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Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!

Alexander Skarsgard goes shirtless sexy in this exclusive new clip from the first Season 3 episode of True Blood.

Or is Eric naked??

To see the clip, viewers need to DVR Sunday night’s Lost finale on ABC and during the True Blood promo, look out for the special QR code (example). To access the clip, take a picture of the QR code on your smartphone (this will only be available in NY, LA and Philadelphia). This will require a QR code reader, here are the preferred apps: Inigma and NeoReader.

ALSO, as the June 13th Season 3 premiere draws near, HBO will host special screening events to be held in 50 theaters across the country on June 1st at Midnight/EST (9:00p.m./PT). Doors open at 11:00p.m./EST (8:00p.m./PT) on June 1st. Fans can enter to win VIP passes through a True Blood Facebook Sweepstakes, where they will be asked to register by “coming out” as either a vampire, shapeshifter, werewolf or fangbanger.

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231 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: SHIRTLESS True Blood Promo!”

  1. 1
    MARY Says:


  2. 2
    sarah Says:

    Total hotness!!! I need to see this now!!!

  3. 3
    Lovely Says:

    I second that

  4. 4
    k Says:

    they just keep teasing us, don’t they…

  5. 5
    Britt Says:

    Are men allowed to be this freaking hot

  6. 6
    yeah Says:


    No, but god took a lot of extra time with him… *sigh

  7. 7
    All Women Stalker Says:

    I am dying in excitement! So so so yummy.

  8. 8
    Phoenix Says:

    S**t, f**k yeah, that’s all I can say right about now!!!!!!!♥♥♥

  9. 9
    Letstalk Says:

    They certainly make you jump through a lot of hoops to see a naked Eric, don’t they?

    How do you feel being sexually objectified up there, Eric brotha?

  10. 10
    Laki Says:

    I don’t care who he dates,he is the best Hollywood has to offer right now.

  11. 11
    BARF Says:

    He’s so fcuking HIDEOUS

  12. 12
    San Says:


  13. 13
    AMAZING Says:

    Will be nice to see new True Blood episodes.

  14. 14
    douchebag with abs Says:

    Remember that first picture HBO released of Eric a couple years back with his long hair? He was a hundred times hotter back then. He might go to the gym more now but he lost his mojo, might have something to do with his becoming a famewhore douchebag.

  15. 15
    Jam Says:

    Here come the fatty fangurls with their so called negative comments towards Alex just cause he is bangin Kate!

  16. 16
    Dani Says:

    He’s cute but he has a receding hairline.

  17. 17
    pass but thx Says:

    QR code? Too much effort for this guy…meh

  18. 18
    lol Says:

    This guy is mad ugly. Ugly face, gross hair, can’t dress. Poor dude.

  19. 19
    heidi Says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait for June.

  20. 20
    Thank you! Says:

    @lol: Thank you! It’s as if people just see his torso and nothing else. Alexander Skarsgard, James Van Der Beek and Gerard Butler are all super unfortunate looking, at least the other 2 are smiley tho.

  21. 21
    canuck Says:

    I think his hair is ok. He’s in his 30s and his younger brother is practically bald so he has a full head in comparison.

  22. 22
    reallythebest? Says:

    Don’t think so. It takes a lot more than a gorgeous body, IMO. Thought he used to have that. Now? Not so much. Looks too much like a typical HW tool, sad to say.

  23. 23
    Thank you! Says:

    @Dani: & a mole on his forehead. His head is too long!

  24. 24
    gp Says:

    @Jam: Look it’s psycho Hans changing names again.

  25. 25
    Listen Says:

    Good looking man but that Werewolf dude blows him out of the water body wise.

  26. 26
    Àlan Says:

    People sure hating on this guy. You would think he killed someone, not just started dating someone.

  27. 27
    OHVamp Says:

    Can’t wait for more Alexander Skarsgard in “anything”. He’s a nice guy who deserves his break… he has worked hard on his career.

  28. 28
    heidi Says:

    It really is sad to see so called fans running around like seventh grade mean girls badmouthing him because they don’t like his girlfriend. Fortunately, he is a talented actor and his career won’t depend on placating these kind of histrionics.

  29. 29
    OHVamp Says:

    @Heidi…. Agree with you completely.

  30. 30
    Taylor Says:

    @heidi: This isn’t a fan site. Not everyone who posts here is a fan or has to be one. Personally, I find him overrated and am glad people are acknowledging it.

    Bring on the new men in the cast. They all look hot!

  31. 31
    oasis Says:

    He looks better blonde. He loses a lot of his sexiness as a brunette.

  32. 32
    one pratt is enough Says:

    @26, @28 Did you notice Alex now puts on paparazzi spectacles everywhere he goes? It’s like he turned into Spencer Pratt in an instant, including choosing a Heidi Montag type girl to date. Sorry, he seems so fake now it makes him hard to like.

  33. 33
    Àlan Says:


    Wow, that didnt sound shallow at all.

  34. 34
    Àlan Says:

    @one pratt is enough:

    That you even compare the two, shows your ignorance.

  35. 35
    heidi Says:

    Taylor, perfectly fine for not everyone to be a fan and have him not be your cup of tea. Scan many of the recent posts, though, and you’ll find many comments from AS “fans” who dislike Kate Bosworth and badmouth AS on that basis. And those posts tend to be the overwrought ones.

    I’m looking forward to True Blood, myself. Bring on Eric, Bill, Sam, Jason, Lafayette–heck, bring on them all!

  36. 36
    geesh Says:

    @Àlan: Are you nuts? If he killed someone, people wouldn’t be talking about how good looking he is or isn’t. Get a grip!

    @Àlan: Most of the comments on blogs mention his physical appearance so the majority of his fans must be very shallow then.

  37. 37
    yawn Says:

    He has weird nipples for a man.

  38. 38
    one pratt is enough Says:

    @34 Really Alan? I’m having a hard time telling Alex apart from famewhores like Pratt. They have the same 24/7 publicity approach, you can’t deny that. Call paps, eat at Joan’s, put on spectacle at Coachella or Sweden or wherever.

  39. 39
    coffee Says:

    @one pratt is enough: A lot of cool dudes date or losers.

    Agree, his body is overrated.

  40. 40
    Àlan Says:

    Its funny that you people(haters) think that you are right, maybe in your own litle bubble.

  41. 41
    Keisha Says:

    Do the makeup artists for S3 have a crush on the wolves? Why do they look so hot while the vamps look meh? They made Eric fug in S1, then hot in S2. Bill wears more makeup than a woman in drag and now they’ve sucked the hotness out of Eric with dough boy powder and bad hair.

  42. 42
    one pratt is enough Says:

    @39 coffee, you got me on that one. True that. :(

  43. 43
    tiger Says:

    @geesh: Very tiny ones, like from the itty bitty titty club. Small even for a guy.

  44. 44
    Jess Says:

    LOL at the comments on JJ. Sour grapes much? This man is soooo hot and no ones bitterness over KB is going to change that for me. Cant wait June 13th, I’ll be there will bells on!!!!!

    Oh and by the way, I thought the True Blood fans were adults but I can see I was very wrong, you guys sound like abunch Twilight fans to me. Maybe I got the wrong post, hummm…

  45. 45
    Muse Says:

    All this hatred has made him a victim and now people loves him again, even more than before!

  46. 46
    MarleneEmmett Says:

    Do I like what I see?
    Oh, YES!! We’ve been waiting for a shirtless photo of Alexander
    since the show began!!!! Bring on more of these photos!!!
    Can’t wait till June 13th!!!

