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Zac Efron: Sailing on English Bay!

Zac Efron: Sailing on English Bay!

Zac Efron takes a break from reshoots for Charlie St. Cloud in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Monday (May 17) and goes sailing.

The 22-year-old actor went out with a friend on English Bay to relax…and inadvertently showed off a bit of his undies!

If you missed the Charlie St. Cloud trailer’s release, check it out here!

More pics over at JustJaredJr!

25+ pictures inside of Zac Efron sailing in Vancouver…

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zac efron sailing vancouver 01
zac efron sailing vancouver 02
zac efron sailing vancouver 03
zac efron sailing vancouver 04
zac efron sailing vancouver 05
zac efron sailing vancouver 06
zac efron sailing vancouver 07
zac efron sailing vancouver 08
zac efron sailing vancouver 09
zac efron sailing vancouver 10
zac efron sailing vancouver 11
zac efron sailing vancouver 12
zac efron sailing vancouver 13
zac efron sailing vancouver 14
zac efron sailing vancouver 15
zac efron sailing vancouver 16
zac efron sailing vancouver 17
zac efron sailing vancouver 18
zac efron sailing vancouver 19
zac efron sailing vancouver 20
zac efron sailing vancouver 21
zac efron sailing vancouver 22
zac efron sailing vancouver 23
zac efron sailing vancouver 24
zac efron sailing vancouver 25

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47 Responses to “Zac Efron: Sailing on English Bay!”

  1. 1
    jesus Says:

    what an artificial pose

  2. 2
    anon Says: <<<<<<<<<<<< comment and subscribe!!!

  3. 3
    Megdd Says:

    his lame and i dont think he has a career anymore. He just drives around in his car or sails everyday.

  4. 4
    peggy Says:

    It wasn’t a break he was rehoning his saling skills. He just arrived on Sunday how much of a break could he need.

    Make sense please

  5. 5
    gina Says:

    he is so not important anymore.

  6. 6
    ivanka Says:

    why the hate people? i don’t understand, actually he is doing re-shoots. he is working! i don’t thing he will be jobless any time soon

  7. 7
    abc Says:

    wats up with u guys u crazy!

  8. 8
    Ssssssk Says:

    Seems like the people bashing zac is just one person pretending to be many.

  9. 9
    Malia Says:


    I agree. He was rehearsing for the scenes he has to re-shoot. Guess some people just don’t think logically. LOL

  10. 10
    Malia Says:


    Yep. Seems to be one person bashing.

  11. 11
    kitt Says:


  12. 12
    js Says:

    I have never understood why anyone would call him hot, aside from his torso. His face is ugly and plastic and greasy looking.

  13. 13
    js Says:

    + he has the worst hair in young Hollywood, as bad as RPattz before he shaved his greasy grossness off.

  14. 14
    Malia Says:

    Here is exactly why Zac will make it big in the movie business.

    Have heard recently from sources on the set of Charlie St Cloud who worked on the film last summer that Zac was very well liked. He was prepared and low key, no crazy ass diva demands, no celebrity posturing.

    Source: Lainey Gossip in Vancouver.

  15. 15
    Sacha Says:

    i hate men/boys with thin lips.

    baldness, shortness and thin lips are the 3 most unattractive things to me, turn offs. at least zac’s not short and bald…..but his lips lol…blech.

  16. 16
    Trina Says:

    Zac is one handsome dude. He has classic Hollywood good looks.

  17. 17
    kami Says:

    zac is nice too. that makes him even better looking. i’m so looking forward to seeing this movie.

  18. 18
    Karen Says:

    Anytime you go on one of these threads and there are a ton of insults leveled at the person from the git go it usually means it is one person or one person and a friend who are trying to flood the thread with negative comments. It is easy to tell since the comments are all written with the same kind of style and “sound” to them. If you take the time and not read over them quickly you will see what I mean. They are annoying and that is what they are meant to be but it still isn’t what most people are really thinking. It especially happens after someone has had a fair amount of threads in a short period of time and most of the comments on those threads have been positive. SO, if anyone cared to check out the last few threads involving Zac you will see most of the comments were POSITIVE. Now, this person or two have jumped immediately on this thread to be sure there are negative comments to start it off. It never fails, trust me.

