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Gisele Bundchen & Camila Alves: Workout Partners!

Gisele Bundchen & Camila Alves: Workout Partners!

Gisele Bundchen and fellow Brazilian model Camila Alves get up at the crack of dawn for an early workout date at their local gym on Wednesday morning (May 19) in Los Angeles.

The Brazilian beauties have to keep in top shape after both recently having babies! Gisele, 29, had son, Benjamin, 17 months, while Camila, 28, had daughter Vida, 4 months.

Yesterday, Camila (Matthew McConaughey‘s longtime love) took her son Levi to buy toys at Cross Creek mall in Malibu.

15+ pictures inside of workout partners Gisele Bundchen and Camila Alves

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  • Juliana

    Oh, that’s funny! Camila’s daughter has the same name as Gisele’s dog!

  • chris

    benjamin is 5 months old – not 17!

  • haha

    ahah jj is stupid!

  • cindy

    Levi is very cute!

  • lisali

    Ah..thats cool that they are friends..2 Brazilian beauties!!

  • lisali

    Love you Jared..but you reversed the childrens ages..Giseles little boy is 5 months, Camillas girl is 17 months…

  • miss infamous

    I didnt even know they were friends!

  • Dawn

    Camila’s daughter is not 17 months. She’s four months old. Her son is 22 months old. Benjamin is five months old.

  • Heather

    I bet Gisele called the paparazzi to be photographed! She pretends to want her privacy but then speaks to every celebrity magazine out there, and so many pictures of her and Jack are completely staged…like the time at the playground. Of course it was staged…how else do you explain that there were no other kids/parents at the playground and photographers were able to get such close up shots! She pretends to hate the photogs but uses them to make her seem like the perfect person. She is a media whore and manipulator.

  • Bibi

    Camila looks so much shorter next to Gisele!

  • LenaK

    Camila looks 100 times better than manly Gisele.

  • puhlease


    um celeb mags? more like high end fashion mags hater.
    bet the same thing can be said for camilla too then right? lol

  • heaven

    wow 2 brazilian girls. had no idea they were friends. gisele and tom camila and matthew should do date nights haha. what paparazzi magnet that would be. camilla is all dolled up dont think she was working out. maybe she was spotting gisele. haha

  • getalife


    gah sounds like you got some stalking issues for someone you sound to not like, lol. get a life loser. Gisele the worlds richest and most famous model in the world (aka only has one name) does not need to call attention to herself like heidi and spencer. are you insane? she is a not a d lister reality star. If she like dthe sttention she would pose and smile, she never does. they bombard her just like angelina and brad whom also never smile and pose to paps. aka REAL stars.

  • Helen

    Gisele looks so uncomfortable, while Camila is at such ease. I like Camila better, she is so down to earth!

  • Halli

    Gisele is so fit, she makes Camilla look fat. Incredible.

  • Cora

    Oh wow who knew they were friends?? Lol, that’s really cool I love both of them! They seem like very down to earth celebrities, and they are both absolutely beautiful!

    And Halli—um Camilla looks fat? Seriously? I wonder what you look like, because while yes, Gisele is very skinny (shes a runway editorial model, that is the requirement), Camilla is more curvier. They both have beautiful bodies just based on what you prefer.

    I happen to think Camilla is sexier because she’s more shapely and has a feminine face

    But that’s awesome that they’re friends and so down to earth and not crazy diva girls or insane party animals or bitches…good for them!

    PS–what the hell is in the water in brazil? all the girls are so freakin gorgeous…not fair!

  • MJ

    They really don’t look like friends. Seems they just got there at the same time. Gisele looks like she’s trying to get away from Camila, and Camila loooks like she’s lapping up the attention.

    At least Gisele made her own way, Camila’s just cashing in on being with Matthew. Shear Genius, enough said…..

    I realised the other day that Gisele’s dog and Camila’s daughter share the same name too. Like it for a dog but not for a kid. Meh….

  • pity

    Gisele is famous for dating Leonardo and breaking up with him after 6 years. Camila is famous for being with Mathew and she already has success. If I had to choose I prefer Camila physically and emotionally but for an unknown reason Gisele is more famous.

  • Carioca

    oh, sure, Gisele is only famous because of Leonardo. hahaha….. I suppose that’s why she earns $25 million dollars a year. Camila has success for what? Nobody even knew who she was till she hooked up with Matthew, even here in Brasil. Any ‘sucess’ she has is because of her relationship.

