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Angelina Jolie: Check Out 'Salt' Stunts!

Angelina Jolie: Check Out 'Salt' Stunts!

Angelina Jolie hangs off of a twelve-story building as she shoots stunts for her new movie, Salt, in this clip from Entertainment Tonight.

The 34-year-old actress shared, “They can hang me off of the side of a building or on a moving car or anything, and I trust that I’m going to be safe, so I can just play.”

The clip also introduces Salt themed, a site that combines storytelling and spy games! New missions will be released every week until July 13.

Salt hits theaters July 23!

Angelina Jolie on Entertainment Tonight
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • dark angel


  • dark angel

    way to go Angie!

  • Dani

    Lover her!!!

  • dark angel

    Only 2 months to wait for SALT!

  • Jos3


  • Elizabeth

    sure glad to see new pics and news….hello to all jp fans.

  • dark angel

    I miss the JP kids!

  • T pain

    This woman is Fearless!!

  • lylian

    Great stunts. Hubby and I are ready for the movie. He thinks she’s fantastic.
    I played the Day X exists game. It was fun.

  • marie

    I’m patiently waiting till it hits theater

  • dark angel

    Angie is the epitome of a heroine.

  • sundus

    wow…truly amazing!

  • Orchid

    New movie to see. New DVD to buy. SALT is coming!
    I watched IB again last night.

  • Orchid

    9 lylian @ 05/19/2010 at 4:48 am +2

    Great stunts. Hubby and I are ready for the movie. He thinks she’s fantastic.
    I played the Day X exists game. It was fun.
    What game is that?

  • lurker

    I simply admire this fearless lady with a golden heart.


    ı love youu angii

  • African Girl

    Yep! She IS fearless
    You go AJ! Superwoman!!
    So Jared darlin’, you trying to tell us sum’n by putting this thread right after Aniston’s…errr…Smartwater ad? Wait a second…is this an example of the juxtaposition of Versatility and whatever the opposite of versatility is?
    Ooooh Jared! you so bad!!! Lmao!!

  • GreatHope

    this seems like a great movie i hope it do well in the box office,i’ve always love her work


    the best woman

  • white angel

    So this movie is about a forty something woman with bad wigs who wrongly accused as being a spy? zzzzzzz………*wake up* ….No…seriously? I was thinking after seeing the clip (and the horrible wigs) that it’s a fifty something spy? alrighty then……zzzzz….*sleep again*

  • white angel

    Angie is the epitome of old woman being accused as a spy. period. Oh wait…..can you spell F.L.O.P? lol….



  • Sand
  • jorge

    Go Angie go!!!

  • anon
  • andamentothat

    Thanks for the new thread Jared. I am not sure I like the idea of the way this thread is positioned right after Smartwater.. but heck, its your blog.

    Angelina is looking tough in this new movie.. This is going to be a good summer with Iron Man 2 and now Salt that i know i will go spend money on..

    Hiya there African Girl.. good to see u.

  • teri

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out either. Looks action packed and Angelina doing her own stunts makes it alot better. Her hanging from a chopper, jumping over a bridge and clinging 12 stories high is pretty awsome.

  • teri

    Thanks for the new thread, it’s been kinda blah without any JP news.

  • lylian

    Its a video game which they developed in part to promote Salt but its quite fun.
    You can go to this link:
    Just follow the steps.
    You are supposed to be secret agent and you are supposed to go for a meeting with your box. But SALT contacts you skip that meeting. Your boss wants to know where you’ve been. YOu then have to answer the questions he poses to you by deciding whether to tell the truth or to bluff.

  • lylian

    Dedn’s a coattail rider. Everyone knows that.
    I had to laugh at Dedn’s highly airbrushed photo. When you compare her body and face to real life photos in Hawaii. LOL.

  • aseret64

    Im on withdrawal the last few days…miss the JP family…….


    super woman

  • haha

    that is HOT!!!

  • old lady

    m commenting before going to church. Awesome. I will see this movie for sure. Thanks JJ and keep it coming. I’ve been lonely without my JP family to cheer me up. God bless everyone.


