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Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene Salary Dispute Resolved!

Kellan Lutz & Ashley Greene Salary Dispute Resolved!

Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene have resolved their salary dispute with Summit Entertainment and will continue to play the Cullen vampires in the blockbuster franchise, has confirmed.

Twi-hards, rejoice! The deals were sealed last night after week-long negotiations.

Kellan, 25, and Ashley 23, will bank around $1.25 million for each of the final movies, according to THR.

Last year, Rachelle Lefevre was replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard because of a similar salary dispute.

ARE YOU EXCITED to have Kellan and Ashley back??

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  • Guest

    That is great! It would be stupid to replace some of the main cast!


    She’s the one that calls the papz, right? The one with the TMZ card.? Hate these two pointless nobodies.

  • Chloe

    $1.25 million for Lutz to do jack shit…..great!

  • anon SUBSCRIBE!!!

  • NM



  • next

    fugly talent-less attention wh0res.

  • George

    WTF man? For me both of them can go out now!

  • ka-blamo

    Actually Jared, Rachel was replaced because she had a scheduling conflict with another project she was working on, and the folks at Summit got their manties in a twist and let her go.

  • Blaaa

    I’m sick of the whole Twilight sticht. The last movie was rank.

  • t.i

    if these 2 had kids their children would look like frogs

  • Elssie

    The entire cast should use the insane amount of money they get paid to go and take some acting classes.
    God knows they all need it, except some people in the supporting cast, like Anna and Dakota.

  • Helena

    Who cares? Oh the stupid pre-tweens. The films are absolutely horrible. Greedy bastards.

  • lol

    Moral of the story: drop out of college with no qualifications – audition for a horrific teen franchise, do some talking (label it “acting”), show a lot of flesh……..get paid over $1 million.

  • Alaia

    @Elssie: Add Kristen Stewart. I still haven’t a clue why she signed on to this crap. She is above it.


    @Alaia: Please be kidding. She is the worst one of all.

  • AndreeaMe

    GREAT!! I love them both.

  • Deedz

    They have like, 2 lines. They are so insignificant in the movies compared to the books. 1.25 mil is hardly merited. =/

  • Alaia

    @ACTRESS ?: Nah, she is really good. I haven’t seen the Twilight films, but I thought she was very promising in Speak. Maybe she has worsened or the material is just plain bad? I like Bryce Dallas Howard. I guess she signed on for the exposure.

  • Denise

    Yes I am!
    Really happy right now.

  • shaar

    Love them both but wow, sweet deal for having 2 lines in the movie! If they can get it, good for them!

  • bellamor

    Ugh. They’re the two biggest famwh*res of the cast. They’d go to the opening of a grocery store. I’m neither surprised nor impressed that they did this. They started this, asking for more money when they’re only supporting cast, and then ‘agreeing’ to take what they were offered. No, they just didn’t want to get the boot, because they’re not talented to begin with. I wouldn’t have cared if they had gotten replaced.

  • Sophie

    I’ve never seen any of the Twilight films, and have never seen these two act in anything else, but I will say that with this story about them lately, they’ve pretty much cemented their reputations and destroyed all hopes of fantastic careers. Casting agents DO NOT hire people who are just in it for the money. They’ve just proved how naive, greedy and unprofessional they both really are.

  • apO

    Wait wait…these comments are calling both of them greedy and out for money. So, this movie is making billions of dollars and everyone around them are getting high paid checks. I mean…what’s wrong with them wanting more when the producers could easily pay them more. Either way, the money could go to them who help put a few more butts in the seats or to some little, balding producer who the money will go to for doing nothing.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …LOL… cant belive dude wanted more money for doing nothing. LOL.. if we combine his screen time from all the movies, he has less than 8mins total. and about 3 speaking lines. how in the world could he ask for more money. ahahahahahahahahaha..

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …at least Ashley Greene has a big role.. she actually gets to speak and act. Putz doesn’t do shiit! ahahahahahaaa.. he doesn’t get to do shiit in anything project he’s in.

  • nora

    I’m so disappointed! They have like…three lines, they don’t deserve the money!! In the end of the day, it’s all about Rob&Kristen!

  • twilightdude

    THis is great and still the franchise has made so much money on this I would have thought they were being paid much more.

  • Matrix

    awful Mormon fantasy with no end in sight

  • SarahC

    Personally I’m just happy that they were able to settle. It would be totally awkward if they were to re-cast Emmett and Alice. Plus, I think these two do great jobs with their parts in the Twilight Saga anyways.

  • RR

    Im with @Twilightdude on this. Each movie has made hundreds of millions of dollars in just ticket and dvd sales. Then add in all the merchandise and movie sponsorship…its insane.

    I think the studio is being super greedy. If you add up all the numbers Summit has release – they only earned like 50,000 per movie for the first three movies. Thats AWFUL.

    Im glad they are back and i wish they earned more.

  • Smarter Than You


    Haha, she was so good in Speak because she didn’t talk. Kristen is seriously THE WORST actress on the planet. She’s incredibly awkward and she sucks at delivering her lines.

    These movies were screwed the minute Summit bought the rights to them. Maybe thirty years from now a new (better) company will make them and put decent people in charge of it and they will be better.

  • blueheavengirl

    I’m happy they finally settled this issue. The movies would have been just awkward if they had to replace any of the main characters. Plus these two have been on since Twilight so I think they deserved a little raise if they thought the studio could afford it and just didn’t want to.