  19. 19
    Dayana Says:

    looking great with canadian flag :)

  20. 20
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  21. 21
    jiji Says:

    I love how his underwear always shows… it’s such a turn on , very sexy!

  22. 22
    alineee Says:

    Perfect, perfect..Beautiful

  23. 23
    Malia Says:

    Zac did get his hair cut. There are pictures of them filming today and you can see his hair is very short. Just like it was during the original filming of CSC.

  24. 24
    kristen Says:

    people who hate him have no lifes

  25. 25
    kristen Says:

    people who hate him have no life. if you hate him, why did you comment here

  26. 26
    melissa Says:

    dang he is cute. it looks beautiful there. i can’t wait to see this movie

  27. 27
    amy Says:

    he gets better looking everyday seriously!

  28. 28
    Mona Says:

    He’s absolutely gorgeous! Haters can never make fans change their minds about their faves, no matter what idiotic, hateful, resentful, jealous, spiteful, etc, things they say.

  29. 29

    To be fair, he’s not sailing yet… just motoring out. I wonder what size the boat is? It looks to be about the size of my parents 35 footer, but then pictures can be deceiving.
    Anywho, he looks very hot, especially with the tiller in his hand. (-:

  30. 30

    PS: I love his vascularity. That vein that runs down his bicep is so sexy.

  31. 31
    sara Says:
    can someone tell me what this pic mean and plz no one tell me “they was filming” because it’s not true
    and sorry for my bad english

  32. 32
    alex p Says:


  33. 33
    tenamoore Says:

    People are always bashing actors and i really don’t know why, ac is working and he is a beautful handsome man and his new movie looks very moving i personaly think it will be his best :)

  34. 34
    Rio Says:

    zac u look amazing

  35. 35
    Malia Says:


    Yes, Sara, they are filming or doing a run through (rehearsal). Burr Steers, the director is there, the microphones are set up and covered to minimize the sound of wind, and the other crew members are there. That will be a scene in the movie.

  36. 36
    Danielle Says:

    Love Zac

  37. 37
    ehryle Says:

    That’s Vanessa Hudgens man love :) sooo cute xoxo

  38. 38
    Karen Says:


    Why do you think they are not filming?

  39. 39
    jess Says:

    Typical ****** movie, deserves to fail after what Universal did.

  40. 40
    Malia Says:

    I see that Zac got his hair cut the way it was back when they started filming in August. These look like they might be the grownup Charlie scenes they’re filming.

  41. 41
    Charisma Says:

    He is hot

  42. 42
    Malia Says:

    Saw pictures on another site of Zac at LAX. Glad they’re all done. Now we can count down the days till the movie comes out.

  43. 43
    athena Says:

    Why in the world do guys( Zac included) finding it comfy to show butt crack…this is ridiculous…if it weren’t an option…..I think guys would feel victimized. Although, if Zac wants to show his ****…it’s still not excusable…lol…

  44. 44
    Karen Says:


    Zac is not showing his butt crack. Not one picture shows that. He does show his underwear which is a style/fad that I can’t stand but he still isn’t showing anything bare about his behind.

  45. 45
    davida Says:

    yea i agree wit kristen. btw Megdd he didnt know how to sail before the movie. I took sailing lesson’s and one day zac efron came and took sailing lesson’s there. My teacher teached zac how to sail. But everyone soooo excited to see him there that he had to go somewehere else. Soooo he doesnt always sail soo how would you know what he does.

  46. 46
    nick Says:

    In the boating world we call that “motoring” not “sailing.” Sailing usually involves sails…

  47. 47
    Aida Kreuzfahrten Says:

    Zac is cool, I really like his style. Love to see more from him.

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