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Lindsay Lohan: Bench Warrant Issued, Bail Set at $100K

Lindsay Lohan: Bench Warrant Issued, Bail Set at $100K

Lindsay Lohan did not attend a court appointed meeting in Los Angeles today, and her judge has issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

Judge Marsha Revel set bail at $100,000 and said that Lindsay can post bail if she does not drink any alcohol, wears an alcohol monitoring bracelet and takes random drug tests at least once a week, according to TMZ.

Lindsay is in Cannes, France and could not get a flight home in time for the meeting.

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  • iDani

    HOpe the judge sticks it to her. She has blatantly flaunted her disrespect of the punishment in everyone’s face. Does LL really think we all believe she hasn’t been drinking and using drugs? Kid better get herself to rehab before she is put six feet under.

  • uh oh

    Time to GROW UP Lindsay!

  • Donovan

    A HA!

  • zzzz

    All this and she’s in Cannes?! The girl has got to be on drugs to be behaving this way. She really needs to be thrown in jail at this point. What a spoiled brat.

  • athena

    I don’t get this….why in the world would Lindsay’s agents / publicist(s) allow their client to be dragged and publicised this way. She needs to get a new agent and new lawyer and get her act together…and how much of this is a media stunt to ruin her career? I’m sure some of it is all her own undoing…she chose this career and has reached heights many dream of….now she can’t deal….Who put her on the plane to Cannes? How is she together one day and not the next….? She needs to lay low and get herself together…she’s a great actress that’s caught up in all this SPHIT! Get it together Lindsay, obviously, you’re still worth the publicity.

  • ugh

    we see where her priorities are….who cares about this chick?

  • athena

    Another actor with privilege that can’t deal…boo hoo…I feel sorry for you…what a bore…..Step aside Lindsay, many await to take your place….

  • KC

    It’s about time Lindsay is held accountable for her irresponsibile behavior. This young woman needs an intervention and fast. I don’t know these people personally but her parents seem to be enablers in all this chaos by riding on the coattails of her fame and living vicariously through their daughter. I recently saw her early performance in The Parent Trap and she had such promise. If she continues on this path of desctruction all hope will be lost for her.

  • loyal

    JJ, it was a hearing, not a meeting, a court hearing to review her compliance with the previous order. And it was scheduled months ago. The twit knew it and blew it off. Am glad the judge is holding her accountable. It might be the only chance this girl has of surviving what she is doing to herself.

  • mailey


  • David

    I think LL is/was a talented actress and it’s pretty sad to watch her sabotage both her career and her life. I hope some jail time will make her see sense but I doubt it.

  • Kelly

    have fun in jail loser!!!

  • lol

    it could just be something to do with the icelandic volcano, it flaired up again earlier this week… if so, then its not really her fault

  • csherri2007

    Words but I want to see some Action from the courts and Judge. If Lindsay were to die today because of her out of control lifestyle, the courts, judge, family, friends and everyone else allowing her to be so destructive are to blame just as much as she is.

  • [marie]

    This broad is completely worthless…

  • sarafina

    Throw her in jail……….

  • beansi

    The useless twit will not do a bit of jail time. Any real person would have been hogtied and thrown into the slammer. Miss Waste of Space flies off to Cannes to party. California legal system is a complete joke, what a bunch of losers. Hear that Arnie????

  • joboots


    No one likes a has-been………………………….please find a trash can!!!!!!

  • angels

    Wow, only $100.00 bail, I’m sure she’ll find that from somewhere. And the classes, what a joke. If you can’t even show respect to tell a judge about your progress. How to you plan to attend a class. Anyone else out there wonder if we could get away with this crap!

  • kara

    She will make new girlfriends in jail :)

  • Whamo

    How long before she tests dirty? This chick couldn’t keep clean if her life depended on it…and it does, and she’ll keep doing drugs until something radical happens like getting locked up or ODing.

  • Lucky Charm

    #15 lol – “… if so, then its not really her fault”
    Yes, it is ALL her fault. She CHOSE to fly to France knowing full well that she had a court date scheduled. She didn’t have to go but she wanted to so went anyway. Volcano or not, she chose to leave the country rather than stay in LA.

    And I’m curious as to how she & her mom managed to get to Cannes, and party every night, if she has no money. And will she even be able to make bail if she and everyone in her family are so broke? It would do her a world of good to have to sit in jail until the court hearing because no one could come up with the $100k.

  • Lucky Charm


    I wonder if Courtney Love will be there? She (Courtney) should be locked up for stupidity alone. Those two should just run away together somewhere far, far away, lol.

  • darla


  • Brit

    She has proven to the world that she is aboved the law.
    Like Lindsay said “I’m a star, I can do what ever in **** I want.”

  • hmmm

    @angels: I’ve read that she’s broke. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will she be stuck in Jail or will she make Bail? Time will tell.

  • Scallywag

    Of course being human the judge said Lilo will be allowed to return to California as a free person as long as Lilo coughs up $100 000 for bail, once a week drug testing, and wears a special fun monitoring bracelet which will always let Judge Revel know when Lilo is on the way to her crack dealer.

    All of which has me wondering that it may be time for Lilo to renounce her US citizenship and become France’s problem.

  • mac

    I’m sorry for her. A few years ago Britney was similarly in danger but she recovered at least from the worst situation with the help of her father. But LL seems to have no family member or friend to truly think about her and help her shake off the mess…

  • happy girl

    Lindsay: if you are reading this, please get help. Seriously. You are young, beautiful and talented. Don’t listen to your mom or to the enablers, please get help and get better. You are too young to do any more damage to your career. And once you do that, the world will open up to you and you will find success. Don;t go down this path. Don’t be a statistic. Please walk the straight and narrow.

  • Charisma

    she looks sober

  • ++Logan++


  • brightside

    So what’s more important…getting high and partying in Cannes or complying with the laws of your country? This idiot girl deserves to spend some quality time in a state run institution so she can reflect on the fact that no one is above the law!

  • mygonadstastefunny

    This is what is wrong with the American judicial system. Lindsay Lohan is a star and should have the inalienable right to do what she pleases. She and other stars are better than most of you and should be given the status of modern day deities.

  • melissabarnes

    I dont see what the big deal is. So what she missed her court date. I mean she was in Cannes partying and lost her passport. the judge needs to just get over it.

  • anne

    this girl is a train wreck in the making. she needs some serious help and soon. i know she’s talented. she was good in the parent trap. somebody needs to get this girl into some serious rehab. then once she’s clean and sober she can start off with small roles in indie films to get people to notice her again. work her way back up.