  47. 47
    Justin Sane Says:


    Good comment, I smell “team Bill” behind all this bad mouthing over internet and I had thougt that his fans are the most mature ones. lol maybe pms.. Nothing against Bill/Stephen though he’s kind of cute too

  48. 48
    @Alan @ Heidi @ OHVamp Says:

    No one is hating on anyone. I find it interesting that the people who are supportive of AS and his relationship with KB always call everyone else who doesn’t agree with them names. AS is not a perfect person and those fans who are disappointed in his behavior as of late have the right to express it. The only people who seem to come on here and get hostile are the people who refuse understand that people have turned for a reason and are entitiled to express it. I am an AS fan but I don’t agree with his behavior as of late. But every argument you provide is childish and juvenile – 7th graders/haters/ fat fangurls. If anything you show your ignorance and immaturity when you post.

  49. 49
    Jesse Says:

    @Muse: Yeah, they sure do love him and his publicist.

    He is not a victim of anything except being overpaid to run around and pretend to be someone else. All actors are and I think some of his fans are a little bitter cause the new guy, Joe Manganiello, is starting to get a lot of attention. Well, that’s life.

  50. 50
    lilac Says:

    Skarsgard needs to go back to being a blond.
    He does not look good with dark hair.
    Is that his natural color or a wig?

  51. 51
    Justin Sane Says:

    @@Alan @ Heidi @ OHVamp:

    I think that all the comments here are ridiculous, childish and inmature, you and me included but you try to be smart and patronizing,,, hmmm

    AS private life is his OWN business for christ sake. I’m sure he knows. Kate better than ANY of you. I don’t understand why everyone seems to hate KB, has she killed someone and what AS has done to get all this crap and hate?

  52. 52
    yvetta Says:

    Lool that’s so sophisticated HBO. Also OMFG!!! He looks like a Greek God, panties goes into a poof. what is he doing in the basement, doing bad things? Nice upshot, fanservice at it’s best!

  53. 53
    Àlan Says:

    @Justin Sane:

    There are two types of people, The Bill stans, and then there are the girls that think Skarsgard has cheated on them. Its really pathetic that they go to this degree of trashtalk.

  54. 54
    ITA Says:

    @Keisha: Good post. You made me spit me drink out and so true! Seems like whoever does the makeup for the cast is trying to make him look like Grandpa from the Munsters. Too much powder!

  55. 55
    TeamPam Says:

    WOW can’t they just show the scene lol. I am curious what happens in this scene since Sookie obviously runs there after discovering Bill is gone.

    Can we talk about the show? This is quite pathetic, if you’re not a fan of AS then why even waste your time. Do you just surf the internet to find things to be negative about, some people are so miserable. Just move on and find a story that interests you. I see lots of actors I can’t stand or shows I don’t care for, guess what? I don’t respond or waste anytime on things I don’t care for. WOW what a crazy concept.

    Who cares who he is dating, and what he does in his personal time, and stop acting like you know everything just bc you read the gossip columns. This is not an article on his relationship, it’s about the damn show. Worry about your own life.

    Now onto the show. I wonder why he is naked in the basement, is Yvetta with him?

  56. 56
    Justin Sane Says:


    lol, you r sayin all the hollywood stars r famew****s? There are lots of story about Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Bisexual thing and engagement etc. Are they famew****s too? lol

  57. 57
    mikayla Says:


  58. 58
    Pixie Says:

    No use in responding to Heidi, Alan and Ohvamp and probably other posts because thay are all Jam/Hans the psycho, I think it is best to just ignore the nutcase!!! Han’s M.O is accusing so caled KB haters of being Fangurls or fatties. I do not think this loser is sane enough to understand what you are saying. lol I mean how tragic is it to post under several names, take other people’s post names, and post to oneself!!!! As evathediva stated Hans is probably posting from a sanitorium or from jail , I know that is just creepy we all know they have cable and internet access LMAO!!!

  59. 59
    Magnolia Says:

    @nicole: Worthington’s career is going very well. Not sure why Skarsgard isn’t doing better but he probably won’t have the career of SW. True Blood will not last forever. He has a few indie projects lined up but Straw Dogs getting pushed back doesn’t look very promising.

    As for his personal life, don’t understand why it keeps being brought up here but also don’t understand why the ones complaining about it being brought up are the ones actually doing it.

  60. 60
    @Justin Sane Says:

    My post was neither childish, ridiculous, immature or patronizing. I apologize if I use my mind to process information logically and it was lost on you. I was just stating a point about this situation and you have proved my point for me that the supporters of AS/KB will attack if you don’t agree with their viewpoint. Nothing I said could be taken as mean or immature but you choose to attack me.

    AS private life is his own but he chose to share it with the public with no issues. You can’t have it both ways. You either share or stay quiet. Other A and B list celebs manage to keep their private life’s private so it is VERY easy for him and KB to do so.

    And for the record I never once stated I had an issue with KB so your post really was uncalled for.

  61. 61
    OHVamp Says:

    @59… you are the psycho IMHO. I am not any of those people you claim posters to be. Obviously many posters are still big fans of Alexander and not crazy haters. I like the actor and truly believe people who post such hate because he dates someone have screws loose… but you are entitled to your hate.

  62. 62
    Wow Says:

    @Justin Sane
    Ha ha ha F’in Hans/Jam I see you at least came up with a better post name but you should have put it down as this JUST INSANE cause your right you are insane is that your real name Justin lol, you decided to put a personal touch this time . Say hi to your fellow inmates when your done stalking AS through the internet and have a nice night with your fellow cellmate that is your boyfriend!!!!

  63. 63
    heidi Says:

    Nice try, but I’ve been posting here quite a while. It would be nice if every single post involving AS didn’t devolve into a hatefest because he’s dating KB. Let’s discuss True Blood. I can’t quite see if there’s someone tied up in the background. Some people’s eyes are so sharp! Now, who would that be?

    And obviously the premiere picks up where the finale left off, because Sookie is in the dress Bill bought her. So, would Yvetta already be working at Fangtasia? I guess it could she’s supposed to have been hired during last season and we just never saw her.

  64. 64
    Àlan Says:


    Funny that you should bring up that Pixie. Looking at all the positive and negative votes, then its obvious that someone has a lot of accounts, or that there are a group up angry stans waiting desperatly to be able to push that negative button when a Skarsgard post emerges.

  65. 65
    Àlan Says:


    Its Sookie, there are other pictures out of the scene.

  66. 66
    Justin Sane Says:


    but maybe it is you who’re posting under several names…? I smell a conspiracy against AS lol

    is this getting ridicolously serious lmao you as haters people get angry and sooooo defensive if someone defens AS lol

  67. 67
    OHVamp Says:

    @JustSane Agree… anything an actor does can be pounced on as famewhoring. I read posts laughing at the stunts Paquin and Moyer do to get attention. I dont say I believe those posters either. But then, I dont believe in crucifying someone I dont know for something I have absolutely no idea what is really going on. I watch an actor for one reason… I LIKE them on the screen.

  68. 68
    Pixie Says:

    You keep telling your yourself that Hans ……………Your a nutcase!!! Poor hans having a hissy fit because we can tell when your posting no use in crying over spilled milk that you spilled!!!

  69. 69
    jj fans Says:

    @Pixie: True, he’s nuts. He’s been stalking the AS posts since last summer.

  70. 70
    TeamPam Says:

    Heidi-actually we’ve seen Yvetta already, she was in one of the minisodes. Eric and Pam held auditions and Yvetta showed up. All the minisodes seem to take place the last day of S2 so when S3 starts Yvetta will already be there. The minisode ended up with Yvetta showing up, Eric tells Pam to leave them alone because he can handle this on his own, Pam was annoyed because she was attracted to Yvetta also. Yvetta said she has experience in all types of dances and what would he like to see and Eric says “show me everything you’ve got” and thats how it ended.
    Thats why my guess is that Yvetta is with him, maybe it’s even right after the audition and she is showing him all shes got.

