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Miranda Kerr Covers 'GQ' Magazine June 2010

Miranda Kerr Covers 'GQ' Magazine June 2010

Miranda Kerr is sexy and sweet in a Victoria’s Secret bra on the cover of GQ magazine’s June 2010 issue!

The 27-year-old model, who also posed topless in shots for the magazine, shared what she thought about the banker who was reprimanded for looking at photos of her at work.

“It was a huge deal,” Miranda said. “I wasn’t offended. I just felt sorry for the poor guy. I wonder if he’ll get into trouble if we send him this cover.”

“We should send him a signed cover!” Miranda laughed. “He can read the magazine at home instead of at work on the Internet.”

FYI: You can win a trip to NYC and $1000 to spend at Victoria’s Secret with Miranda as your personal shopping advisor! Enter to win here – good luck!

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Photos: Inez Van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin
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  • brunette barbie

    to skinny!

  • Justmy2cent

    She so unattractive to me nose, chin, the shape of her head.
    She has the body of a 12 year old, its all bones and rips…yikes

  • Alley

    i think she’s beautiful, but ya she needs to gain about 10 pounds.

  • Nic

    As always looking stunning, and doh, thin? She is a model, her body is perfection!

  • wow!

    She looks amazing!
    And for you folks who think that her body looks like a 12 year old’s, you have some serious issues.
    She looks like the trim, fit, healthy young woman that she is.
    She is gorgeous, IMO.

  • Dan

    Never seen her do this before. Boring

  • Gorgeous…..

    Miranda Kerr is stunningly beautiful, has a killer body, is hugely successful AND Orlando Bloom loves her…….so wait for the jealous
    haters to start ranting and raving…!!!

  • miss infamous

    Why does someone always say “hater” when someone elses opinion differs from theirs (rolls eyes)
    I dont think she is all that and she is way too skinny

  • sara

    I guess that her last appearance in the magazine was such a success that they gave her the cover.
    You go girl!
    She looks incredible!

  • sophie

    what can i say she is just a beautiful women with a amazing body
    she is my role-model : D

  • WOW

    Miranda is on fire……covers of GQ, ID, spread in Elle, appears on
    Ellen, signs for Prada, on Forbes highest paid models in world…so cool.

  • Callie

    She’s a beautiful girl but I think she looks funny on this cover, I think it’s the angle of her face. It doesn’t really look like her.

  • Eve

    She doesnt look AS thin as she has in some other recent pictures… But I still want to shove a few cheeseburgers in her mouth.
    Models shouldnt be an unrealistic weight… which is why I LOOOOVE models like Heidi Klum!! (measurements 36-28-37 at her height of career!)

  • @13

    But Heidi is really too big to be on a HF runway.
    I agree, models SHOULDN’T be an unrealistic weight. But that is the industry standard. Just look at all of the flack that gorgeous girl Doutzen got after she walked Prada. She is considered ‘big’ for a model. Which is a shame. But it’s certainly not the fault of the models. Miranda proves that you can be OBVIOUSLY healthy, and still do HF runway. Maybe we will see more models like her, intead of the ones that you can see their sternums.
    Miranda has a gorgeous, strong physique. Hopefully more designers will see the beauty in her type of shape, and not the emaciated HF standard that they have been using.

  • yes!

    She looks fantastic!

  • vanessa

    she studies health, and stuff- so even if she is too skinny, she is healthy. that is all that matters. anyways, she is perfeeeection!

  • OMG!

    She looks gorgeous!!

  • jared

    her body is the best thing about her! jealous girls

  • losers…

    All the negative comments are from women who are
    jealous because Orlando Bloom is her boyfriend!!!

    Which is so lame and pathetic because it doesn’t matter how many nasty things they write about her it wont change the fact she’s still beautiful, successful and Orlando is still in love with her……lol.

  • Manilla

    Miranda Kerr is perfection! Wow! It’s crazy! And I’m so happy to see she has so many editorials this month (including I-D)… and HF campaign as Prada! She’ll become N°1!
    And her is really perfect. How can someone compare her to Heidi (who is not ugly at all, but a little to “normal” to make me dreaming… I want to see perfect girls in my magazine, like Miranda!).

  • Naty

    She’s pretty! I love her eyes and mouth!
    She’s healthy skinny but I like a little more meat in some places if u know what I mean!

  • sara

    i really want to like these but i just can’t. the hair is awful, her waist is to narrow lately and those are some tacky poses! still love her though.

  • yeah

    She looks gorgeous!

  • photoshop

    She looks kinda cheap.

  • alex p

    wow.. what a body

  • @all

    im sorry too skinny

  • c

    She looks a frog. Hideous. Downhill. Worse and worse.

  • jmo

    so beautiful and adorable. i don’t like the way her hip bone sticks out tho.

  • Kelsey

    She is pretty

  • yvette

    She is my role model as well. And she does not need to gain weight, she is not too skinny. Do you expect the variety of human beings to all weigh the same weight and be the same size. There are people out there that are naturally thin. She is perfection!

  • wow…

    I love both her and Orlando. I hope they are both happy together and what beautiful offspring they would have.

