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Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Exclusive Pictures!

Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Exclusive Pictures!

Scope out these exclusive promo pics from Adam Lambert‘s new “If I Had You” music video, directed by Bryan Barber.

The first pictures were posted a week ago and are from the tail end of the music video. These new pics show two new outfits from Adam‘s five different wardrobe changes.

“It was Willy Wonka meets Thriller meets Interview With The Vampire,” an on-set source tells

Check our a preview of the video below. Adam will be performing on Leno TONIGHT!!!

Adam Lambert: ‘If I Had You’ Video Preview
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adam lambert if i had you 01
adam lambert if i had you 02
adam lambert if i had you 03
adam lambert if i had you 04
adam lambert if i had you 05

Photos: Lisa Rose Photography, Zuma Press
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  • ilia

    It’s been long since I got excited about a release of someone’s music video. This one is a keeper. I love the song, and the video looks amazing, Adam is definitely in his element here.

  • http://www. Outfoxed

    @Michael Freitag: Be right back : )

  • Zak

    The stupidity of people like @Ro-bert is stunning. Get your head out of your a$s for just 1 second, it’s blocking the oxgygen from your brain. Glambert IS ridiculous. Glamrock IS ridiculous ! He KNOWS it, that’s the whole point. Glam Rock is “Freedom of expression mixed with ethereal, and/or tongue-in-cheek RIDICULOUS satirical humor”. How are some people so slow and uneducated, it fails me. Since when has camp EVER NOT been ridiculous? Lambert doesn’t take himself seriously so why do YOU? Why do you take YOURSELF so seriously? You’re the f*king problem man.

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for the video and photos, Jared. I just can’t wait to see this video. So much fun!

  • GJones

    He’s gorgeous and so spirtied, mad talent aside.

  • Jory

    OMG This vedio will be EPIC !!! I can’t freakin wait anymore !! Thanks JJ always deliver the best pictures ;D

  • pressed trolls

    @Robert: “is” ? There IS no video yet m0ron.


    @I have an Idea!: ~you look so dumb right now~


    @I have an Idea! @Jack @Robert “why you so obsessed with me, boy I wanna knoooww” [ don't even have to check you ips to know you're all the same person lmao ]

  • Susan

    OMG Im so ready to see this video! Its going to be Epic! I love Adam and I love this song!

    Note to haters: You know, I seeked out this article because I love Adam, why on earth did you if you dont? I just dont understand why there is so much hate like yours! Jelousy is an ugly thing, its like a virus, it will swallow you up until your suffocated! Try telling a stranger they are beautiful instead. An amazing artist taught me that! His name is Adam Lambert!

  • [istarlight]

    That was adorable. He is very pretty.

  • Matt

    Behind the scenes vid exclusive >>>> pic exclusives.

  • YEAP

    @Matt: Always.

  • Lambertina

    Adam i love you! Come to Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mari

    OMG!! This is going to be a crazy video!! love it!!

  • BowDown

    I loved his 1st vid but the editing got sloppy towards the end (I blame you Ray Jay), I sort of hated the second vid even though I like the song, so this one better be perfect. He’s in his zone, properly.

  • pathetic wittle losers

    What kind of little idiots would listen to this calculated corporate music garbage and think it was good?

  • Isaac

    @I have an Idea!: You’re really good at constantly making a fool of yourself. Nice incoherant 3rd-grader rant there lmfao.

  • Issac

    @blaaah @candyasz Wtaf was that LMAO! Lambo can out-snark you in a mill-sec in front of your face and not from behind a lousy computer screen. The internet if packed with illiterate clueless trolltards like you, get an education, STAT, for your own sake.

  • Jokergurl

    He’s having fun and doing things his way, good for him, his music’s not too bad either :)

  • Jenn

    Adam is just so full of life and love. He is a kick to watch and I can’t wait for his tour this summer!!! The video should be out soon – Yah!!!

  • kelsey

    l think I’m going to like the video better than the song, lol. I’ll just put on my fav song in the background and enjoy the pretty.

  • Damaris

    Excellent. Cannot wait for this video.

  • slambang

    He’s so awesome! I’d love to get to see him in concert. He brings back all that glam stuff from the 70′s, like Queen (who I just LOVE).

    Adam is a true talent. F off, haters!

  • Catie

    I love the photos and the video!


    @pathetic wittle losers: Idiots like all those Legends listed up there and more lol! You’re making yourself look so stupid.


    What’s the matter Robert and Robert’s boyfriends? Too ~FLAMBOYANT for you? LOL!

