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Katie Holmes: Soho House Dinner with Tom Cruise!

Katie Holmes: Soho House Dinner with Tom Cruise!

A solo Katie Holmes heads to a studio on Tuesday (May 18) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Yesterday, her husband Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Billy Bob Thornton and Eddie Murphy attended the ceremony recognizing producer Jerry Bruckheimer at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Following the celebration (and putting Suri to bed), Tom and Katie hit West Hollywood’s exclusive Soho House for dinner. Comedian Sandra Bernhard was also the house!

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  • Whatevas…

    Her style really stinks. I have no idea why this chick isreferred to as a style icon. I would NEVER leave my house wearing some of the stupid outfits she wears.

  • Whatevas…

    Btw, her shoes look like something a male salesman in his 50s would wear.

  • Melissa

    I don’t like her outfit too! she looks ridiculous!

  • Halli

    Does she have any friends? She’s always alone or with her daughter. That’s it.


    Nightmarish outfit.

    Every possible item is wrong with the next.

    WHO cannot put a simple button down shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans and not appear classic?

    Answer: Ms. Holmes.

  • African Girl

    Awwww! She’s going horse wrangling! Giddy up!
    Gosh, it’s hard to believe Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams were ever on the same show let alone the same planet. One has gone on to make lovely, critically acclaimed movies and the other is walking the streets dressed like a cowgirl…not that there’s anything wrong with dressing like a cowgirl…if you’re in Montana!!

  • Just My Opinion

    I think Katie is sad or depressed. It seems like the majority of her projects have not been very successful and that must be frustrating for her. Even Tom Cruise seems this way. At the event Cruise attended yesterday for Jerry Bruckheimer at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, he was dressed so sloppy. Everyone present was in a suit except Tom Cruise. I couldn’t believe it. In the pictures on Zimbio’s website Tom stucked out like a sore thumb. Here Katie also seems to have dressed with very little excitement. Yesterday I saw their friend Will Smith on Oprah’s show and he looked so good along with all of his family. Today, whenever we see Cruise, Katie, and even Suri they look sloppy and tired.

  • kelly

    I think she looks terrible!!!

  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    WTF is she wearing? what happened to her fashonista days in Europe with Victoria Beckham, at least she was trying to hold her own back then. she could easily blend in with the rest of the average Joe..she must be so depressed and i wonder what controllingTom thinks of his wife’s sloppy appearance

  • annie

    I don’t think she looks sloppy, she looks cute. Love how she can wear anything and everything, can wear so many different styles .
    Good on her, she’s great ., has the guts to be different on occasion.
    I’m glad she no longer resembles Victoria Beckam, she has become her own person, and doesn’t seem to have a need to go to Macdonalds or the yogurt shop in sky high heels, or Disneyworld, in high heels and see through top .
    I make no secret of the fact I think she’s cool, have liked her since DC, and I think great things are coming up for her.

  • LuckyL

    She’s so much more masculine than Tom.

  • boo

    Love the outfit especially her shoes.

  • dido

    ı love Cruises,God bless them

  • annie

    Hi Dido how are ya?

  • Annika Hansen

    She looks fantastic! I love her style :D

  • rems

    Cud have sworn dat was rachel bilson until I saw d whole outfit n yea d legs!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW

  • Jane

    Why does she always wear big man pants?

  • Jameson

    Hilarious….Hilarious….wacky……nuts………BIMBO with no clue

    Yikes! Her “fashion sense” goes down the toilet big time!

    Did she just borrow the ugly man belt from Tommy boy?

    I hope they do not breed. One strange brat is more than enuf!

  • yikes

    an alien in orthopedic shoes

  • Pac Man

    Not been successful, #7? She’s only released one movie since marrying Cruise and while it may have flopped, she did get to work with Diane Keaton and she had a very successful Broad way run two years back and has filmed 4 projects so far.

    They don’t care about things as trivial as fashion so you think there is a problem?

    Why must she be depressed just because she’s not dressed up as a fashionista today, #9?

    He’s not controlling but you did point out another contradiction critics keep making. Wouldn’t Cruise who is SO controlling according to you keep her close at all times and ‘force’ her to dress nicer?