  • @30

    she was naturally thin not any more she has got even more skinny . How can it be natural when miranda works at it i mean you can see how shes over done it, i mean her bone are sticking out.

  • Naked again

    I hope David Jones drops her for continually dropping her dacks! I can’t imagine that is the sort of shoot they want their fashion ambassador doing. Victoria Secret yes, but come on they are all about sex. David Jones is all about fashion. Please shippers don’t tell me that shoot was about fashion!

    That picture with her leg in the air looks ridiculous! Her nose looks funny as well. Her credibility is going down hill fast.

  • @33

    Why would David Jones want to be associated with a model that also works for PRADA????
    Why would they want a fast rising star like Miranda to advertise their store? She would just bring them attention!!!
    What business owner would want that????

  • A little girl

    She is not what I would describe as a typical worldly woman. I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing, it depends what she was going for. Those photos ooze youth and naivety. Where are the breasts and curves that she is Supposedly known for? One night stand material I say. I have heard that she is sounds really dumb, i think her favourite words are “like” , “you know”, “ummmmmm”.

  • @34

    David Jones is a well respected family store not a BROTHEL!
    God you are so pathetic. You are the same person that comes on here and attacks anyone who has a different opinion of Miranda than your own. You can tell coz your writting style is always the same. Infintile.

  • @36

    You compare a model posing for a well respected magazine to a prostitute, and you call someone ELSE “infintile”?
    Whatever you say.
    BTW, it’s ‘infantile’.

  • @35

    First you say…
    “Those photos ooze youth and naivety”
    Then you say…
    “One night stand material I say”
    So let me get this straight. You are saying that she looks youthful and innocent, which in your sick little mind makes her look like a candidate for easy sex????
    Is that what you are saying?
    You are so desperate to insult her that you have confused yourself.

  • @ 37 and 38

    Get a grip girls. You are coming across Desperate! If you believe in Miranda let it go otherwise it seem as though you HAVE to defend her.

  • seriously??

    I think everyone here needs to search for the photographers that shot her for this. Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. If no one here is familiar with them… they are HUGE photographers. HUGE. Two of the biggest names when it comes to fashion photography. They’ve shot campaigns for Gucci, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Valentino. whether you like her or not there is no way her credibility is going down, or she belongs in a brothel- that’s absurd.
    DJ should be more then proud to have such a rising star, who works for the industries biggest names representing them.

  • Green Eyed Monster

    Orlando Bloom looks like a homeless person all the time these days, and Miranda Kerr looks like a cheap wh8re. Other than the money they both make (or made) tell me exactly what it is to be jealous of? That argument seems to be used alot in posts from some people here, but jealous is certainly not the thing that comes to mind when I see her and her Joaquin Phoenix wannabeeee of a boyfriend. He gets weirder, she gets sl8uttier.

  • @39

    Well we wouldn’t “HAVE” to defend her if you haters didn’t “HAVE” to insult her.
    But I guess that simple concept is beyond you, hmmm?

  • @41

    You use words like “cheap wh8re”, and “sl8ut”, then complain when people call you a hater.
    Your true colors have emerged, little miss delphite.
    You are OBVIOUSLY jealous of both of them to attack them in such a personal manner.
    I guess that since they have everything that you will never have, you believe that you have a right to insult at will?
    Well, that just makes you look even more pathetic.

  • Green Eyed Monster

    Cant you people ever just answer the questions? I really dont get your obsession with her. She is so unattractive in comparison to some models and celebrities that leave her in the dust. I really really dont get it. I dont care if you call me a hater, because if that is what someone is that finds her so completely cheap and tacky, then a hater I am.

  • Well Said

    Well said green eyed monster. Its the same person anyway who stalks miranda kerr and attacks the supposed ‘haters’ on this site. ha ha just take a look at the writting style and capital letters. They can’t get over the fact that not everybody likes Miranda Kerr’s style. haha. If anything i get amusement from writting stuff that gets her going! It wont be long now unti LOL comes out as well.

  • bloody hell that is bad

    Goodness, I don’t care how “HUGE’ those photographers are that photo with her leg in the air is revolting.

  • Green Eyed Monster

    They just keep defending her horrible modeling. Its just so sad. The whole lot of those pictures are just a joke. It doesn’t matter how bad they are though, her blind fans think she can do know wrong. Poor deluded girls who look up to this girl as their icon. That is pathetic.

  • @41

    Um…Orlando is getting in character for an upcoming movie role, but you probably knew that already, didn’t you? Any excuse to bash them, right?

  • @47

    Wanna walk about pathetic? Don’t get me started. Why are you in this thread of a girl you hate so much? And it’s not why you are here, it’s why you are continuously here. I can understand why her fans would be here, they are supporting her. But you? “Poor deluded girls” huh, at least they aren’t blindly hating a girl they don’t know. Which says more about you, then them.

  • @44

    If you bore them no jealousy, then you wouldn’t spend every waking moment hating total strangers that have done nothing to harm you. You would be living your life, instead oof hating theirs.
    You not finding her attractive, is an opinion.
    Hating her, and following her around the web like you do, is a sickness.
    I pity you.