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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth enjoys lunch with her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, and a few friends at Medborgarplatsen Square’s Kvarnen Cafe in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Monday afternoon (May 17).

Kate, 27, has been meeting all of Alex‘s pals. “They spent the whole weekend hand-in-hand and Alex seemed very excited about showing Kate around his hometown,” an eyewitness tells People. “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

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Credit: Panah/Fazal; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Twilight

    WTH, who are these two nobodies, really??? I was checking out other celebrities and I came across this post and saw it had like 200 posts, I was like is Angie or Brad in the backround or what? I seriously do NOT recognize either one of them!!!!
    But I must say the posts are hilarious and I agree that it seems not to be jealousy that drive people to hate this women, otherwise there would be just as much hate for Kristen Steward for being romantically linked to Robert Patt. People actually want them to be together both highly succesful and gorgeous. Rob is soo hot and so is Kristen.

  • yup


    I don’t know if it’s a real relationship or not. Obviously whatever it is, more than certainly involves sex, but as far as motivations behind it? I can think of several:
    - KB is all about getting ahead. And more and more since her movie career is nil, her life centers around photo ops, modeling outfits at parties, and trying to snag the “talk of the moment” guys (if she’s able to, of course) and having people picture her with them, so she’ll be talked about. She’s not one to be without a man, that’s for sure. At the moment, it’s AS.
    - AS is getting impatient. He used to be a big fish in a small pond, and now he’s the same sized fish in an ocean, and he’s competing against a lot of people, and he’s not faring nearly as well as he’d like. He wants more notoriety. One of the tried and tested formulas from way back always has been dating speculation. That’s why these sites and gossip magazines exist after all. No matter what BS he fed us before, he does want to do the HW lifestyle and dating game. No amount of “normal looking girls” spiel or trips to Sweden to see his local friends will convince me otherwise. KB was definitely willing and eager, after all, he’d get it all with no trouble at all, so he went for it.
    - Whether or not they’re true, AS wants to shake off the Nelly Fang rumors.

    As a closing remark, she must be really desperate to put up with him not even saying “we’re seeing each other”, which isn’t a very compromising statement in any way. She’s a s.k.a.n.k but she’s not in any other known relationship, nor is he, so there would be no scandal there. I know I’d be pissed if a guy denied it in a similar situation. Saying you want to “keep it private” is a bit too late after the public spectacle since coachella. It’s like he simply doesn’t want to use the words so people will keep asking him about it. He’d shake off the wave of speculation with that simple statement, but my guess is it’s not what he’s after. {Cue in the PR music}

  • @ Meh

    How noble of AS to not care what people think. The very people who would spend their hard earned money buying tickets to future projects (if any). However, he should care. Many fans, myself included, have been completely turned off by his behavior. The man is a walking contradiction. He publicly states he is single but then is photographed all over town with Ms. gets her picture taken while buying gas. And he looks irritated or bored in every frame. He’s spotted sneaking out of a hotel back entrance with her, still denying anything is going on and then he takes her to Sweden for a supposed secret holiday where more pictures surface. I’m no fan of Bones, but at this point, I feel sorry for her. Her life must be pretty pathetic and empty to allow a guy to treat her with such indifference. It’s a good thing he has so many Swedish friends because when True Blood is over, he will probably only be able to find work in Swedish films. He’s either incredibly arrogant or incredibly stupid.

  • Meh

    She’s not saying she’s with him either! Should he be hurt?

  • yup


    You know that as a rule in these things, the big scoop is a guy acknowledging it, not the girl. Guys are the commitment-phobes (as a stereotype, I am perfectly aware that there are guys that are more than willing to say they’re dating someone and that they have a girlfriend).

  • Meh

    No I didn’t know that… But OK, we’re back in 1832. Cool.

