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Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Supper Club Couple

Jensen Ackles & Danneel Harris: Supper Club Couple

Jensen Ackles comes out to support his newly wedded wife Danneel Harris at the Gersh Agency’s 2010 UpFronts and Broadway season cocktail celebration at New York City’s Juliet Supper Club on Tuesday (May 18).

Danneel is set to star in the new half-hour comedy series on NBC called Friends with Benefits, which revolves around a group of twenty-something singles as they navigate the difficult, and often confusing, world of dating. Jessica Lucas, Ryan Hansen, Fran Kranz and Ian Reed Kesler also star.

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jensen ackles danneel harris juliets supper club 01
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jensen ackles danneel harris juliets supper club 03

Credit: Gary Gershoff; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Riley

    They are both gorgeous!

  • Lydia

    what ‘s wrong with his eyes?

  • gino

    Jensen is straight, don’t forget.

  • rainbow

    @gino: of course, of course.

  • shutupRay

    You are so rude!

  • Jared

    All I read was “Jensen Ackles comes out.” and I thought OMG! He hasn’t even been married 48 hours.

  • u

    I think Jensen took the “Cocktail Celebration” to heart. My bad, he’s probably really just tired working the paps like he has lately.

  • gigglesnort

    I love how these are on justJARED BUZZnet. Maybe that’s why he’s looking a little buzzed, thinking about just jared.

  • me2

    BLOODY HELL. He looks like hell kicked him out. BUT he still has better hair than he did on his wedding day.

  • ymselenafan

    she looks better as a red head.

  • drunkenmess

    Jensen looks ten years older than his age. wtf! could you shave, cut your hair, and just be your-normal-self?!

  • Rio

    These two Again?UGH……
    @Jared: lol!

  • Shannanigans

    I can’t get enough Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Thanks JJ!!!

  • Karnival

    I cant believe the stupidity in you people. Just one question, why does Jensen Ackles have to be gay? Because YOU said so? Because he is best friends with his co-star and they’re oh so hot and have great chemistry on & off screen? Because he is a male and he has great chemistry with another male and this Oh-Is-Against-All-Laws-of-Science. If Jared & Jensen were females and did all they did, would you all be calling them gay no matter what? Get over it, he’s not gay. Just because you write RPS about him doesn’t mean he HAS to be gay. Funny thing is; not even a clue hinted at his homosexuality so stop making fools of yourselves and get out of your homonormative closets.

  • Dear Jensen

    In case you come across this page (which probably will NEVER happen) and read all the comments… I just want you to know that you will be 10 time hotter in my heart if you really are gay. and if not, I am totally fine with it. LOL no, srsly!

  • http://www. GASOLINE

    Guuuurl, what is that hair ? And yes, I’m talking to you Jensen.

  • S.Y.K

    It would be fun if Jensen was gay. But he doesn’t ping my gaydar, never has. Now Jake G., Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mathew Morrison on the other hand.

  • late to the party

    When did she dye her hair. And damn my boy J looks terrible.

  • Chuck

    @late to the party: Now we know why he was wearing his sunglass all the time

  • Jensen to obvious

    Jensen you look bad. sorry to say, but damn, your losing it, eat more and D looks fresh here, she looks better than you, you must miss Jared huh? And he doesnt have to be gay gay, he could be bi bi, and he is, i know now, that he has something to hide and Jared to, even if they arent together, The J’s is hiding something, and these weddings just made it even more obvious. *pshh* GOOD LUCK JENSEN, your going to need it!

  • Jensen to obvious

    @Karnival: Um and the point of this is , that you would feel that maybe if Jensen does love Jared and more than a friend way, it woudnt be any chance for you? Or is this jensen or jared talking themselves, or maybe even Danneel?

  • Sina

    @Karnival: Sweetie, you’re wasting your breath. These crazy are just going to hate on Jared and Jensen no matter what because they married girls and not each other.

    P.S. Danneel and Jensen are smoking hot. I love them.

  • rest

    whats wrong with you guys he looks fine maybe a little tired but come on
    he has a beautiful wife now he has better things to do than sleep

  • jen

    danneel change her hair color ?
    and Jensen you look terrible & drunk .

  • mR. Harris

    MR. Jensen Ackles is long gone. I only see Mr. Jensen Harris. I wonder Jensen is Elta’s dog, She walks him everywhere to get more attention.

