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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth enjoys lunch with her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, and a few friends at Medborgarplatsen Square’s Kvarnen Cafe in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Monday afternoon (May 17).

Kate, 27, has been meeting all of Alex‘s pals. “They spent the whole weekend hand-in-hand and Alex seemed very excited about showing Kate around his hometown,” an eyewitness tells People. “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

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kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 01
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 02
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 03
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 04
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 05
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 06
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 07
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard stockholm 08

Credit: Panah/Fazal; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jam

    Nicole=essay long posts, several times= crazy fangurl!
    I admit it is just fun to post under several names but serously Nicole why do you have to post these thesis long posts, your just fuming that Alex has his c*ck in Kate B hole and will never have it in your hole, get over it!!!

  • nicole

    @Jam Or whoever you are!! I could care less about who f*cks who and how many times. I get f*cked quite a bit by my own MAN so not dreaming of boinking Alex or anyone else. And I can write what I want when I want and about what I want. This IS America and we have freedom of speech!! Okay!!! And just b/c you can’t seem to write without making over 50 grammatical errors is not my problem. Nor is it my problem that you cannot critique anything without being on attack. No one cares about what you say!
    And let me make another thing very clear I don’t like HOMEWRECKERS or PR BULLSH*T!

  • mia

    Does it really need to be confirmed? Do not the pictures speak for themselves?

  • evathediva

    @Jam: and what exactly is your obsession Hans, you want Alex’s, Dick in your hole? I think thats what it is. I can’t understand for the life of me why a GUY , would even care. YOu are so stupid until it is unreal. I believe you are sitting in a chair behind a computer screen, in your room, at the maximum-low security nuthouse and jerking off to Alex and Kate, freaking loser, why worry what anyone else does when you post under several different names, just shud up. Go away, i bet you are an obssessed fat fanboy, how about that Hans? If you really had any relevance why would you care?

    Carrry on Nicole, you are making sense whether KB diehard fans want to believe it or not, frankly I am tired of both douches. Who feaking cares anymore, they don’t deserve not even 5 posts. D-Z listers.

  • Jam


    Hmmm keep telling yourself that fangurl….I am just pointing to the fact that many say I am a psycho for posting under several names yet say nothing when nutcases like you rank on and on , blah blah blah………….You just proved my point! Stop it with the essay long comments!!!!lol

  • @mia

    Whether they confirm or not is irrelevant at this point and those pics can be looked at as close friends or f buddies hanging out. So to me no one really knows what’s going on between them but them.

  • Pixie

    Here we go again with the madness called Hans/jam next the troll will be ranting off in Swedish agian! I think he wants Alex all for himself as a fanboy, you need help douchebag!!!!

  • whatever Kate and Alex

    Also Hans, you have posted stupid shat for over a year, first it was ERW, then now it is KB< tell Alex, we don’t like him anymore. Also tell him this KB crap is not working, WE might like them more or like them period, if they would stop trying to shove this mess of a relationship down our throats. I want people to be happy and in love, and as much as I like Alex, I hope he settles down and fall in love with someone. Everyone deserves that, but the way they are going about this crap, and he denying that they are together, amounts to childish game playing. Just say it dude and move on. Own it, admit it. I think its horrible that he is doing this to his dedicated fan gurls, which I am not dedicated,(I don’t ever have a shot in heaven to meet him) but, just like the guy as ERIC. He knows how they feel, at least be decent and tell them, and yes it is their business, if not he should have issued a “no comment”at the opening of the gate of these rumors. It seems like they BOTH enjoy these games.

    Celebs vacation all the times, I have never seen this amount of pics from celebs who wish to hide. Alex and Kate, please do us a favor and hide, just go away…and take Hans with you.

  • @ Jam

    Did you have to get so graphic about what sticks in where? I nearly threw up at that mental picture.

  • whatever Kate and Alex

    @Jam: Hans people can post what they like and as much as they like, you do, don’t you? Yes, and maybe we are psycho for responding to you. again, tell your boss Alex, that right now he and BOB are irrelevant.

  • Jam

    @^ 259
    Nicole I see you are ranting off again with your essay long posts hey now I am not the only one using different post names!!!!

  • LOL!

    @@ Jam:
    LOL, me too! People who have a/nal sex whether they are man and man or man and woman are so fcking GROSS and dirty. It’s meant for one thing and one thing only and that’s the thing you do on the toilet.

