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Smallville: Last Season Confirmed!

Smallville: Last Season Confirmed!

Smallville will air its tenth and final season next year, its star Tom Welling revealed to HollywoodLife.

“Season 10 of Smallville will be the last season,” Tom admitted. When asked how he pulled off his Clark Kent character for so long, he added, “The real test is when you own it onscreen. Once you think you have perfected things, you’ve got to keep practicing. There is always something to learn! It works for me and it will work for others”

Tom has been busy producing a new project for the CW, the cheerleading drama Hellcats, starring Ashley Tisdale.

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  • Donovan

    this show is still on the air?

  • unbelieveable

    Anyone know if michael rosenbaum will come back as lex Luther for the last few episodes?

  • gaunt

    About bloody time! Yuppie.

  • Alaia

    This show is still on? I remember turning it off because the acting was so bad. That Kristin Kreuk girl always looked like she wanted to burst into tears.

  • Halli


    That’s what I thought.

  • cheryl

    Wow this show lasted really long! Good for Tom. After this season he can focus a lot more on other things.

  • Jesse

    I’ve watched Smallville since the very beginning and to know it’s ending has me very sad but happy at the same time. Season 9 was absolutely amazing and going into season 10 knowing Clark Kent will finally become Superman is awesome. I can’t wait to see how the show ends. Smallville will be the longest running American Sci-Fi series in television history. BRING ON SEASON 10!

  • Sarah

    I’m going to be a mess when the show ends. I’ve watched it since I was 13. I finished High School and College with Smallville in my life. I’m excited for the final season.

  • zahra

    I LOVE THIS MAN. Can’t wait for season 10.


    Sorry to break your BUBBLE, Jared.. but Tisdale’s role in HELLCATS is costarring role NOT STARRING – stop being hyperbolic. Stop milking it, Jared. We know you’re obsessed with this Tisdale chick.. there is a post of her on JJJ every three seconds.. she’d go an opening of an envelope if it means getting her picture taken.



  • Jen


    just when I started getting back into it this season, after missing out on so many seasons in between .. oh well, its been on a long time, will miss it, I love the show and yea hes super gorgeous. Hope to see him in movies then! :)

  • Dee

    They should be proud that the show ran for 10 seasons! That’s crazy. What I really want to know if Allison Mack is coming back!! I love her and her portrayal of Chloe. I love Tom Welling but she’s the only reason I’ve stuck around for the past 9 seasons!

  • Pat

    Thank God

  • kim

    10 years is one hell of a run. i just got back into watching it like this week i now have all the seasons on dvd and i’m up to date and since starting back watching it i could tell the end was prob going to be 10. but it’s sad to see it go but it will be great to finally see him go superman. but i just hope that tom welling conts to work and that we see more of him. i have always liked him. this is one of the best shows, but now i’m losing 2 of my fav show lost and smallville, at least smallville has another season to go. and to all the negative comments say sh!* u want it wont change that fact that smallville has ran for 10 years and has a HUGE fanbase TOM WELLING and SMALLVILLE BOTH KISS A$$

  • ugly cast, stupid show

    Tom Welling is so hideous he looks like a gorrilla lmao

  • Superman

    Tom is the only person who should play Superman in the rumored new film by Christopher Nolan from Dark Night, Brandon Routh had no charisma at all, the only person comparable to Christopher Reeve is Tom.

  • Superman

    @17 – I think that was your reflection you’re talking about

  • dire.

    well thank god. awful show, storyline, actors (espcially mouseface kristin)

  • Tamara

    @ugly cast, stupid show: I find him ugly too, it’s the mouth.

  • Jayne

    @16 I agree i love smallville i have watch it from day one and is going to be sad when it ends but at least is going to get at end i hope we see Tom welling in other thing. smallville and supernatural, heroes, The vampire Diaries and other tv shows that i like are the best .

  • MsNJS

    @ugly cast, stupid show: Are you blind? Tom Welling is beautiful! That is not a great picture but the man is a stunner

  • edae1982

    Noooo i cant believe it!!!! I really love the show and be able to watch Tom Welling every week!!

  • Lilly

    I love Smallville and I’ll miss it when it goes off air, however, and please don’t bite, I’m glad Kreuk is not part of it any more. Really, really, bad actress…

  • Steven

    About time. Now take Friends off the air already, I have seen every single repeat about 5 times. And stop repeating The Simple Life, Kardashians and Snoop’s show…..I want my music channels back and I never thought I’d say that.

  • CAS

    now matter what is said Smallville has a huge place in TV history and as much as people may hate it 10 seasons it a huge run. IMO this is a great show and has a great cast. it’s going to be a bittersweet ending finally superman great the show ending sad. BRING ON SEASON 10 CAN’T WAIT

  • Leah

    Im happy and sad too cause ive been watching this show ever since i was really young . But I will admit I like season 1-6 Way better than seasons 7-9 But I have still been watching it cause I’m a true and loyal fan of smallville. Its going to be sad not seeing Tom Welling,Allison Mack,and Erica Durance(been on Smallville the longest) on fridays. But then again im so happy for all of them Because smallville is alot of work that’s were they spent almost there whole lives at and now they can all focus on family,future and other projects cause the smallville schedule took up alot of there time more that any show out there and they were not able to work on alot of other movies and projects that they wanted too, so for them im very happy =)

  • liz

    Totally bummed, but glad it had such a long and successful run! I started watching in the very beginning, I was a Freshman in High School and so was Clark Kent. I love that I have really grown up with the show and can’t wait til he puts on those tights and becomes Superman!

  • Cassie

    I love Tom Welling so much. I am literally love sick with it. He is the perfect Clark Kent and has so much Superman presence, that I’ll never be able to see anyone else in the role.

  • Arthur

    @Sarah: I was a freshman in high school when I started watching this show and haven’t missed an episode. All good things come to an end, life is too short.

  • Susie

    Tom Welling is so sexy and lovely. Go on Tommy!

  • Momu

    It’s sad, I will miss Clark Kent and Co.

  • osama

    yay TisdalE!!!!!

  • naylah

    Hope they gonna do a Green Arrow spin off!!!!!! Justiiiinnnn <3<3<3<3

  • jp

    no more smallville!!?….. no more lois&clark!!?…….. NOooooo…….

  • Deedz


  • monkey


  • Ashlee

    Love the show

  • http://@mistergagaa mistergaga


  • rose

    my heart just broke into a million pieces. i love tom welling and always will

  • lin

    tom welling is so hot and needs to be shritless more in smallville he has such a great bod and needs to show it off. i think that he should be shritless alot i smallville season 10 its the last season and he should show off his hot bod.

  • Jayne


  • joed

    fox would do well to bring on more superstars, the Batman, and a lot of other DC stars! Wonderwoman , The Flash, lots of Stars! DC not the only ones Marvel? On tv!

  • Lean

    @unbelieveable: I wonder the same. Smallville needs Lex Luther again. I really hope that Michael Rosenbaum decides to comes back even if it’s only for the final episode.

  • milo

    I’ve only been watching smallville since season 9, am obsessed now! this show is really good, ecspecially since am a marvel and dc fanatic! i hope in the superman reeboot movie for 2012, hopefully tom welling will be cast as superman, it would only make more since, since he’s been playing the character since 2001!!!

  • andy23

    yes. Lex Luthor will come back for the final 3 episode of the las season.

  • http://twitter tariq

    well at least he made a time for people an now he has to find more for people to be attracted to