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Rachel Bilson & amfAR: Cinema Against AIDS!

Rachel Bilson & amfAR: Cinema Against AIDS!

Rachel Bilson keeps it sweet and simple in Chanel at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS 2010 benefit gala at the Hotel du Cap on Thursday (May 20) in Antibes, France.

Alan Cumming hosted the event while Mary J. Blige gave a special performance.

Since 1993, Cinema Against AIDS events around the world have raised more than $50 million for lifesaving AIDS research.

FYI: Rachel wore Jimmy Choo‘s “Nina” gold sandal.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson at amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS event…

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rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 01
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 02
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 03
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 04
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 05
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 06
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 07
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 08
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 09
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 10
rachel bilson amfar cinema against aids 11

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • monica

    She looks pretty…

  • are you kidding me

    Does this child have NO shame turning up to all these events as if she belongs with the 9 to 5-working TALENTED A-Listers ?! I would be so fcuking embarrassed if I were her.

  • Jason
  • lol

    @are you kidding me: I’m starting to believe she genuinely believes people care about her despite the fact that her PR team pay for her to attend these events, pay for the papz, and pay for showbiz sites like JJ to keep her ‘relevant’ even though she hasn’t been relevant for a good few years.

  • frances

    one word jared: BORING.
    is she really that interesting that you can’t pass a day without her on your frontpage? idk, she looks sweet, but that’s just boring.

  • Samuel

    Can someone remind me what this midget does for a living?

  • Allie

    @Samuel: Don’t compare midgets to Rachel Bilson, please. How insulting.

  • max

    Her PR team thinks this JJ deal is working cause 30 ppl a day comment on her, keeping her current. On the other hand I have no idea how it would ever land her a role.

  • kibitz

    @Allie: lol!

  • .

    cute nose and shoes, everything else is fug.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    She makes Lindsay Lohan’s claims of being extremely busy and working all the time sound credible.

  • OCfans

    OC Fans, here’s an update on how what the other OC actors are doing.
    Melinda Clarke’s show Nikita is airing on the CW this fall. Peter Gallagher has a show called Covert Affairs airing this summer on USA.
    Autumn Reeser’s show No Ordinary Family got picked up and will air this fall on ABC. Olivia Wilde is starting work on Cowboys and Aliens with Daniel Craig. Adam Brody recently worked on The Oranges with Hugh Laurie and Leighton Meester. As for Ben Mckenzie, the new season of Southland returns to TNT January 2011.

    The only ones I haven’t covered are Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton because they’re not doing any real acting work at the moment.

  • Observation

    I’m still stunned that Hayden would ever date a ditz like her.

  • ugh

    Jfc Jared. Fix your thumb up/downs buttons and bring back the “View All Comments” option.

  • Millia

    @Observation: Tbh, he’s just as bland and lacking talent as she is. But at least he’s cute.

  • the Count

    much better than yesterday’s table attendant look

  • omg!

    ok ENOUGH haters!!!! just hear me out. if YOU had the option of going to all these events, would you say NO? yeah didn’t think so. exposure and being seen is important ! rachel may be a parttime designer but she is still an actress! she HAS to remain in the spotlight until she gets more work, finds the right role for her. so stop hating the girl for the fact that she has the choice to shop all day and attend these events

  • Lake

    She seriously needs to do something with that rat’s nest on her head.

  • LOL

    @monica: Something’s definitely wrong with your thumbs tool Jared. The first comment had many thumb downs and a half-second later, it has 10 green thumb ups?

  • Lee

    You’d think this airhead was 19, not 29.

  • Mary

    OMG Rachel Bilson. You are a narcissistc, pathetic person. GO. AWAY.
    I do admit I like that dress.

  • F*ck

    Now this is much better. Best thing I have seen her in but, still a media press WH*RE!! hehehe…

  • billy

    If only Rachel exerted as much effort trying to become a better actress as she did on fashion and shopping, her career might be in better shape than it is today.

    Sharon Stone still gets invited to events like this even though she has been barely working as an actress over the last couple of years.

  • desperate paparrazzi brat

    Using an AIDS Benefit Gala ( a fkng CHARITY event ) to do more posing in your little outfits? What a fulfilled, selfless life you lead Rachel. Argh, I can’t even.