  • Wow

    Your still trolling here hans/jam you F’in psycho, I am starting to think you really are on AS and KB PR team. You are really a nutcase to keep posting here several times and under several names lol. I used to think you were funny now you are just creeping me out like I said out of these 200 posts over 50 must be from you hans that is just pathetic. I think JJ NEEDS to seriously consider people to register to prevent psychos like you hans to reek havoc on these posts!!!!

  • http://JustJared irish

    The Nelly Fang rumors was the first thing I thought of when all of a sudden these two show up in Sweden lovey dovey…the four events previous to Iggy Pop concert Bosworth attended alone, and it was noted “without alex Skarsgard” in a couple of articles! To make things worse Alex goes to a VERY public restaurant the day of the Gala event and gets his pic taken to prove he could have been in NY if he chose! A lovers spat? Maybe and maybe KB got angry enough to threaten to spread some inside info she knows about the “delish Swedish dish” and voila! they are in a Hotel in NY and then in Sweden together..I know ,I know I have to stop and join reality…again just a thought!

  • Nuetral

    Let me just say I am neither a hater of Alex nor Kate but there is just something about Kate that turns people off ,not quite sure what it is! No, I do not think it has to do with jeasousy because of who she is with, that is just a simpleton’s response. Look at Miranda Kerr yeah there are some haters but not nearly as much as Kate and many believe that Orlando B looks more happier with her and are happy for them. Same goes for Angie and Brad, also there are haters but not nearly as much as with Kate. More people actually want AJ and BP to STAY together eventhough she broke up his marriage.
    Perhaps this is why Kate B never became a true hollywood star you have to make people admire you, want to be you and be your friend as well and Kate does not have that spark or likability or talent to pull it off, nothing seems geniune with her. What I have heard about her is that she has serious self esteem issues, emotional problems. I quess people are just worried that Alex has dug himself in a major hole with her, and it will affect his image!!! But people need to realize that it is his choice, perhaps he is not the person he portrays himself as. I get the feeling that even if his Mother said that she did not approve, it would push them closer together, he may that stuborn.

  • Jam

    Orlando Blooms sloopy seconds……then agian… perhaps Alex may be into that …………………………..

  • Meh

    To be honest, I’m definitely not a fan of Kate, I don’t think she’s good enough for him, she looks fake and bland, but then, hey, I know neither of them, and it’s none of my business. I’m here just out of curiosity.

    However, I don’t agree with post #204. If you’re willing to spend that hard-earned money on his projects, well that’s your business. You’re the only one deciding what to do with your money, and you spend it on what you want, you’re not doing it to please him, right?

    and @yup, I’m sorry I sounded snarky but to be more precise, that’s not how it works over here in Europe. Guys and girls are equal when it comes to commitment phobia. :D

  • Oppsila

    Oops did you forget to say forgot to say that she is also Chris Martin’s sloppy seconds but not quite sure if Alex hooked up before or after Chris hooked up with Kate. hmmmmmmm Forgot about Leo Dicaprio would’nt want to leave him out. Perhaps, Alex thoughT if she was good enough for them to screw her what the hell, he seems that stupid but he seems to not realized they had hooked up and moved on, they would never take a girl like Kate Bosworth home to meet the folks LMAO…..

  • @MEH

    If Alex didn’t care about what the people and the press know or think about his relationship with whoever, and he doesn’t feel like he needs to justify who he’s dating to anyone but his friends- then why did he always clarify that he was single and that they were just friends??? No comment would have been the better choice. However, he chose to state repeatedly that she was just his friend and she repeatedly stated the same about him. So in reality neither of them should have an issue admitting their dating if they have no problem telling the press that they were just friends correct?

  • Meh

    Maybe they’re hinting they’re just sex friends? heheh.

  • Hilarious

    Alex says” Look Papa I brought me a hollywood star ” I have made it in Hollywood”. Stellan’s response “what have you brought to me is a c lister, I have only known her as Orlly’s gf, I barely recognize her, Kate who”? Son you are such a dissapointment, aren’t you supposed to be working on that cable TV show, what are you doing here in Sweden???? I barely got back here from Cannes!!!