  71. 71
    Lina Says:

    Wow these ridiculous posts..cmon the guy gets a trashy girlfriend and the hate starts… I dislike Kate as well but I like alex skarsgard alot and I’m not gonna stop liking him just cuz his girlfriend sucks

  72. 72
    Top Gun Says:

    I think they photo shopped him a sex pack. He chest was not as defined in the pool pics I recently saw of him. I wonder if they had to digitally remove that gray t-shirt? He seems to wear it everywhere.

  73. 73
    Kate Says:

    Omg, WTF hans why are you having a conversation with yourselves really. Your pissing me off by taking up space here!!! Alex is not that Hot get over it!!! What are you not getting enough attention at home that you have to contantly troll here???

  74. 74
    Kate Says:

    Omg, WTF hans why are you having a conversation with yourselves really. Your pissing me off by taking up space here!!! Alex is not that Hot get over it!!! What are you not getting enough attention at home that you have to contantly troll here???

  75. 75
    TeamPam Says:

    @Àlan: Yeah, it’s sookie in the lavender dress but I wonder if Yvetta is down there with him since he is naked.

  76. 76
    Justin Sane Says:

    @@Justin Sane:

    As I said b4, immature, childish, patronizin and POMPOUS you are :D Why you are hangin around here on gossip board, if you are above those things, lmao

  77. 77
    heidi Says:

    Hi Team Pam, nice to chat! I saw the minisode and it was hilarious. If the minisode takes the place the last day of the finale, that would make sense of the timeline and make sense that it’s Yvetta with him. I bet she is showing him all she’s got, heh. As he seems to be doing to Sookie, lucky girl.

  78. 78
    Lauren Says:

    Gorgeous Man <3

  79. 79
    Justin Sane Says:


    lol, sry I did’nt know that you are retarded and don’t understand word games. But now we know, lmao

  80. 80
    @Justin Sane Says:

    You obviously have issues.

  81. 81
    TeamPam Says:

    Heidi-if Yvetta is not down there with him when Sookie shows up, it will be very weird if he is just down there by himself naked lol.

  82. 82
    Pixie Says:

    @jj fans
    What Hans/jam has been trolling since last summer, d*nm! I do not understand how these posts survive when there is a nutcase running around here with their lame comments!!!! The only conspiracy here is that Han wants people to leave these posts by causing trouble just beacause people do not agree with what it thinks! Not everyone is a fan of Alex or Kate!!!

  83. 83
    Sasha25 Says:

    Yeah! I love Eric!!!! He is sooo gorgeous and….yammi ;P !!! Can’t wait for season 3 ;)
    But i don’t like that Kate is with him in Sweden. anyway. i don’t like her /as an actress and also like a person/

  84. 84
    squirelmeat Says:

    other photos on other websites, including True Blood News, show more of the frame. It’s definitely Sookie on the night Bill got snatched, and in the far left hand side of the frame, you can see that someone is chained up against the wall, which you can assume is Yvetta, since the casting notices said the character would have sex with Eric and AS himself said he gets it on in the first episode.

  85. 85
    Justin Sane Says:


    Why r you still here? Sane ppl don’t waste their time to someone who they dont’ like. You are ridiculously obsessed but denial lol lol lol

    Btw, cud anyone plz tell me why Kate is so bad baaad BAD person? I really haven’t the faintest idea? Is she child molester or smthing…, really, I want to know

  86. 86
    Wow Says:

    @Just insane
    lol WE know plural, ha ha ha your a nutty all right!!!!

  87. 87
    TeamPam Says:

    squirelmeat-yes and hbo had a promo with all it’s shows, and it had a clip of sookie going down the stairs and seeing Eric. You also see Pam behind her walking back up the stairs, so Pam probably walked her down there. Sookie has a bit of a surprised face then tries to slowly look away. Yeah Yvetta was cast as E.ric’s lover

  88. 88
    heidi Says:

    Squirelmeat, I guess my question is: why would Yvetta be chained up? I guess Eric could be in to bondage . . . but I suspect we’ll see consensual Yvetta sex. If it’s not Yvetta, who could he have chained up in the basement this time?

  89. 89
    Sad Says:

    Why so much hate ladies? if you don’t like AS/KB stop posting. It’s that simple IMO.

  90. 90
    Pixie Says:

    Not only your crazy Hans but your a HYPOCRITE now.The same could be said why you are still here and pathetically defending KB ! Do you know Kate Bosworth that you find he need to defend her uhh No!!! I am a fan of Trueblood and Alan Ball but not all the characters I like, I do not find the need to place AS on a pedestal because I do not believe what he portrays in interviews but if you were sane you would understand all this!!!

  91. 91
    Boo boo boo Says:

    Alex is hot!!! Most of you are haters. Get lives or borrow one please.

  92. 92
    Justin Sane Says:


    sry, you are correcting my grammar or smthing? English is not my mother language, so do you want try some other language with me;))

  93. 93
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Justin Sane:

    For christ sake, plz tell me why Kate is so hated. What has she done?

  94. 94
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Boo boo boo
    I know right, have you seen what that pathetic fangurl Nicole wrote w her great wall of text? This women cannot get her point off without writting essay long posts lol

  95. 95
    heidi Says:

    TeamPam, yep, I’m with you that if Eric’s nakie, then Yvetta is somewhere close by. And bless her. I’m just wondering if she’s the chained up one or if Eric thinks someone else has been a bad bad boy and is currently his guest in the basement.

  96. 96
    squirelmeat Says:

    @heidi: oh, I’ll bet Eric is into all sorts of a good time. And if he wasn’t going to use the hardware, why go to that nasty ass basement with the wheel of torture (hello Lafayette!) ? It must stink something awful down there. Naked Eric? I’ll not be looking at who the heck he’s banging! ;)

  97. 97
    Boo boo boo Says:

    Yeah!!! Nicole you got issues with AS that’s for SURE are you SW PR girl or something sounds like it. Maybe you should start a blog give you something esle to do.

    Again Alex is hot. Love not hate. Please get lives ladies. I’ll rent you my life for the weekend if you want. LOL

  98. 98
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Pixie: @Pixie:

    Hmmm, and who are the caracters you like? Maybe Bill, Bill and Bill. Good choice, but why areyou wasting your time & energy here? Bill is caaalllliiiing….;D

  99. 99
    Àlan Says:

    Some people needs to go post in their Bill threads instead. Oh wait, there are none.

  100. 100
    Wow Says:

    @Just insane
    LMAO, It is you Hans and you proved t to everyone dumbass we all know you cannot spell and you sometimes rant off in Swedish but eventhough I can speak fluently in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and a little Japanese I will not be rude to others here who may want to know what I am saying! Perhaps you can learn to spell as well as learn manners. I do not care what country you are in, it is never ploite to speak in another language in front of others who do not know it!!! The same goes her it is in English deal with it!!! Since your crazy I quess you have a pass!!!Now I will be moving on……

  101. 101
    heidi Says:


    Yeah, no doubt Eric is, er, openminded! Very Swedish, in fact. Well, can’t wait for June to see just what’s going on in that basement. Not the sexiest locale, but Eric’s presence adds a certain je ne said quoi!

  102. 102
    zee Says:

    Damn. It’s like you have to be a nuclear scientist or something to get that code. The things i do for True Bood.

    Askars loking good!!!

  103. 103
    heidi Says:

    Whoop, meant je ne sais quoi!

  104. 104
    TeamPam Says:

    I find it weird also that they would get it on in the basement, but maybe they both are into bondage. Now I wonder if sookie will even surprise herself with feeling a bit jealous.

  105. 105
    Sexy Says:

    Shirtless sexy, need I say more. Yes! Askar is looking mighty HOT!!!

  106. 106
    Pixie Says:

    @Justin Sane /hans
    No, I like the Eric character with Sookie but I am not delusional to have transference to mistake Alex as being the same as Eric lmao. I think you are accussing everyone else as being fangurls because your a fanboy who wants AS all to himself!! How lame!!! I actually think he looked good S2 but this SEASON he looks not soo good.

