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Robert Pattinson Shaves Head Because Of Head Lice!

Robert Pattinson Shaves Head Because Of Head Lice!

Robert Pattinson shows off his new short hair on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (May 19).

“It’s three days old,” the 24-year-old British actor shared of his new haircut. “I got a terrible infestation of nits (head lice) and I had to shave it all off.”

After Ellen tells Rob not to start that rumor, Rob laughs, “No, I’m doing a film starting on Thursday (in Los Angeles). It’s about a circus in the 1930′s called Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon.”

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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros., Flynetonline
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  • cece


  • cece

    he could have sold those lice to his crazy fans

  • ewww

    ewww does Kristen have it too?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …`half his tween twilight fans will no longer like him now. the hair was 60% of his appeal to the kiddies.

  • peggy


    So Jared makes sure the lie lives by the title. Another example of his and his staff slipshod, careless report style.


    Jared. You’re turning into Perez.

  • ha.

    I actually believed it. Because it’s so believable for RPattz.



  • awkward person.

    Why does he say stupid things…

  • Saudia

    Hhaha i love him

  • http://@StephanieBusbin Steph

    It is just hair. He does not have lice. It is called a joke. I don’t like him because of his hair. I like him because of how absolutely adorkable and real he is…

  • chris

    LOL at reading fail by the dumb commenters on here. LOL.

  • Amalie

    How about you read before you post a comment, huh?
    It’s really not that hard. Just saying.

    It was a joke!!!

  • Sandra

    If he bathe every once i a while he wouldn’t have lice. Or wear a sign that says he has taken a bath.

  • Tamara

    What on earth is he wearing…..those trousers and trainers have got to go.

  • whatever

    he looks SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! Hated that stupid twilight hair!

  • Oh Jared

    Seriously Jared….why would you perpetuate the joke? HE WAS JOKING.

    Now some stupid internet fake blogger will pick it up and it’ll be re-tweeted into cyber hell. Geesh.

    Rob is hot no matter what!

  • Anna

    LOL, ya’ll chill out! Rob likes to “shock” people by saying nonsense. Recap on Oprah he says that Kristen’s pregnant. Obviously it was a JOKE.

  • J.

    He already looks 10 times better with a shaved head. Either he never washed his longer hair or he applied gel, it always looked disgusting and greasy.

  • Jessian

    ITS A JOKE. Learn how to read freaks. BTW he looks good. I think he’s a cutie so stop it with the hate. Can’t wait for Water For Elephants.

  • Vanessa

    Too bad he was kidding. That would have been hilarious otherwise

  • KEEP IT.

    Thank the lord. Now he can’t keep running his hands through his nasty hair every time he’s interviewed on the red carpet or on TV.

  • jiles

    i love him SFM.

  • orla

    much cuter. now he just needs to take some acting lessons.

  • hannah

    What an idiot!

  • ha! ellen

    when’s this on…….i love Rob’s interviews with ellen…….is it Eclipse promo already. :-)

  • San

    Well, it’s a joke one more time! He’s just a”boy”!

  • candy

    He looks so CUTE! I really love his personality. He reminds me of Robert Downey Jr who is absolutely carefree and jokes around. Rob is real, sexy, hot, cute, handsome, funny, sweet, talented, and amazing. I’m loving his new hair. WFE is a good book, so looking forward to that.

  • kleine

    That’s awesome. He’s so funny. I love him.

  • Sue

    He loves to shock people! Kristen said it! Love his sense of humor!

  • um.

    @candy: LOL. Robert Pattinson and Robert DJr are NOTHING alike.

  • again
  • no nits for rob

    Robert Pattinson has got a sense of humor about him. That movie about the elephants should be good. Just him talking about going to see elephants training in his last interview made me want to read the book, see the movie. I wish people would give this guy a chance as he is quite an interesting character if you would just listen and read, the acting will come..he will be working around Penn and away from the tween material.

  • Portinari

    Jared, could you be any more careless with your reporting? Today is Tuesday, May 18. So it’s a hell of a thing that you have pics now of Robert Pattinson from Wednesday the 19th.

    Are you and your staff really so braindead that you don’t know what day it is?

  • Amelle

    @again: Ah man : [

  • Goober81

    Rob is just taking the piss out of people saying he’s dirty. Wit, he’s got it.

  • Alana H.

    I personally, REALLY appreciate this site. Despite all it’s flaws (racist & other phobic language filter problems; the occasional ads; some pointless repetitive celebrities, lazy journalism) it remains my favourite Entertainment Blog. It has one of the most efficient and easy on the eye layout Formats, I LOVE that youtube/pic/article etc. links are accepted in the comments sections; that you don’t have to sign up to interact; love the thumbs, the speed in which the site is updated, the variety of topics and actors/musicians/athletes/models/presenters etc covered.

    Does anyone know how large (or small) Jared’s team is? If he has a small team, I can understand why there would be human mistakes in the reporting, especially when the site refreshes quite often.

  • wit?

    @Goober81: He has 0 charisma. And lacks talent majorly. Like his gf.

  • chris

    Oh Robert, why do you always say these things to rile up the humorless, brain dead masses? This must be why I love you. You’re smarter than most people.

  • sterling

    Long or short hair, he’s still butt-ugly. RP badly needs a face surgery LOL

  • kelly

    its called reading. why dont some you look into in. and no 60% of his fan base will not be gone since majority of fans arent tweens. they are grown woman. can not wait for water for elephants.

  • vivian

    Rob’s funny jokes never gets old!! the short hair is for his film Water For Elephants. Rob with the short hair is oh soooooo hot !!!!!!!!!

  • no nits for rob


    Exactly! People are too damn serious and don’t get the humor. Blah to them. Shallow, uptight boring people, blah.

  • jaye

    The guy has a sense of humor, some people don’t. He also can act IMO. I liked Remember Me. He was believable and I wasn’t constantly thinking of Twilight, although I did like him in that movie too. The material aside (Twilight), he became Edward, which I think is the point of acting. He’s also making some good career choices.

  • abby

    YAWN… the spongy minds of the Pattinson haters cannot get that IT WAS A JOKE. And he is secure enough not to care if people are too stupid to get it.

  • he is ugly as always!

  • Crissy

    @no nits for rob: I actually think that people got his joke but they purposely ignore it so they can use that excuse to diss him. Or then again, maybe I just give them too much credit and they really are humourless and dumb as a sack of hammers.

  • GOOSE.

    @abby: Jokes are supposed to be funny. RDJ = hysterical, talented, fabulous. RP = talentless wet fish.

  • Jennifer

    Wow..some of you guys are so pathetic. Why spend time reading about and then commenting about a guy you claim not to like? Get a life idiots.

    I think Rob’s hilarious. He has a good sense of humor, but unfortunately you’ll run into lame @ss losers, like on this site, who can’t take a joke. I’m really excited for him to start filming Water for Elephants. Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz….that’s a dream cast right there. He’ll probably learn so much from the both of them. I’m glad that he’s taking on serious roles that will get him noticed in the industry instead of taking on movies that will be box office blockbusters.

  • sharon

    @cece: // Ha Ha we would probably be disgusted by how much they sold for just so the weirdos could scratch that itch from Robert Pattinson!!! lol