    I have been waiting a week for any Jolie-Pitt news and all Jared could come up with is a segment from ET that is two days old?

  • phool

    love love love angie way to go

  • insect

    Angelina – walking stick spy—–why worry, insects can fall from any height and never be injured

  • cee

    Angie is a voice for the empowerment and education of women around the world. Hanlder and ANiston are voices for what???? All they do is protray women as having to have hot bodys and do yoga. I may be jaded I dislike Both of them. But God Bless Angie and all the good she does “from her heart”.

  • NAN

    He He He,WhamoLarryCarrieGuest36-99ButteBull(BB)White Angel ,he she it can B A R K I N G again Right?
    Hey ButteBull(BB) The Truth Is Hurts huh ,that The Barren Cow Ex ,Still Empty Man,Empty Love,Empty House,Empty Womb !!!!
    Baby Jane have to end up to eat Baby Food with Norman and Mandy!
    How Baby Jane can easy to forget,that she let her friends state that it’s BP who’s the one who do not want kids and she will have her own kids in 5 years VF05 ? ” I DID ,I DO AND I WILL ”
    5+years ,Baby Jane still Empty Man&Empty Womb and NO BABIES !!!
    Poor Baby Jane ,No More A Top Prize and A Love of her life only Dogs are her best friends , Heheheheheheheeeee.

  • Whamo

    I can’t wait to see this CRAP FEST tank! Oh..Look at AJ on a ledge..Oh look at AJ jumping in a car…oh look at AJ trying to be sexy pouting with her massive junkie lips. LOL She’s even acting with dogs! I’ll bet the dog will get better reviews than the early buzz on this turkey.

    Hey @Sand LOL nice link! Bawahaaa. Johnny Depp can’t stand AJ.. I knew JD was a smart guy but I never realized he was a genius.

  • mousse
  • anne

    Which home did she wreck in this movie?

  • whatabeauty

    Whamo and Sana : See this is why JA fans – are Stupid and dumped cause you guys read these TABS and believes it .
    How can you comment on TABS ?
    ITS A LIE AND MAKE UP STORIES for you stupid fans .
    Pleae, go find and regular newspaper like New York Time see Art section and you not find stupid stories that you guys read it day in and day out.
    Be smart and unbrainwash that brain of yours cause its own by the TABS and every word that comes out are like reading the TABS.
    Find a doctor and get a real life .
    JA- theres nothing to comment on – NEXT>>>>>>>

  • dianad1968

    Guys, don’t answer the IDIOTS. Let them rant and rave, as you can tell from the nonsense they post, they desperately want attention. It’s the same old c*ap, just a different day.

  • Jane

    She looks awful as a blonde, but looks like a cool movie.

  • Pablo

    Love her, but she looks weird.

  • Pot

    Angie even has a lovely voice. I love her voice!

  • Passing Through

    Went to Jared’s homepage and saw this new Angie thread…but then I made the mistake of scrolling down the rest of the page and right below this thread is a new thread proclaiming X has a “six pack”. Jared and his flunkies need to head to the nearest ophthalmologist and have their eyes checked. If they see a six pack in the sports bra photo, then it’s probably a subliminal message from Budweiser or Coors…cuz…ho ain’t got no six pack!
    Since Jared foolishly game me an excuse to continue ragging on X – LMAO at the amount of photoshopping done to those pix!!! Holy fvck. Her face is so blurry I thought there was something wrong with MY eyes! Damn. And homegirl? Homegirl’s got one go-to “sexy” pose” and of course it involves putting her hand on her head to point out her perfect $1,200 blowout to the world. Too funny…

  • releka

    Luv Angelina!!!

  • dianad1968

    This site has become so disingenuous it’s almost laughable. As another poster mentioned above, this ET clip has been since Monday, but these a*ses who who run this blog chose to put it up right AFTER they put up one of the one who shall not be named. When is this c*ap going to stop? How long will Brad and Angie have to be associated with thsi woman? It’s disgraceful.