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Hugh Jackman: Hello Kisses For The Family

Hugh Jackman: Hello Kisses For The Family

Hugh Jackman returns home from a morning jog to be greeted by his wife Deborra Lee Furness and his daughter Ava on Thursday (May 20) in New York City.

The 41-year-old Aussie actor gave each of his ladies a kiss and then later treated Ava to a breakfast muffin.

Recently, Hugh, Liev Schreiber, and Ryan Reynolds were nominated for best fight in their film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

10+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman greeting his family with kisses…

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  • Kirsten

    She is so cute. He seems like the nicest guy.

  • Liz

    I’m always a little disgusted by parents kissing their children on the mouth (we don’t do that in France… but then again, maybe he’s just kissing her on the nose?), but it’s sweet to see him so loving with his family.

  • Katra

    Awwww! So sweet! They’re such a cute family, but where’s Oscar?

  • http://j ivanka

    his wife it’s not pretty, i imagined something hotter for gim

  • pat

    this guy has GOT to be gay… there’s no other human explanation on why he would be married to this Grandma when he could have any woman in the world.

  • Sands

    This is why he is one of the hottest actors around. Not only is he so HOT, he is a genuinely nice person (even to the paps), and he loves his family so much. YES even his wife. Its so cool to see someone buck tradition of having a trophy wife, which is alot of hollywood.

    Good for you Hugh!

  • eliza

    This is a sweet family. Pity that eveyone can’t see Deborra Lee through Hugh’s eyes. Bet she’s the most beautiful woman in the world to him. True love does that.

  • Catchy

    cute family ^_^
    so nice to see some happy family among all those divorcing and splitting people.

  • Poor Hugh…

    His wife looks more like his grandma and always dresses like a bag lady!

  • Jess

    @pat: You.. are an idiot. Ta.

  • Jess

    @Poor Hugh…: Which magazine cover were you on?

  • laverdadduele

    I don’t know what he sees in this woman. It’s not about the age (she’s only 54yrs old), but that she’s a very unattractive woman. Looks like she has left herself go, I mean the hair, the clothes, the posture, etc. Take for example, Michelle Pfeiffer (52), Christie Brinkley (56), and Kim Basinger (56), all in their 50′s and still hot. Love is blind, no doubt.

  • lexy hates bilson

    they need to leave him alone when he’s with his kids!!!

  • jaj

    She actually looked pretty when I saw her at the MET Ball.

  • Cora

    I agree with laverdadduele. You can be older and still be attractive. But instead of being negative and calling her ugly and saying we dont know what he sees in her, lets be positive!

    She just needs a makeover! First, she needs to eat well and work out at least 4X a week like her husband. It’s not just vanity or being a trophy wife, it’s about teaching your kids to be fit and healthy. Doing that would make her body more trim and toned.

    She should fix and style her hair, a la maybe like the short cut Britney Spears had back in 2006, or if she wants to do a longer look, that would make her look younger too. If she does want to keep her hair this length, she should style it and make it look presentable.

    She should also try to dress better! Some figure-flattering jeans, a nice top and some flats would be great for a woman in her 50s. Or, if she wants to be casual, some figure-flattering sweatpants and a tank top that gives coverage would be nice…not this shleppy look.

    She also needs to own being sexy and confident. Girl, you’re married to one of the hottest men alive, but you can be hot too! Stand up straight!

    With a new hair-do, a trimmed down body, a style makeover, and some confidence, she can look great!

  • Sylvia

    I have seen Hugh Jackman and his wife and she is very pretty. He is happy with her, and is a great family man. He is nice to everyone, and one classy man. He could not be nicer to his fans. My favorite celebrity.

  • mouche

    Maybe the french 17th century essayist la Bruyère was right when he stated:” When a plain-looking woman is loved, it is
    certain to be very passionately ; for either her influence
    on her lover is irresistible, or she has some secret and
    more irresistible charms than those of beauty.” lol lol!

