you can be.

  • N.P

    hi guys

    another new pic of kate & alex out and about in sweden

  • Wizard of Oz on Steroids

    Pay no attention to the PR firm behind the curtain.

  • My 2 cents

    @ N.P

    Are these two ever alone?! That guy Farez Farez hangs with them in Hollywood too. If this is supposed to be a “secret” romantic getaway, why are they constantly in the company of at least 4 other people? And still, despite all the “eye witness” accounts, no pictures of a single kiss.

  • Risie

    Yeah, they’re trying too hard in this trip.¿why? So suddenly.

  • http://JustJared irish

    @Wizard of Oz on Steroids:
    Well Good Morning, …and the comments just keep coming. Just so I don’t get labeled a “rabid fan girl”, let me start out by saying I do think they are a couple, but I have to agree with the school of thought that something just isn’t right. The one thing that keeps me wondering is..why didn;t he escort her to the MET Gala? This is the biggest event in fashion and is covered by every TV news Mag, all television and cable channels and the big newspapers. Oprah Winfrey, the queen of all media was asking questions on the red carpet. Talk about publicity!! It would have been a win-win..Alex (who looks far better in a tux than many of the men there) would have gotten publicity at a respectable event and Kate would have been further removed from the GP, CM thing..and would have been on AS’s arm! The MET trumps any Coachella festival, Iggy Pop concert or trip to Sweden. Not to mention Alex was photographed in LA the same day working(no) doing pr (no) having lunch with a friend! I do think he really likes KB, but there is something fishy going on…just a thought.

  • @pb

    You hit the nail on the head- this was just to see what the public reception would be to the two of them as a couple and how they would be received and it is not being received well by fans/press/critics. So now what do they do since it is failing to receive the positive press they were hoping for?

  • Jam

    The only ones complaining, are the you know whos….
    press just post some pics… lol

  • http://JustJared irish

    hey Amazing..
    are the pics at the cabin from this trip?where can I find them online?

  • @primetime

    Thought this comment was kind of cute:
    One of the Swedish articles said: They asked Alex about the relationship – - “Nah, I do not want to say anything, “says Alexander Skarsgård as the two left the terrace with his friends. “But I can answer, it’s really good,” says Rafael Edholm who stepped on his scooter.”

    What was cute about this? This is still a grown ass man who will not ackowledge his relationship with this woman. And I have a hard time believing that if he states in front of a friend that he doesn’t want to say anything his friend would then choose to comment on it himself.

  • http://JustJared irish

    good point..and if I was KB and had just crossed an ocean to go on vacation to a country where I don’t speak the language(thats probably how he gets away with saying it in front of her)to be with this guy, would be FURIOUS that he did not have the B****S to call me his girlfriend…who cares? why can’t he just say “Kate is a great girl and I like spending time with her”

  • jen

    I guess not living in Hollywood, I do not fully understand or appreciate the so called PR Stunt relationships. It really seems like a real relationship–who would make such trips without it being a true relationship? I am not a fan of Kate Bosworth and not because of the cocaine, plastic surgery etc. she is just a bad example for women-she cannot live without a man, let me rephrase she cannot EXIST, it is really disgusting and if he likes natural girls-he needs to keep walking.

  • @irish

    @irish: I agree I would be pissed and would question why you won’t acknowledge me publicly. I know there are people who will say he doesn’t owe us anything but when you publicly declare yourself single then repeatedly say that you two are just friends then take her home to Sweden and still won’t own up to the relationship is disrespectful to her as your gf/ the relationship and himself as a man. I think that’s what the true backlash is about. The fact that she accepts this from him and the fact that he treats her like this. The relationship is not a “secret” anymore not that it ever really was so as someone else has said own it and be proud of it. This is not about keeping your relationship under wraps to avoid the press involvement because let’s all be honest neither of them are big stars that would have their relationship dissected daily once it became public. They are drawing the attention to themselves so don’t bitch about it now that you are NOT receiving the positive feedback that you wanted from fans/press. If they had owned it from the beginning then things would have been different.

  • Meh

    I don’t believe it’s a PR thing.
    I believe he doesn’t actually care what people and the press know or think about his relationship with whoever, and he doesn’t feel like he needs to justify who he’s dating to anyone but his friends.
    And if that’s how his mind works, I agree with him.