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Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Exclusive Pictures!

Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Exclusive Pictures!

Scope out these exclusive promo pics from Adam Lambert‘s new “If I Had You” music video, directed by Bryan Barber.

The first pictures were posted a week ago and are from the tail end of the music video. These new pics show two new outfits from Adam‘s five different wardrobe changes.

“It was Willy Wonka meets Thriller meets Interview With The Vampire,” an on-set source tells

Check our a preview of the video below. Adam will be performing on Leno TONIGHT!!!

Adam Lambert: ‘If I Had You’ Video Preview
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adam lambert if i had you 01
adam lambert if i had you 02
adam lambert if i had you 03
adam lambert if i had you 04
adam lambert if i had you 05

Photos: Lisa Rose Photography, Zuma Press
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  • Thanks Jared

    BRB watching

  • Sarah

    I loved the behind the scenes peek

  • candyasz

    oh!! he looks real scary,,,,, almost as intimidating as Justin Bieber

  • http://www. bjorkson

    He’s so funnnnn.

  • Leila, London

    Cool I can’t wait :)

  • blaaah

    ……hows about one outfit and you don’t screech or yell

  • SLA$H

    He’s so adorable.

  • Uhhh

    @candyasz: This song about love and joy, wth at your comment lol ?

  • So fun

    I wish I knew him IRL.

  • Woof Woof

    I like the end of the video where Eddie wears Herman’s boots.

  • Guns&Horses

    I was hoping he’d finally make a video with his real life friends :)

  • DEETS.

    “The thing about the video [is] there is a love interest: It’s all my friends,” he explained. “It’s about the love that you have with your circle of people that you surround yourself with.

    “The ‘If I Had You’ video we shot in the woods at night,” he continued. “I was inspired by the parties that I’ve gone to in the past, like Burning Man and this other party called Lightning in a Bottle. There’s a big kind of subculture in California and around the country of people who are designers and performance artists, just free spirits that like to come together and play dress-up and have a good time. And it’s a very specific community, one that’s inspired me a lot.”

    Instead of casting people to look like they could be part of this subculture, Lambert got his real friends onboard. “I invited my friends to come party in my video, so there’s a real authentic joy,” he explained. “And it gets kind of psychedelic. There’s just gonna be a lot of special effects … Some are from [Los Angeles variety extravaganza] “The Zodiac Show,” some are from parties [and] clubs. … Some of them I’ve done theater with. It’s a big variety of people.”

    And, as teased in a photo released last week, there are going to be some great costumes from the fashionista himself. “You know me and costumes, I tried to do as many looks as I could,” he said, adding that he was a little shocked there were paparazzi hanging around near the set. “It’s funny ’cause I wanted to keep that whole thing a secret. I think there were paparazzi camped out on the hillside.”

  • III

    Love this song : )

  • Jack

    @blaaah: How about NO.

  • laverdadduele

    Good for him. Whatever happened to Kris Allen?

  • Kingston

    Slash talks about Adam Lambert

  • “If I Had Talent”

    Then I wouldn’t have to play dreth up.

  • unreal

    His voice is like angels having s.e.x

  • Seth

    i was talking to his band on twitter. didn’t realize monte pittman was madonna’s guitarist !

  • LVN

    @Seth: Laaaaate lol. He’s Madonna guitarist and friend + also Adam’s longtime ‘through thick n thin’ friend, they formed The Citizen Vein together. & his drummer LP used to play for Yellowcard, Cam has a duo called UhHuhHer (they’re pure sexy), TJ used to front a heavy metal band. All incredible musicians.

  • troll

    @“If I Had Talent”:If Adam wasn’t a vocal- visual chameleon who walked the line, there is no way he would be as dynamic and well-respected as he is. An amazing voice alone doesn’t make you iconic or exciting, you need the full package and he has even more than that.

  • C

    He’s so pretty! This video should be fun!

  • This isn’t a Kris Allen post

    @“If I Had Talent”:
    “There hasn’t been anyone who’s brought that ’70s eccentric over-the-top operatic thing to a stage in a while. A lot of people on the charts are stylists, but not great singers. He’s lucky to be both.”