  • Gloria

    Okay. I haven’t seen actual quotes of what Alex said to the press in Sweden. If I have time, I’ll try to find them. I want to believe he’s a decent guy and some of this has been misinterpreted. I know Kate flat out said she wasn’t going to discuss their relationship – something about walking in a minefield (I kind of liked that). I’m not quite following your argument. In NYC they jumped apart when being photographed so paps couldn’t get “that photo” that sells. Then they went to Sweden where they’re being photographed by everyone with a cell phone (it seems). So, do you think that means they don’t care about their privacy whilst in Sweden? You might be right but if that’s not customary in Sweden they could have been surprised by the photo frenzy and are simply trying to deal with it the best they can. They want to get out and about with friends, see the sites, etc. We can’t expect them to crawl under a rock. All that is in their control is how they behave when they know their pics are being taken (I think lots of times they’re unaware) and what they choose to say publicly if anything at all. I’m sort of having fun playing devils advocate but I’m losing my train of thought! =) I guess it’s that I’m not convinced it’s fair to pin “deceitful” on them.

  • Irrelevant BOB #261

    “BOB” …To Funny…..LOVE IT!…Wait, don’t tell me that stands for?…….

    Battery Operated Buddy?

    Bend Over Buddy?

    Back Off Bitch?

    Burnt Out Bitch?

  • Sleepyhollow

    How is it possile that a women like Jen Aniston to be in her 40′s to look younger and healthier than Kate Boswork who is 27???


    **** I really have to say that Alex and Patient ZERO are quite fun to discuss and deride. Herpelot and Superfool have been making a spectacle of themselves for quite sometime. His friends ,the Larsons, are quite amusing, Lisa copying Kaho’s style is beyond tragic; is high school in Sweden also that desperate? But then again, free is free, KaHO giving his friend her leftover freebies can be seen as quite nice. But then again , I am a desperate old, fat, ugly, deluded fangurl. But, I refuse to take part and still don’t believe the hype.>>>I”D RATHER RULE IN HELL, THAN SERVE IN HEAVEN. I AM BEYOND BITCH. >>> We old, ugly, fat,deluded fan girls are the ones who spread the message and told our friends that such and such was worth watching. WE do not like LIARS. The train wreck is still lovely. BTW,how is WHORLANDO”S career working out for him, besides here on JJ? ……………….WE OLD< UGLY Kate Bosworth’s blue blood, non wit or stupidity never connected with us., that’s why she just a HWEIRD HO, and anything she is connected to turns us off. The numbers don’t lie. Alex dealing with her only tell us he is a fake as she is. I have read the SOOKIE STACKHOUSE series for years and thought he was a great Eric, until now. ALEX NOW MAKES ME LAUGH MY ASS OFF AT THE SIGHT OR THOUGHT OF ERIC. Whatever, I will just laugh until TRUE BLOOD is over. BTW, his brother Gustaf is in a great movie called PATRIK 1,5. ****AMERICANS , SUBTITLES ARE YOU FRIENDS!!!! Do not let HWEIRD make you seem stupid with their lame remakes, WATCH THE ORIGINALS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES!!! YOU KNOW HOW TO READ SUBTITLES!!!! SNABBA CASH and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN(ENGLISH TITLE) ARE ALSO GREAT FROM SWEDEN!!!



  • Jam

    You are another fangurl, and yeah your probably some fat housewife who reads those Sookie Stackhouse novels lol. Are you one of the fans at Comic Con that Alex made fun of??? Imagine the hissy fits you fangurls will have when he marries her LMAO. Your another one who likes to rant off in essay long posts pathetic!!!!

  • Fishy

    Guys/girls, we probably shouldn’t feed Jam/hans/whatevername the troll, lol. He probably never leaves his mom’s basement, maybe he doesn’t fit through the door. But I guess it also breaks the work routine, so it actually serves its purpose.

    Talk about a pathetic loser that can’t even establish his/her/its own identity.

    We don’t give a sh*t if he marries her, other than laughing at the 2 of them, which we will, if it ever happens, haha. But my guess is those 2 will give us plenty to laugh about in the near future, and it won’t be marriage-related.


    But Jam, how much more sad that you are here to see my comments,’ read them and comment? BTW, I read most novels in 2-3 hours…that’s quite a lot of reading I do. BTW, whenever you get to commenting on this I will probably be into my next book.I probably read more books at 13, than you will ever read in your life. DONE!!!! On to the next. Tell me, are you still having a fight with your hand? You seem frustrated.

  • Jam

    I meant KateB’s hole lol the p*ssy one! lol Perhaps the b hole is reserved for Nicole or Amazing but I must say he soo straight but hey if it makes yo feel better to accuse him of being gay, keep being delusional fangurls!

  • Jam

    LOL you think I care about what you are trying to do with my user name? this is jj…

  • Hmmmmm

    I think some people need to take a break from all this a calm down! $hit man, it’s Kate and Alex’s lives not yours. Don’t take it so seriously! They’ll be fine and, hopefully, you will too.

  • @Hmmmmm

    You got that right. They’re off in Sweden having a good time and I’m stuck behind a desk in a cubicle!

