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Transformers 3: Megan Fox OUT, Shia Labeouf IN

Transformers 3: Megan Fox OUT, Shia Labeouf IN

The Transformers movie franchise will continue without Megan Fox!

Paramount Pictures confirms to ET that the 24-year-old actress’ contract was not renewed for the third installment of the series.

We guess Megan comparing director Michael Bay to Hitler didn’t help!

Shia LaBeouf‘s character is rumored to move in a new direction for Transformers 3.

Who do you think should play Shia‘s love interest? Just Jared recommends Betty White! Facebook, get that going.

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  • yo sista

    i dislike shia ladouche!

  • christy

    anyone think by choice?

  • ilia

    Guess what “Transformers” franchise; Transformers OUT, Megant Fox IN for me!

  • http://j ivanka

    yaaaaay finally plastic queen is out!

  • Janeth

    Thank the lord! I am so tired of that “illness” prone biotccccccccch.

  • keke

    she was the only good thing from this movie

  • shaar

    that should teach her a lesson in humility and common sense

  • AutumnM

    Megan looks hot!

  • kitt

    this is bullshit. there were pictures of her on set some days ago.

  • yo

    She’ll be just fine without this horrible movie franchise.

  • yes!

    Betty White would be hot!


    Emma Watson!!!!!!!!!PLZ

  • Osterreich


    You’re right, this is absolutely fake. Not only did Michael Bay say Megan and him were ok but also said he’d be more than happy to welcome her back for the third installment.

    If this wasn’t enough she was seen on set a few weeks ago.

    This is some major BS Jared.

  • tristessa


    Infact I’ve seen these photos too, but maybe she’ll die (metaforically) during this third movie.

  • Ellie

    LOL, I get that she has a big mouth but Transformers 1 & 2 benefited from the horny 12 – (infinity) boys who watched the movies just so they would see MF moving lusciously on a motorcycle or the hood of a car or run while wearing a top barely covering anything. Are they sure they want to take her out?

  • Lala

    Well well well, maybe she asked for more cash, who knows.

  • haha

    So glad she got fired ! How about Blake lively?

  • douche

    oh pls.. i’m tired of Megan Fox… good… see if her carrer going to right direction now.. going down the hill !!

  • jdub

    This is bullsh!t…what would be the point of the pics already showing her on set? And the pic of them “making Mikaela”…and I’m pretty sure they started filming yesterday…why the hell would they all of a sudden say she’s out of the movie a day after filming started?? I don’t believe this one bit

  • yvette

    Nooo! That’s lame. I love megan fox. And all you haters saying crap about her, you must look like quasimoto with eyes full of green envy

  • Osterreich

    This is fake!!!!!

    Here’s the link to the pics with Megan on set:


  • go sox

    @keke: Well, that’s just sad commentary.

  • go sox

    Did it ever occur to anyone that she may have been fired/not renewed after filming had started?

  • Osterreich

    WTF!! The pics are HERE!!!!!

    I would love to have her character killed in the 3rd installment, but whether we like it or not she is IN Transformers 3.

  • HA HA HA


    CNN and EW DO NOT LIE!

    Knowing the moronic tan-loving pervert Mike Bay is, soon enough, another hot young brunette will replace Megan. (This time, the replacement better be talented!)
    Maybe he hasn’t gotten over what Megan said about him last year?
    Anyway, Megan should PRAY that Jonah Hex and Passion Play don’t bomb like Jennifer’s Body did.
    She still has SOMEWHAT of a career.

  • kay

    they probably just fired her cause she was dissing bay again.

  • lola

    While I have no personal issue about Megan Fox good or bad, this simply goes to show how beauty over substance is regarded as some milestone achievement to constantly be mentioned and/or associated with on sites just like this one over the most mundane and inane activity that contributes not one grain of anything important to the world at large. Since staring in Transformers I have seen this young woman grace every magazine imaginable, been the countless subject of non-stop male fantasizing written and televised, almost to the point of idiocy, revered as some up and coming talent that would get her turn at something serious while she raked in the cash on the Transformers movie deals that kept her in daisy dukes while she kicked butt and kept her man’s image and ego intact as stud worthy. LOL No wonder the world is lost. Megan, Amanda, Vanessa, and the like are not future Hollywood icons but pretty girls with good PR and hardworking agents who monopolize on their flair for fashion, which parties they attend and who they are sleeping with (and it helps if he is the shallow equivalent of her as well to get more PR bang for the buck). Not one of these young women is remotely close to having the kinds of raw talent of which true legendary celebrity is born from. When I think of all the real talent languishing out there because these girls and the Hollywood clique of teenage 20-something Stepford’s have a photo taken of their lives every five seconds where they are tossing their hair, having a sip of trendy joe, putting gas into their luxury cars like “regular” people, sucking face with their BFs on some beach in Maui, getting pedicures, and of course the never-ending shopping sprees because nobody can live with just 200 pairs of shoes and purses, etc., I wonder how long will it take such fluff “reporting” to totally jump the shark and show these girls throwing up to maintain those 15 year old bodies well past 21 to them farting to relieve the stress of a headache over whose latest IT party they should attend with their current BFF soon to be her ex-BFF because boyfriends are being shared as much as clothes these days. America the beautiful indeed. LOL

  • arfa

    i think haley ramm=)but most of ppl dont even know her=(

  • Just Interested


  • candy


  • anna

    Shia is a short tempered self involved D O U C H E

  • oh god

    oh god mike bay is reportedly looking for Bar Refaeli, Miranda Kerr, and Brooklyn Decker for the role. What a predictable move, tan-loving pervert.