  107. 107
    Justin Sane Says:


    “Good” save ehmmm… Billfanboy (I KNOW that it is you;”), but let’s get “polite” for now on. So convient for you lmao

  108. 108
    mint Says:

    Eww each season Eric looks more like ASkars in real life. THAT’S NOT HOT. I would have given an arm and leg to watch him naked in first season when he had a nice body. His short dark hair doesn’t help either :S

  109. 109
    heidi Says:

    My suspicion is that Sookie may have a little reaction but the show will play it as a result of the blood connection at this point. I think there may be another character she is tempted by (I haven’t read the books, but it’s hard to avoid spoilers altogether–though I’m trying not to spoil for anyone else who has managed to remain completely spoilerfree). I hope Eric has a nice little boudoir down there somewhere, for Yvetta’s sake. Or maybe he takes her home. I think we get to see Eric’s house this year.

  110. 110
    I have no talents I'm French Says:

    Sorry I can’t match the two words HOT and LIKABLE regarding him. I really like Eric’s character but frankly that’s it, the actor doesn’t seem very bright to think he will force his fans to love him and kate and in this way be popular.
    Don’t tell me I’m a hater, because frankly I have to admit she was once beautiful, never bright but beautiful in a Paleolithic period. (OH AND I AM NOT FAT, stupid excuse but non applicable).

    The thing is if his PR thinks by getting ride of kate one day they’ll erase damage controls, it won’t, his behavior and supposed kindness are fake.
    Are people happy to be stringed alone that they are asking for more? Then why he wouldn’t do it, if people fall for it.
    The thing that I don’t like about him is that he’s making look like other swedes like him, and that’s unfair.

    The hottest thing Hollywood has to offer? please HW is full of empty heads that look the same and hotter (beauty doesn’t come from abs, at least not superficial beauty that doesn’t age well)…Well he’s easily replaceable..

    And I’m tired, there are other members in this show, more likable characters, people who have projects like Deborah, Anna, Stephen or Ryan… oh and I’m not trying to find a substitute in them because of a deception you’ll impute to the ASKB Drama, these people were likable from the start (and make the story as much as Eric) but it seems there has to be only one star in TB.

  111. 111
    CC Says:

    @Alan LOL. That too funny and so true. You can cut Askars fanbase by 50% and it’s still out numbers team Bill by a landside. LOL this site has just been taken over by very childish haters thats all.

  112. 112
    Justin Sane Says:


    hahahaa, now this funny billfanboy and conspiracy guy is hating me too lol. I think I’m going to cryyyyyy ;D

  113. 113
    Response Says:

    The photo looks enhanced lol he looked soo punny/thin in the poolside photos, they certainly buffed him up with some abs with the help of technology!!!

  114. 114
    Justin Sane Says:


    Billfanboy/Pixie, you put words in my mouth. I haven’t accused fangirls. I actually think that actors need fangirls, crazier the better ;D

  115. 115
    zee Says:


    re #110. I think Eric will have to slowly worm his way into sookie’ affections. She’ll probably be somewhat interested in Alcide this season. But i think we’ll get loooots of eric/sookie tidbits long the way.

  116. 116
    RedRock Says:

    @mint: True and the way they’re styling it is not flattering. He was so handsome with the golden locks last season. Now he looks tired and his forehead looks huge which makes him looking like he’s going bald. Maybe that is the idea though? Eric sounds like he’s going to be miserable this season. The outside matching the inside?

  117. 117
    reallythebest? Says:

    No Bill fan here. Bill’s Babes can keep Manbangs of Doom. Looks to me like AS is having some difficulty with the vetting process that any public figure is put through. Was it Jamie who posted that the truth would eventually come out about what kind of person AS really is? It would appear that the oh-so-glossy surface of AS is starting to show some cracks. People tend to intensely dislike the appearance of lies and hypocrisy no matter who they are dating. I hope those cracks are superficial at best, but in the ironic words of David Letterman (another one who crashed & burned in the end)…”something smells.”

  118. 118
    Wow Says:

    @Just insane/hans/JAM/jules etc……………………………………………………
    No I just find you boring now, there no use in keeping up with your madness fanboy!!!! What are you trying to post for over 200 again. It seems what others have been saying you are part of AS and KB PR team are true, just trying to keep them relevant lol NOW, what I meant with moving on is that I actually have a life and need to get off the internet for some time, not everyone has endless amount of time like you who is in a prison or asylum! LMAO

  119. 119
    TeamPam Says:

    I have read the books and yes she will feel attraction to someone else ALSO if it follows the books, well for that part at least.

    Is Kate in TB? why are half the posts about her I dont understand why she is talked about in here, can people find a thread about Alex and Kate’s relationship and stop posting here. It’s about a TB spoiler and 90% of the posts have nothing to do with TB. I thought it would stop at one point and people would actually discuss the topic at hand but it’s only gotten worse.

    If you think someone is a fake and posting under several names, then ignore it and then they won’t have anyone to respond back to. All this hate and anger over celebrities you don’t even know in real life. Who gives a ****. Do people come online to get into fights online lol, is this entertaining?

    Its about the damn show, not who celebrities date. Stay on topic

  120. 120
    heidi Says:

    @zee I hope so–not that I am in any way married to an Eric/Sookie storyline, because I’m not. But I also think that to downplay their attraction into something out of their control that was done to them rather than something organic to the way they react to each other would be a disservice to the story. Just not as interesting. In the meantime, though, bring on Yvetta!

  121. 121
    Real Wow Says:

    @ 101 Just insane/hans
    By the way now hans your taking my post name as well WTF is wrong with you a hole. Post 101 is not me, I can actually spell!!! Post 101 had way too many spelling mistakes to get the point across douchebag!!!

  122. 122
    zee Says:

    @Pam. I actually stopped reading Askars posts on jj to try to avoid the crazy posts but i see it has invaded the true blood posts too. Oh well, you can do like me and only read the posts with negative ratings (lol).

  123. 123
    mimi Says:

    But the if we are talking about the serial, why are the spoilers showed on this site NEVER show other characters from the cast but just this character? I mean is this serial has only one character which would be Eric?

  124. 124
    Justin Sane Says:


    Ok, suits for me FINE, Billfanboy/Pixie/Wow/Fritz/Gertel/andwhoewa;) You were here first so I suppose it’s YOUR privilege be such a bore. Get a life and a new nicky *wink wink* rotflmao

  125. 125
    Àlan Says:


    Its not a photo, its a screencap. Why are people in denial about everything that is Skarsgard? Just pathetic.

  126. 126
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Justin Sane:

    hmm, I’m little bit disapointed now. 125 messages now and I still don’t know why these haters hate so much Kate and AS and especially them together. I want to know the whole awful truth but not rumors, opinions, beliefs and other fictional things. Bring on FACTS, plz! X”D

  127. 127
    TeamPam Says:

    zee-Yeah I wanna see a slow build up of E/S. I wanna see this happen because I am a fan of the books and love them in the books. But I want it to happen in a similar fashion. I think he will prove himself this season. From the trailers we see that he actually tells her that her life is too valuable to throw away and we see that he will protect her and help her find Bill. So Eric is starting off on the right foot. I just want enough of a friendship and attraction to go into S4, actually this needs to happen right before S4.

    Mimi-I have no idea but we have seen all the other characters in trailers. They also won’t show that much of Bill bc his storyline is the big secret so alot can’t be revealed.

  128. 128
    CC Says:

    Do you not see what’s going on?? If JJ post about Alex/Eric it gets 200 comments, if he post about other cast members they get like 12, go back and check. If you want to see more post on other cast member then suport them, BUT AS I SAID THIS SITE HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY HATERS WHO COME HERE TO HATE. JJ does posts about Anna and Stephan alot….they get 12 comments. who do you think is gong to get the most attention

  129. 129
    heidi Says:

    @mimi, HBO is the one which released this spoiler pic, and I have no doubt there will be more to come which feature other characters. That’s what happened with the minisodes. And I expect they are starting with Eric because besides being a popular character, Sookie is going to have interactions with him before Bill, because Bill has been taken. And Sookie is the central character when all is said and done, because that’s the way the books are set up.