  • troublesome

    I understand its very easy for Gisele bashers to say that about her (famous for leo) but no as someone who has followed her since day one, I can attest to you, the buzz around this new model named “gisele” was absurd from the get go.(read some articles) By 1998 she was already fashions little darling. 1999 she was the IT model, and by 2000 she was GISELE. Then in 2000/2001 when she signed as a victorias secret angel she had become a superstar. They hardly even talked about Gisele and leo until around 2005 and by then she was already the most famous model on the planet. If anything she got HIS name back in the spotlight! haha. nonetheless they were a power couple (not really one more famous then the other) they were both mega famous. but yeah that is a whole 2 and a half years of Gisele being THE model before leo. she was gonna be GISELE regardless.

  • tamkia

    damn what i would do to be long and thin like a model lol. I am short and stubby look pudgy all the time. must be nice to never get caught looking anything but fabulous. boo
    camila I only know her for dating matthew right? what modeling jobs has she done? not bashing her, but just saying no comparison. you see whos names was written first for attention LOL. both sexy ladies

  • luny

    gisele is not famous only because she dated leo.she is the world’s #1 model! they broke up almost 5 years ago.some people say that she used him to get to the top but she is still #1 without and leo are together for 4 years and she is not even top you can have the man but if you don’t have what it takes you don’t get to be on the top.

  • chely


    well said. Gisele could have retired at 24 as a supermodel icon. In fact I believe she said she wanted to retire at 25. she easily could have and still been the biggest/richest model. while some models date a celeb for years and still mean nothing in modeling world….

  • lenney

    Gisele has a favorite workout outfit it seems lol. she always looks nice and natural. so rare for most celebs! they cant be seen without full hair and makeup half the times. she doesnt care. that right there tells me she is real down to earth!!! go gisele!

  • floopsy

    I didn’t even know who this Camilla chick was before today lol.
    her and gisele are hot!

  • VS

    Camila is far prettier than Gisele.

  • laurie

    Camila always looks like a mess that hair has to go! why is She & Levi dressed for winter?

  • brazil

    brazilian girls rule the world! hottest ever. that is cute they are friends.

  • Heather

    @getalife: Give me a break. You have no idea who I am nor what my life is like. But if you must know, I am very happily married with two kids, financially well off and naturally thin, so there is no jealousy on my part.

    Gisele is a complete hypocrite. She requests privacy but then you find her talking to Vogue, the Sun, and every other fashion and celebrity magazine out there. And yes, those photos of her and the family are very clearly staged! Now, look at the house she’s building. Okay, so media pressure made her decide to nix the elevators and install solar panels, but how many trees did they cut down to build that mansion???

    And If she wants her privacy, then she should stop doing interviews. She’ll have plenty of privacy. Until then, she should shut her mouth.

  • abby

    Gisele can’t help it if every VOGUE,Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair mag wants to shoot her, thus along with an accompanying article. That is not her speaking out and wanting attention LOL. its called her JOB. If she wanted attention Id say she would speak to cheap mags like OK,Us weekly,etc…does or has she???? NO. and she writes about Green stuff on her blog, for fans and people who like her to learn about. Its not my fault her haters visit her blog and website and read her vogue articles and stalk her every move here, just to complain and find faults in her, lol.
    quite strange if you ask me. and every celeb out there? are you kidding me she is never speaking in cheap gossip mags, never seen it! she is strictly in fashion mags only. and um since when did she “request” privacy?????? she never said that either. in fact in a recent video interview she said she knows it comes with the territory and doesnt like it, but cant do anything about it either.

  • trey

    hmm doesnt look like camilla is working out??..
    maybe she showered and got ready before the paps could shoot her lookin all sweaty in workout clothes lol.

  • ?????

    Wow, some people sure get defensive trying to prove they aren’t jealous! Gisele does not typically talk to the media about her private life (you might know that if you weren’t so jealous). She asks for privacy when she is out and about because it’s probably very annoying to have cameras shoved in your children’s faces. She has said that she is in the media so it’s ok, but her children aren’t and that should be respected.
    Would you like it if your children where subjected to that?

  • nychica

    Levi is too cute!