  • yup


    I’d have to disagree with you there :P (also European here), but I can at least agree that it may be a matter of perception, depending on the crowd you hang with. In my crowd I hear the girls “oh, he’s my BF”, and from them, unless serious “oh, just some girl I’m seeing”. Around these parts girls do loooove calling any guy they go a few dates with their “boyfriend”.

    @201 Ooopsila KB is half of HW’s sloppy seconds. I read somewhere she’s into the casting couch tactic also.

  • nicole

    Alex is so stupid and pathetic to get himself attached to such a nutcase. But maybe for a idiot like him he may actually think he has something great. And he is getting talked about more b/c of his being paired with her in the media. However, the talk is not good and that is what is concerning. He may have a great work ethic but he is not so talented(not a big range) and his looks are fading.
    I think this is multi-layered:
    1)they are similarly pathetic and probably like to take things(ahem) to feel better/she portrays herself as a cool laid back girl. She is anything but just ask Orlando.
    2)She has some really bad rumors out there that won’t go away. Like the drugs, anorexia, psycho behavior. But the worst is the Chris Martin thing which I and most people believe to be true especially since she was snubbed by all their common friends in NYC during the week of the MET gala. That was it for her. He not attending showed that he didn’t want that attached to his name directly so he needed to help her rep by showing up in NYC and then Sweden with this trick.
    3)The Nelly Fang rumors are out of control and a lot of people in L.A. are confirming that they have seen him out with guys and some are now saying that they have actually had sex with him. The rumors that he hooks up in clubs with them is starting to go around.
    4)His own CO-STARS went on recored with EOnline that Alex is such a womanizer which makes me think they did it to intentionally embarass him. That did not look good and probably embarassed Kate who thinks that her beauty is so astounding that he whacks off to her at night.

  • karey

    has it even been confirmed that they’re dating?

  • Meh

    M’Okay, well then maybe I’m more of a tomboy than I’d like to be :))

  • @Karey

    No it hasn’t. Neither of them or their publicist has said that they are dating. According to the Swedish papers when asked about the trip he said he is hanging out with friends and having fun. He mentioned nothing about her as his girlfriend.

  • burnt bacon

    @LG: Hey, Kate, does it ever start feeling weird talking about yourself in the third person?

  • ???

    Hey guys, is it my browser, or the news of they sneaking out of the hotel in NY got “Featured” in JJ for a few days?

    JJ is getting paid?

  • He’s not in “Kansas” Anymore

    With all the inconsistency of this supposed relationship, I’m beginning to believe that the REAL story of all of this is really more about a mixture of things fighting each other:

    1: First ,How Alex believes himself to be (thus the “Average Nice Guy spiel” in interviews) – Deluded tho it may be-perhaps this is just how he perceives himself – You know we all are guilty of that, regardless of how we seem to others)

    2: Pressure from Hollywood to “play the game” as your PR agency, studio, and all the others who want a piece of you demand, but only on THEIR terms. This “dog eat dog” world you have chosen is not laid-back like Sweden – So If you don’t want to cooperate, “Oh well”, as there’s tons more struggling actors that would!

    3: Untimely and Unfortunate subjection to acquaintances with deceptive and self serving motives- Yes,we’re all looking at you Kate!
    And maybe even a little at the hanger on couple always along for the ride.

    4: Being gullible and listening to said people who profess to know what’s best for you at the very same moment you are discovering how fragile and under the microscope your every move is being dissected .

    We’ve all sadly seen it happen to people we personally know and love.
    But no matter what we try to say as a friend trying to help them see the forest for the trees
    -We seem only as just another ONE shoving OUR advice down their throat too!

    Yes,Alex is an adult and can take responsibility for his choices
    Considering how glum he looks lately, I think this tail spin he’s in has even Him a little baffled right along with us!