    I think Team Pam made an excellent point–this is a True Blood thread. There are the AS/KB threads if that’s the point of interest.

  130. 130
    reallythebest? Says:

    I say bring on the other characters! I think Joe Manganiello is going to be really good. All 6’5″ of him! ;) Can’t wait to see what Lafayette is going to be getting into. Jessica’s storyline looks like it’s going to be taking some interesting twists and turns, and Pammy is just my fav! LOVE her!!!

  131. 131
    zee Says:

    @TeamPam. Yeah. Show Sookie is a bit of a goodie goodie two shoes so it will def take time for her to get into someone like Eric. I cant wait to see how Ball plays this thing out.

  132. 132
    TeamPam Says:

    There is also another reason why we keep getting so many Eric promos, pics and spoilers in general.

    ***book spoilers***

    after the third book Bill, is not in the books all that much. Even in the third book he is kidnapped most of the time and since it’s all from sookies POV you dont see him again until she finds him. But from book 4 and on, Bill is barely in some books, he’ll appear a bit more in others but many times those scenes are with Sookie and Eric. Eric becomes the main character well next to Sookie. Even though they’re not in a relationship most of the books and only recently they are, Eric is still there alot for her. He saves her numerous times, protects her, does things for her and she even saves him too.

    Now AB said that Bill’s character won’t disappear in the same way he did in the books and will still keep him as a main character on the show and come up with other storylines for him but it still doesn’t take away the fact that Eric becomes a big focus. Even AS said he was told the first season he would just be introduced, then show a bit more in S2 and then after that will become a bigger character. Even Pam on the show, she said she expected to really be shown in S4 but AB said he will do it this season instead.

  133. 133
    heidi Says:

    I also expect we will get a lot of Alcide promotion because he’s the most important of the new characters introduced this season, I believe. And yes, Joe M is very hot, so HBO is not going to ignore that. (-:

  134. 134
    TeamPam Says:

    @zee-I am real curious how AB will play out the E/S thing too. I hope he doesn’t take it too far from the beginning of the show because it won’t be believable. He needs to gain her trust first and I hope towards end of season that we will see Sookie warming up to Eric. If anything will happen, I hope it’s just a short kiss or maybe just flirting. Save it for S4

    I am also extremely interested in the king of Mississippi storyline, and this whole V dealing.

  135. 135
    Justin Sane Says:


    Hmm, do you guys think that AB sort of favors Bill in storylines bc he’s Sookies hubby IRL? I’m not sayin this, but I know there are tons of fans who think that AB gives better storylines to Bill.

  136. 136
    zee Says:

    @Justin Sane I read an interview where Alan Ball said that he read the books and fell in love will the character of Bill – that Bill is a tragic romantic figure or something to that effect, so i think that’s what we’re seeing with True Blood. Based on what Ball himself has said i suspect that no matter what happens during the show’s run, at the end Sookie and Bill will end up together . But that doesn’tmean i wont enjoy whatever Eric/Sookie storyline he throws in. At least it looks as if we’re getting the triange so……

  137. 137
    heidi Says:

    @zee, mind you, he also knows television shows develop organically, so he may not end up at the same point he thought he might in the beginning. It’s probably even in his mind too early to tell where the show ends up. I agree with you that he definitely sees Bill and Sookie’s love as genuine and possibly tragic, no matter what happens.

  138. 138
    Justin Sane Says:


    Thanks Zee, thats what I think too. Its good that show differs from books, imo. I haven’t red the books, sounds too Harlequinesque but maybe I’m wrong?;)) I suppose that books are a reason some Eric/AS fans are angry at AB lol

  139. 139
    karey Says:

    i really want to see this promo asap

  140. 140
    pretty in pink Says:

    His chest looks strange. Maybe photoshopped. Doesn’t look real.

  141. 141
    Passingby Says:

    I quess the crazies from (the purse forum) have returned.They are superduper in love with AS that they cannot remain objective, it is soo pathetic!!!! ie justin sane or is it hans how old are you??? AS is really a nobody from a cable tv show get real!!!! Have you noticed that Alex started getting more attention when he started hanging on to Kate Bosworth look back to before the the PR spectacle happened, not that I hate her I just do not care about that but lets get real Alex does not have that much talent, strawdogs has been pushed back soo many times I cannot count now. He has been turned down for Thor, Super Hot Chris Helmsworth got the part and Captain America and other movies. People have there right to voice there opinions here without you accusing them of something that is not true. If you go to the other sites no one even cares about those two losers lol. By the way Alex head is small in proportion to the rest of his body has anyone else noticed that???

  142. 142
    Sleepyhollow Says:

    LOL yeah I have noticed that his head is kind of small reminds me of the movie Beattle Juice, small head with huge body!!!
    Speaking of Thor it must really suck to visit his dad Stellan on the set. His dad got a part in the movie and he did’nt esp for being Swedish that is like a dream come true, Oh well ………..I can see why they chose Chris Helmsworth, he reminds me of a buffer younger version of Brad Pitt!!!

  143. 143
    AMAZING Says:

    @AMAZING: AMAZING @ 05/21/2010 at 10:30 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Read more:

  144. 144
    L Says:

    Geez. What’s with all the hate?

  145. 145
    AMAZING Says:


    Yes, we noticed that AS was perfectly imperfect. His irregularies were what drew many to him. He’s tall, somewhat dorky at times but still takes awesome, beautiful pictures for the most part. He has an ability to seem almost like a different person in most shots. He still has that THING. There’s no disputing that , it just doesn’t do anything anymore more for me , personally. I wish him the best of luck and hopes he gets back to his old gorgeous self from last year this time.

  146. 146
    TeamPam Says:

    You know I usually don’t come onto these type of sites but was given a link to come on here to find out about a new TB promo. Now I remember why I stay away from these type of sites. This celebrity obsession or celebrity hatred is pathetic. Justpassingby and amazing, do you realize that you are just as bad as those who obsess over a celebrity, maybe even worse. At least they spend time on something they enjoy but you spew hate and waste your time on someone you can’t stand lol, do you realize how stupid that is. You think he is a loser but meanwhile you waste energy talking about him and waste your time even knowing everything he does. WOW I’m a fan of his on TB but you all know everything he does in his life, where he goes, where he eats, who hes with and everything he says and you’re not even fans. It’s like you look for opportunities to put people down and be negative, usually this is a sign of your own misery, so much time on negative energy. Who has the patience to focus on everything they hate lol. It’s funny and pathetic but if this is what makes you happy ok.

    You can continue to sit on websites, tracking every little thing AS does and spend your day talking about him but remember that your dedicating your time to him just as much as his fans lol. His life is important enough to be written about in articles, talked about by so many people. He has accomplished his dreams and living the life he wants to live. Nobody is sitting around talking about you.

    Anyways, have a nice life everyone and thanks for reminding me why I stay away from gossip sites. Try not to be so negative and focus on things that actually matter to you lol

  147. 147
    AMAZING Says:

    But sweetie, you’ve written a dissertation about losers like me voicing our disappointment that the Wizard of OZ is just a flawed human or our idols has clay feet. What’s your impetus for being here?

  148. 148
    Katee Says:

    @Passingby: @Sleepyhollow: HA!HA!HA! Alexander’s head is tiny! LMFAO!!!

  149. 149
    Rena Says:

    Gorgeous! Kan inte vänta på juni.