  • I have an Idea!

    ..let’s all get made up by schizos and raid the wardrobe department, everyone throw on anything and everything that they want, because I don’t know what hell else to do,,,,, don’t worry about vision or a coherent idea and I’ll just call it being free spirited and cool ,,,yea that’s it

  • Amele

    Cute! He’s so much fun. You can tell the video will be as joyful and energetic as the song.

  • CPAndrew

    Epic. The director shot Outkast’s vid. He should also release Boken Open, Soaked, Fever and Sleepwalker. Can’t believe they put the album together in 3months, it’s damn.n solid.

  • kelisa.

    @Seth: I was talking to his dancers, Sasha’s so nice! Wish Terrence was on Twitter. It’s so freaking sweet and cool he’s still friends with all his old friends, this vid of Adam singing Terrence Happy Bday is from a few years back now T’s his dancer

  • ?

    How are his friends all so hot and talented.

  • pics after the set
  • CPAndrew


  • pics after the set
  • pics after the set (drunk!adam)

  • suzieq

    I Have an Idea: Let’s hear your ideas for the song, since you are oh-so-creative…. have you even listened to the lyrics?

  • Mal

    Happened to catch this Lambert dude on Ellen… gotta say, he IS good.

  • kms

    @I have an Idea!: You just go ahead and continue to eat your crayons and I’ll just enjoy my Matisse.

  • kell

    @blaaah: LMAO… wow are you ever ignorant. go away and listen to boring country garbage.

  • Katie

    @laverdadduele: Kris is about to start his summer tour. He has a new single out, but no word on a video yet.

    Anyway, I love Adam! I can’t wait for this video!

  • JC

    Looks like the video will be a lot of fun. Great pics and thanks for getting them. Great segment on ET about the video shoot too.

    I have to admit love how the jeolous idol tards foam at the mouth when Adam does well LMAO!!! It’s fun watching them make their silly little comments like anyone cares LOL!!!

  • Robert

    I love how he always manages to make himself look stupid. This video is ridiculous.

  • JC

    Huh..huh..huh………..look at all the idol tards and foaming at the mouth and storming the site because Adam is getting attention. Wipe up the drool buttercups!!

  • Loser Idol Tards

    Hey, I have an idea. If you don’t like the guy then stop feverishly gooling his name every two seconds. ROTHLMAO!! The blog hasn’t been up for an hour and you have the bashers. Which means you’ve been googling his name!! Busted!! LOSERS!!

  • Jack


    Good one

  • Jack

    @Loser Idol Tards:

    Nah! just happen to drop by Just Jared once in awhile and enjoy having a good laugh at both his fans and haters.

  • M

    this vid is gonna ROCK
    thanks for the preview!

  • buck

    @Jack: Well then,thanks for your help keeping the buzz going ;)

  • Loser Idol Tards

    LMAO!! Yeah Jack right – just dropping by!! I think the loser haters spend more time googling Adam’s name than his fans do! OMFG I just find that so hysterical!!

  • Colleen

    Jared thanks for posting about Adam so much….he is SO LOVED and SO ADMIRED… these pics are awesome! Cant wait until we see him on tour this summer!!! and cant wait for this hotttt video !!!!! LOVE ADAM LIKE NO OTHER !!!!!

  • pics from after the set
  • Michael Freitag

    What is BRB?!


    @Jack: Awwwww! Sweetie are you butthurt he’s doing better than your favorite? LOL! Butthurt he has Queen, Zeppelin, Spielberg, Slash, Paul McCartney’s band, Steven Tyler, Tim Burton, Muse, Demi Moore, Joe McHale, Rob Marshall, Madonna, Rivers Cuomo, Selena Williams, Gaga, the Presleys, Smokey Robinson, Marilyn Manson, Gary Jules……and all the rest as fans AND friends, while you’re sitting at home moping about how s.h.i.t.e your life is? : ( You’re a loser nobody stalking a dude on the internet. Life priorities Jack. Awwh cr@p, you don’t have one!