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Michelle Obama: Peter Sorensen Spectacular!

Michelle Obama: Peter Sorensen Spectacular!

Michelle Obama is blue & silver and classy all over in an asymmetrical Peter Sorensen creation at the second State Dinner at the White House in Washington D.C. on Wednesday (May 19).

The 46-year-old First Lady joined her husband, President Barack Obama, in welcoming Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife Margarita Zavala to their home.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Michelle Obama’s dress – YAY or NAY?

20+ pictures inside of Michelle Obama looking Peter Sorensen spectacular…

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michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 01
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 02
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 03
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 04
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 05
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 06
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 07
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 08
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 09
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 10
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 11
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 12
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 13
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 14
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 15
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 16
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 17
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 18
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 19
michelle obama peter sorensen spectacular 20

Credit: Mark Wilson; Photos: Getty
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  • kate4

    the colour is sooo beautiful!
    and suits Michelle perfectly

  • Sophie

    I like the colour of the dress, but the sparkly belt looks cheap …

  • Ali

    Not the most flattering cut for her body – the 1 shoulder with square neckline. But she looks beautiful always.

  • Chandni Patel

    amazing as always, she has some serious stunning style !!

  • Liz

    She looks wonderful! Modern & beautiful. AND with a real woman body.

  • missy

    she looks just like rupaul!



  • Megdd


  • Rita

    Why is this first lady always in fancy designer gowns? I don’t remember the past first ladies like Bush or Clinton wearing as many $$$$ dresses…

  • T Pain

    The dress is too glam for her hair to be looking like that.
    She should have pulled back the hair in a slick ponytail to look a little more reserves because the dress and jewels are just too distracting.
    Even if she had, the look would have still been too much for a first wife.

  • Mjj

    I see trolls even hate on the first lady.

  • verow

    she’s really gorgeous !

  • LenaK

    Wow I love the new do!!! She looks gorgeous in curly hair. Blue looks so striking against her beautiful skin.

  • Faith

    What are you on, this is a great way of exposing young designers. Mrs Obama is doing a huge thing for Peter Sorensen’s career, and she looks stunning as always! And you don’t remember Laura Bush wearing dresses? Just google Laura Bush state dinners you dumbass!

  • Liz

    @Rita: Then you didn’t look. They ALL wear designer clothes, and much more often than Michelle Obama I must say. Those chanel or whoever suit are not cheap, whearas Michelle makes it a point to wear everyday “normal” clothes.

  • Kirsten

    Wow…I love her hair like this. She looks gorgeous. I notice the trolls are here early.

  • Lillianne

    The only thing missing is red fireworks going off behind her. She looks awesome.

  • Brit

    She is beautiful. I like the dress.

  • -

    Michelle is very beautiful (love her hair!) and she’s also very intelligent, really admire her, but I really don’t like her outfits. She dressed tons better before she became the First Lady. What happened??

  • mrs. right

    I think it would have been a great look had the dress on the right side not cut into her underarm that way. It just doesn’t look right and I found it a bit distracting. If the right side of the dress looked like the left side (with the strap) I think it would have been a much more successful look. Otherwise she looked lovely.

    BTW, why on earth wouldn’t a first lady wear a designer dress?

  • [marie]

    Absolutely fabulous!! I love our First couple..!

  • bigseadog

    Now maybe we can concentrate on something more IMPORTANT.

    Something trvial as JOBS JOBS JOBS.

  • cocacolafeeet

    She is NO beauty.

  • sillyme

    She’s got a bit of boob/underarm fat hanging on the right (or left side of the pic). Ugh, didn’t one of her many stylists notice that? Nice color dress, but the hair I don’t like.

    And, Rita, you’re kind of right. Michelle is allowed to get away with more because she’s Michelle. The other first ladies have dressed more modestly. For Michelle, her stylists always seem to want her to show a lot of skin for some reason, especially her arms. Even in the dead of winter, she was walking around at some events sleeveless. Ridiculous.