  150. 150
    JustJoanie Says:

    @TeamPam: Bub-bye : D

  151. 151
    squirelmeat Says:

    Well, hate to jump into the ‘hate fray’ but I’m not that interested in it. I have followed AS’s career, including his HBO and foreign film efforts so my comments have been limited to that, hopefully. I have to acknowlegde that his hiring of a US PR firm will change all of that strategy, particularly post Coachella (note, as an amatuer observation as I don’t follow this tightlly, they (being AS/KB) got coverage of Sweden in the celeb trades – BIG time).. I think he’s fab in TB – and I have some Hollywood connections – but i do think this thread is based on, at the heart, the issue of whether of he will admit or not that he is dating her. end of story. We wait and wonder, given the mutiple, unsubstatiated, gossip column items about the men we love..

  152. 152
    dindin Says:

    @Passingby: I agree, his head is too small, and his nose and forehead are enormous

  153. 153
    Where Says:

    So where’d all the paps go? What? Not one to be found at the airport to mark their arrival back in LA? NYC? Anywhere? Anyone? Funny that.

  154. 154
    GreenCAT Says:

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  155. 155
    Justin Sane Says:

    I got Hollywood connections yeah right another idiot claiming to know people in the industry, dream on…….. be gone witches………………

  156. 156
    Àlan Says:


    Yeah you really act like you dont care. And saying that you are going to drool over Alicide instead, that dont make you any more shallow at all. jeez.

  157. 157
    Àlan Says:


    Game, set, match.

  158. 158
    TBbabe Says:

    He’s GORGEOUS as always though I’m not the biggest fan of biceps or Eric’s hear do’s. AS doing great job with Eric, he really spiced show up to me.

  159. 159
    Emily Guaita Says:

    OMG! He’s hot….. Amazing guy! I lovo u Alexander <3

  160. 160
    Emily Guaita Says:

    OMG! He’s hot….. Amazing guy! I love u Alexander <3

  161. 161
    Emily Guaita Says:

    Alexander es perfecto lo amo :D

  162. 162
    MindyS Says:

    Hope the storyline is as good as the abs! Alex is more than a good looking man he is a great actor! Just wish the crazy fan girls would shut up and let the rest of us enjoy the view.

  163. 163
    LMFAO Says:


    Well said TeamPam!

  164. 164
    Sara Says:

    OMG, JUST OMG! He is so HOT. Is it June yet? And just for the record, if I had a “left nut” I would give it to unread these God awful comments. None of this make me think less of him only less of the people who post such things. Thanks JJ, I love this man!

  165. 165
    Ew Says:

    i love bill he’s my favourite + this picture just puts me off watching true blood all together! thank-you but no thank-you!

  166. 166
    PamPamPam Says:


    You pick a fight, lol. Do you want Eric fans come with nasty comments on Bill threads? Dream on, he’s not that important or interesting, lmao

  167. 167
    heidi Says:

    @Amazing, if you don’t enjoy Alex any longer because of who he is dating, then move on to another actor whose personal life you enjoy, if that’s your criteria for being a fan. As TeamPam said, why wallow in negativity? Find a Colin Farell thread or a Joe M. thread, instead of obsessing on Alex in a way that brings you no joy. Many of us enjoy Alex’s acting and consider his private life his business. I can’t wait for True Blood and speculating on what the photo may mean is a lot of fun. Reading hate mail, not so much.

  168. 168
    Di Says:

    So there are J. M threads? I believed it was a myth there…

  169. 169
    AMAZING Says:


    This IS a TRUE BLOOD thread isn’t it? I said that AS takes great pictures and I look forward to seeing TB and Alcide…so what’s your damage? It seems that certain “posters” are here just to be nasty and stir things up. How are they paying you people? Are souls and dignity really that cheap?
    Whatever you, Hans, Alan , Spam and the others say about us…at least this is not our lives, but it apparently is yours. It’s all still brain candy… but for you guys apparently it is the Holy Grail or Rosetta Stone. Look them up and you’ll understand my reference. If you were actually here to duscuss TB , you would ignore pathetic losers like me, but you don’t . Why is that? Either you’re being paid or you’re really are more pathetic than some of the posters you deride. BTW, did anyone notice that Pam(Kristin Bauer) seems to have lost some weight?

  170. 170
    heidi Says:

    @Amazing, if you want to discuss True Blood, that’s great. You’ll notice a conversational thread about that trying to get started. The more, the merrier. There are other threads already “discussing” AS’s private life.

    Pam always looks great to me, so weight loss didn’t jump out at me, but I’ll check next time I watch the minisode. I love that character!

  171. 171
    AMAZING Says:


    Alan , I don’t drool over men but apparently you do. You have a problem that I think Joe is pretty? Why? I think Nelsan , Ryan and Sam are pretty as well. AS turned me off with his seeming hypocrisy. But in all reality, some of his interviews were years ago. I guess he has learned to put up with girls that smoke and other things that he claimed he didn’t like. Whatever…I’m onto the next and YOU have a problem with that? THEY ARE PRETTY, that’s why they’re employed in HWEIRD and have fans. SHALLOW BUT TRUE. That’s their jobs…to be pretty…no one expects them to know Astrophysics…they’re pretty…and get paid lots of money for it. AS, like Megan Fox should have JSTFU and be pretty. She’d still be in Tranformers and still be pretty.

  172. 172
    AMAZING Says:

    Seriously, she has. Which gets to me because she was so attractive before and looks kind of drawn because of the weight lost. Will try to post a link to the pictures.

  173. 173
    Àlan Says:


    Didnt know that Skarsgard has compared Alan Ball to Hitler?

    Anyways, thought you didnt care anymore, yet here you are typing another book.

  174. 174
    AuntieEm Says:

    He looks like a plastic Ken doll. Bleh…

  175. 175
    AMAZING Says:

    A book, Alan?.The ones you read must be mostly full of drawings with few words.

  176. 176
    AMAZING Says:

    Kristin photo:

  177. 177
    heidi Says:

    Thanks for posting the link. I’m not sure she’s lost weight, though her arms do look thin. I’m picturing her last year in her cute little twin set with the great pumps and in her killer red eighties outfit and I think she looked pretty slim in those, too. She may be a litlte thinner, though, all right. Hopefully, she’ll stop right here. No need to get super thin. Anna’s looking fantastic in her promo shots because man, has she been exercising. Talk about abs.

  178. 178
    snooze button Says:

    Sooo…has skarsgardnews admitted Alex was lying to her or apologized for berating fans for questioning his behavior? It’d be awesome if someone screengrabbed that comment she posted about not liking Kate but she took it down in a JIFFY. Does she even get paid?

  179. 179
    Malanna Says:

    WTF……….Why are people acting like moderators here, everyone is welcome to post their opinions whether they love Alex or hate on him. His personal life in reality is NOT personal he is a famous actor it comes with the terrritory!!! This is JJ not some personal fansite and yes they are some that are not overzealous lovers or haters of Alex and it they want to post a neg or pos comment, they should be allowed to with out crazies claiming they are KB fatty fangurls!!!! Seriously, I am getting creeped out by people who have been here since yesturday lol and they are still here arguing (ex Alan,hans & heidi SHUT the F up already!!!! Stop telling people to leave this post because they are not, so really is it worth saying.

  180. 180
    TBfan Says:

    Wow, your in denial, she has lost some weight and Amazing is right that it is sad. Kristen looked way better last season. It also looks like she either had breast implants and had them removed or she lost soo much weight that she has less chest anymore, some women are like that they lose more weight in certain areas, her waist is really small now but her thighs look the same though but she definately look gaunt esp in the face. She is a beautiful women not so much now!! Sad to see another victim of hollywood pressure machine that is showbiz!!! She is really one of my favorite characters.

  181. 181
    queen bee Says:


    I encourage Just Jared posters to watch DANCING WITH THE STARS Erin and Maksim on Monday and Tuesday…..and check out YouTube video of them below…..They are ADORABLE together!