  • roadkill

    FINALLY an artist who does it right!!!!! NATURALLY eccentric and knowingly over-the-top (“if, I live my life at 100%, I live at 200% onstage, everything’s a little exaggerated for effect”) yet doesn’t go overboard and lose himself like Godga. Runs and vocal melismas all over the place yet you don’t notice just them like a certain few singers, which is how it should be. The energy and look in this is on point. That tribal wear or that hair-tail would look fkn ridiculous on most people, yet since he has a crazy voice, brains, a precense and an actual vision to back it up, he pulls it off comfortably. Helps if you’re actually bloody educated in your career (you listening Miley, Kesha, Rihanna?) KNOW music, know what you’re doing.

  • Jontelle

    Fierce bish. SHWERK!!!!!! ;)

  • Rio

    Adam Sexy Glambert!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!Luv you so much!
    Can’t wait for the new MV If I Had U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Luv that song sooooooooooo much!Awwwwwwwwwwww!

  • Ida

    Okkkkk. Glambert is officially my favorite fcuking living male solo artist. I swear…….everything about him I dreamt up and I didn’t even realize. His voice is out of this world amazing, he is SO versatile, he always gives you something to listen to, something to look at, and something to feel. He has balls, he has brains, he knows his music. His positive life outlook is inspiring. He’s sweet yet still a rebel. He’s smart and hardworking and charming and fun and good humored and adorable and sexual and sexy. He’s just so fcuking well-rounded ! Nothing but love.

  • Ed

    LOLing at the idiots who commented without even hearing the song or watching the video Jared posted. LOL.

  • Renee

    woooow his speaking voice is lovely. it calmed me! so sexy :)

  • f o c k e r y

    @I have an Idea!: If you’re going to troll, at least do it right. Lol! What the hell was that incoherent non-sense?

  • sdmama

    Mad Max meets glitter meets Mad Hatter meets Willy Wonka meets Circ de soleil? I prefer more plain Adam (like in WWFM) but this is sooo “Adam Lambert”. “Never boring” comes to my mind. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing!

  • M.I.A

    I legit love Lambert’s clingy obsessed haters, they crack me up. Seriously. It’s enjoyable watching trolls repetitively making themselves look stupid LOL. The shame. Blind hate comments are never even remotely clever or witty, merely always completely ignorant, childish, backwards and bitter. Without fail hahaha. As Queen’s Brian May said to Adam L., “If people are indifferent to you, or do not remember you or your work…….you’re doing something wrong. You are not making any development progress in GOOD art (in his case, Performance Art & Music) if there is no excitement or fascination — from either side. As far as Freddie was concerned, no polarization equals cookie cutter.” Buzz stops when people stop talking about you and paying interest, from all sides. That’s when you know you’re in deep sh*t and you step yo game up.

  • foreal?

    @sdmama: You prefer WWFM with the sad faces and bad hair? HATED that video. Really looking forward to this. He’s finally IN his zone. Hopefully the full vid will be as good as the preview.

  • gagalupe

    Yesssss this is more like it. My boo <3 Doing what he does bessst.
    FYE was sexy but I agree, parts of it were lazy editing, WWFM was just……blah, though I loved the parts with his side profile in the limo. Hope they keep all the lighting as pretty in the final product as it is here.

  • Henny

    “It was Willy Wonka meets….”

    Yea, I see it 1:11 – 1:14

  • VV.

    @So fun:I badly want to be in his circle of friends, they’re all endlessly creative and fierce-talented…..just so free spritied and cool :) Adam Lambert would actually be perfect to hang out with; he’s a good drinking buddy, he’s a good advice giver, he’s a good chick AND dude magnet; he’s a good raver, he’s a good driver….he’s everything, to everyone. The world needs more people as awesome and beautiful as this bish.

  • good

    That was a fun preview vid :)

  • melonhead

    “People who inspire me, people I love” d’awww at that part!
    Really nice idea to have his friends in the video for an authentic joy.

  • MadHatter

    I hope the director and his team don’t rush the editing this time like they did with his two other videos.

  • Darren R.

    his bf is lucky.

  • coco

    @Darren R.: He doesn’t have a bf! :)

  • 2ndhand

    @I have an Idea!: Are you 5? : /

  • headradio

    @blaaah: How about 1 outfit? Um, WHY?And, where’s the fun in that? KILL JOY. You and your alter egos spamming under diff names are weird. And NOT in a good way.

  • CAMP

    RT: @adamlambert CAMP so often goes over the general public’s head

  • CAMP

    RT: @adamlambert CAMP: willfully over-emphasizes certain elements of a genre or theme, creating an almost self-satirical milieu.

  • CAMP

    RT: @adamlambert Campy: being so extreme that it has an amusing and perversely sophisticated appeal.