    She looks gorgeous…some people are so critical…get a life people

  • rockndocker

    She looks apey

  • laverdadduele

    I wonder how many pounds of makeup they put on to make her look human

  • http://justjared Deke

    The dress is a beautiful color.

  • lady t

    She is a real woman with real beauty. Beautiful dress for a beauty icon.

  • Jen

    The dress and color look gorgeous on her.

    Comparing her to an ape? really people, what are you 5?

    She is no super model, but she probably looks way better than you do.

  • Shaleen

    @Rita: It’s called keeping the businesses rolling.
    @sillyme: It’s not harm fat, it’s the bustier being too high, you dummy!

    I love the outfit. The color is truly beautiful on her. Elegant and classy. Take note BeyoncĂ©, it’s how classy is supposed to look like.

  • Halli

    She is almost 50 years old. She looks amazing, like an Amazon.

    To the haters. She’s a Princeton/Harvard University educated lawyer, not some dumb boring Stepford wife. Get over it.

  • lylian

    All in all, Michelle looks lovely in the dress.
    However, I agree with some of the minor quibbles. The dress under her arm cut into the flesh and was not as flattering as it should be. The silver belt might have been better with a darker coloured one?

  • M-

    Stupid looking dress and can’t believe anyone cares…parade out the wife in a dress because Obama is a horrid president…whoever her stylist is needs to pay attention to the fact that she actually looks uncomfortable and stupid…love the oil to make her skin shine…

  • Lisa


  • lisa

    she looks awful

  • missy


    she was an affirmative action student and her law license has been suspended. by the state of IL.

  • christy

    now wonder her husband has a boyfriend! she’s scary looking!

  • mimi

    Who is paying for the huge staff of stylists hair and makeup people that is supposed to cater to her ego and try to make her look less ugly?
    Are we all chipping in?

  • mimi

    I do feel for her, since is was revealed Obama cheated.
    I don’t like it when women stand by their cheating man, just to enjoy the perks that come with his money and status.
    Michelle- you don’t need his money and status- if a man cheats on you, spending money on your look wouldn’t change that.

  • Craig Olson

    @missy: @mimi:

    LOL. You are crazy.

  • kim

    She looks absolutely fabulous!

  • 6footlonghair

    I absolutely love this look. Michelle O’s hair, dress, and make-up is fabulous!

  • GreenCAT

    She looks great!


    Ppoliciatl views aside…
    She looks good to okay here. I think her hair looks best pulled back.
    Either way, doesn’t matter much in opinion of how she looks.
    Rita and Sillyme, Laura Biush and Hiklkary Clinton wore designer gowns for all state occassions.
    Look it up.
    Barbra Bush was not known for fashion and Luraand Hillary are not either. Michelle O is not a real fashionplate either.
    NANCY REAGAN was priceless to designers and the fashion industry here and in Europe. That was her thing.
    Jaqueline Kennedy wasthe same way.


    All FLoTUS wear desginer clothes for Pres.Ign., State Dinners, etc.

    What would you are anyone here expect her to wear?
    Aa burlap sack. Sneakers, sweats ,and a tee-shirt?
    A gown from JC Penny or Sears?
    Be real.

    And DON’T DRINK THE KOOLAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy girl

    Style brought to the White House! I love it. I love her style. Modern day Jackie O. She has her own style and wears what she wants. Gone are the dowdy first lady days. And she looks like a real woman. And very lovely. Love Michelle. Smart and classy!

  • happy girl

    Can someone please tell me why the First Lady of Mexico is wearing a dress from Ross? WOw, it’s terrible. My grandma would not wear this dress to Thanksgiving, let alone the White House. lol. Michelle showed her how it’s done. :)

  • Charisma

    She is pretty

  • Halli

    Hahaha. Bitter much? Your neanderthal racism and desperate lies just make you look like a fool.

  • Viewaview

    I want ONE.
    I don’t give a hoot about Michele Obama’s arms.