    …Maksim is usually so serious, but Erin has really brought out the fun in him….(just like Mel-B from spice girls did when he was partnered with her in 2005). If you are longing for some SUPERCOUPLE action on a smaller screen, TV’s Maksim and Erin are the ones to watch on MONDAY and TUESDAYS FINALE to DANCING WITH THE STARS! If you are into it, please vote for Maksim and Erin to win….THEY DESERVE IT!!… (Erin was the only finalist with NO PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE and she’s doing fantastic to have made it to the finals!)..

    ..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Check out video of them below!…and VOTE FOR THEM!!!!!!!…pleeeeease!!!….

    Here are videos of Maksim and Erin from dancing with the stars that will show you the great chemistry they have….(we think they may be dating, but no one knows for sure!)…



    VOTE ERIN AND MAKSIM – 1 800 868-3403 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. 182
    Betty Says:

    @Dani: He does not have a receding hairline, he has a high bold forehead. And he is HOT!!!!!!!

  183. 183
    twitters Says:

    @Betty: I think you’re both right. Looks high and somewhat receding to me. Hope he goes back to blond. He was much hotter then.

  184. 184
    Jumper Says:

    Young actors these days are as much of famewhores as so many actresses. These young, pretty white people have been given so many opportunities. After their big break, you would assume they will use such stepping stones for finding other good roles. But no, right after the moments they got some attention, they become these self-absorbed, publicity-hungry celebrities. Dating around other famous people, going to countless mediocre events for some photos and gift bags. Life is so unfair. While some other talented people are struggling to get some good roles, people like Alex, Zac Efron, Kellan Lutz, Hayden Christensen, Orlando Bloom simply got all of the attention by showing their face everywhere.

  185. 185
    Justsaying Says:


    All the famous and succesful actors and pop/rockstars are famewhores. They all have publicist and bunch of other people around who tell them what to say and do.

  186. 186
    Jackie Oh Says:

    If his hairline recedes any more an airliner would be obliged to land on it.

  187. 187
    hanna 2 Says:

    @ Snooze button
    when did he berate fans for questioning his behavior?

  188. 188
    TrueBloodyMary Says:

    Hi all! IF this is TB thread, can we bash other cast members too, for change, lol. This is getting little bit boooooriiiiing. Alex has already got too much attention and I bet that annoys some ppl here.

    How about Stephen Moyer, isn’t he bit too old to play someone in his early thirties. And that Alcide were guy, he is really BIG bore. Have you noticed he has fatty cheeks and HUGE nose, lol;D

  189. 189
    TrueBloodyMary Says:


    Oh, almost forgot. Suki is too skinny. In books she has big boobs but in the show she is team A-cup. She is not good enough for Eric. Let the other guys share Suki. Eric should end up with Pam. They’re prrrfect match and wud make a gorgeous kick ass killer couple.

  190. 190
    Àlan Says:


    I find it funny that a reply to this person, and this person only gives a negativ vote of 6? So do you have 6 acounts or do you have some followers from the Bill clan with you?

  191. 191
    Àlan Says:

    Woopsy replying to myself. Was ment for the “Amazing” person. My bad.

  192. 192
    not him Says:

    @hanna 2 He didn’t berate fans for questioning anything that I’m aware of. The admin at skarsgardnews did. She stated that AS/KB were not dating and that it was for publicity. She deleted the post shortly after that.

  193. 193
    TrueBloodyMary Says:


    I think you’re right. Bill funs are blood thirsty and some were fans too lol. Maybe they have allied against mutual enemy. Is this love or is this WAR!

  194. 194
    AuntieEm Says:

    He looks like a Ken doll . Nothing special

  195. 195
    billsluvr Says:

    I can’t wait for season 3. Bring on badass Bill.

  196. 196
    money please Says:

    It’s hard for me to think of him as hot anymore when he lies and manipulates his fan base to generate internet buzz. To rub salt in the wound, his site wants donations to operate. Alex can pay to fly Kate Bosworth around the world on a holiday, expensive Coachella tickets and hotels — but he can’t pay the skarsgardnews lady? No wonder she gets away with her ridiculous bs.

  197. 197
    Crybabe Says:

    @money please:

    Well said. I feel same way with Moyer & Manganillo. They have made their fans rude and stupid. All this backstabbing and Alex bashing all over the internet. I find this very very sad. It’s only a tv show. Alex is not a serialkiller or childmolester, lol.

  198. 198
    hanna 2 Says:

    @ not him

    i remember when she posted that.
    she denies that he ever lied to her and last i heard still believes it.
    i didnt know she deleted it. thanks! sorry to go off topic

  199. 199
    soshallow Says:

    @Jackie Oh:

    Do you mean Stephen Moyer? I have noticed his forehead is even bigger than Alex’s but he can hide it with hair, lol. Isn’t Moyer little bit old to play with vampires? He’s 50 and smthing, yes

  200. 200
    gp Says:

    Alex looks way better as a blonde. I really wish that Alan Ball would insist the actors to stick with the description of the characters and not constantly change their looks throughout the show, it is somewhat disrespectful to the author of the sookie stackhouse novels Charlaine Harris since she created that world. Eric is a huge character in the series and is known for having blonde hair lol it is okay that they got rid of that hideous wig, because AS looked great in S2 but now not soo much. Bill also went from having mousey brown hair to having almost black hair!!! Sookie is known for having tan golden skin and now looks pale?I know it is probably unrealistic to have the actors resemble exactly like their characters but they should try more!!! hopefully AS darker hair is temporary and they will go back to that blonde that Eric is known for!!! It seems to me that since Strawdogs finished it’s last scenes AS had brown hair and just felt like sticking with it just like when he felt like getting rid of the wig. To me that is not dedication from a actor’s perspective perhaps he has no idea of method acting emersing oneself in that character!!! You do not see of shows or movies based on books diverting from what the charcters look like from the books ie Twilight ,LOTR, Harrypotter etc….Yeah, I know they are diverting from the novels but I draw the line at Eric’s blonde hair lol!!!

  201. 201
    @191 Says:

    From a guy’s perspective Anna Paquin as Sookie does not have an A cup more like a B . Her boobs are perfect, she looks hot without clothes. Any straight guy will tell you the same thing after seeing her naked in TB…..

  202. 202
    Justsaying Says:

    Yeah your right, guys do think Anna has a bangin body. Alex did an interview for a radio station and the guys were crudely stating in Alex presence that she had a rockin bod and that if Alex had seen her naked and if he had any naked scenes with her yet etc. He seemed to be embarassed and brushed over the topic lol… Anna definately has a beautiful body!!!

  203. 203
    Justsaying Says:


  204. 204
    Stella Says:

    He does not look good with darker hair. Looks like they gave more definition in the chest, Paquin too.

  205. 205
    anon Says:
    check it!!! comment and subscribe!!!!

  206. 206
    bzz Says:

    He look s great to me ;) Can t wait for Season 3…it s gonna be hot

  207. 207
    buzz Says:

    Agree, he has lost a lot of his hotness. Longer and lighter hair do suit him.

    The new guy who plays the werewolf looks really hot.
    Can’t wait for reason 3.

  208. 208
    me to Says:


    That new guy maybe looks good in photos but he lacks all the charisma on screen. He’s totally overshadowed by other One Tree Hill caracters.

    I want blonde Eric back too but long hair was big no no. I suppose we’ll get Eric both blonde and dark haired bc there are backflash from Eric’s human life in S3.

  209. 209
    agree Says:

    Eric should be blond. Period. The passage from long hair to short hair can be ok, but from blond hair to dark hair…absolutely no! He’s supposed to be a vampire! AB explained that the plot didn’t require dark hair and that AS simply showed up with darker hair after shooting a movie. I can’t understand why AB didn’t care about these details. I think they’re important.

