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American Idol 9 - Guess the Top 2!

American Idol 9 - Guess the Top 2!

Who do you think made the Top 2?

Crystal Bowersox, Casey James or Lee DeWyze?

Click inside to find out the top 2 contestants for American Idol 9! (SPOILER ALERT!)


WHO DO YOU THINK will win American Idol 9 – CRYSTAL or LEE?

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  • Ashley

    Crystal all the way!!!!!!

  • Brooke

    Who cares who wins? They both suck. This is, by far, the worst season of AI by miles. Alex Lambert should’ve won! :)

  • YAWN

    no one cares

  • Ben

    I think Lee is more appealing to the mass than Crystal… It seems to me that the judges also agreed… So I think Lee would win… Having said that, it should not make any difference at this point because sometimes the runner up ended up doing better than the winner :)…

  • FreakyBoy

    there were not even competing.i felt nothing while watching the show yesterday.

  • Ckayed

    Crystal and Lee are both very talented but I am leaning in the direction of Lee – but, who knows! Crystal is very deserving too. Tough choice.

  • wow…

    Lee sucks. Thanks for the heads up…no need to watch tonight. I’ll watch GLEE again instead.

  • Pheonix

    i think crystal deserves to win, she has that mass appeal similar to kelly clarkson in the first season. plus she has a huge voice and could probably release a pop/rock soul album similiar to kelly’s Thankful or Breakaway. So hopefully america gets it right this time. Dont get me wrong lee has talent just not mass appeal. Lee is more like david cook or kris allen, a bluesy rock kind of guy. But hey what do i know.

  • lol

    This is the worst season after the Fanstasia year. I mean the top two has as much energy as someone sleeping. They have no star quality at all.

  • Jonte

    @lol: Fantasia is amazing.

  • said this already

    @Brooke:But if Adam had won he’d have been stuck in the Idol bubble doing Idol promos, Disneyland commercials and singing No Boundaries. The Idol thing suited Kris, the superstar thing suited Adam. Just like their cars; Adam got a fast, flashy car; Kris got a smaller, slightly slower Ford — both were happy because they got what they wanted. Neither car is better, it’s just taste :)

  • forever56

    LEE WILL WIN!!! ok, I say that but the best hasn’t won before.. ;) haha but I picked him to win ever since the top 24!! also just for the record…..SEASON 8 PWNS SEASON 9 TO THE GROUND!

  • iFellytone

    I absolutely hated this season. Stopped watching it after Top 6

  • Marsden

    It’s like they all just want it to be over. As if everyone this year auditioned just to WIN and forgot their identities and everything else in the process. The semi-finals were as exciting, or should I say bland as the first show. How is that possible lmfao? None of them have any what’s the word…….star quality. Crystal’s probably the most ‘authentic’ of the 3 but still, I’m not a fan. They’re all just……average.

  • emily

    Crystal has horrible teeth.

  • FreakyBoy

    i dunno what Casey was thinking.He could have played with the lights and brought out the rockstar in him or something.He even sang good jazz during the results show not the performance show.He has it in him…sigh…why casey why!!!

  • meanie

    @emily: She got them whitened, didn’t she? They gave it to her for free? And didn’t she have yellow teeth from Diabetes.

  • Rachel

    Casey’s charming. They’re all soooo boring though. There was no colour, rare talent, cute camaraderie OR entertaining drama this year. Who are the Guest musicians they’ll be duetting with next week, anyone know? Or are they a ~surprise?

  • tyrese

    this season was so bad even my girlfriend who watched every fkn season religiously for pleasure begged me to change the channel to somethin else.


    both lol but Lee is gorgeous!!

  • DianaA

    The Top 2 will be Crystal and Lee. I don’t care about any of them. They’re so Vanilla? That guy with the blonde locks should/could do shampoo adverts though if he wanted.

  • Pheonix

    @Rachel: i think the website said that kris allen and Christina aguilera will be performing on the finale night. hope this helps.

  • Rai

    i love Lee <3

  • Gareth

    @Pheonix: From KISS and Queen to Kris Allen and Xtina? Lol.

  • .


  • Pishu-Argentina

    CRYSTAL !!!!!!!!!!!!! she┬┤s the best =D
    Kisses from argentina !

  • Amelle

    This Season is so freaking bad. Even these guys are 50 X better lol

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    crystal will win.. she should win. lee has no personality. either or she’ll have a better career than him after the show. winning america idol means nothing, obviously. LOL

  • Carla

    this season was disappointing as. but i hope lee wins. gotta love him!

  • ahahahaha

    @Brooke: ALEX Lambert? LMAO. I hope you’re joking.

  • Pheonix

    @Gareth: KISS and queen are playing too thats cool too!

  • Ali

    LEE! Lee is so talented and this years cast is definitely the best one I’ve seen in a LONG time…I usually hate American Idol but Lee DeWyze makes me want to watch the show each week!

  • Kelly

    this is THE WORST season ever. I didnt even watch but two episodes when they were on the main stage, and all of them were blah vocally and personality wise. But if i had to choose between these two, i’d have to choose Lee. Crystal sounds like every other girl trying to sing her style of genre, i dont even know how she made it past hollywood. Lee isn’t the best I’ve heard but I’d totally listen to him over her.

  • Elisha

    I think this season has been the most unpopular show. The talent is so-so..

  • chadoet

    Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • julio



  • http://arvinlee arvinlee

    you sucks……..and who do yo think you are…. maggooooooooottttzzzzzz….


    NO ONE CARES!!!!!

  • BeEeee

    Actually, Christina’s performance will be a surprise

  • noneofyourbusiness

    wow soo i read most of the comments and a majority of you are saying Lee will win? wow.

  • ilia

    Who is that toothless woman in the middle? I thought there was an age restriction on this show… As for their talent, I can’t judge, haven’t watched the show!

  • Jordyn

    lee is the best of the best
    but crystal is ok but LEE IS THE BEST

  • yamunah

    i think this happen 2 b d worse season of AI ever.Though i do miss big mike

  • Lucy86

    Lee should win.

  • Dods

    Hopefully Crystal will win… Lee is rarely on pitch and I can’t see why the judges love him… If Lee wins, it will be like if Blake Lewis won AI S6!

  • Lime

    LEEE !!! He has the whole package and he is more appealing and the music he’d sing is way more likable.

    Crystal looks like some hippie with a screetchy kinda voice and I wouldn’t listen to any music she makes.

  • Frida

    Lee is the best!

  • Bancie1031


  • DeadDoll

    Shit :// I hate em both!!!!!!!!Especially Cristal!Casey should’ve been in the top2 instead!He’s the REAL american idol coz he’s more talented then both of these two ! And not just because he’s cute ! He has a GREAT voice!!!!!

    GO CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeadDoll

    I still believe this is the worst season ever!Last season was the best! ADAM LAMBERT all the way!
    Crystal is playing it Hippie style but she’s so commercial and fake! she should take her dread locks and go back to where she belongs!
    THE STREEEEEETS !!!!!!!!! XD Lee Dewyze is so blaaaaah and he has no personality! Casey James should’ve gone through!
    BUT it doesn’t matter coz he’s obviously gonna have a bigger career than both of these two losers :D <3 Casey !