  • nicole

    She has been passed around so much!!! None of these guys would ever take her home. Orly did and then he got the hell out of there. And for the most part those that hated Kate love Miranda!!! Kate is so obviously lame and famewhoring that it turns people off. WHAT I HATE ABOUT HER IS THE FAMEWHORING AND THE HOMEWRECKING!!! No matter what anyone says but actions speak louder than words and the snub she got from all her past friends who are still close to Gwyneth states the obvious. She and Chris did something!! Period. That will never go away. And Karma is a bitch!!!! What goes around comes around. And she did it after she had met and messed around with Alex which speaks volumes about his intellect and self-worth. She probably started it before but after Straw Dogs finished and he went to NYC and Sweden last year is when she followed Martin from NYC to Vegas and then Cali and were seen kissing and canoodling in the ViP section and at Batagli restaurant in Vegas. And celebrities were mainly the only ones there so it was the CELEBRITIES who talked!!! Alex is really the joke of Hollywood right now amongst the celebs. He is ruining his reputation big time by being with this skank. Not to mention Gwyneth Paltrow is amongst the powerful set in hwood. I can only imagine the roles will not be coming in for either of them. I am sure Gwyn is pulling strings behind the scenes which is making Kate panic. They made a show at Coachella and now in Sweden. Keep trying to get it off you Kate but it is not going away TART!!! Alex better run fast if he doesn’t want to screw himself totally.

  • Omayra

    @spicylily, Thailand: I absolutely agree with you. I can’t remember any movie of her at all. Of course I could google them, but they are still not top movies. She is known for her dating, her crack useage and her braking up marriages… but not for her acting. I am all over Alex, but in reality, he is not for me. However, I feel sorry for him. He is just starting to shine in Hollywood and is choosing the wrong woman for it. She is using him. Have you notice that as long as she is alone there are no news to tell? however, her name comes up when she is with him. She is using him and unfortunately Alex isnt seen that. I still love him in True Blood! “the waiting sucks” haha

  • http://JustJared irish

    I think the thing that turns people off is that Kate comes off as arrogant and stuck -up. I read in an article that she told a reporter “Im a blue blood” meaning she has some royal background or something..I don’t know but who says that?

  • Passingby

    I agree.Could Gywn be the reason why Kate is only getting supporting roles now, KB has way too much time on her hands and soo does Alex!
    How can someone be soo stupid, it not like she has that much talent to begin with also she was not working much before either lol then she goes backstabing a friend who has a lot of pull in the industry.
    She will be forever known as that girl from Bluecrush which is sad because it came out about ten years ago. Her time has passed by her now to be a starlet and she not aging well she looks haggard! Oh well!!!

  • LizB

    She’s fug! He could do so much better.

  • Ali

    Who would be willing to pay at least $300 to see Gywneth and Kate is in fight for PPV? Hell, I would I would place my bet on Gywn to kick Kate’s ass. But, unfortunately eventhough Kate needs the money (ei lacking work) Gywn would not so lets just keep dreaming. Someday Kate will be homeweking on the wrong married man and get a beat down from whatever disgruntled wife lets hope someone has a phone with a camera lol……..

  • Oopsila

    Forgot to put down James R sloppy seconds as well ………..

  • R&M


    I’d pay to see that! And Gywn would totally win, since she actually has muscles, not just flab over bones.

  • R&M


    I think he likes her, just not that much.

  • Response

    Ha ha ha,
    I would pay to see that as well can you imagine Gywn ripping that wig off of Kate lol Gywn is soo tall in comparison to Kate that Gywn would be punching Kate’s huge forehead, hey that may be an improvement for Kate lol. The would bth make huge amounts of money if they agreed to the fight esp for Kate lets face it she is not working much but Gywn does not need it, too bad for us lol! sigh…….

  • Jam


    Its kinda pointless to start copying my name again… just saying…

  • ………..