  • Jermaine

    If it weren’t for Jared posting about this chick every day, no one would remember her existence.

  • Nadia

    why is she always on the updates?
    like who cares about her really, and there’s nothing attractive about her. her hair always looks dirty.

  • Sweetie

    I lOve Rachel, I would miss her on JJ. She is normal, natural cute looking. Like a sweet normal girl, i can relate to her.

  • padme

    Bilson is a pathetic hypocrite. She doesn’t have one ounce of compassion in her soul to support any charities. She is using these charity events for her media whoring campaign b/c she is selfish, spoiled biaaatch!!!

  • Jumper

    Ugh…She and her greasy hair and her irrelevant face have bugged the crap out of me.

  • acting much?

    does she even act in movies anymore? all she seems to do is to bounce from even to event causing all of us to scratch our heads wonder: why are you relevant? don’t get me wrong, she’s cute and does have a unique fashion sense. but i’m tired of the fame whoring….

  • LOL

    almost 31 posts begging JJ not to post pictures, and now 32 reasons why JJ keeps doing it.



  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Look at this loser! She probably doesn’t even know what amFar does or how to spell it.
    @ OMG! please – she’s not there to use her celebrity power for a good cause – b/c she’s got none (see Gerard Butler). She’s also probably not getting comp’ed tix to these events b/c she’s a D-lister. Sadly it’s probably just a write-off on her taxes! She’s there b/c she’s TRYING to be famous but if she wants to do that she might want to try either (a) getting some TALENT (going to acting classes instead of shopping and media wh#ring) (b) become a party girl like Paris or the losers from The Hills.
    What’s next – Rachel confronts the girl who robbed her and is now more famous than her???

  • paranel

    She looks really cute but I agree with most of you that she hasn’t been in anything for years but always in tabloid. By the way I didn’t know she is almost 30 years old she looks younger.

  • Charisma

    is she marreid?

  • brightside

    Well put! How many people attended this charity event yet didn’t ring up their private paps to take photos of them at the entrance? It’s a bit low to use a charitable cause as a means of self promotion. Fine if it’s a candid and the pap is hiding in a car or something, but to stand there and pose…, that’s not good!

  • Christina

    She needs to stay pretty as long as possible because that is all she has going for her.

  • brightside jealous of rachel

    brightside stop it behave and deal with your pain of hating rachel we think you really love her cause youre always on her threads and one of the first ones stop stalking her

  • @brightside

    Your so jealous you did not read that multiple people attended and as all red carpet events were photographed? or do you just search JJ and look for Rachel Bilson posts—look around heaps of others were seen and got photo’s taken at the same event–MORON.

    Go help the A-List Natalie Portman, she only has 7 posts…quick quick JJ needs you and others to make more comments.

  • schnickels

    Please RB is NOT that pretty & not that hot – she even looks like a “foot” – thats why NO director/producer would even cast her on their film unless they’re in a rush & would look now for the most visibly-available starlet in town just to offer her a trivial character w/ 3-5 speaking lines (lol).
    RB would always be just a Tabloid Muppet and would continue to earn her living through all these small time bucks & freebies that she receives being just a constant opening-of-the-envelope tart.
    And why is it Natalie is always being mentioned here?!
    I bet sure Natalie wouldn’t even care even if she got ZERO comments on blogs like this. It “wouldnt” make her (legit) rich, famous, credible & significant in HW. But w/ having more (acting) credits, it would surely will…

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Brightside – it’s nice that JJ put up some of the photos of some of the REAL actors lending their “celebrity” to the event. You know the celebs that the paps actually recognize. I wonder if she had to bring they “paparazzi” who “stalks” her with her to Cannes. The American public barely know who she is so I can’t imagine anyone knows who she is in other parts of the world!

  • ocsethummer

    No engagement ring – oh yeah it didn’t go with the outfit!

  • brightside

    @brightside jealous of rachel:
    Oh I do, you’re so right, I just love all of HW’s unemployed, untalented and mediocre D-Listers. I just love how they scramble to get papped in order to get their picture out there. D-Listers are such incredible people, we should should all try to emulate them and be their fans….right……(laughs)

  • thetruthdoesntstingitburns

    love that missing engagement ring…. again lmao