    Good luck with your career MF, which will probably consist of TV shows and reality TV if Jonah Hex and Passion Play fail.

    Who do you think will be good for a replacement?
    I think model Emily Didonato will, she is gorgeous and down to earth.

  • oh god

    @candy: @candy: @candy:

    Apparently, predictable perv Mike Bay is has Bar Refaeli, Miranda Kerr, and Brooklyn Decker in his consideration. None less than what I expected!

    I think Emma Watson is a good choice, she has talent, intelligence, and class and also the perfect age.
    How about Emily Didonato? Google her, I think she kind of resembles Megan Fox, and will be good for the role, even if she’s a model.

  • James


  • Nic

    Its so stupid to fire her, i cant stand her, but please it was not Shia putting nerds obsessed with Fox in the seats, it was Megan and the cool Robotos. At least she is honest, unlike those PR aliens aka Blake Livelys of the Hollywood!

  • Sabrina

    MILA KUNIS would be a good choice!

  • SarahC

    Emma Watson would be a good replacement, but honestly the first lady I thought of was Leighton Meester. But I don’t know, that’s just me.

  • BullShit

    this is bull shit the parts she played in the 1st and 2nd one i thought she did good but wtf taking her out of transformers who gives a shit what she did. fck that she wil be in the third one

  • Allie

    I personally don’t like Megan. There are those rare days where I think she is decent, but those are like I said, rare. Transformers without her though, will not be a good move. It is sad to say, but without her looking pretty on the screen, the film won’t be a successful as it used to be. She had been in these films since it started. The franchise and her career started together, changing it will feel weird. People go because the WANT to see Megan Fox looking hot, exploding things, and robots fighting. If they are going to take her out, why not just end the series where it is. That is just my 2 cents.

  • Jasmine

    Hmm…I’m kind of conflicted. I mean, sometimes the things she says, she should definitely face repercussions for, but what does this tell us? That if she speaks her mind–no matter how rude and vulgar she can be–that she’s going to lose her job over it? So much for free speech?

    She plays a simple part in an action movie. It’s simple and doesn’t require “raw talent” like you all complain she lacks. She admits her shortcomings and she sees the ridiculousness of her job and the fame she has accumulated for it. Action movies don’t require display of large ranges of emotions, so I don’t get why so many people are b-tching and moaning about her.

    I’m kind of sad if she really isn’t going to be there, but maybe it’s best for the storyline. She’s a hot woman, and I like seeing her on screen, but as a woman myself, I’m more concerned about Shia being in it. They did look great together though…

  • Allison

    THANK GOD! Now my boyfriend will have nothing to drool over when we watch those movies anymore haha! But I still do ;)

    P.S. Megan Fox seems like such a bitch

  • F


  • Jobless Megan

    not sure if this is true……but it if it is…..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  • mimi

    Shia tells the world the Michael Bay did a lousy job and he stays, But Megan cannot tell the world the the very same director try to take advantage of her sexualy?
    If anyone should be going home and paying some big money that will go to sexual assault programs is Michael Bay.

  • jaye

    Michael Bay is a big perv. with a fragile ego. Anyone who has a young girl half naked with short shorts on audition while washing his car can’t be anything other than a perv. The British Guardian published an article which said “The director had the curvaceous actress wash his Ferrari while he filmed her and Fox has no idea what became of the footage. When questioned by Page Six about the video, Bay said he didn’t know what happened to the footage either. lmao. Is that what he’s watching every night before he slips into dreamland? . He probably wasn’t getting any play from Megan and on top of that the Hilton statement bruised his ego further. . .
    If you hate the way Megan was portrayed in Transformers thank Michael Bay for trying to live out his wet dreams lol. Hopefully, he didn’t fire her. As for finding someone who can act, The movie really doesn’t call for acting ability. sheesh!
    On the other hand, if she was fired, I don’t think she’s home crying about it. There are always people willing to forgive a beautiful woman. Hopefully someone else will give her a chance to show what she can do as an actor rather than take videos of her for cheap thrills. The problem with Hollywood is that they put some of these young actors in leading roles too soon. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Micheal, I’m telling your Mom! lol

  • Anon

    Good for Michael Bay for serving Megan Fox an extra large helping of STFU and GTFO. Can’t wait for the self released sextape to come out when her career fizzlies in 3…2…1….

  • Yes!

    Karma’s a b/itch, aint it Megan?

  • heads on

    Isn’t she under contract? She might not be able to quit like that.

  • mimi

    So Michael gets to abuse his power as a director and pressure young actresses to undress or do sexual things as part of the “audition”, but those actresses are not allowed to talk about it.
    While male actors can bash the very same directors for their lousy work- and they get to keep their job.

  • mimi

    The studio should have fired Michael Bay for exposing them for a sexual harrassment lawsuit, and thank their lucky star that Megan chose only to talk about it vs. actually sue them for sexual ahrrassment.