  • Charisma

    He is such a good dad

  • Mary

    deborah was never good looking. She is just ordinary looking. She ages like the rest of us. If you weren’t beautiful when you were young, how can you be beautiful when you get older. She is average.
    I like her. She just want to be casual. Hugh is always very casual himself. Always in jeans and sweat shirt. It just that hugh is attractive so anything would look good on him. The same outfit goes on a fat guy would look horrible.

    I think Hugh doesn’t consider himself gorgeous. He waits up in the morning and he probably feels old. He has wrinkles on his face.

    So leave them alone. They are casual and happy with each other.

  • to Cora

    I really think that a woman, who lives with one of the hottest guys on earth, shares the bed with him every night, is truely loved by him and raises two lovely and cute children needs any advice from you.

  • to Cora

    that was sarcasm, just in case you don’t get it!

  • to Liz

    Do you know what Find disgusting? Eating frogs’ legs.

  • Pinky

    Deb may look like a average woman in photos, but in reality she is a very smart woman and carries herself with a inner grace and attitude that is undeniable when you meet her in person.
    I meet her once during a benefit event and was captured from the very beginning.
    A very, very smart and confident woman who’s really confident in her skin and that shows with every word she says and every move she makes. No wonder Hugh fell for her at the very first sight.

    Regarding her age: her birthday was in 1960 or 1955, depending on the source, but at least Hugh should know how old she is and he mentioned in an interview that she is 8 years his senior, which makes her 49 and not 50+ish.

  • born in 55

    deb was born in 1955/11.
    I did a public record search online and that’s what comes up.

  • born in 60

    deb was born in 1960/11
    I did a public record search online and that’s what comes up.

  • NJR
  • 1960
  • Cora


    Wow, your sarcasm is hilarious. Really, I’m laughing off my seat. I never said she needed my advice–my advice is as unneeded to her as yours is.

    But instead of offering harsh critique and nasty words like other people, I decided to write something positive and how she could change herself. Everyone could use an upgrade… I’m sure you might too, instead of being oh so gracious and bestowing your incredibly witty comments online.

    THAT was sarcasm, just in case you don’t get it


  • Cora

    And this isnt about him not being happy with her–he makes her happy and they’re in love…that’s great. In fact, good for them bc we all know its tough to make a marriage work, especially in Hollywood.

    Having a makeover is not a vain thing to do–it would be a great example to her kids, because she’s teaching them how to be fit and healthy. And having a style overhaul is a great example too–I’m sure those kids will grow up and get careers, and what career man/woman would be taking seriously when they walk into the office looking all shleppy and sloppy?

    This is not about her being plain, no one said she was! She might be the most beautiful woman in the world to him, and they’re in love…that’s amazing. Props to them!

    But having a makeover would make her look and feel better…and that’s something that’s never a negative thing to do.


  • to Cora

    She really doesn’t need to work out more than she does.
    She’s seen in NY running and hitting the gym quite often.
    Only she doesn’t doll up when doing her thing and that’s great.
    Living her happy and satisfying life, she most probably doesn’t feel the need to “change herself” like you suggested.
    And for being a role model for her children, she and her hubby are the best role model for this kids: be happy with and respectful to your partner, show them that looks is not everything and don’t care about people who find it disturbing that a man is with a woman he has chosen (or the other way round) even if the society doesn’t approve because THEY feel it’s not a matching couple.
    God bless them!

  • 55

    Public record is not rotten tomato or mahalo.
    Public record is where a person reports date of birth to social services. You usually need to pay to get that, but it IS public record that is available to all if you want to see.

  • Cora

    I never said looks is everything. Looks are the least important thing to be concerned with in this day and age, because they only last so long. But looks is the topic of conversation.

    Looks do matter in a sense, because, like I said, are her children going to be taken seriously if they walk into an office looking unkempt? Yes, looks are not everything, but they do count.