  • Whynot

    You need to learn how to spell and properly write out a sentence I can understand why LOL got confused and thought you meant the other hole. lol What are you Alex’s man on the side that your happy that he sticking his dindong in he her vagaygay as long as he is sticks his thin sword in your b hole is that what you meant? Your a psycho!!!!!

  • Nicole

    @Jam I will continue to write what I want. You don’t control this board. Why don’t you go get a job or something productive. If you want to write something then write but you act as if you have to try to discredit everyone else to make it seem like what they are writing is false/stupid. Seems to me like the truth hurts and the opinions are stinging these “whatever stans” just a little.
    I don’t care what they do but like I said before:
    2) I don’t support actors who call the paps all the time that includes both Alex and Kate.
    3) I am not really a fan of Alex anymore and not because he doesn’t want to discuss who he dates but b/c he has done some pretty shady things of late. Including but not limited to calling Lady Gaga fat!! Did we all forget about that. Yeah, and her NEVER denied it nor did she. No formal denials. And he just seems way to desperate to try and fit in to Hollywood which means he is resorting to pathetic tactics to do it including being a pap-ho, dating a pap-ho, cranked out, anorexic homewrecker, and just changing who he was when he started out. He was on the right track and seemed to be getting roles that would make him different. I am sure being with Kate, she has convinced him he MUST be a leading man(b/c she only wants to be seem with the hottest leading men out there) so he selling himself out with all this crap!! Now when I see him I am just don’t look at him the same way. In fact, when I tried to watch TB the other night I turned in disgust just imagining him with herpes humping a homewrecker and then I burst out laughing. Ryan Kwanten is really classy and is not a sellout. I hope he gets a lot more attention this year and more without it having to been based on who he is dating and all about his career. I mean you don’t see SAM WORTHINGTON doing this kind of crap. His relationships are hardly talked about and he is more concerned about staying employed than about getting with a coke wanna be starlet to make himself more famous. That is why Sam will be around when Alex has faded away. And SAM WORTHINGTON would NEVER screw Kate B. nor would he take her home. No one in hwood would even consider doing that with her at all. Alex is just damaging himself. The Nelly Fang thing is not that serious unless Ted decides to reveal soon(hmmm….) and lots of actors get those reps without making asses of themselves with starlets. Kate will never get rid of the Martin thing. Too many people can’t stand her (fans and hwood alike) so she will always have that against her. I really hope Gwyneth socks it to her on the career front and Alex as well for just being an IDIOT BY ASSOCIATION!!!!

  • Swediepedie

    Someone saw Kate and Alex at Gray’s American Food Store in Stockholm. I wonder if it’s Kate who must have American food, lol. It’s weird that they went there, I think.

  • Fishy


    It’s weird to see Kate anywhere that sells food, actually.

  • daisy

    Wow, wall of text!

  • N.P
  • whatever Kate and Alex

    @Fishy: funny,….. oh and Hans, Nicole and I are totally 2 different people. I assure you these are from 3 different IP addresses. As I said Hans, go back to hand-y work LOL..You sound just as obsessed as a fan gurl, in fact I think you are a fangurl hiding behind the Hans name…

  • Brie

    LOL!!! Look at the other guys in pic #5! One of them is looking at kate and the other is on the phone probably telling someone “I’m standing right behind Kate Bosworth (if he knows who she is!) and Alex Skarsgard!”

  • A Request

    for the people of Sweden: Now that your favorite son AS is back on his native soil, PLEASE KEEP HIM THERE along with his so-called girlfriend. We can do very nicely without the two of them on this side of the Atlantic. BTW, he looks like crap. Probably been drinking profusely to drown his sorrows at all the paps he’s had to put up with for days.

  • Passingby

    That same photo Kate looks like she not aging too well she looks to be over 30 already lol!!!! That gut has no need to call the paps KB has that covered!!!

  • Question

    OK, this is a bit OT but I have a question for the Swedes that might be here: Is it true that there is a Swedish dish called blood pudding that is made out of pigs’ or cows’ blood?

  • Passingby

    Typo meant guy not gut, I bet he would say Kate who????

  • Now I get it…

    I was really unsure of comments about Kate Bosworth’s looks, as far as people saying she looked much older than 27. I’d always seen pictures of her looking quite pretty, except for when she was gross skinny circa 2006/2007 or so, and I thought at least she has that going for her. The pictures of her at the grocery store kind of put me over the line, though. She looks quite rough in those pics. I never needed convincing, however, on the fact that, with few exceptions, she dresses like a white trash hooker in the midwest. Unfortunately, I do think the picture of them with their arms around each other from the bluewhalepub site is really cute. Therefore I HATE IT! Ha ha… Can someone in Sweden walk over and smack those aviators off her head for me? Please and thanks. In exchange, someone stateside can take on the task of photoshopping another chick into that picture. Yay teamwork!