  • meli

    why try to put one against the other?
    Not all models can be Gisele. No matter how many yaps call her ugly, her success (in many aspects) needs no proof. She IS the most successful model of a long time. Camilla is cute, pretty, etc. but the fashion world has these rules, and Gisele’s body and style applies better to it and to the whims of fashion designers, stylists, etc.
    I bet Camilla is NOT jealous at Gisele at all, she must admire her.

  • DAMN!

    Gisele looks like a man, Camila is so cute.

  • comeron

    funny her stalkers/haters/private investigators still say mean things even when her face cant be seen LOL. why did you look her up???? Gisele is beautiful. I am glad she has beautiful cheekbones. its so supermodelicious, not ugly. you guys are so unused to seeing that beautiful trait so you call “ugly” all the time. its called unique. not everyone looks like a plastic blow up doll or a simple plain jane face. unique exotic beauties FTW. ugh fat faces are SO NASTY and average. camila does look ok. nice flat ironed hair,boots cute outfit,etc…awww.

  • sillyppl

    people hate success.

  • supermodel

    gisele haters are obsessed with her.

  • Linda

    If you read the article you would have known it was at 7am in the morning. Probably wanted to get there before all the screaming kids. What does that woman have that kid dressed in? He looks like an un-made bed…terrible!.

  • kell

    whos name got my attention: Gisele’s. why? because I like her and am a fan of hers. tell me your excuses why you clicked on her name haters? I mean since you hate her so much in every way possible why did you look her up? boredom? lost your job?no boyfriend? you want your butt to get fatter by the second? got some possible stalker issues going on? come on dont be embarassed you can tell me

  • Heathe

    @kell: Oh please. As I said, I am happily married with 2 kids, financially well off, and naturally thin. But I hate people who talk cr*p, are hypocrites, and basically think they are better than anyone else…which makes Gisele a very easy target! She is a complete hypocrite

    (1) wants privacy but does interviews with BOTH celebrity magazines and vogue about her most intimate family details, and takes staged photo opportunities to as if she is trying to prove something to others — her insecurity is totally shining through there (yes, she did admit she has insecurity issues).

    (2) says everyone should be green, but all builds a mega mansion — how many trees is that Gi? replacing old trees with new trees doesn’t cut it, because they don’t provide the carbon offsets that older trees do. And what about her flying helicopters…that is real green of her :)

    (3) She is in her own fantasy land about Jack. Jack has a mom. She is a step mom and can be a wonderful, loving step mom to him, but she will never be Bridget. She even said herself that the bond between mother and child begins before birth, so she will never have that bond that Bridget has with him. She should stop living in fantasyland. She has no legal nor parental rights to Jack, and G-d forbid anything happened to Tom, Bridget could essentially cut off any relationship with her. Bridget has full custody. Tom only has visitation rights. And according to Tom, he gets to see Jack about 12 weeks a year. Not much of a maternal relationship to develop there. More like fun Aunt and Uncle.

    4) Do you know she doesn’t even have a high school degree.

    So yes, it is fun for me to come down on Gi. She gives me a lot of ammunition. Not stalking. Just plain old fun.

    Have a good day :)

  • grrrrr

    @Heathe: a lot of what you said makes sense but i dont think she is evil or mean sometimes she stumbles with her words and they come out wrong, i think she has a good heart but just isnt all that smart, what i dont get is why is she talking so much now im sure a lot of magazines asked her a lot when she was with leo and she didnt answer she should just do the same now…anyways probably gonna get thumbs down from crazy fans…

  • gisellethebest

    Giselle is the 1st. model in the world almost for 8 years. She don’t need a man (specially Leo) with her for this. Please she won every $$ for her self.

  • just askin’

    I love you Gisele. You are the best.

  • just askin’


    Get a life or take your meds.

  • British Latin American

    Both are lovely, but Camila is too round- she should be more streamlined.

  • Kiki

    lovely both

  • Ashlee

    I love brazil

  • Ling

    The white people in Brazil, the Italians, Germans, Polish are beautiful. Gisele is German and beautiful but Camilia is a hairy mixed race Pardo from the favelas and she is not cute. 50% of BRAZIL is a mutt country and it seems that only the European variety like Gisele and Ambrosio, who is Italian make it big. Lima is sorta big but she is a MUTT too! Swiss, French African.