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Tom Welling: CW UPFRONTS 2010!

Tom Welling: CW UPFRONTS 2010!

Tom Welling talks about the upcoming tenth (and probably final) season of Smallville at the CW Network UpFront presentation held at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on Thursday (May 20).

The 33-year-old actor talked to and Zap2It about his hopes for the upcoming season.

“Clark and Lex,” Tom answered. “Maybe a Lana/Clark/Lois triangle again, who knows. I want to see a lot of the people that the fans know from the show come back to see those relationships.”

10+ pictures inside of Tom Welling at the CW Upfronts…

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Credit: Mike Disciullo, Justin Campbell, Patricia Schlein; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Getty
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  • WOAH

    He has really bad hair, and a bad hairline

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …33? wow… thought he was a bit younger. he’s been on smallville forever, and really hasn’t done anything else. acting wise will he reallyyy have much of a career when smallville’s finally done sucking the life out of its fomer fans?!? ahahahahahaaa..

  • MH

    I’m crazy excited at the thought of having Lex and Lana back! Great idea Tom!

  • Jen

    Love him, he is so gorgeous and awesome on smallville. Hopefully after smallville, he will do movies, miss him on the big screen. But please leave Lana out of the last season, I only re-started watching the show because she is not in it, such an annoying character.

  • gal

    (sigh) just. so. fine. (sigh)

    oh yeah… LOOOVE smallville!! wooo! go season 10!

  • hmmm

    ugly gorrilla tbh

  • BooHoo

    Jared it’s already been confirmed that this is the last season! Duhh lol.

  • Infamous

    why is he wasting his time with this show?! He needs to be in movies!

  • Emme

    Well, as much as I like Kristin Kreuk, I could really care less if we ever see Lan again. I think I’m like most of the fandom in that I’m still in shock over what a horrible exit they gave her last year. I prefer Clark to have balls and he doesn’t have them with Lana. They did a nice job with the Clark and Lois stuff this year. It would be sad to screw it up with Lana again.

    That being said, Tom Welling is still so hot it’s sinful. I don’t care how old he gets. I’m pretty sure there are millions of women that would give their right arm to have sex with him. And I don’t see that changing any time soon.

  • Emme


    Are you serious? He has amazing, thick black hair. And he doesn’t have a bad hairline. He has a widow’s peak naturally. He’s always had that but he had bangs in earlier seasons.

  • tatum

    If Lana came back I’d watch. I stopped watching cause Clark and Lois have no chemistry and Lois cant act!

  • ganymede30324

    Tom’s awesome. Now that they KNOW they’re ending this should be a tighter season, hopefully. (Still think they should have cast Tom in the movie and set it as a continuation of ‘Smallville’.)

  • Ian

    LMAO! Yeah, Clois fans would definitely want a Clark/Lana/Lois triangle! They don’t even want Lana to come back.

    I can’t believe Smallville will be on the air for 10 years! WTF!

    Stopped watching the moment Kristin Kreuk left the show. Never looked back.




    @BooHoo: actually he said “11 is a good number to, so….”
    like who knows what could happen. duh

  • finchel 4-ever

    @tatum: i totally agree! I’m really excited at the thought that Lana would be back! Clana ftw!

  • Ginger

    Tom is a beautiful man inside and out. His years of commitment to SMALLVILLE, a show I’ve loved since its debut, and a show I fell in love with again the more Lois (played by the lovely and talented Erica Durance) was incorporated into the story.

    I’m fine with Lex and Lana coming back. Both didn’t get proper endings on the show, and I have no concerns about Lana coming back in view of the current relationship between Clark Kent, and his future wife, Lois Lane. Clark has already expressed so much love for Lois is the superlative–beyond what he had with Lana–that it really would be better for Lana to come back cured for her own sake. Kristin’s always seemed to like Erica as well, so I bet she’d be up for it.

    As Tom Welling and others on the show often say, it’s a family up there in Vancouver and it would be nice to see the whole cast (past and present) participate in the conclusion of the show’s remarkable tenth season. With Tom’s recent interviews and the control he has over the show as an actor, director, and producer, I have faith that he’d continue to do justice to the work he’s put into Clark’s development into Superman and the beautiful relationship he has with Lois.

    I also wish Tom luck on his new endeavor, HELLCATS. Tom’s done amazing work on SMALLVILLE since his first directorial effort with S5′s “Fragile,” and everyone who ever mentions him says how much of a leader and how intelligent he is. Kristin Kreuk’s had success on and off since leaving the show, but no matter what her professional life looks like next season, I hope she (along with Michael) would consider Tom’s pleas for their return. It would be so touching to see all the lose ends of the show tied up so that the show can correctly line up with the current Superman mythology wherein Lex is Clark’s archenemy, Lana is his former girlfriend, and Lois is his wife.