    The amount of people supporting this relationship/KB/AS based on responses here to this article is about 20%. So 80% of the people on this board think something isn’t right and we all can’t be wrong.

  • Wow

    Out of the 20% that support this relationship is Jam/hans and whatever other name he can post as. Jam/hans is a creepy psycho lol
    I am not kidding when I say Jam/hans has probably posted over 50 posts here. He or she has something in common with KB bth have way………too..much time on their hands and bth have mental issues!!!

  • $hit

    This is like a mean girls club! Only losers need apply!



    No, there’s with people he truly likes and have respect for. Go to the Purse Forum and ask.

  • @$hit

    if you don’t like what’s being said ignore it:) No need to post a juvenile statement.

  • Pixie

    Oh Jam/hans don’t you think that people know you by now that you are nutcase!!! No one takes you seriously your a joke lol.People Jam/hans has taken my post name to use for his manipulative purposes as well , I would also not be surprised that out of 238 post over 70 posts from one person alone and that would be the schizo known as hans/jam/jules or soo on. Not cool you need to find attention elsewher you loser! Yes, people will be mean to you when you take on several posts names to stir trouble how old are you!!!

  • He’s not in “Kansas” Anymore

    I’ll second that vote to poster #236 in regards to: responses 20% to 80% in favor of “WTF?” about this “relationship”

    You can call us hateful fan girls , fat delusional shippers whatever you want…
    If your fans think you are a game playing douche or even just a simpleton being led by the nose by others…….SORRY, but your chances of being taken seriously and any patronage to your career is limited at best!
    I’m sure even some potential Hollywood producers can form the same opinion as us meager little ” fan folk” and would think twice about offering a movie role or wonder what kind of “baggage” they’d be hiring!

  • jen

    I must be under a rock—what Nelly Fang thing-don’t even know who that is…

  • Fishy
  • fgrd

    she is one average looking white chick. yuck.

  • Gloria

    Gotta admit, they’re one beautiful couple! When did he deny being in a relationship? Was it a while ago before it was actually a “relationship”?

  • @Gloria

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and outside beauty means nothing if your ugly on the inside. FYI- he has denied to the Swedish press still stating that he is only hanging out with friends and having fun but nothing more than that.

  • mia

    ****BTW, the cheeks , nose and hair aren’t all hers****

    Her lips aren’t natural either.

  • Gloria

    Yeah but I’m not sure that’s a denial. If they asked what he’s doing in Sweden and he said hanging out with friends and having fun, well, that’s true. If they asked if he and Kate are a couple and he claimed she was only a friend, that might not be true. I don’t know what they are but they appear to me to be a couple. Anyhow, I’m just not sold on the fact either of them have lied to anybody. If they choose not to discuss their relationship, isn’t that their business?

  • @Gloria

    I think everyone on here agrees they are a couple but he was asked about her/their relationship and their trip to Sweden and that was his response. They don’t have to discuss it true and no one here is disputing that fact. But if you can run around claiming to be single and not dating and just friends then obviously you truly have no problem discussing your relationship with the public. So the constant argument of they don’t have to admit it or discuss it is true however don’t be hypocritical about it either and take issue now with anyone asking the question when it wasn’t an issue previously. That’s my only point in all of this. To me it looks bad if you are in NY and don’t want to be seen near her but 24 hours later in Sweden it’s ok to acknowledge her publicly knowing it will hit the press in the US. Not very smart and makes them both look shady and deceitful. You can’t have it both ways- either you want your privacy or you don’t. There wasn’t alot of press coverage of AS or KB except on this site. Now they go on a “secret holiday” to Sweden and everyday we are bombarded with photos, eyewitness accounts and a detailed outline of how they spent their day from when they get up to when they go to bed. They didn’t get that much press coverage here and Sweden is not a pap frenzy place. They would NEVER get that much attention here on any given day because neither at that important in HW.

  • Wow

    Gotcha again hans/jam starting not to get creative with your names????