  • janiece23

    WOW!!! Now im a big fan of the series, but even i think they are over paid. i get why taylor, rob, and kristen get paid the big bucks because their the leads, but come on! ashley and especially kellan are minor characters and they should not be acting like divas. its not like their “acting” is whats making summit billions of dollars. i was upset when rachelle got replaced, but im still going to see eclipse. they are replacable too

  • csherri2007

    Kind of too late. Impressions have been made about these two. They still left a bad taste with me. I could do without them.

  • RERE

    @Guest: AH VA!

  • jaye

    They got a raise. They should have gotten one, everyone else did. But make no mistake about it, they were and are not the stars of the series nor are they responsible for the huge popularity of the movies. They didn’t get exactly what they originally demanded, but probably got as much as they could; Meaning, this was Summit’s ‘take it or leave it’ offer. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Summit had fired at least one of them. I don’t know what Kellan is going to do to deserve 1.25 million, they must have really beefed up his part. Maybe he can now take a break from showing his underwear at Macy’s.
    Sophie, I thought the same as you; for some people who are only just getting started, they’re creating a bad reputation. They have only the popularity of Twilight series on which to base their salary demands and they aren’t even among the 3 main stars. I think it was their agent’s job to try to get more money, but the fact that it went public didn’t look good for them. Fair or not, people look at things like this when hiring. It doesn’t even matter if they can AFFORD to pay them.
    As for the acting. Dakota is the most seasoned actor among them all ( the younger ones)and she isn’t good in the Twilight series. The part doesn’t suit her. So, if I had to judge her by her acting ability and this was the only thing I’d seen her in, she’d get a C-. Acting is in the eye of the beholder. I have a feeling though that many complaining of the acting, didn’t even see the movies. A Trailer doesn’t count lol.
    Twilight, I liked; New Moon not so much. IMO Pattinson balanced out Stewart’s milk toast , lip licking, biting Bella. Sorry K-Stew, but that was hugely annoying. But h*ell she grew on me. Pattinson, I thought, played the part. I think when you talk about acting you have to study who the character is. Edward was a 100 year old in a boy’s body, tortured, hating life and himself. He wasn’t a carefree 17 year old, so he wasn’t expected to act like one. He acts like someone who was born during the turn of the 20th century. I liked the Cullens, in particular, Alice. I thought Greene did a good job with the part; playful and carefree.
    I love it when someone says “Vampires Don’t Sparkle” in that condescending disgusted way. lol Seen a Vampire lately? sheesh! Anyway, Anne Rice, a noted Vampire novelist, said that she loved the different roads people have taken in portraying Vampires. They are mythical creatures who can be interpreted anyway you want to interpret them. Don’t be hating because they sparkle like 24k gold. It beats turning crisply crunchy or exploding in the sun. :-)

  • Leonie

    Suprise Suprise, the spoilt little movie stars get their own way

  • jane

    they are both greedy ,annoying and famewhores they don’t deserve the money at all they don’t have big roles in BD at all
    the only ppl whio i care about in this movie is rob and kristen

  • Jennifer

    Salary disputes aside, I’ve been noticing in the past several months that both Ashley and Kellan have sort of become the fame wh*res of the franchise. I also think that they think they’re alot more popular than they really are. I’m not really sure why I think that. I think it’s more of just obvious changes in attitude, especially Ashley.

    As for the salary disputes, I kind of understand them wanting raises because the franchise has made so much money, but demanding $4 million or $2 million is a little much considering they’re supporting characters. I kind of understand Ashley wanting more of a raise because she’s more crucial to the storyline. Kellan, on the other hand, has like 5 lines. Not really sure where he thinks he deserves to get paid more to just stand around and look tough.

    Regardless, I’m glad they settled because I wouldn’t have wanted them to be recast. I still think Kellan is being highly overpaid, but whatver.

  • caroline24

    How many lines has Kellan had in the two movies? Like, 5? Totally irrelevant. What a waste of 1.25 mill.

  • nikki

    Got to hand it to them that was a bold move as they could have easily been told “Hell no!” by summit and had them replaced like the last time this happened that actress was bounced so fast out the door she was a blur.

  • Julie

    1,25 million for 10 minutes LOL!!!!
    Why actors want always more and more!!!!!

  • anna

    Talentless D listers!

  • marebear

    Kellan and Ashley: Do you want to further your careers? Do the damn movie at whatever salary they offer. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you played Emmet and Alice Cullen from beginning to end and will forever be remembered and identified with the characters that launched your careers.

    If not, there are millions of unknown actors and actresses who would do the movie for free for the exposure alone.

  • Helen

    ONE MILLION… and they’re barely IN the movie! this is ridiculous. actors are highly overpriced

  • Ashlee

    There are my favorites

  • emma.

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…: it’s Lutz honey. and all of you that are bashing them know that there are two sides to every story. listening to gossip sites and hating young actors and actresses due to magazines, the internet, or other sources is pretty insane. you can hardly trust what is said anymore. If this is true, i’ll agree with all of you. However in their defense they worked hard to get into acting @lol: Ashley was a hostess at a restaurant while she was auditioning for movie roles and Kellan hardly had it easy. He raised himself as a kid. Times were hard. He probably couldn’t of afforded school if he didn’t go. I’m sure given the money he would of loved to. Basically, these two couldn’t be greedy. I strongly suspect this is all a lie.

  • SarahC

    @emma Thank you! That was a great comment you put! And yeah I don’t understand how they can be greedy over $1.25 million bucks when the Twilight franchise has earned how much money? If you ask me Summit Entertainment were being the greedy ones.

  • Ginger

    I don’t watch the Twilight movies but if they rake in as much in the box office, then these actors need raises! Just like jobs! I don’t care if you are the peon in the company, you deserve a raise too. hahaha

  • ivančicaa

    oh please, she can’t act at all, and she’s irritating too