  • To Mary Sue

    @rest: give me a break. They ve ‘dated’ for 3 years. If they wanna fuc each other’s brains’ out, they have done it plenty of times. If they don’t fuc, getting married won’t change anything. The terrible look on his face is definitely not because of fucing

  • jensendanneelforever

    ya’ll. leave jensen alone. he’s not gay or bi, nor has he ever been. if he was, i think he would’ve admitted it by now. him and danneel have been together a little over three years now; if he had something going on with Jared don’t you think neither of would be married? i mean, really. common sense. they just have great on-and-off screen chemistry. and im pretty sure jensen isn’t drunk. probably just worn out and not had much sleep. ever since the fifteenth, him and danneel have been out and about like crazy at launchs for danneel’s new NBC show and such. so just give them a break.

    P.S. danneel & jensen are gorgeous together.

  • Lady

    I’m jealous. They’re such a damn beautiful couple. I can’t wait to see what they’re children look like.

  • Sick of them

    With all the posts you’re making of these nobodies, you’d think they have you on their payroll. Should we be expecting a name change for your site soon… maybe to, oh, I don’t know, maybe… “Just Jensen”?

  • pamela

    who ever said bad things about jensen i hope u read this :u an ass to say the truth stupied ass and bitch go to hell he’s not gay .jensen is a fine fine man and every body luv him maybe people hate u that’s why u siad that about him ,iam felling sorry for u u dampass

  • Keri

    Geez talk about a hard crowd. He doesn’t look drunk. You tell me what you’d look like 2 days after you got married. The stress and sleeplessness alone will make you look like that and I don’t care how many, me and my husband didn’t because I know better.

  • Aylin

    @Sick of them: Then just skip this post. .Why bother comment about them? I am interested in seeing posts about them cause I’m a Supernatural fan and that show hasn’t got the attention it deserves. It’s seriously underrated, just like “Friday Night Lights”.
    Jensen and Daneel are better that those reality-show nobody’s that get so much coverage on gossip blogs.

  • Aylin

    @Karnival: So true. I think most of those who keep insisting he’s gay are obsessed SPN fangirls and because they can’t have Jensen and Jared prefer to think they are gay. Those people need to get over it, it’s stupid and boring to hear the same comments all the time.

  • mimi

    I think she’s pretty. I love her voice.
    Plus he seems like a nice guy only wanting his wife to succeed, so that’s great, that makes him a great husband.

  • Notlinda

    What the hell is wrong with her eyelashes?

    Married life doesn’t seem to be agreeing with him.

  • pamela

    OMG people just leave them alone , i hate to read as comment from asshols . i think they look great . and u all should get a life .

  • Lucy

    Wow! So many rude people. It must be allowed to be a bit tired! Jensen is handsome and even though he looks a bit tired, he is very hot and sexy!

  • chester

    @gino: Ummm…just because your sister married him, doesn’t make him straight.

  • chester

    @Karnival: Jensen has to be gay, because he has a huge flaming light surrounding him. I think only Richard Simmons is more gay.

  • Samifer

    what is that white stuff on his collar and shoulders…is it dandruff? He looks hungover and really tired and what is wrong with this eyes?

  • Becker

    Is Jared Padalecki, Just Jared? Is this his part time job?

  • Anne

    Jensen I so want you to be happy but you just don’t look it. I wish you all the best. good luck.

  • emma

    i like jensen.he is beautiful.i love his voice and his green eyes and …all about him :X

  • jrfan

    It’s just bad timing on the photog’s part. LOL Calm down. God, could you imagine if fans were so obsessed with gay men back in the rat pack days? Four guys singing and hanging out together all the time?! SO GAY. It’s called a bromance for a reason. XD

  • mrs. robinson

    Thanks for the pics. Love them.

  • silatica

    it is just a comment of about Mr. jenses and [...]

  • pamela

    @Samifer: asshole

  • chelsea weeks

    @mR. Harris:

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I’ve kind of lost respect for him too. There’s clearly something off about the marriage, and Jensen is too pretty to be anything but gay, I say. What bothers me also is the fact that the new wife isn’t half as pretty as he is. Study her features carefully. There’s something wrong with her nose (esp side profile) and her eyes look odd. Why, oh why, Jensen, did you choose her when Jared is there right under your nose? Oh wait, this is HW and it’s called bearding… Or maybe I’m delusional? But then how do you explain all those vibes caught on video, Youtube, etc, etc?

  • Karen

    I think they make a beautiful couple together. My congrats to both of them!

  • murerstillads

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