  • Jam

    Nicole is one who is the nutcase here! She rants on and on about Alex and his love KateB. I mean can she and others make their point without writting these essay long posts, they are soo pathetic I tell you, now duck these carzies will go after you next lol

  • Fishy

    @Now I get it…:

    No need to hate it, lol, there’s no need. If you really look at it, he’s not that great of a catch (even hypothetical catch). Dumb, no dress sense (1 pair of pants, 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of very ugly boots, in whoich he tucks his pants-eww, did anyone spot anything else?). Sure, he is attractive, but that will fade, especially since he’s not taking care of himself. And to be honest, you can find people just as handsome out there in the streets, lol, and without the baggage.

    And what’s with the goatee?


    jam, GAY IS NOT AN ACCUSATION. BEING A RACIST INTOLERANT PERSON IS…which I think you are .BEING AN INTOLERANT OR A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLIC IS AN ACCUSATION!!!> BEING GAY IS JUST WHAT IT IS>>> NO MORE THAN BEING BLOND FAIR SKINNED>>> WE ARE ALL BORN AS WE ARE<<<<NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK. BTW, I love that the person commenting on the woman’s YOUTUBE regarding ALEX and BONESWORTH , described her as being GHETTO. NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO USE THE “N” word because she’s black? That woman is probably more educated than the loser that posted the comment, but all that RACIST saw was the color of her skin and said she was “GHETTO” .

  • damn

    ‘And what’s with the goatee?’ he is just trying to visually volumise his weak chin imo lol
    also they were shopping on hamngatan yesterday new clothes are coming!

  • JM

    I almost want to thank JJ. I have been thoroughly entertained for 3 days strait reading these hilarious posts. Amazing should have a job writing for a sitcom! I’m betting the new pictures in which N.P provided the link will be on JJ by tomorrow morning & we can start all over again. For the record, I loath Bonesworth but not because she allegedly has AS..She can have him! but because I bust ass all day at a job I hate just to provide for my family yet she does NOTHING except show up at parties and is a world traveller.

  • Now I get it…

    @Fishy: Well, thanks for trying to make me feel better, LOL! I hear what you’re saying, but… I still think he’s super cute. Notice I didn’t say hot. Hot is the Chris/Liam Hemsworth, Matthew McConaughy (he IS good-looking even if he’s a tool), etc. crowd. I think he–Alex–is perfectly imperfect. The best pics I’ve seen of him are when he is smiling and he looks like a big, goofy dork. I love it! Unfortunately, those pics don’t seem to pop up much anymore. Here Alex, let me give you a hug… ;-D

  • Melody_Moon


    LOOOL that would be funny XD their PRs spending nights over here reading every comment to get new ideas.
    But at least if they kissed it would look a bit real…and at least we would get something NEW (underline this word 3000 times) XD

  • Sasha

    Why is her hair so ugly all of the time? I know she is malnourished, but she does nothing to try to make it look better. Every time they hang out she looks like she rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing she found – and didn’t brush her hair. It’s stringy and messy and ugly. Some people can do the “messy, sexy hair” look, Kate cannot. She needs to wash and blow it out proper before she goes anywhere since she will inevitably be photographed.

  • Sam

    Maybe she doesn’t like Swedish food.

  • maela

    To be honest is our fault that paps still write about them. And is our own fault that KB is doing so well without really working. So better stop talking or reading about them. They just don’t deserve to be talked about.

  • Jam

    Don’t hate Kate because has the life you want! I mean she is beautiful, sexy, a blue blood, classy and is the gf of a hot guy like AS!!!!
    Be gone witches!!!……..

  • JM

    @ Jam

    You missed my point entirely. I think people should WORK for a living. I could give a crap if she is blue blood, supposedly. Even Princes William & Harry work. They are in the military and Harry will be shipping off to Afghanistan soon. They are also heavily involved in charities, following in their mother’s footsteps. Kate contributes NOTHING to society except providing fodder for sites like these.
    F OFF JAM!!!!

  • Yeahright!!!!

    You forgot the other attributes of Kate we are jealous of :
    1. Huge Forehead
    2. Anorexic
    3. Body of a 12 yr old boy
    4. Balding
    5. No boobs
    6. No ass either, flat pancake butt
    7. Alleged Cokehead
    8. Sk*nk
    9. Alleged backstabing homewrecker
    10. Mental, self esteem, emotional problems
    11. Ignored by former friends/exboyfriends
    12. Dating or is hooking up with a guy who probably does Nelly Fang on the side lol
    13. No talent
    14. Not working much
    15. Pathetic enough to have paps on speed dile, when counterparts clearly have no need to ex Scarjo, NatalieP
    Sorry Jam but you ask for it. Yeah, as you can see we fangurls are really jealous of this one, hopefully you are sane enough to understand sarcasim!