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Orlando Bloom Celebrates Jerry Bruckheimer

Orlando Bloom Celebrates Jerry Bruckheimer

Orlando Bloom hits up the Los Angeles premiere of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday (May 17) in Hollywood.

Earlier in the evening, the 33-year-old British actor attended the screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl during AFI & Walt Disney Pictures’ “A Cinematic Celebration of [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer” held at the El Capitan Theatre.

Earlier in the day, Orly was spotted at lunch with his girlfriend, GQ cover girl Miranda Kerr.

Also pictured: actors Jonathan Pryce and Jack Davenport and director Gore Verbinski. 10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Charley Gallay; Photos: Wireimage, Getty
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  • new trend

    oh no theres another BEARD coming! Not sexy! Shave!

  • http://whatabeauty... must be…

    growing that beard for a role. It’ll look great when it’s all grown out in a few months. lolol

    Even scruffy, he can eat crackers in my bed…

  • allspice30

    He’s so handsome!

  • ???

    I love his smile, he looks so gorgeous!Seems he had a lot of fun!

  • Jayne

    all i can say is hot

  • ?

    he has a nice smile love it.

  • yes!

    Such a beautiful man!
    And such an ugly beard! (sorry Orli)
    I can’t wait to hear what role the beard is for.
    Albert Nobbs?
    Something else?
    Even with that beard, his smile just lights up the room, doesn’t it?

  • zee

    mmm, the bit of scruff/beard doesn’t look to bad imo. his whole look is kinda hobo/graduate chic. I like.

  • orly lover

    Jerry Bruckheimer use him and Pirates movie to promote his new movie (Prince of Persia).

  • @9

    That’s because he knows that it will be a bomb.
    He wants as big an opening weekend as possible, because once word spreads that it’s a stinker, it’s run will be over.
    I still think that he offered Orlando the role first.

  • gah!


  • Lindsay

    He is the best

  • PotcLuva

    He looks so great! It’s also good to see some of the cast together again.

  • photoshop

    he looks like he just came of a coke bender

  • burnt bacon

    *sigh* Oh Orlando, you’re so fine, but you’ve GOT to get rid of the neckbeard.
    I hope it’s for a role and not because he’s taking fashion advice from Billy Goat Brad.
    That said, I’d still hit it.

  • ?

    yes hes got the best smile. @ 14 What.

  • sighs

    He is still beautiful!

  • yes!

    So sexy!

  • maria

    Isn’t it strange to see him alone?

  • Jayne

    Orlando all ways looks so good to me even with the beard. @ 19 he is alone most of the time.

  • @19

    Did you think that he and Miranda were joined at the hip?
    He was working. Why wouldn’t he be alone?

  • wow

    He looks like he did when he was in Ned Kelly.
    So handsome in his scruffiness!

  • Melody

    I don’t have a problem with the beard, Orlando’s had it since sometime last month but I like it; he’s welcome in my bed anytime ;) I’m glad to see he’s so happy….

  • Jayne

    @ 23 Melody i don’t have a problem with the beard too i think he good with it or with out it i don’t care i have orlando.

  • Jayne

    every one may know this by now but there saying Miranda may be up for a film part i don’t know if that is true.

  • Sweet

    He was so sweet to the fans at this event. Taking time to sign autographs even though security tried to rush him past us. And so, so gorgeous in person!

  • @21

    It seems that yes they are joined at the hip….can’t you tell?

    Jared mentions in the above article that he and Miranda were spotted having lunch earlier in the day, but without pictures.

    Well that is until now….have a look…be sure to scroll down to post #83
    Looks like they are joined at the hip for sure….so much so can’t tell them apart anymore….Orlando’s sense of style seems to be rubbing off on Miranda…click link below for pics – post # 83 on OLove

  • Melody

    @Jayne: I agree, Jayne. Orlando looks sexy with a beard….he’s almost back in blacksmith mode, except his hair is short this time.
    I just saw “New York, I love you” and have a complaint—he’s not in it ENOUGH! Maybe fifteen minutes to whet my appetite, then the rest of the story was about other people I didn’t care about lol.

  • Gimme Joe

    He is so gorgeous with his hair and beard like this. And that smile does something naughty to me. Looking more sexy than ever! Love ya, Orlando!

  • Jayne

    @ Melody I know he was so sexy has the blacksmith and even now with the short hair i say come may way Orlando lol. I want to see “New York, I love you” how did you see it? so fifteen minutes of the film with Orlando in it is the best bit than lol. I would complaint too if he was not in it Enough! there should be more Orlando lol.

  • @30

    Oh, I agree. All these indie films he is doing are fine, but I so want so see him back on the big screen in a major way.

  • Jayne

    @31 Yes it would be good to see Orlando on big screen again i miss him on there .

  • Melody

    @Jayne: I rented “New York I love you” but was not happy with it. Like I said before, Orlando was only in it for a very few minutes. Hopefully, Main Street and The Good Doctor and Sympathy For Delicious will be better!

  • Jayne

    @ Melody : I still want to see it even if it’s just for the bit’s Orlando’s in, but thank you. I hope that the other films have more Orlando in too.

  • christine

    I think Orlando Bloom is an awful jerk for putting that girl from the reality show “Pretty Wild” into jail for 6 months and 3 yrs probabtion. She didnt steal anything. She was drunk hanging out w/ some bad kids. I highly doubt she would agree to do a reality show if she knew that she did something that wrong in her past.
    Anyway, these people are confusing.
    Still, if it were Orlando’s own daughter… I think he would understand. And Karma’s a b***h.
    I believe in holding someone accountable for their actions, but not if they actually were NOT accountable.
    That’s cowardly and STUPID on Orlando’s part. He’s punishing a girl who actually did not commit the crime. This is just a waste of tax dollars as well.
    If it were my things stolen… and it was an innocent teenager… I’d just let it go… why waste my time & go to court.
    But I’d have a talk w/ her and find out things.
    Maybe, everyone thinks that they are teaching these kids a hard lesson so they dont end up like lindsay Lohan or Michael Douglas’ son.
    Instead I would have preferred to see someone like Spencer Pratt in jail… but life is weird like that. The law prefers to punish STUPID rather than punish real evil.

  • Jayne

    @35 IM SORRY BUT ORLANDO IS NOT A JERK . It was the law that put her a way not him and there not kids and she own up to it in the end. Shes lucky she only got 6 months other get longer.

  • @35

    She and her friends stalked the celebs, sneaked into their houses and stole several things. I don’t give a damn that she didn’t physically steal anything. She helped the others and didn’t sue them. And she can’t be as stupid as to ignore that’s wrong and criminal.
    Those kids are spoiled brats that think they can do and take everything they want without consequences, thanks to people like you.
    Karma isn’t after the victim but after the criminal.

  • meji

    I agree. And in his case, her friends cut his security fence so they could get in, and she helped carry the bags full of stuff off the property. We only have her word for it that she didn’t actually pick up his things and put them in the bags. If someone did that at your house and then claimed they were innocent because they were drunk and only going along with their friends, I bet you’d laugh in their face.

  • @37@38

    I agree to i mean Orlando’s the victim here not her.

  • skorstensstillads

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