  210. 210
    True blonde Says:


    TB is sort of tongue in cheek show, so maybe hair colour really doesn’t matter that much. I prefer blonde hair too,

  211. 211
    Betty Says:

    @one pratt is enough: There is no comparison between the two couples. Heidi and Spencer look like Barbie and Ken dolls, with Heidi having oversized plastic boobs. Alex is just himself, he doesn`t have to impress anyone.

  212. 212
    Betty Says:

    @heidi: Yeah, they showed her in the first true blood minisode that aired after the season 2 episode 7 rerun. Pam and Eric were auditioning for a new dancer for Fangtasia. It does look like they`re in his basement. Maybe they went there for some hanky-panky. Not a very nice place to take your lover. Can`t wait for season 3 to start!

  213. 213
    Betty Says:

    Personally, I think Alexander is hot as hell! I used to prefer dark haired men, but he definitely has something going on. Not only is he beautiful but he has a great personality and a love of life. He is also good to his fans. He wants to be known for his acting, not for who he is dating. Why are people so obsessed with a stars personal life? When these celebrity bloggers post these pictures, they put their own spin on things. You will get 3 or 4 different stories. Why not believe what the man himself says instead of all the lies and sensationalism?

  214. 214
    Justin Sane Says:

    @Betty 215
    Actions speak louder than words!!!!

  215. 215
    Brown hair??? Says:

    Why couldn’t Alex just put blonde highlites and then color his hair back to the color for strawdogs retakes, It would not have taken a long time to do that and actors are contantly changing their hair color for other projects. If the color of brown hair has nothing to do with the storyline of TB( ex disguise )perhaps it is just laziness that he did not want to have blonde highlites in his hair but he needs to understand that Eric is Known as a blonde, and he looks way.. better as a blonde!!! If Anna Paquin has to be blonde for Sookie why is he not held up to that as well. Steven Moyer as well worked on another movie and he dyed it back to the color it was on trueblood??????? It is just annoying lol.

  216. 216
    Nogoodbrownhair Says:

    Let me just say I am a trueblood fan and when I saw this screencap at first, I was like they are showing a new character! I did not recognize it was the Eric character, I was like I thouht he was a vampire and he was blonde!!! Brown hair is definately a NO. It makes his head look small and his face look harsh!!!

  217. 217
    dancer Says:

    @me to: I saw him on One Tree Hill and wasn’t really impressed but no one on that show is that great. I’m also surprised that he looks better than Eric. Maybe he’ll have good chemistry with Anna? Growing his hair did him wonders.

    I think Alex’s hair is too short and too brown.

  218. 218
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I agree with you #173. In season one he looked more muscle bound. Now it looks like everything has gone from him including his looks and his body. This picture of him is not his best one thing the set puts to much makeup on him. It . The new werewolf guy runs rings around him anyday. The fact that people have said he has a great body has gone to AS head. He really can’t act. Bill is more of a vicious actor than BIll. All I can say is that Bill plays his part of a vamp that can kickass when he wants to. Sometimes AS character can be boring because all he does is sat back give orders and act like a prettyboy. ITHe new guy that will play Alcide is already being noticed. Once you get over exposed then no body will be interest in you anymore. Watch the new guy be on a magazine cover and you will see how the fans flock to him because no one will be interested in seeing AS with his clothes off anymore when the excitement is gone. It won’t be long for he won’t be known as the TB sexiest man someone else is coming to take
    his reputation.

  219. 219
    Carla Nelson Says:

    I also agree with you #22 because his body is not hot. He has lost a lot of weight. When you are tall like that it pays to be muscular but solid also. Now because of the weight lost he looks lanky like the guy that plays shaggy on Scooby Do. Iv’e seen some mens bodies that will put AS to shame. He looked better with the long blond hair. It’s notning wrong with losing weight if need be but remember it can also take your looks away in some cases.

  220. 220
    NE1 Who Disagrees is Hans Says:

    I think he’s hot, so ready yourself to refresh the page over and over again in order to give me multiple thumbs downs.
    I feel bad for him and Bosworth. She’s been messed up by HWood to think she’s got to be that d*mn skinny to be successful. You can tell when someone is freakishly skinny by nature. She’s not. She just doesn’t eat. She’s obviously worried enough about what people think to starve herself–what bugs me is that she tries to come off all together. It’s okay to worry about what people think–we all do it. But you gotta be honest with yourself about it. IMHO she’s not trying to be snobby but it comes off as fake and superficial. She’s got natural beauty but she’s killing it with malnutrition.
    And everybody is transferring their hate from her to Alex. I think it’s hilarious that it keeps going back to CM/GP. “omg, Kate is a homewrecker!” and **** like that. If you really believe that went down, why not come down on CM? And if you think GP believes it too, then why aren’t you pissed she’s not a stronger independent woman in her reaction to it? It’s okay for Kate to threaten lawsuits and not follow through but CM/GP’s people didn’t follow through either.
    The people who post on here do the same stuff over and over. If you disagree, you are automatically Hans. It’s an easy out. Anyone they don’ t like is Hans. I can’t think of a better way to avoid dealing with people who disagree with you. I’ll be Hans too. Just watch.

  221. 221
    Aries Says:

    @NE1 Who Disagrees is Hans: Paltrow has more to lose by following through on a lawsuit and prolonging interest in the affair. She and Martin have two young children to consider. I’m not a huge Paltrow fan but I’ll give the woman credit for not flying off the handle and immediately dragging her kids through an ugly and public divorce. They’ll probably eventually and quietly separate but for now, GP seems to be lying low and doing her best to keep her husband, and children by association, out of the tabloids.

    Agree, Askars is still a good looking guy but he looked much better last season.

  222. 222
    LOLLOL Says:

    @snooze button: @hanna 2: The “skarsgardnews lady” was referring to not liking the crap that was going around, she didn’t say she didn’t like Kate. I know because I post there all the time and I posted in that thread. There’s also more rumors going around about that post she made but most of it has just been twisted around.

  223. 223
    Kim Says:

    Was a total hoax. there was no true blood promo. thank god only wasted a little time fast forwarding and not wasting two hour on lost. unless i was blind.

  224. 224
    formercmfan Says:

    Chris Martin is getting flack too when there is a post on JJ. I for one was a fan but I will not listen or buy his music anymore!!!! I do not blame Gywen for staying in the marriage because she should not let her backstabing friend affect her children lives as well…………….

  225. 225
    Get real/sane Says:

    Listen Hans/jam/ justin sane /alan or who ever you are next,
    You had your crazy rant against Evan Rachel Wood right! Lets face it she and Alex were indeed hooking up, because one does not fly all the way to loiusiana to visit him on the set on SD. No one accussed you of being a fatty fangurl the way you do to people who do not like KB. So please stop being pathetic by throwing fangurls excuse because then you would be a fatty fanboy yourself right with the way you were hating on Rachele E Wood???

  226. 226
    Totally fed up Says:

    @Get real/sane:

    You funny beellcomptonfanboy, can’t you read. This is TRUE BLOOD thread. Go to whine to EWR/AS/KB topics and try to get some proff help. Your obsession is getting really scary..

  227. 227
    Gatreal/sane Says:

    ^ @Wannabe Totally fed up,You again Hans/jam justin sane do not like it when people do the same sh*t you do. LMAO your the one who gave me the -thumbs down pathetic fannyboy. Try to learn how to spell you idiot before you start posting under different names agian!!!!

  228. 228
    Carla Nelson Says:

    When you start dating people that work on the same set you do you will not be able to do certain scenes. Your scenes will be limited because or your dating, that includes sex scenes and sometimes they wil use a body duoble to fill in for those that don’t want to do them.

  229. 229
    getting sick and tired Says:


    the hee, what “agian” means, you master of spelling aka obsessive funnyboy of beehlll lmao

  230. 230
    black uggs Says:

    Keep up, waiting for you have more good works.

  231. 231
    mara Says:

    Alexander Skarsgard you are defiantly the sexiest man on the planet. You look soooooo hot with long hair or short hair. Y ou look hot either way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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