    Leave their kid alone, #18.

  • http://google toni

    She is trying to dress normal, down to earth. What is wrong with that?
    I think Katie is natural she do not need to dress nice, and impress others she is still look pretty. I like for her to be her own self.

  • down home holmes

    she shouldn’t wear plaid, it looks too down home-sy and i don’t mean that in an ironic way. the jeans have to go. again i’m going to repeat something i’ve posted before: this person is going to have a fashion line??? really?

  • Jolla
  • jot

    Looks like she’s got a bug up her arse! Probably because the “rumor” is that Tom and Cameron have it going on!! Don’t blame him…Diaz is hot compared to boring, golddigger Homely with the cankles and herpes.

  • Lindsay

    She is hot

  • iDani

    Soho House is suppose to be rather ritzy and exclusive, so why is Holmes dressed down in an outfit that looks like crapola? Oh, yes, probably for the same reason Cruise dressed in jeans and a t-shirt for Jerry Bruckheimer’s event yesterday while everyone else was in suit and tie. Casual way of saying, “hey I’m better than everyone else” ????

  • twpumpkin

    Ever since she married Cruise she has looked so unhappy. She dresses like a homeless person and does she even own a brush anymore? She always glares at the camera. Its not our fault she sold her soul to spaceship boy. She should at least enjoy the money and buy something that fits.

  • Just My Opinion

    I hate to sound mean (sounding mean) but there are ONLY 27 comments or postings on this thread with Katie photographed alone. When she is out in public with Suri the postings soar. What does this tell you? The general public is more interested in Katie when she is out with Suri. The same goes for Tom Cruise. Its not my opinion, you can go to any celebrity blog that is running a picture or article on Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes and they are more interesting when they are holding Suri. And if Suri starts growing out of her “cuteness” they will no longer be the leading story or sub story.

  • Pac Man

    Which is it, #24? Cruise is gay and Holmes is his beard or he’s straight as an arrow and has affairs?

    It’s incredible that when it comes to TomKat, NOT dressing better means that they think they’re better than everyone else, #26.

    That’s totally inaccurate, #27.

    There are more hits with her daughter here not because people are clamoring over the little girl but because everyone is a busybody and wants to criticize her parenting, #28.

    This website is NOT the general public. That’s your delusion.

  • Just My Opinion

    Maybe now that John Travolta’s wife is pregnant, Cruise is pressuring Katie to conceive. I don’t think Katie would want to be pregnant, I think she is focused on her career but is frustrated because her career has not taken off the way she hoped. There are new pictures of her on X17Online walking into “another” dance studio and she looks WORSE
    in those pictures if that is possible. This chick is depressed or sad about
    something. Could be that she has 4 movies in the pipeline: The Extra Man, The Romantics, Who’s Afraid of the Dark?, and Son of No One and the first three movies have NO RELEASE date yet. What’s going on with that?

  • Just My Opinion

    Does anyone know WHEN the movie The Extra Man will be released? It was originally gonna be released in February 2010 but no go?

  • mailey

    she’s such a dork.

    i love her shirt tho.

    the pants are hideous. she always wears bad pants.

  • JeepersCreepers

    Pac Man…

    YOU are the only one here on this site that is so very delusional….that it is hilarious!

    Better keep your trap shut- making such a fool of yourself.

    Also…very incorrect. NO ONE cares what you think or believe about this weirdo family. One has to be delusional, a cult member, a die hard fan..etc…

  • Karon

    What a pig.

  • sandy

    First, I love the casual outfit…..the current rage…plaid shirts, rollup jeans, and flat closed shoes. Anybody been to the gap lately or Macys?
    Second, I believe there is a club of Tom detractors who feed on nastiness and amazingly mind-reading. (You and your ilk couldn’t shine his shoes.)
    Mr. Tom Cruise is a fine gentle sociable man, a superb actor and a wonderful husband and father to all 3 of his children. His wife is independent and talented and not attached at her husband’s hip. Besides all that…….he is a hunk, strong and sexy and I hope he is careful in his stunts. Haven’t missed a movie. Looking forward to the next “Knight and Day.” Looks like fun!!

  • skorstensstillads

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