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Jennifer Aniston: Sports Bra Six Pack!

Jennifer Aniston: Sports Bra Six Pack!

Jennifer Aniston slips into a sports bra and shows off her toned tummy in this new ad for Smartwater.

“Working out feels great…afterwards,” the ad reads. “That’s why I drink Smart. It’s hydration I can feel. (And it’s one part of my routine I never sweat.)”

The 41-year-old actress has been a spokeswoman for Smartwater since 2007!

Jen is currently in negotiations to star in Horrible Bosses, a workplace murder comedy. She’s been in Hawaii recently filming Just Go With It with Adam Sandler.

Bigger ad inside…

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jennifer aniston sports bra 01
jennifer aniston sports bra 02
jennifer aniston sports bra 03

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  • Alexa

    So this is the crap that allows her to drive Bentleys….

  • Bunny

    Damn that woman is too incredibly hot. Ya think she would go for the hot meat injector.

  • XIII

    tooooooooo much photoshop!

  • qboy

    SHe is pretty but always the same, always the same aircut… we need a change :) Jenni…fer

  • Bunny

    Damn. That is one delicious, hot mofo. I could hit it that all nite long. Ya think she would go for the hot meat injector?

  • Bunny

    She made me flustered and I did it twice, post that is. LOL

  • RioNemesi

    One word

    you know theres not photoshop involved, she has that body !

  • monica

    not even her own self can recognize her heavily photoshopped picture

    feel sorry for this insecure woman because she would definitely go into depression once old age sets in

  • JM

    1.where is her chin
    2.what happen to her nose?

  • T pain

    Her chin was erased and her nose thined out, thanks to photoshop!

    P.S I don’t buy ‘smart’ water. I have a Britta filtration system at home :)

  • Paulie

    she’s looking hot!

  • David Peet

    cmonn guys, why you are always so keen to piss her off! let’s admit that very few of us would look this way at 41, even if team of Photoshop’s scientists will work on our pics for hours!!!

  • JM

    @David Peet:

    Don’t get me wrong she has a great body, but I guess if I didn’t have to put 40hrs+ at work per week, get home to clean, cook and take care of the kids and worry about paying bills, I bet my body would look that great too!!

  • Jasmine

    @JM: You sound hostile, as do most people when it comes to Jennifer Aniston. I will never understand that. No one judges her by her own merit, and I believe in addition to working out, she just has some damn good genes! How else do you explain that?!
    She looks GOOD here! I do have to say though, I couldn’t care less about the product she’s marketing. But she still looks fabulous.

  • anna

    what a hot woman!!!!!

  • Cheery

    Uhm….has the definition of a six pack changed?

  • o.f.

    the hottest woman this time, i love her

  • oooooooooooooooo

    SEXY !!!! ……….SEXY !!!!………………. SEXY !!!! ………………..SEXY !!!! …………………………………SEXY !!!!


    yuhhh realy to much photoshop

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s so awesome and looks fabulous and it’s NOT Photoshop!

  • Mandy

    I think it’s complete jealousy when everyone is saying she doesn’t have that body it’s photoshopped when she actually does.

  • dohdoh

    Is she so insecure in how ugly she looks they have to photoshop her till even she can’t recognize herself on those photo? LOL

  • Lol

    Lol at the “MY IDEA OF GOOD TASTE” ad words.
    Does JA have good taste in everything she most recently did and does now?

  • African Girl

    Oh my God! She lost a nose and grew a snout!!!

  • daffodil

    Even if they have photoshopped Jen looks Fantastic To have a body like that takes hard work everyday no lazyiness trainer or no trainer it is blood sweat and tears GO JEN.

  • Sun

    You can airbrush the photos but I saw your movie bounty hunter and got to switch it off in 5 minutes…you made me hate gerry butler! you look so old in this movie and there is nothing wrong growing old but the fact that you try so hard to be young and too painful to watch. I love you in Friend by the way, but enough of this type of movie. pls choose something that will make me like you again!


  • andamentothat

    Wow, Jennifer Aniston is smart.. is that what thread is about.. no its about a drink that she promotes.. Eco-friendly NOT!!!!!

  • aseret64

    @XIII: totally agree with you..very obvious its photoshop.

  • aseret64

    @Mandy: its not jealousy, its the truth my dear

  • aseret64

    where is truth in advertising? lol

  • Dannielle

    Jen Aniston is a cool lady who looks awesome, no doubt!!
    The problem I have here is she is promoting BOTTLED water. When will people realize that this isn’t necessary and just ends up in landfills, not to mention the chemicals used to produce the plastic, the fuel used to ship all of these bottles around etc etc. Drinking so much bottled water is not ecological and celebrities ought to be SMARTER than this!!!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Photoshop at its best, didn’t even recognize her there. No Jen, making sure you look like you’re 20 in the ad will not make you actually be 20 again nor does anyone buy this bs from you any more. Grow up. It’s really past time for that.

  • ilia

    That body is out of this world. I wish she would do something with that horse hair though.

  • http://guido guido

    the natural beauty, class = Jen Aniston. is really the queen of Hollywood

  • bet

    fantastic lady.

    everyone is complaining about freaking half un hour excrise. some are complaining they do not have money to look good like her, Honey you do not need money to take your half hour time and exricise or eat healthy, No body ask you to do plastic surgry, it simple exricise and drink lot of water. so you can look fit and healthy just like jen. It is regular way, not Hollywierd way.

  • la

    her hair is her curtten to that weird face of hers. what you see is what
    you get .

  • annette

    You people are so envious, she is hot for a 41 year old….

  • Jane

    Lovely lady, gorgeous inside and out.

  • itstrueagain

    Didn’t even recognize who it was.

  • Robert

    WOW! She looks fantastic! Always has and always will. Can’t wait to see her in Horrible Bosses with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx!

  • Neorules2112

    Would love to rub that body with hot oils .. Especially those lovely buns ..
    HOT !!!

  • Robert

    Love her! Love her movies! I just love everything about Jennifer Aniston!! She is just the best!!!! One of the hottest women in Hollywood! You go girl!!!

  • Lola

    Great body for any age. But plastic water bottles make up so much waste and bulk. Even with recycling. I use a Sigg or Nalgene and they work just fine and there isn’t as much waste.

  • Dawn

    I wonder if Ellen will get the same criticism for promoting bottle water when her campaign starts coming out in June. Something tells me no.

  • Scaramanga


  • chin fillers

    is it true Tartwater paid for the chin surgery?

  • sixpack?

    looks like two 40′s to me

  • dawne

    Is Butler’s finger still up her butt…..she is arching so badly……..go feed an orphan you narcissitic bish!

    I have seen photoshop and I have seen photoshop but this is unreal….that is not her body or her face. Imagine sitting in that pose with a bottle of plastic water in these times of eco consciousness and outreach…….she is the biggest hunk of plastic in the photo.

  • shell


    So instead you sit on the computer commenting on a gossip site…..

  • Hill

    they made her nose look like victoria beckham.