    You can’t determine how much she works out by pictures…her every move is not followed everyday. You can only go by her body type, and while her body is fine and in no way am I suggesting she should conform to the stereotype of killing herself to look like a supermodel, I am simply saying she can pull herself together!

    Yes, they are happy, yes they are great role models for their kids. But why does the big feminist thinker have to come and get SO enraged at people who suggest she take a second look in the mirror before she leaves the house.

    That type of thinking is everywhere in society honey. These modern women who don’t take care of themselves or spend at least 10 minutes getting ready and who leave their house looking like chaos are disgusting. I’m not suggesting that’s her, but I am saying there’s something to be said for taking care of yourself. That’s part of everyday life, why are there shows like Clean House and How Do I Look?

    While she may be happy with herself, I’m simply an outsider providing my opinion on how she can improve her looks if she wants to… she’s already a great mom, wife, and she seems to be a very decent person. So she’s already set that great example for her kids (in my opinion, that’s the first thing you should teach your children), and now she can focus on showing her kids the importance of being healthy and looking put together!

    If you want to look like a slob and teach your kids to do the same, go right ahead.

  • Cora

    AND furthermore, I’m not suggesting she change to show society she deserves him. They love one another and make eachother happy who should care what the world thinks? I’m suggesting she make these changes to improve herself AND NOT LOOK LIKE A SLOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damnz, American women are so nasty nowadays with your feminist htinking. I’m all for having a great career, but you dont need to look like a butch to do so.

  • Cora

    American women are really weird in my opinion. Go ahead with your nasty butch feminist thinking, but look at moms like Camilla Alves or Gisele Bundchen or Monica Belluci…Brazilian women and Italian women, not American, and they take care of themselves.

    America is just so nasty and does not care about health at all, why are we the most obese country in the world?

    Right, that’s why

  • queen bee



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  • can

    a man say something more lovely about his wife than this?

    Jackman’s eyes brighten when he discusses his wife, who is eight years older than he.

    “She’s a morning person,” he says. “Deb pops up, and it’s, ‘Come on, baby. Let’s go!’ Yet at night she falls asleep instantly, sometimes in mid-conversation. She’s fallen asleep during every movie I’ve ever done. At one premiere, this big-time producer—he’s known for growling—growled down the row to me, ‘Wake your wife up!’ She’s the most honest person I’ve ever met. The worst liar. Can’t do it. Everything she feels comes out. This is just the long way of saying she’s not jealous of my success, no. It’s not in her DNA. Every person I’ve ever worked with has ended up liking Deb more than they like me. I’m a little behind in the wit department, and she’s always, ‘Come on, Hugh, keep up! Keep up!’ She looks a lot like Kim Novak, but she’s from the Ethel Merman school with her humor.”

    Since Jackman had decided to evoke old-time stars to describe his wife, I come up with a few myself to describe him. “You’re like a cross between Gary Cooper and Gene Kelly,” I tell him. “With just a soupçon of Rosalind Russell.”

    Jackman throws his head back and roars—not with the animalistic rage of his Wolverine character but with an ironic laugh, that most human of sounds.

    “Promise to put that in the story,” he says. “Deb’ll love that.”

  • Cora

    i always get the last word =)

    fall back, betches

  • to 37

    the last word is always saved for those who can’t think further

  • Julie

    Vote for Hugh Jackman and help bring awareness to domestic violence.

  • 1955

    Deb was definitely born in 1955, but really who cares. They’re an amazing couple and family.

  • catherine

    Hugh really seems to love his wife. I agree that she needs to dress better and shape up more—I really want her to hold on to him. He must have so many women after him that I would be afraid to lose him. They go back a long way and they have alot going on together- including their production company and children. Deborra, please hold on to him. I would never want to lose a guy like that. He should be Sexiest Man Alive for the second time— how do we vote for him?
    He could be the top romantic actor, like in “Australia” and “Fountain” but he keeps picking up lesser roles. I want to see those kisses again!

  • Stilladsudlejning

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