    Thanks for the photos, video, and information! Any coverage of SMALLVILLE and its actors is greatly appreciated.

  • liz

    YES YES YES! PLEASE BRING LEX BACK. Seriously, I”ve been watching this show for 10 years and I just want it to end with a bang. The only way I see that happening …is with Lex.

  • Josie

    goddamn he is hot! that’s all i wanted to say.

  • Emily


  • Jayne

    hes hair looks good to me. Tom Welling has done films, he is a good actor.

  • Charisma

    Does he have a gf?

  • Melissa

    I can’t wait for season 10 of Smallville!


  • ssi

    Tom is amazing!

  • goo

    For the love of all things holy NO LANA! I want Lex back so badly, he’s the best villain on the show but no Lana, please. I love Kristin Kreuk to pieces, but hate Lana as a character so much. I thought we’d moved on from that, damn it!

    And can I just say, Chloe has been amazing this season! When you compare her to her first season version – night and day. I LOVE current Chloe. She’s grown up so much and has become a complex character. Not so black and white like Clark which I love.

    But please, NO LANA!

  • ITA

    @Charisma: He is married haha.

    Yaaaaaaaay i hope Lana, Kristin Kreuk returns to the last season!

  • Patricia

    He is gorgeous¡¡¡Love him¡¡
    But Lana comig back for a triangle with Clois???Seriuosly Tom????
    Noooooooo, pleaseee

  • nonz

    Tom should quit talking about Lana returning and stick to his sham of a romance with Lane. Kristin better stay well clear of this sinking show.

  • Patricia


    Sham was all this years of Clana romance.
    This show now is best than ever.
    Clois Forever¡¡

  • mailey

    ewww nooo I hate Lana! She’s soo annoying.

    But Clark & Lex = EPIC.

  • Rehana

    OMG Tom Welling is so HOT! What a charming and sexy MAN! I love Smallville and think its fantastic the show is returning for a season 10. I do want Clark and Lois to stay together. I would love to see the old cast makes some cameo’s, think that would be fantastic. No matter what i will be loyal fan of the show till its end!

    ps: i want to see more pics and video of TW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    To all the people having an issue with Lana coming back: If Tom can resolve the character like how they did in the comics, what’s the problem?
    At this point the dumb showrunners who left cant force the angsty romance and the show is ending so thay cant drag anything out.

    At least give her a chance to redeem herself and find closure to Clark and her can be friends like in the comics. Her departure from the show made no sense (kryptonite suit wtf?)

  • Artemis

    @Chris: You made some great points. The idiotic story lines they gave Lana rendered her character into an irritant. Let her come back to end the Clark/Lana story line properly — no regrets & romantic feelings between the two characters…just friendship & affection. The way the writers/producers resolved their relationship (a la the kryptonite suit) & departure (that darn suit again) just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Having Lex back will end the show very nicely.

  • fallout

    i like lana and i think kristin is a really good actress. but i’m worried if she comes back that it’ll mess stuff up with lois and clark and i love them being together finally i mean i waited forever to see it happen. So if they bring her back i hope its like a one episode thing and clark politly tells her he is in love with lois.

    P.S.> i love the show so much can’t beilieve its ending

  • rosie


  • donna Bennett

    Forget Lois, Lana….need a new dimension Chloe and Clark…something so new!!!

  • aia

    i like the idea of tom to bring back lana and lex for this last season for smallvile.I’m so excited to watch them together again… I love lana and clark!

  • m

    tom welling is so great and so is erica durance. erica should be in all the episodes for season 10. tom welling shoud be shritless in season 10 he has such a great bod wow. tom welling needs to be shritless alot in season 10 of smallville.

  • Jane

    Tom your a beautiful man but really you must be as thick as a plank. The triangles were boring when you guys were trying to pretend to be teenagers but trying to pull it off now would be pathetic.. I want Season 10 to be about Clark Kent becoming Superman with the love of his life Lois Lane by his side not some stupid immature threesome crap. That said I could care less if KK is back or not. I would prefer Michael and his bad acting to stay gone though. Lets bring on some new villians and new allies. Season 9 was amazing best yet to go back to the crappy seasons before would be too much.

  • Jane

    @donna Bennett: new and gross is all that would be, please move on Chloe is finally getting her rear end kicked off of this show….good riddance

  • bama pepa

    he’s fine! (crossing fingers) please, let me be wife # 2. lol.


    @WOAH: are you blind??? he has the best hair ever, best eyes, face, mouth, hands…..